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Neopets Poems

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BUZZ!! It's Techo Day!
By Aldurswolf

Ready, set, and go!
Now keep your hand steady.
Ignore that silly Techo.
Can't hit the wire already.

Don't be neglectful now,
Move the hoop with care.
Don't pay attention to the Techo,
Just pretend he's not there.

Up and down and round in loops.
Keep that hoop of yours moving.
If you can forget about the Techo,
You'll just keep on improving.

The fruits you can forget about,
They're really no big deal.
But that annoying Island Techo,
Now that's a threat that's real.

He distracts you with his faces,
His red and glowing eyes.
He sticks out his tongue and distracts you,
And so you hit the wire.

That evil little Techo grins,
And though you're feeling rather grey,
You sigh instead 'cause you're all done,
And wish him a happy Techo Day.

Techo of the Frozen Realm
By Anjie

Many claim of Techo kind,
They'll be found in the sun.
But be informed, exceptions live!
Heat? Not for everyone!
He so formed from winter's breath,
Doth shun the warming light.
He dwells where boughs do snap with ice,
Where snowflakes end their flight.

Upon the glacier, reclined,
Lit by the chilling glow.
The creature, most bizarre it seems,
For formed he seems, of snow.
Ivory, the scales shine,
Two eyes like flecks of coal.
To find the frozen, arid realms,
Remains his one true goal.

He seeks not heat of sun-warmed rock,
But frozen, brilliant lake,
Where he can dwell and watch snow fall,
He's watching every flake.
He makes a wish upon each one,
A dream, the cold won't end!
Alabaster, dozing form,
Into the snow doth blend.

So should this Techo Day you seek
To wish each Techo well,
You'll not find all in sun-lit realm,
But far away as well.
Seek the land the sun does not,
Where snowscapes greet the eye.
There on pillars formed of ice,
Doth the snow Techo lie.

By Calicolupe

He was once a young yellow Techo
With great aspirations.
He dreamed of finding homes for pets
With his vast dedication.

Each pet was unique,
Every colour, divine.
He kept them all happy,
Hung flowers from every sign.

But as the years passed,
He began to foresee
A time when Chichi99_7_7_7
And Asia_fd

Would rot
In the Pound

His hope dwindled and perished;
His manner transmuted to
That of a deranged madman.
Rhyme and reason, both, were lost,
Precursor to the Scorchio in his lab.

His friends, these pathetic pets
Never to be rehomed,
Doomed and destined to stay with him


Cheeseroller, Cheeseroller
By Carrotbreath

Cheeseroller, Cheeseroller,
Sell me some of your finest cheese,
Such great choices sure won't displease.
But what are you saying I don't understand?
"Roll it down the hill!?" as if a command.
I'll do as you say, since you're the master,
And sure my cheese will only go faster.

Now what cheese to choose, not really sure;
That fine piece may overcome and endure!
A minute, you say? Now that's a breeze,
Watch it tumble down with care and ease.
I prepare at the top and let the cheese go,
But something is wrong, it's going so slow!

Holding the cheese steady, I dive left and right,
Soon enough it flies out of sight!
Tremendous finish, if I may myself say so,
The Techo himself commends the show.
I worked and I worked; surely got the gold,
My prize is a cheese that looks mouldy and old?

I desired and wanted this cheese until
I saw it roll down a Meridellian hill!
What's the point of this bitter prize?
I rather indulge in a Jar Of Flies.
Without a thought, my gesture was crude,
Dropping the cheese as anger spewed.

Cheeseroller Techo, I strongly dislike you!
Today on Techo Day, I'll only praise a few,
Few, not including you.

Techo Master
By Cocacola715

Deep within Mystery Isle,
Nestled among thick green forests,
Briars and razor-sharp stones abound,
Lies a very cunning Techo Master.

Atop mountain with no name,
Surrounded by wisdom and insight,
Straight as a board, waiting,
Stands the Techo Master.

With his infinite wisdom,
Maroon-coloured robe,
Fists of fury and gong of gold,
He greets his students,
Who gather to hear,
What he has to behold,
As they always wait for the Techo Master.

Timid, weak, nervous, and wrong,
Neopets come and go,
Pay your fee, and you shall receive,
Emerging wise, courageous, powerful, and strong;
Just like the Techo Master.

Wipe your brow,
Grit your teeth,
Sharpen your claws,
And look beneath,
As you learn the ways of the Techo Master.

Keep still, stay awake,
It's only a matter of give and take.
Stay determined and you shall succeed,
Just as long as you can heed,
The lessons taught by the Techo Master.

When you are ready,
He is ready.
When you are weak,
He is strong.
When you are tired,
He is the Techo Master.

Requests may be daunting,
Exercises can make muscles weak,
Challenges may conquer you,
Do not despair,
As the Techo Master knows best.

With knowledge you shall prove strong,
As you wield great weapons mightily in battle,
Always remember who helped you along the way,
As you shall, with sincerity, say,
Thank you to the Techo Master.

The Hungry Thief
By Dragonstorm_75

Hear the coins a-jingling,
Golden round and sparkling,
A heavy purse -- what a sight!
The sneaky thief is rich tonight!

Wrapp'd in the darkest cloth,
Like a bandit's broken troth,
The Techo sneaks toward his prey,
No compunctions, no delay.

Swish, slash, a muted clink!
The cord is cut, that final link!
Like a shadow from the trees,
The thieving Techo swiftly flees!

The coins transform most quickly,
Tender meats -- so lovely!
Drinks galore and fresh-baked bread,
Delicious things within his head.

On his prize he holds on tight,
The sneaky thief is rich tonight!

Ever Wise
By Ecobabe

The Techo Master, ever wise,
Waits there so patiently.
A dark red sun begins to rise;
A small bird passes, free.

Along the slope, a rock click-clacks.
It fazes Master not,
His fingers round, a rigid back.
The day grows slowly hot.

Students come, eager to learn,
Eyes wide, ready to hear.
The Master knows, they have to yearn,
Then find it, share no fear.

The sun sinks low, the young ones leave.
The Techo Master sighs.
Patience... Gives his breath a heave,
When something greets his eyes.

A Poogle stayed and sits quite still.
The Techo Master blinks.
This one has stayed, and with a will! When the little fellow winks.

The lesson learned, the Poogle goes
With the Master's blessing.
The harvest moon's light reddish glows;
The Master sits, thinking.

The Techo Master, ever wise,
Waits there so patiently.
A dark red sun begins to rise,
A small bird passes, free.

The Techo Before the Two Rings
By Frost_lizard

In Neopia, 1,000 years ago,
There once lived a dedicated Techo
Who couldn't escape his fate
To live life guarding a gate,
But as to who made it, he didn't know.

He was the only friendly face
In a passage to an open space
Where monsters would roam
In a valley they called home,
All protecting this hidden place.

He remained at this gate for ages,
A situation one might call outrageous,
The duty passed down to each son,
As this endless task must be done
To protect many from powerful mages.

Eventually someone came to his sight,
A Lupe who wanted to set things right
By defeating Jahbal of the Two Rings
And ending the madness dark magic brings,
So Neopia could rebuild in a new light.

In a moment that couldn't seem true,
He let the explorer pass on through,
Then closed the door of no return,
While showing less than no concern
About what the white Lupe planned to do.

He pretended that moment never happened,
That it was all something he had imagined,
So he stood as he had before,
Protecting the gate once more,
Stopping lost adventurers from getting in.

The Techo's Echo
By Geneames1

High upon a distant hill
stands a Techo, sad and grim.
"Hello!" he cries into the void;
"Hello!" a voice responds to him.

Amazed, the Techo looks around,
but sees nobody standing near.
"I'm a friend," he calls, and soon
"I'm a friend" comes to his ear.

Delightedly he laughs aloud
as does his unseen chum.
No longer does he feel alone,
nor is he quite so glum.

"I'm glad we met," he says and smiles.
"I'm glad we met," his pal replies.
The Techo and his newfound friend
together watch the evening skies.

Techo Says
By Kitokat_mh

Here's the aim of this one game,
For you to win the final prize,
Watch the Pets each pop up
And their order you must memorise.

Do you think you can do it?
It's not as easy as it looked!
But once you've played it once or twice,
You will find that you are hooked!

Is it the Quiggle you must choose?
And will the Moehog pop up next?
But look away for just one moment,
And you will find yourself perplexed.

As time goes on the game gets tough,
And your mind gets full of stress
As you're struggling to keep up,
And your game becomes a mess.

Are you up to the challenge?
Don't send your head into a craze,
As you suffer the torment
And madness that is Techo Says!

For Acrodion, One Darigan Techo
By Mamasimios

Stalking in the courgette fields
Between each leafy plot and row,
Acrodion waits as still as night,
As still as any Darigan Techo.

He squints his lids to dim the lamps,
Those crimson eyes of his aglow
With the fire that burns as hot as Moltara
At the seat of every Darigan Techo.

Acrodion clicks his curved claws;
Like jagged thorns do his talons grow,
On hand and foot, brow, back and tail,
As seen on every Darigan Techo.

And yes, his teeth, his acuate teeth
Agleam and keen in two fine rows,
They announce a gnashing knifelike force
As they do on any Darigan Techo.

But Acrodion is singular --
He is not just any Darigan Techo.
Set apart by his great age
He stands alone on high plateau.

Stalking with a learned patience
The courgette fields he's grown to know,
With flash of claw, with gnash of tooth,
Hunter sublime is this Darigan Techo.

An Ode to the Techo Master
By Penskii

On no name mountain,
The sun begins a new day.
The Master prepares.

He lays out the mats,
He dresses in his best robe,
Soon students arrive.

"Posture," he reminds,
As they take their positions.
Legs crossed and arms out.

He closes his eyes,
The room is filled with silence --
Silence and knowledge.

He teaches them zen,
Shows them their inner power,
in his quiet room.

They stay in the pose,
With their legs crossed and arms out,
Until the sun sets.

When he says goodbye,
A part of him leaves with them.
His wisdom and strength.

He never worries,
For he teaches many things,
But not everything.

When the new day starts,
He will be ready for them,
To begin again.

On the Disownment Desk
By Rainbow_daydreamer

Each morning for some reason he's still here,
Keeping the records, trying to be cold,
Sad voices ever ringing in his ears.
There's always someone's paw for him to hold.

Keeping the records, he tries to be cold;
Scratches in pen to tell another tale,
Its subject's trembling paw stretched out to hold.
Each hall patrolled at evening, without fail.

Scratches on paper tell another tale
For the Times to reprint in ink and tears.
Each hall patrolled at evening, without fail.
Strange monster, this, to haunt young pets' fears.

Every week's Times reprints in ink and tears
Tales of a harsh Techo bereft of health.
Strange monster, this, to haunt the readers' fears.
Day after day his life repeats itself.

A harsh Techo bereft of joy and health?
Perhaps it's true he's been here much too long.
Day after day his life repeats itself,
Witness to every lost pet's hurt and wrong.

Perhaps it's true he's been here much too long,
Wasted the years on this place, grown too old,
Witness to every lost pet's hurt and wrong.
There's always someone's paw for him to hold.

Wasting the years in this place, growing old,
He hears the sad sounds ringing in his ears.
There's always someone's paw for him to hold.
Each morning, for some reason, he's still here.

The Techo Day Poem
By Selenial

This is a poem for Sidney
Who runs the Scratchcard stand.
He rolls his eyes and stamps his feet
And crooks his gnarled hand.
He draws you in with malicious grin
And stares enough to chill your skin,
(What do you mean he's not a Techo?
No way. Look, he's even got --
...Oh. AH.)

Grarrg shoved him out of view!
The great Tyrannian general
Is wise and strong and loud.
His courage on the battlefield
Would make all Techos proud.
His footsteps echo when he walks.
The mountains echo when he talks.
He's --
(WHAT? How could he be a Grarrl?!
Look at that Techo-like snout and...
Oh dear.
Really, though, he looks just like a...
Oh, never mind.)

Not important. Let's move on!
THIS Techo founded Altador.
He backs his solemn gaze
With bravery and loyalty
And slightly spartan ways.
The Hunter now protects the land
Named after him. He guards it and
To -- (Oh, what NOW? King Altador isn't a Techo?
Then who's the big statue in the Hall of Heroes of?
Oh, Kelland.
Well, they're sort of close together, all right?!
How was I supposed to know?)

Make up for my owner's slip,
I, Sophinae, give you this tip:
If your owner has the attention span
Of the muck in the bottom of an old tin can,
Before she writes a poem for Techo Day,
Make sure she knows what a Techo IS.

The Techo-Fan Bobblehead
By Togepi_forever

My Techo-fan Bobblehead
Is sitting on the shelf.
I'm too afraid to move him,
For if I do, he'll yell.

He's got a soul, I swear he does.
He stares when I get near.
I huddle in bed after dark;
My heart is gripped in fear.

My sister thinks I'm crazy,
She flicks her tail and smiles.
She says it's all just in my head,
Proof that I'm still a child.

Yet as soon as she leaves the room,
The Techo starts to creak.
His head is bobbing back and forth;
My knees start to feel weak.

I don't know if I'll make it through --
The night's still going strong.
Morning seems so far away --
Can I last that long?

I swear, tomorrow morning
I'll tell my mum I'm scared.
But in the darkness of the night,
The Techo-fan still stares.

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