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What Is Meridell to Me?
By Dragonstorm_75

What is Meridell to me?
A land embraced by green and brown,
The trees and grass and rich dark soil,
Ploughed fields from horizon's eye,
Yielding crops between the furrows.

What is Meridell to me?
A land of magic and faerie strength,
Protected well by Illusen's hand,
Where potions brew and magicians cast,
The complex spells of ages past.

What is Meridell to me?
A land of stone and invincible castles,
With spiral turrets scraping the sky,
Proudly holding their sovereign flag,
Of blue and red and golden thread.

What is Meridell to me?
A land of noble knights and chivalry,
Where honour stands above all thought,
To make haven for the ill and poor,
And warm the soup for the wanderer.

What is Meridell to me?
My thoughts speak for themselves.

By _Razcalz_

The first to be discovered
in the discovery of Meridell was
neither Meridell's name nor
glades of tree-song,
nor the signature farm
estates that form quilt patterns
from a vista far above...

"Tracks!" they said, and they
pointed, and they
followed -- and past the
singing glades, the
humble settlers who told them
Meridell's name, but not
quite at the farms that
are bound by neighbourhood
and friendship as
quilts are by thread --

It was tracks they saw, and
inquisitive muse brought them
through trail unconcealed
to what was the greatest
discovery of all: one like a
Meridellian hill but one that
breathed and twitched,
and one that was a Petpet
but like no other at all.

Wandering into Meridell
By Squin

Many years ago we wandered into Meridell,
A bounteous land of lush verdure,
In the air pervaded a glorious smell,
From earth both fruitful and pure,
Set against the royal, deep azure,
Of the Neopian sky, forever there,
Over snowy mountain and desert bare.

Who can forget that fateful morn,
When Meridell was first found?
A beautiful gem that shall adorn,
Neopia's glory, golden-crowned,
A worthy honour for the hallowed ground,
That is Meridell -- a bastion great,
Whose merits one can scarce narrate.

Meridell's Retribution
By Aldurswolf

Watch the flag as it blows in the wind,
Almost, almost enough.
Take your breadstick and get ready;
This game is one Meridellians love.

The wind is at its peak --
Let your Kass doll drop.
Swing, swing with all your might
And your bread-bat breaks with a pop!

You must find something harder,
More sturdy and robust,
Something that won't snap as easily.
A stick! Now that's more tough.

Get ready again as the wind starts to whip.
The flag stands at attention.
Down the puppet Kass falls toward you.
You smack it, and up it goes in ascension.

But it's still not enough, you decide,
As that purple Eyrie doll falls softly.
You still need a better bat,
Something still sturdy, but not too costly.

And that's when it catches your eye --
A nicely shaped wooden club!
You heft it up and give it a test,
And know you'll smack that puppet to mud.

Now comes the moment of truth:
The wind is blowing just right,
Here comes the Kass doll down to you,
So you swing with all your might.

The Kass doll hurtles over the land
Over the trees and hills,
And with a mighty yell you tip back your head
To yell, "That one's for Meridell!"

Moments in Meridell
By Anjie

Cobalt matched with crimson bright
On turret high doth wave.
A land where King rules over all,
Where knights are strong, so brave.
A realm where fears have faded fast,
Of Citadel, up high.
Where Mortogs pucker up their lips,
And cheese goes rolling by.

Where one can win a ton of gold
If Turdle Four is quick.
You'll win a fortune, double fast,
Should you beat Snargan's trick.
Seek the King in castle tall,
Dare offer you a joke?
Make it good, I do suggest,
Or you'll be sad you spoke!

Kayla brews a potion bright,
But dungeons dwell about!
They're dark and dank and endless too,
Valrigard still ain't out!
Turmaculus snores ever on,
You won't wake him, I bet!
(If you go to try it, though,
Don't take your best Petpet!)

Find the maiden of the glade,
And quest for what she'll seek.
Riches may be your reward,
And prizes so unique.
Wander past the putrid Dump,
Find berries fresh to sell!
All these things make precious time,
Moments in Meridell.

Oh, Meridell!
By Selenial

Meridell, oh Meridell,
I tip my hat to thee,
For thou of all Neopia's lands
Has planted fear in me!
The Haunted Woods and Citadel
I roam with bated breath,
But one more day in Meridell
Would bring me to my death!

While the peasants are quite friendly,
Their king's so cruel and rude,
That as thanks for entertainment,
He gave me rotten food.
I thanked King Skarl kindly
And scarcely turning round,
Was flattened by a wheel of cheese
And trampled to the ground!
I woke with dung upon my shoes,
And on my head a lump,
And in my nose an awful stench
Beside the Rubbish Dump.

If kissing Mortogs is what you please,
And you like pushing wheels of cheese;
If mud is just your cup of tea,
Then Meridell's for you, not me.
But if, like me, you do not like
Huge marrows and potato fights
And turnip pies, then fare thee well
And steer thee clear of Meridell!

A Toast to Meridell
By Amethyst_81

Come join our celebration
And partake in joyous feast
In honour of great Meridell
From history released.
Proud banner billows on the wind,
A badge of great renown,
Deep crimson red and cobalt blue
Offset by golden crown.

Vast land of castles, Draiks, and song,
Where valiant tales are told
Of courage bared and battles won,
And magic made of olde.
Gaze out upon this kingdom fair,
O'er rolling hills of green,
Where Gallions play in clouds above
Illusen's Glade serene.

The ground beneath you rumbles
As Turmaculus awakes,
Raw tension fills the air
As poker players raise the stakes.
Take aim at moving bullseye
With an archer's expertise,
But watch you're not run over by
A rolling wheel of cheese.

Impress the Grumpy King with
Clever jokes of sharpest wit,
Or place a bet on racing Turdles
Chomping at the bit.
Perhaps you'll find your charming prince
By kissing Mortog cheek,
Or win some Neopoints when
Down a Symol's hole you peek.

So raise a glass and share a toast
To Meridell, so grand!
A wondrous jewel lost in time,
A long-forgotten land.
My soul has ceased its wandering,
Knees bent, I kiss the ground,
With Meridell's discovery,
A home, my heart has found.

Meridell at War
By Jadisfaust

Moonlight glinting off polished armour,
Swords and shields clashing into the night,
The Darigan Citadel casting shadow over all,
As the minions and champions continue their fight.

Jeran the Brave heads the soldiers of Meridell,
Red and blue ramparts blow taut in the wind.
Lord Darigan watches from the skies above,
As the legions of darkness begin closing in.

Our heroes will not give up quite so easily,
The battle is lasting far longer than planned.
'Tis getting more difficult to determine the answer,
Of who, in the end, will reign over the land.

From over the hill shines a glimmer of light,
The night, like the battle, is coming to an end.
The now-tattered ramparts sway gently in silence,
As the weary warriors continue to defend.

With one final stand, the champions push forward!
The skies catch on fire with the rise of the sun,
The Darigan forces fall back in defeat,
Meridell's age of tranquillity has finally begun.

An Unexpected Friendship
By Togepi_forever

She asked me to walk with her that day
Down to her favourite place in the glen.
Innocent and so carefree --
Could she see what would happen even then?

She said, "Let's just sit here today,
I want something to remember this by."
And though I wondered what she meant,
I did not ask her why.

We spent the day within that glen,
One of the few days left.
Two best friends, we were as one --
Weeks later, the land was bereft.

War had come to Meridell,
Evil crept into her soil.
And like a spring, it laid a trap,
Waiting to uncoil.

She gave me my first order that day,
"A Double Agent you must be --
But no matter what the others say,
Stay loyal to only me."

None ever suspected her,
A princess so demure.
She played the part so perfectly,
Acting sweet and pure.

Meridell's trials are over now,
Or at least that's how it seems.
We're going to leave this place soon,
And pursue our secret dreams.

Two Zafaras, with a bond
Not seen by mortal eyes;
An unexpected set of friends --
A princess and a spy.

The Building of Meridell
By Muffintins

Stretched for miles upon the grass,
Upon the rolling hills of green,
The workers gathered arm in arm,
Lined as far as could be seen.

And at the head was an expanse,
A clearing below the cloudless sky.
The king shouted to the crowd,
"Build me a castle, so declares I!"

Moved by his stout command,
The legion of Neopets rushed through
With soulful hearts and hearty souls;
The castle slowly grew.

Brick by brick the castle stretched
Until the turrets stroked the air.
From the crowd the king emerged
Climbed to the top, to where

To where he placed proudly
A flag of red and blue
The crest the symbol of the land,
And with that he knew

Here stood a castle, grand
Basking in the stares,
But this castle shan't, can't be his --
The castle was truly theirs.

It was the Neopets by far,
For by their hands it was laid,
And with their sweat and their tears
This kingdom had been made.

The king took mighty breath
And yelled a mighty yell.
With every word, the citizens listened;
Theirs hearts began to swell.

"We are Meridell, we are strong!"
The king declared, proud.
"We shall rule forever more!"
He yelled down to the crowd.

The crowd began to cheer,
For they had left a mark
That will stand the test of time,
Through lightness and through dark.

Years and years have passed,
And yet those words still dwell
Beyond the hills and streams and woods:
"We are Meridell!"

Land of Possibilities
By Tingtingwu

Hear ye! Hear ye! Gather 'round, my dear Neopians,
Today we honour the discovery of archaeologians.
You may think Meridell is decrepit and mundane,
But that's where you're wrong,
Let me, Meridell's poet, explain.

Meridell is not just a land down yonder --
It is filled with promise and full of wonder.
Let us take a trip and explore the possibility,
A land called Meridell, home of brave nobility.

Be you explorers, puzzlers, questers, or gamers,
First step onto the map and visit the farmers.
Once there rest assured you'll have plenty to do,
Pick berries, marrows, or just enjoy the view.

Do you fancy games of chance?
There's plenty to try with the right finance.
You may hit the jackpot with Double or Nothing,
Or you may lose it all to Turdle Racing.

Are you a gambler willing to spare a coin?
Then Round Table Poker you might want to join.
Pockets full of change and nerves of steel?
Go Kiss the Mortog, provided you don't squeal.

Are you a brave soul fearless and cheeky?
Visit the king of Petpets, but you'd better be sneaky.
Does a good mystery invite you in?
Jump into the Symol Hole for a spin!

Now all you anxious gamers eyeing for the prize,
Grab some arrows and aim for Ultimate Bullseye!
Were you hoping to exercise the mind?
Behold, Shapeshifter is the game for your kind.

Or are you possibly a cheese enthusiast?
Name a cheese and roll it down the hill... fast!
Are you a quester seeking an exquisite reward?
Visit Illusen if she asks for items you can afford.

You must be hungry after all this excitement,
Fear not, Merifoods offer all kinds of refreshment.
Try a Cup of Water or Honey Basted Turkey Leg;
If you're lucky, you might spot a Blue Draik Egg!

Do games, quests, and puzzles make you cry?
Perhaps a thrilling reenactment you'd like to try.
A long time ago villagers of Meridell took up arms
To protect friends and neighbours from harms.

Feeling risky and want to stir up some commotion?
Take a stroll to Kayla's and try out a few potions!
While you're in the castle, why not help out?
Assist Valrigard's escape through the correct route.

Careful, though, so you don't get caught,
Or in front of King Skarl you'll be brought.
Beware, stand back, don't anger the grump,
Else he'll send you flying to the Rubbish Dump!

From the Discovery to the Battle for Meridell,
Younguns, remember one thing before our farewell:
Ye Olde Meridell isn't just an ancient and dull place,
It was fought for and won with honour and grace.

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