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Ruki Healer
By Amethyst_81

Long years hath many healers scaled
High mountains in the mist,
To seek an ancient Ruki
Fables rumour to exist.
Old wizened form, unmoving, sits
On humble earthen floor,
Your health, he holds the power to
Remarkably restore.

On dusty shelves sit Prampet Leaves,
Bean Powder finely ground,
And pouches filled with mushrooms
In a Shenkuu forest found.
Fresh seaweed from the northern shores
Is mashed into a paste,
A steaming cup of green tea lifts
The spirits with a taste.

Each Cobrall Root and Soothing Stone
Is chosen with great care,
For Anshu prides himself
In every cure he doth prepare.
For years he's honed this magic art,
Passed down from times of old,
His unmatched skill of healing
Is a wonder to behold.

Come rest your weary body,
Put your worried mind at ease,
For Anshu offers remedies
For every known disease.
But be forewarned before you journey
Seeking his advice:
His services invaluable
Don't come without a price.

A Wave of Feathered Hat
By Anjie

Avast, the oceans I do claim,
This realm belongs to me.
Scourge in ship with pirate flag,
And king of angry sea.

The waves thrash at the wooden craft,
In rage each crest doth roar.
Yet safe on board far from the wet,
Feet firm on deck I soar.

Krawk Island trembles at the view
Of flag in black and white,
Ruki skull and crossbones etched,
As ship drifts into sight.

There I stand, proud at the wheel,
My telescope in hand.
Seeking other boats at sea,
I wait to reach the land.

The wicked breeze does whip around,
It grabs at this and that.
Yet I defy it, push it back,
With wave of feathered hat.

Some do suspect a pirate crew
Of Rukis is no threat.
Yar! We be the vilest rogues,
You'll ever find you've met!

We storm the taverns twice the speed,
Four legs opposed to two.
A rowdy bunch, my Ruki group,
And hard to just subdue!

They may be plunderers and thieves,
Yet all answer to me.
So back to ship with Ruki flag,
We're headed out to sea.

The Transformation
By Caily_

Flying among the silver clouds,
Diving against the wispy shroud,
The Ruki's purple head should rear,
Gliding fast if the wind allowed.

Her translucent wings are as fair
As the faeries' who live so near.
There was a time some years ago,
When her beauty wasn't quite as clear.

She was a mutant once, you know,
With a face too grotesque to show,
A scaly back, two pincer claws,
Armour beige, her wings also.

A faerie with not mortal flaws,
Offered to help her desperate cause.
A slick of paint across her jaws,
Transformed her, now a beast no more.

Ruki Jester
By Carrotbreath

You have a day where everything is going your way;
The sun is shining and your worries are at bay.
Bad thoughts and fears barely string along,
For things are too perfect to suddenly go wrong.
And out of the blue, a jester appears.
Wearing a hat, wand, gloves, and more jester gear.

The Ruki Jester stands tall, ready to amuse,
But after expecting quiet, you want to blow a fuse!
The Ruki continues, not noticing, begins to perform.
Get rid of him you must, so you start to brainstorm.
Your brain now filled with worry and stress,
He must truly be putting your patience to test.

You've met many before, it's not a rare profession.
All a Ruki must do is buy clothes for the session;
This Ruki was different, like he practised a bunch,
And soon enough his joke hit the punch!
Your sides began to ache and your lips smile,
And you let out a laugh, lasting a good while!

The Jester's work had been done,
He ended with the pun,
And your laughs had been won!

The Ruki Guard of Sakhmet Hall
By Dragonstorm_75

See him stand so proud and tall,
The Ruki guard in Sakhmet Hall!
Kohl-rimmed eyes so dark and wary,
For danger could be near.

By the sun his armour shines,
Bronz'd metal with blue designs,
Brighter than the sweetest gold,
That thieves do seek and fear.

Spear in hand he is the ward,
Skilled against the dagger, sword,
Four long legs are strong and swift,
His morals just and clear.

So there he stands -- still as stone,
While there the Grackles drone,
The Ruki guards with patient eyes,
Till the danger does appear.

The Way of the Ruki
By Elizafe42

Scorching sands beneath our feet,
Boiling is the sunlight's heat.
Countless dunes in desert lie,
Blown by winds that shrilly sigh.
The home of the Ruki.

Endless seems our dusty home;
Always we are set to roam.
From Qasala to Sakhmet, high,
All beneath the desert sky.
The path of the Ruki.

Water is a precious gold,
Carving shores with river bold.
The river, winding like a snake,
Forever is the path we take.
The route of the Ruki.

Blue, yellow, sandy shade,
Dusted brown or green as glade.
The colour matters not, you see,
For in the desert, we are free.
The way of the Ruki.

A Ruki Poem
By Fairynotes

Oh, they came from the Lost Desert,
With their hard outer shell,
They travelled quite a distance,
But their armour kept them well.

Now, of course, it is the Ruki,
Of whom I now speak,
A species that comes in many colours,
All equally as sleek.

The blazing sun of the desert
Is easy for them to take.
They can walk forever and more,
No need for a break!

So, today is the day,
When we must celebrate,
All about the wonderful Rukis,
Which make them just so great!

Ruki Recipes
By Felicity437

To enjoy a Ruki Day that's deliciously complete,
You must prepare wide array of Ruki things to eat.
If cooking meals the Ruki way is not your expertise,
Then see the Library Faerie for "Ruki Recipes".

The first concoction is the Lime Ruki Sundae.
With chocolate ears, the taste appears
To be more than okay.

The next dessert requires that you like to bake
With sour eyes, it's no surprise
That it's Ruki Lime Cake.

Is a Chocolate Dipped Ruki Lolly what you crave?
The light green shell is really swell,
As all the critics rave.

Delicious Ruki Crackers are a favourite in the book.
Their yummy crisps make most insist
They're worth a second look.

Ruki Veggie Sandwiches are last to be discussed.
Tomatoes, lettuce, onions, bread --
It's flavour you can trust.

If you're hungry for great cuisine on Ruki Day,
Go get a "Ruki Recipes" and read it right away.
Your Neopet will be in awe and ask for more,
All the while wondering how you survived before!

Ruki Nomads
By Fleaf

Endless sands of golden weave,
Do crisp 'neath the sun,
A million grains of diamond dust,
Cloud's shadows dye it dun.

Traipsing through the sea of bisque,
A line of colour doth move,
From reddened cloth to cobalt gem,
Over the aerial dunes.

Many Ruki, their tales they spin,
Of travelling through lands remote,
Donned in treasures from nations far,
Their songs they hum from their throat.

A destination, a place they trek,
A path they do not choose,
Winding through uncanny terrain,
With only footprints left by their shoes.

The Lone Ruki's Song
By Lyrehs416

'Neath the blistering sun and the azure sky,
Where the waves of golden sand flow,
The pyramids stand, oh so lovely and grand,
Yet oblivious to the lone Ruki's song.

As it stands, weaving out its harmonious notes,
The doorway to its heart opens, and
All of the emotions it just can't express,
All the words that just can't be said,
Find their way out through the melodic song,
As simple as one note, yet as complex as them all.

There are all manner of marvels
In this wondrous world,
But from the core of Moltara
To the mines of Kreludor,
There is nothing more wondrous,
Nothing more soul-stirring,
Than in the arid desert,
The chirp of the lone Ruki's song.

The Ruki of Sakhmet
By Maggskaggs

An opportunity to explore
Is all that he's been wishing for,
But he has no clue what's in store,
The Ruki of Sakhmet.

Iridescent, glittering eyes
Are fixated on the prize.
He quickly gathers his supplies,
The Ruki of Sakhmet.

Departing into the desert so wild,
Heart and mind amazed, beguiled,
Convinced the danger would be mild,
The Ruki of Sakhmet.

He wandered lonely, lost, for days,
Mind in a distant, foggy haze.
The sand swirled up and the sun blazed,
The Ruki of Sakhmet.

He never returned or was heard from again,
Never finding the jewel he'd tried to attain.
In myth and mystery he shall remain,
The Ruki of Sakhmet.

If you'd risk danger for coin or jewel,
Remember, my friend, the desert is cruel.
Think of that treasure-seeking fool,
The Ruki of Sakhmet.

The Ruki's Gem
By Quillweave

Travelling 'cross the golden sands,
Within the ancient ruins,
Beneath a swollen, blazing sun
The Ruki walks the dunes.
No shelter from sweltering heat,
No shade in which to hide,
The Ruki roams the desert waste,
With naught but his own pride.
Where does this lonely creature go,
Wrapped in a desert cowl?
Solitary save the sands,
And the lonely wind's howl.
Such a cruel place to call home,
So empty and so bare,
A land of gold that can't be spent,
That none to seek would dare.
But in this barren, rugged place,
The Ruki knows a gem,
A jewel within a sea of gold,
That sweetly calls to him.
As the sun awakes at last,
And a new day is brought,
The Ruki gives a gentle sigh,
And finds what he had sought.
He kneels beside the desert gem,
Amidst reeds lush and cool,
To sip from the sweet treasure
Of an oasis pool.
He cannot sell this precious gem,
But every Ruki knows,
A cold, fresh spring is better than
An endless land of gold.

Shelves and the Like
By _razcalz_

I watch these shelves, these
scarf-racks... these
dark-wood stands that, in the
corners that scurry from
windows as quickly as
dust from my searching broom,
can pass for pirate captains or a
Neovian gentleman.

I tap away in my humble
workspace, shadows frolicking
on-off as the dresses above
are lifted with eager paws almost
the moment they appear --
or standing quite still,
melancholic, as those
less wanted wait
quietly on my white

I like to think
that the sound of my claws,
a Ruki's claws,
make my shelves and
my pirate captain hat stands
feel at home, and
likewise, as their fabrics
drift in the rare breeze,
I at mine.

Kindred Spirits, Ruki Thieves
By Reggieman721

A Ruki, garbed in mystery,
Steps softly down an alleyway.
Sakhmetian vendors shout their steals;
She passes ghostlike through the fray.
Unnoticed still, her figure fades
As shadows lengthen, chasing day.
A windowsill feels warmth of touch.
Below, the tentflaps gently sway.

Upon the sunrise, royals weep
For heirloom stolen while they sleep.


A Ruki, dark as faerie's bane,
Ascends the steps of hallowed hall.
Hot sticky sun of Altador
Creeps through the windows at a crawl.
Beneath the statues' stony eyes,
The Ruki hovers, poised and tall,
Awaiting moment of exchange,
And listening for whispered call.

A sack of coins moves hand to hand,
The price of valued contraband.

Follow the Red Ruki
By Water_flow_270

Wandering throughout the desert,
Feeling the ground's sandy texture.
To this he's quite loyal,
Disgusted at the thought of soil,
Strutting as if he were royal.

Yes, that's right, he is a Ruki.
Of all the pets, the most lucky,
Perfect just like an Usuki,
Always sweet as a cookie,
Even when he's feeling sulky.

His enormous feet
Enable him to walk with glee.
While those antennae on his head
Are coloured the perfect shade of red.

The gorgeous eyes he has
Could leave you petrified.
They sparkle like shining stars at night
And reflect his powerful might.

Now, dearest Neopian, all that being said,
Why don't you go out to play
With this beautiful Ruki who just may
Make you so happy you`ll want to stay?

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