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Neopets Poems

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Ocean's Dream
By Reggieman721

Gliding through the night,
A shadow
Deep beneath the blue.

Like a bird in flight,
The graceful
Peophin drifts through.

Seaweed fingers brush
So softly
On his underside.

Feathered waters rush
Above him --
Tug of tender tide.

Breathless bubbles kiss
His tail fin,
Bursting cheerfully.

Ocean's fleeting bliss --
It holds him
Closely, tearfully.

Jewel of the sea,
The shadow
Gives no telltale gleam.

Still remaineth he
Peophin, this dream.

By Sapphirekira

In the seas of Neopia ships doth sail,
Over waters both turbulent and fair.
But when they are lost, panic sinks in,
Their location, they do not know where.

Kino and Skib were in this bind
When they had dropped their compass.
Not knowing north, what could they do?
They were lost and in such a mess!

Then from underwater, a shadow came,
And a Peophin appeared before them.
Sleek and blue in colour was she,
And her name is Venuquin.

From behind she turned around the boat,
And then beckoned onward, they say.
Mystery Island was just ahead!
She'd helped them when they'd lost their way.

Since then she's appeared to others, too,
And all who see her are filled with wonder.
As Venuquin leads them back to shore
Through rain and flood and thunder.

By _Razcalz_

Circuits fear the water so;
and metal, unwavering against the
strongest of challengers, quails and
burns in the hydrous presence.

She looks built for wave-waltz,
to leap and re-submerge -- if with
not the grace we know that
fringes on magical, but
impeccable flawlessness that
makes one feel awry, inexplicably,
and draws one's mind to
patterns minuscule and
things too flawless.

If only the circuits didn't
fear the water so, and the iron learned
to befriend its foe, and
that foe allowed the gears
to pivot, the rest of them -- the
sea-dancers whose manes
gleamed not but whose
poise shone brighter
than any silver in the muffle of
the depths, they'd
see anyway:

They'd see from the faultlessness
that gears taught her and
not instinct, and they'd see
from that stiffness that
she was not of the sea,
the ever-changing, wild sea.

But they'd welcome her
all the same,
if only.

The Blessed Peophin
By Quillweave

Down the softly whis'pring creek
And over burbling brook,
All silver streams lead to the sea,
From cliff to hidden nook.
A sea of stars that glitters 'neath
The halo of the moon,
A hidden place to all but those
Who call the ocean home.
A golden streak amidst the waves,
A splash and rising fin --
Who dances 'mongst the waters great?
The graceful Peophin.
A mane that curls like sea-borne foam,
A gently curling tail,
Eyes bright as gleaming bubbles
Awakened in her trail.
Siren, mer, creature of sea,
Adorned with pearl and coral,
Crested with a silver mask,
Curling shells her laurel.
Dawn will break over the sea,
And stain it golden-red,
And night will come again to rest,
Over its watery bed.
But in the eve, she swims alone,
Between the dusk and dawn,
And as the sun begins to swell,
With morning dew, she's gone.
Fortune follows in her wake,
Peace blossoms within,
Perhaps you may be blessed to find,
The sea-borne Peophin.

Marak the Wave
By Moulinrouge21

Undulating body through the gentle waves,
Passing vibrant coral and hidden rocky caves.
Flowing navy mane, Protector of the Seas,
Marak the quiet saviour, his spirit swims free.

The triton he doth carry, power of the ocean.
His one passion, the sea, is his only devotion.
Silver-plated armour and icy cold eyes
Shimmer gracefully under azure skies.

Hear the ocean calling through the breeze,
While deep down below seaweed flows with ease.
Roaming always through the underwater world,
Continuing forever to expand and unfurl.

Defend his clan and the rest of the deep,
The King of the sea, protecting his keep.
Hidden and camouflaged, Marak the brave,
Sea flowing through his body, he is the Wave.

Fire on the Waves
By Anjie

Forth from crested wave it burns,
Like cinders, crimson bright.
Glimmering, a dancing flame,
A burning, blazing light.
Inferno twister on the crest,
The current brings it in.
Hard to tell where water ends,
And fire may begin.

She rides the alabaster surf,
That onyx form so sleek.
Flames that lace the mane do dance,
To light the dark physique.
Hooves that seem to walk the wave,
So lambent seems their gleam.
They form a burning path on blue,
A path from fire's beam.

Some say when sunlight fades away,
To bathe the shore so stark,
You'll see the firelight ignite,
A flare born in the dark.
She'll ride the crash of midnight wave,
She'll journey to the shore.
The sound of hooves on golden sand,
Matched by the ocean's roar.

Beneath the gaze of starlight sky,
She'll gaze on shadowed beach,
Watching moonlight filter down,
So close, so out of reach.
The Peophin doth watch the eve,
That bold mane casting light.
As dawn doth come, she seeks the wave,
Her fire, burning bright.

The Unyielding
By Dragonstorm_75

Powerful muscles grip the sea
That struggles to overthrow him.
Crashing waves of freezing water,
They risk his life and limb.

Charging through the screaming storm,
The Peophin is truly the master.
The maelstrom shall not break him here,
For he is its resolute hunter.

Mighty is the struggle between them,
The kings of the perilous sea.
The unyielding Peophin with fiery eyes,
And the ocean so dark and so icy.

Tumbling round, the waters howl
Around his tail and mane.
Yet the Peophin still breaks the foam,
For he is the hurricane's bane.

In the end the clouds break apart,
The sea becomes smooth and calm.
The Peophin takes to the shallows to wait,
And challenge the storm once again.

Lustra the Golden Peophin
By Carrotbreath

Rain clouds creep into the sky
And spread without a reason why;
The sun is covered to the core,
And very soon it begins to pour.
Stuck out at sea, I withdraw to a shack,
But the treacherous Jetsam prepare to attack.

The stillness in the air begins to grow
As a Jetsam's figure starts to show.
The air around me becomes silent,
For they're known to be quite violent,
And as they get closer and near,
So begins to grow my fear.

Then out of the sky emerges a figure,
This puts me to rest and not to quiver.
A Peophin made of porcelain gold,
Looking strong, brave, and bold;
She charges at the Jetsam, and a battle takes place,
But she never fails to show her grace.

One, two, three, four, five: it's done,
And she flies away into the appearing sun.
The Jetsam have clearly been defeated
And back to the sea they retreated.
I later found out she was Lustra the golden Peophin,
And there wasn't a Jetsam she couldn't pin.

The Peophin's Call
By Amethyst_81

From shrouded veil of nightfall,
Enigmatic mystery,
She calls to you in haunting tone,
Fair mistress of the sea.
Unknowing if you dream or wake,
Though truth, it matters not,
For beauty unattainable
Shall never be forgot.

Cascading waves of silken mane
Doth play upon the breeze,
Bright onyx eyes that captivate
And lay fell hearts at ease.
Like mirrored glass her satin sheen
Reflects in starlight's gaze,
Surrender to her sacred song,
Begin to know her ways.

In ancient homage to the moon,
The sea again will rise,
Upon the highest foamy swell
Her dances mesmerise.
Soft silver moonbeams cast aglow
Her carefree escapade,
Sweet laughter fills the midnight air,
A siren's serenade.

Two Realms
By Rinoamog

Fish will school and birds will flock;
the sea's as blue as sky.
The Peophin on faerie wings
in either realm shall fly.

Her tail stirring cool white spray
of sea-foam sure as cloud.
Her dainty hooves will canter through
both air and water's shroud.

The current's ripple tugs her mane
as sure as winds above.
Seas and skies, two different worlds,
both worlds Peophins love.

She delves into the ocean blue,
she dives beneath the waves.
A tail's flip propels her down
t'ward the ocean depths she craves.

The surface breaks upon her hoof,
the waves below her roar.
Water beads on shining skin;
on filmy wings, she'll soar.

From deepest dark, she will emerge,
she'll soar to greatest heights.
Faerie wings take Peophin
where sky and sea unites.

Excerpt from Poetry for Peophins
By Ktkdk

Rays of sun pierce the steely waves.
The light illuminates your sinuous tail
And glistens in your flowing mane.
You float in the top layer of the sea
Allowing the sun to warm your smooth skin.

Suddenly, you dive, your tail churning the water.
You align your head with your shoulders,
Streamlining your body for the descent.
You rocket down to where little light exists.
You are at home in the dusky, icy waters.

You swim slowly along the ocean floor.
Your strokes are so incredibly graceful,
That you do not disturb a single grain of sand.
You are silent and shrouded in shadow.
Only your gleaming eyes betray your presence.

You find yourself in a gleaming grotto.
Glowing crystals adorn every surface.
Shimmering sea grasses sway in the current.
Your skin reflects the iridescence, and
A single sunbeam illuminates what you seek.

More valuable than any sum of Neopoints,
It is as large and smooth as a Draik egg and
Immaculately white and perfectly round.
Your eyes gleam and your beauty is rivaled
By the treasure of the deep: a pearl.

Maraquan Foot Soldier
By Maggskaggs

Peophin foot soldier, ready to fight,
Bedecked in armour maractite,
Sword in hoof, strength in heart,
Combat skills down to an art.

Defending the homeland with strength and speed,
These Peophin warriors are ready to lead.
The pirate forces tremble with fear,
If these dreaded swordsmen might be near.

Born and raised in Maraquan land,
And clearly eager to lend a hand,
Slicing swords they offensively yield,
But defensively ready to block and shield.

With Swordsmaster Talek they carefully trained,
Experience and knowledge was constantly gained,
Ready to heed the call to action,
And fight the invaders with satisfaction.

These defenders and their heroic deed
Of defending Maraqua from Scarblade's greed,
Will be immortalised in Maraquan lore,
And be remembered evermore.

Marak Is Watching
By Togepi_forever

Marak is watching.

As the sun sets,
And the tide begins to rise,

Marak is watching.

As Altador lives prosperously,
Free from darkness once more,

Marak is watching.

While others live without fears,
Sure they'll be all right,

Marak is watching.

Always, always,
Because this is his duty,
And this is his country,

Marak is watching.

A Zombie Peophin's Lament
By Neogal_anu

Neglected, ignored, shunned by all,
I wander the streets, awaiting my fall.
Returned from the dead, a horror to behold,
My visage unbearable, that's what I'm told!
Succumbed have I to the laws of the land,
Appearance doth determine where I stand.

No owner, no family, nothing have I,
Thus, I take to theft to get myself by.
Sneaking up on unsuspecting, innocent beings,
One look at me, and all they can do is scream.
"Part with your gold," I rasp, my eyes lit with glee,
They hastily do so, and away they flee.

I wander in solitude, my eyes filled with tears,
Do others not understand that they need not fear?
For 'neath my ugly countenance is heart of gold,
If I be shown love, love do I show for all to behold.
Alas! If only someone would hearken to my plea,
Else doomed am I to wander forever, lonely.

Lustra the Golden Peophin
By Justashous

See that streak across the sky,
Flash of lightning way up high,
Crashing down into the sea,
Swift and fleeting, fast and free.

Scales of lustrous gold, so grand,
Metallic hooves across the land,
Eyes of fluid molten gold,
Strong, robust, beautiful, bold.

Wings of feathers, sparkling bright,
Allow this Peophin to take flight.
Watch her sail amongst the clouds,
Weightless, flowing, sailing, proud.

Lustra, they call her, the gold Peophin,
With radiant scales and shining skin,
For Jetsam, she's on the lookout,
If you spot her, give her a shout!

Peophin Grooming
By Felicity437

To keep your Peophin's deportment fair,
It's best to exert a lot of care
On their appearance (mainly, hair).

In doing so, one tool is a must:
The often-used Peophin Mane Brush.
Be gentle, slow, and try not to rush --
Unless you want their poor locks crushed.

Another thing that's wise to do
Is invest in quality Peophin Shampoo.
After every solid wash or two,
Their colour will appear shiny and new.

If facial beauty's what you want to show,
Break out a functional Plaid Peophin Bow.
In addition to making their visage glow,
their hair will stay nicely in place. Bravo!

Perhaps they still have a tangle or two --
A Bendy Peophin Comb can help. It's blue
and will detangle as it moves through,
So bid that knotted hair adieu.

A Peophin's "mane" attraction is clearly its hair --
Flowing behind them with grace everywhere.
To support the well-being of beauty so rare,
Use Peophin products for the ultimate care!

Marak the Wave
By Caily_

A stallion like diamond fair
Patrols the waters quite near here,
Mysterious and graceful, though
His silver clad now worse for wear.

A battle brewed some years ago,
The fishermen became his foe,
Marak was wise and younger then,
With leadership prowess to show.

The battle raged between the men,
And the clan that Marak was in,
Between the docks and icy shore,
A bitter fight no side could win.

It was declared an outright war,
Of winning neither could be sure,
A fight only Marak could save,
Negotiate he did with awe.

That's the tale of Marak the brave,
A water born and humble knave,
In winner's glory he shall bathe,
The one, the only, Marak the wave.

By Elizafe42

Lost within the toiling waves,
That rise with coming storm,
Blown from course, so far away,
By wind's unchanging form.
To float forever, stuck at sea,
Seems now to be your fate,
Until she comes, a guiding light
For you, the lost, she waits.

She hears the voices softly cried,
Of those who've wandered far,
And strayed from course or map of seas,
Or gleaming, guiding star.
She'll find you if you've lost your way,
And beckon you to turn,
And follow her, she'll lead you home,
The place your heart still yearns.

Mother of all Peophins,
Venuquin, the guide.
Showing all the pathway home,
Among the waves she rides.
The lost need not to cast all hope,
Into the depthless sea.
Follow Peophin to shores,
For a northern light is she.

The Legend of the Fire Peophin
By Firedragon__master__

Legend says there is a being
Who lives beneath this sea
With a wild mane of blazing flame
That doesn't cease to be.

It's said at times when sea is calm
And moon is risen high,
She'll rise from the ocean's depths
And gaze upon the sky.

So if you watch horizon close
And through the calm sea's flow,
You'll view a stunning creature
And her fiery warm glow.

This pyrotechnic Peophin
Is simply such a sight,
An unnatural phenomenon
Of everlasting light.

Despite the water's ebb and flow,
The flames still flicker on,
Dancing softly, shedding light
As brilliant as breaking dawn.

No matter how the waves may churn,
Her mane still burns on bright,
A beacon of light shining strong
Throughout the cold dark night.

And when sun's rays do grace the sky,
She'll head back down into the sea
And take her light to ocean's depths
Where fierce darkness might be.

Legend says one is so lucky
To gaze upon her form,
So count yourself as one of the few
To feel your heart be warmed.

Battle of the Blue Tide
By Saro_the_legendaerie

I'll tell you a tale, of sea and sail,
Called the Battle of the Blue Tide
When Marak the Wave, one ever brave
Had to once more take a side.

A fleet of boats, filled with longcoats,
And arrogant pirates and thieves
Before Maraqua, they sailed the aqua,
Slippery as water in a sieve.

Well, they found a reef, to their relief,
It was filled with treasure of gold,
And in dark of night, by cold moonlight,
Took it all; those pirates were bold!

It was the village bank, their hearts were sank:
All had been robbed that night,
So Marak took his crew into the briny blue,
Looking for some thieves to fight.

They caught the foe, demanded they row
That ship back and return the gold.
The pirates snorted; they wouldn't be shorted
A full haul just to feed the old.

Marak rallied his men, and with strength of ten,
They charged the fleet of villains.
The waves rose up, and then they struck --
Around the Captain's boots water was swillin'.

"Avast," he bellowed, "we'll sink, my fellows!
No treasure's worth a salty bath!"
They emptied their hold, returned the gold,
And were spared Marak's mighty wrath.

So goes my tale of pirates who quail
In the face of a true Peo of merit.
Hope you liked my song; if you found nothing wrong
Maybe one day you'd like to share it?

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