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The Cup Begins!
By Anjie

Could it be a year has passed?
It seems nought but a week!
Already of our winning teams
So proudly do we speak!
Gentle taunting weaves and winds,
Through chatter on the street.
Who will win the Cup this year
When all those teams do meet?

Old favourites do return, it's true,
Krawk Island, strong once more.
Darigan and Kreludor
Are too bold too ignore.
A new addition to the field,
Moltara, burning bright.
Perhaps they can just storm the Cup
Should timing be just right.

Could this be the time at last
That Faerieland steps up?
They've played with courage every year,
But still don't win the Cup.
Can Shenkuu fight its frequent curse
Of first round, trouble wrought.
Kiko Lake still needs a break,
Though oh, how hard they've fought!

Some claim Roo Island will bounce back,
(So please excuse that pun!)
It's Virtupets, it seems this year,
Who have teams on the run.
We've got one crazy Cup ahead,
With shocks galore, I bet!
We all know nothing's set in stone,
So count no team out yet!

The Darigan Front
By Dragonstorm_75

Envenomed eyes, poisoned teeth,
A flash of purple and crimson red,
Foreboding black that spans the heath,
Of Darigan might and gloom and dread.

A malicious grin, a toxic jade,
Striking from the shadows deep,
Sharper than the thinnest blade,
Flying past the quick goalkeep.

Layton Vickles leads the front,
His sequined body lithe and strong.
Every move is brilliant --
A note in the tune of the Darigan song.

Docile Yooyus cower in fear,
Whenever the Hissi slithers near,
A menacing snarl, a fearsome leer,
Wise opponents stay far and clear!

Hail, o foes, your fate draws closer,
Held fast by Layton's iron hold,
Hear now the crowd's hushed whisper:
"Lo! Darigan now sees the gold!"

Staff Tournament
By Xx_neomania

One day I walked through Altador,
Looked out upon the Yooyuball field,
And was shocked to see down below,
Sixteen players of different shield.

A Brightvale Usuki doll flashed before me,
Held by the 1337est Lawyerbot,
Scissors followed with an angry Comastar,
Yelling something about being caught.
How he could he lie and imply
The Altador Cup was postponed?
Oh well, Comastar got owned!

Snarkie zoomed around the field,
Proving girls can PWN at games too,
Until Pie comes by and throws her weapon,
A cloud of glitter to obstruct her view,
Which allows Mr. Insane to slip on through,
(His head is quite big, it's true.)

Dragona manages to grab the ball
And juggles it toward the goal,
Wait, juggles? Oh now, it's LornaDesparow,
Who steals it with a clever roll.
Running past Socktastic cheering from the side,
She gave up on the game, she tried.

Throwing throngs of editorial sheets,
To interrupt the former's stride,
Twitterpate runs for first place,
Till her and Ziggytron collide.
Oh, those Darigans will win at any cost...
And yet sadly, to Pie she lost.

Now Undutchable grabs the pesky Yooyu,
But glancing in SenorMalo's direction,
Who cleverly flaunts his perfect hair,
Had the other tripping from the sheer perfection.
Hey, what can you say about the Moltara fan?
He uses any asset he can.

Ah look, there's Dirigibles,
Yelling something rather like a hiss,
As he chases the Altador sported jersey,
About hitting El Picklesaur with a mallet after this.
Bancha Ninja gestures to the sky with a cry,
Can anyone even understand that guy?
Last, Viola, bringing up the rear,
Shouting she would not be last place this year!

I bid them all good luck,
And wistfully take my leave,
But can't wait for the future to see
What other tricks lie up their sleeve.

A Bit About Team Moltara
By Ktkdk

Neopia's newest and fiery land
Has entered the Altador Cup at last.
Their team is a bit of a mystery
Because it has no past.

First, I should discuss the players.
Aldric Beign is a forward and their leader.
He is a magma Kougra, skilled and strong.
Although he is tough, he is no beater.

Mor Gollog is the huge relic Moehog.
He is the one guarding the goal.
Mor has great stamina and goalie instincts.
He rules the realm between the two poles.

Tula Kisner, the sassy magma Acara,
Plays forward with Aldric on the right.
With skills in passing, running, and tackling,
Her future looks incredibly bright!

Vere Polnicek the Yurble is Left Defender.
He is incredibly quick and tough.
Although he is generally a great player,
He sometimes gets in trouble for being rough.

Zax Bannet is the quick Right Defender.
It is easy to spot this Scorchio of flame.
He guards well and can run forever.
While easily fooled, he is not at all lame!

Now do you see why I support this team?
Personally, I think they are the best.
They are new, but they have skill and spirit.
I think they will rise above the rest!

Yelling and Yooyus
By Ruby_petal

Two words: Altador Cup. The crowd
Goes wild. For five years, this event
Has won our hearts and souls as we
Attempt to scream and roar as loud
As our beloved turquoise Techo fan
And throw occasional slushies at
The seventeen opposing teams.
(We don't do it too often...)
We glow like fire Yooyus
At the excitement
Of our favourite
They enter
The field and
Wave at us fans.
And the game begins.

By Xxxmagiabellexxx

Shining, blinking, dazzling lights,
flashing on and off in a luminous dance.
I hope they don't distract me
as this is my only chance.

The goalie moves in slow motion,
menacing with his evil smile.
He's out to protect his stance
and hurting me will be worth the while.

The crowd is erupting with cheers.
Their hollering hurts my ears.
But I must abandon my fears.

Eyes focused on a single point,
energy raised so I won't disappoint.
With a deep breath and a mighty throw,
the Yooyuball goes flying fast, not slow.

It flies through the air, dodging all.
We are one, I and the Yooyuball.
We both want to pass that net.
But the goalie is not scared... yet.

Lightning fast
it zoomed past.
The opponent's stamina has been surpassed.

Darigan has won,
the damage has been done.
Fear us... our reign has begun.

A Chant for Team Lost Desert
By Brushfire_fairytales

Cayle will never fail to score
With a Yooyu in his paw.
Pulses race and spirits soar;
Vonde'll leave 'em wanting more!

Azar's a star with ego large,
Always keen to lead the charge.
Keeps the Yooyu in her sight,
With one eye to the limelight.

Lamelle Turow's got our back
Despite the know-how she may lack.
When the moment's looking tense,
She's the master of defence.

Triven's there in times of need,
With gifts of courage, strength, and speed.
Always open for the pass,
Sends our rivals back to class.

And Ol' Heggle saves with certainty,
Sturdy as a redwood tree;
When his colour's on the mast
There ain't nothing getting past.

Altador Cup: End of Round Robin #1
By Calicolupe

The calm amidst the storm swirls 'round.
Players strain to hear the sound
Of Make Some Noise, Shootout, and cheers:
Not a peep reaches any ears.

Tens of thousands of games were played,
Still the victor, anonymous, remained.
Each nation fought for its own,
Awaiting the trophy and its renown.

Yet what is this in the heat of battle?
A day without game, shout, or rattle.
A resting day to let players sleep,
For no true All-Star has rested a wink.

Players and fans wait with bated breath,
Hoping to lift the prize's great heft
And the cry of "Winner!" for both old and new;
The games were many, the victors few.

Yet no screaming, yelling, or shouts shall ring.
No Petpet need fear be thrown by sling.
Today's the beginning of the end for some,
And others rest to arise with decorum.

The hope of triumph lies with all
But today, to their mattresses, the players will fall.

Team Darigan Citadel
By Thegirl521

In the land above land,
Our dark warriors stand,
And strike fear into hearts of the light.

Where darkness does lurk,
And great beings do work,
To bring honour back to the night.

We are swift and strong
Where the shadows are long,
Our power rivalled by none.

When the loyal ones cheer,
And our opponents in fear,
All know that the darkness has won.

Keep your spirits as high
As the Citadel flies,
Wave your banners of purple and black,

For wherever we go,
All the others will know,
That Team DC has come back.

The Greatest Victory
By Faunfur

Now every year,
All Neopians gather
With their hopes of fame.
From across the lands,
The greatest players all stand
And fight for glory.

There's nothing greater
than the fight for that one Cup
that just one team earns.
It's the final test
to determine the most apt,
And they will not fail.

Will it be Brightvale?
Or those from Terror Mountain?
Eighteen teams compete.
They all are worthy
To fight for the coveted Cup
They all stand and play.

For five years they've fought,
Cried, cheered, never gave in,
But just one team wins.
Will this year be it?
Will the team finally win?
Or fade in the midst of their chance?

It's the true honour,
The greatest victory for all,
The victory only five will win.
So gather round,
Eyries, Bori, Chias, and Aishas.
And let the greatest of games begin!

Brightvale's Team
By Dragonfur77

"Who's our rival today?"
A Darigan supporter asked,
Brightvale will make them pay!
Brightvale's team: unmasked!

A red Lupe is their leader,
Squeaky is his name.
Nope, he's not a cheater,
And Yooyuball is his game.

Kayn Hireck is their forward left,
Plushie Yooyuballer,
Known for Yooyuball theft.
Prob'ly more than you, taller.

Montecito is a small one,
Flashing white mohawk,
The Baby-Faced Mauler is no pun,
He'll get you if you gawk.

Orie is their goalie, paws are quite fast,
This Ogrin will cut you no haste,
(We try to forget her past.)
Her true strength is not encased.

And finally, small Reb! He's our little sprog,
His metal icepick is his spear,
The Yooyuball field his log.
Yet his smallness is sheer.

Beware of Brightvale!
Their team is ready for the fight,
Please do not tug on their tails.
You'll meet them... tonight.

By Jirachi68106

The clock is still ticking,
Only ten more seconds left!
This is my only chance,
If I miss it I'll be upset.

So here I am still hoping,
With a fire Yooyu in my hand.
As I plan out my final shot,
I begin to hear the band.

I cannot focus -- the music!
It's ruining my concentration,
As I'm pushing past the players, I yell,
"Sorry! Not trying to be abrasive!"

So here I am still hoping,
With a fire Yooyu in my possession.
As I move in to the goalie,
What rises is my obsession.

I aim and shoot the Yooyu,
I wonder if she thinks I faked it.
Then I hear something unpleasant,
The game's over -- but the Yooyu made it.

Lost Desert Scoring Machine
By Tina_1092

His name is Vonde,
He's really well-known,
Plays Left Forward
For his Lost Desert home,
Plays in the Altador Cup.
All his screaming fans
Can't get enough!
He a Wocky, pure and true,
And sorry, no, he's isn't blue.
He isn't captain;
He doesn't want to be.
No matter -- he's the star of the team,
Though he can't jump very high.
He's the kind of scoring guy,
Heggle, Trivon, Turow, Azar too,
Watch him run the defence right through!
He's quick, lightning fast,
With him LD won't end up last,
We'll win the Cup with him in the lead,
Lost Desert's already in a frenzy!
When he comes out to play,
In his blue-gold stripes,
The fans start singing, no matter the type,
Facing them, they know he won't fail.
All the goalies scream,
For Vonde Cayle
Is the Lost Desert Scoring Machine!

By Water_park1993

The circular trap above me opens,
As I magically arise,
The whistle can be heard screaming,
And myself, I have almost reached the top of it.
A great leap in the air,
My flames encircle all around me.
The red of my fire slaps the ground.
As I am getting my shape.
The crowd starts shouting.
Are they cheering for me?
Thoughts arise in my head as a hand grabs me.
Or for them? I keep thinking as I am being passed
from hand to hand,
Unable to see
I am left at the mercy of these
quick hands that exchange me.
I can feel someone grabbing me tight,
Making a turn --
and --
Throwing me toward the goal!
I touch a net;
Is it all over?
The crowd starts shouting even more.
Booing or shouts of cheer,
I open myself to my form,
And cheer with the crowd.
Yooyu is my name.

Haikus for the Altador Cup Fanatic
By Herrored8

Haikus are fancy
But Yooyuball is more fun
Go Team Moltara!

Achievement prizes
Rewards for helping your team
Fourteen goals? Really?

Yell to cheer your team
But you'll never be loudest
That Techo is nuts.

Delicious slushies
Served by a Tuskanniny
Only three flavours?

Scoring goals is fun
I wish the Cup were easy
Like Shootout Showdown.

Hope to win it all
Moltara's chances aren't great
But I'll keep trying!

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