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Neopets Poems

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The Faerie Ixi
By Amethyst_81

Reckless youth encapsuled
In a dazzling beauty bound
By woven dreams and sorrows
That shall never grace the ground.

Cajoling with the faeries
In a world beyond most sight,
Merry mischief played out
In the glow of full moon's light.

Rebellious heart, embrace the sky!
The clouds at your command.
Harm shall ne'er cross your path,
Nor cause for reprimand.

Borne upon the western wind,
A gentle muse's song,
She glints across the jewelled dawn,
Slips back where she belongs.

Secret sojourns steal the night,
Desire's edge cuts deep,
In mesmerising solitude,
The stars, her secrets keep.

Tease, the Plushie Ixi
By Anjie

A whisper uttered all alone
Amidst the emerald glade,
Where solitude is clutched in hand
And plans or dreams are made.
Where one can sit a million years
'Til all transforms to stone.
Where boughs may murmur, lakes do laugh,
One still is all alone.

Venture where the shadows dance,
The earth dappled with gold.
Hesitant, the budding green,
So slowly blooms unfold.
Venture there and call so soft,
When evening fades to black.
Listen far beyond the breeze,
For soft voice soon calls back.

A mimic of your helpless cry,
A flawless, echoed tone.
No soul is seen in dappled eve,
Yet you are not alone.
Tresses gold, a soft cascade,
You search in frenzied daze.
Laughter offered, echoed back,
A glimpse of cobalt gaze.

Something plays with drifting sound,
The woods do hide her well.
The nymph that dances in their midst,
A name they'll never tell.
A final mimic, uttered soft,
A gentle laugh of glee.
The echo like a silver glade,
That's running back to me.

Ixi Royalty
By Clockworkchildren

"How pretty am I?" The question she asks,
As she gazes into the mirror,
With lilac fur and deep pink eyes,
That always seem to glimmer.

Her outfits -- always pristine,
Her silky pink dress, her flattering hat,
A smile upon her beautiful face,
As the veil falls down her back.

She has captured the hearts of many,
Roses and bouquets have been sent to her door,
Accepting them graciously with apt politeness,
But truly, to her it seems a chore,
Because all royal Ixi longs to do
Is gaze into her mirror some more.

Royalty Might Take Some Getting Used To
By Cookybananas324

Her dress, this morning,
Was pink and pristine --
This evening, alas,
It's not nearly as clean.

It's torn and it's covered
With spots muddy brown,
And the edges are worn
Where it dragged on the ground.

Her hair, this morning,
Was perfectly brushed,
Now it's tangled with twigs,
And her hat is half-crushed.

By virtue of a paint brush
She's royal, it's true,
But some things can't be changed --
She's Ixi, through and through.

Chortle's Game
By Dragonstorm_75

Throw your hand, I see it here,
Your hand is poor -- that is clear!
P'rhaps you take me for a silly fool,
Winding wits around the spool?
Gamboling for the good king's court --
There is more I can yet export.

I play this game of poker well,
'Tis best for the master in Meridell!
My Ixi hooves are the tricking glass,
Through them I see to bet or pass.
Royal flushes, ace-high straights,
Fortuitous fates my cunning awaits!

Wicked wit is good Chortle's game,
The trick to riches and unparalleled fame!
Take your seat beside the fool,
And let me stretch the proverbial wool,
Simple eyes will not steal my guise,
Which I don for the ultimate prize.

Chortle the Jester will laugh the last,
This is what I do forecast!

Sophie's Swamp
By Elizafe42

Can you hear the wailing cries
That linger through the wood,
Or feel the stark and chilling winds
The trees have all withstood?
The path that one should never walk,
In emptiness of night,
Is treaded on by your soft steps,
Beneath the full moon's light.

Wander deeper through the woods,
With light in shaking hand.
Wonder to yourself again,
How you came to walk this land.
Feel the earth beneath your feet
Turn to marshes wet.
Turn your head, in darkness see,
An Ixi's silhouette.

Few have wandered through the swamp
To see her lonely home;
Fewer still have had to face
The witch who stands alone.
Furious, dear Sophie screams
For you to leave this place,
And as you follow her to hut,
The door slams in your face.

Cauldron bubbles by the fire,
Such smoky fumes arise.
You knock again, the witch ignores,
It's really no surprise.
With sigh you settle on her porch,
Away from swampy ground.
All you wanted was to give,
The witch a locket you had found...

Sinsi & Shapeshifter
By Fairynotes

Once upon a time in fair Meridell,
There lived a brown Ixi you should know quite well,
Her name was Sinsi and she was quite tired
Of all of Meridell's games, so uninspired!

She didn't want to count potatoes or roll cheese,
So she made a puzzle that wasn't a breeze,
She called it Shapeshifter and gave it to her friends,
Who tried and tried but couldn't solve it in the end!

Word soon spread throughout the land,
And the game of Shapeshifter was soon in demand,
From King Skarl to the lowliest peasant,
All considered Shapeshifter quite pleasant.

Turning crowns and helms to swords,
One can never get bored!
So if you're tired of counting spuds,
Come over to Shapeshifter, it's anything but a dud!

The Sulky Ixi Gnome
By Geneames1

With petulance I sit and watch
a graceful butterfly.
The gentle breeze caresses me
beneath an azure sky.

On grass verdant I pass my time,
a glower on my face,
the sad expression that I wear
no smile will replace.

Shaded by a mighty oak,
A tree the birds call home,
Surrounded by such beauty, I
the Sulky Ixi Gnome.

Crafted with a face forlorn,
I always seem annoyed,
Yet though I look unhappy,
I'm really overjoyed.

The face I wear does not reflect
the feelings that I hide,
the sulky gnome is what I am
not who I am inside.

The Magical Mysterious Tarla
By Jokerhahaazzz

A springing step, a flowing scarf,
A quick and mischievous gaze;
A toolbar, a mystery tour --
A knack to startle and amaze!

If by now you haven't guessed
The one of whom I speak,
Then let me set your mind to rest:
It's Tarla, charming and unique!

She's charming and quite generous,
She'll give you what you please.
But first you'll have to find her, for
She is a frightful tease!

So come on by and take a look
At Tarla's Mystery Shop
Those dark blue bags, those question marks --
It's fun you just can't top!

Ixi Day: Ixi Pride
By Lollypopxz

Clever and cunning,
One of a kind.
Graceful and stunning,
You will find.

You may have heard
Of Tarla and Sophie?
Or perhaps, word
Of Sinsi or Nanci?

Tarla the red Ixi
Led Neopians by the nose
With her Tour of Mystery.
What her plan was? Who knows!

Sophie the Swamp Witch
Working away at her stew,
Stirring and mixing, stir and mix
'Til the potion turns a nasty blue.

Sinsi who hails from Meridell
Is ever up for a challenging game,
And I don't mean toys and a ball,
For they are much too tame.

Nanci the Shopkeeper
Of the famous Ye Olde Petpets,
Don't try haggling for cheaper
Or expect a mouthful of threats.

On the surface
They appear demure and coy,
Timid and nervous.
Oh, it is but a ploy.

Take my words and use them well.
Be it on land or sea,
Or even in a prison cell,
Never mess with an Ixi!

Lab Ray-ed Ixi
By Philopoet and Tealnova_dragon

Laughingly, I pushed my pet toward the Lab Ray.
Just for kicks, just for fun, I say.
I ignore the shivers of fear, the unsteady gaze.

Or for training, I crowed, for strength
With a gleeful smile, I pressed that red button...
And my little Ixi changed.

The blue hooves, the tiny horns, everything.
No longer could I see the flesh
And blood of my companion.
Instead, hard metal casing flashed before my eyes.

Quickly, I took the layer off,
Hoping to find my darling pet deep inside.
But no luck, for beneath, beats the warmth of wires.

She spoke in a voice so digitised I didn't know it.
She was so calm, so monotone,
It froze me to the core.

But then she tackled me, full of life and joy.
And then I realised, nothing changed.
She smiles still,
Simply different on the outside.

What lies inside, the ray can't touch.
And what of the outside?
A cute robot Ixi for me to polish!

Quite a Tour
By _Razcalz_

Underground places:
drawers, books, and fastened bags,
staircases leading off the picture
-- all dulled to the brown,
machine quite still in a pale
blue lamplight --
those looking to interpret would
call these things the brave
might dare explore, and
also receive the most
jarring of surprises.

And all the while, the
stagnant pool stirs just slightly;
it, too, itching to explore
this once vaporous workshop
we've come to know.

And it's quite a cave, barely
lamp-lit, candle-lit --
the red-furred Ixi placed in
contrast no other place
could have achieved;

Quite a cave and quite a
tour, one that has led Tarla
back someplace so
dark and so alluring at the
same time -- to
followers and adventurers,
which, luckily, there
still are many.

Sophie the Swamp Witch
By Sapphirekira

I once lived in the town of Neovia,
A place that is lovely and fair.
Until a potion made it cursed,
And monsters were everywhere!

The villagers attacked my family, although
It definitely was not us to blame;
With Reginald, my brother, I did flee
From our angry neighbours, when they came.

In the woods we met an earth faerie,
Whose name, it seemed, was Ilere;
She took me to a hut, then left,
But I still felt much fear.

It was then that I met a few Meowclops,
What a wonder of a Petpet they are!
They always assist me in adoring ways,
And I simply think mine's a star.

My brother Bruno, I did meet again!
Because of the promises of fate.
With Gilly the Usul, we started off
To save our home, before it was too late.

There were so many toils that we faced,
But it was worth it, in the end.
We saved Neovia from its curse,
And I saw my family again.

Since then, I've still lived in the swamps,
And 'The Swamp Witch' I am now called.
Sitting with my Meowclops all day,
And making stew of my own accord.

Faerie Ixi
By Autotune

like fresh lavender,
sweet blossoms in
subtle purple hues.
but you are silken fur
and feather wings;
you are the wind,
soaring over Faerieland
and floating on clouds,
whispering your name
to the hidden towers.
the sunrise becomes
your golden stage,
and in radiant flight
you shine as light,
a sight to behold.

Ixi: Meridell's Guards
By Sugarypixiestix2

Frolic and play is what they do best.
Those Ixi folk really have such zest!
You can see them all across the wooded land.
Sometimes even mighty Illusen gives them a hand.
For these small creatures do so much good.
I am sure glad they live in my neighbourhood!
Ixi loyally guard the borders of Meridell.
Regularly stopping to help a Kau with its bell.
Know that if you are in company of the Ixi,
Magic will follow you like a mischievous pixie.
They often will ask you to play hide-and-seek.
Be warned if you do, they have a tendency to peek.
There are many famous Ixi like Tarla and Sophie!
Those two alone deserve a heroic golden trophy.
No matter what, an Ixi will be there for you,
Like making you laugh when you are blue.
Please read about these Neopets if you can.
Someday you could run into one with a tricky plan.
They will always ask you to join in their quest.
So be ready for anything...
even something as mere as celebrating their fest!

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