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Neopets Poems

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By Aldurswolf

Dangerously cunning and ruthless,
Overtly the faithful and humble servant,
Unseen she stands in the shadows.
Behind the leader she is the true master, Letting all become ensnared by her web of lies,
Entirely too unsatisfied without more power.

Craftily she rules the guild,
Remembering all of those who betrayed her. Others shall never see her for her true ways,
Save for those she herself betrays --
She is Masila, the Mistress of Double-cross.

By Autotune

some days I forget how I got here.
sometimes it's my name
that loses flavour upon my tongue --
or sometimes I grasp, clumsily,
around a dusty shelf
for old, misplaced thoughts.
some days I forget
how I got here --
a rust-brown leaf in the wind
crushed underneath
your sympathetic gaze --
fine-spun silk crumbling
upon a delicate breath --
a whiff of lilies --
a tentative touch
upon a dirty glass
smeared and cracked.
and some days you forget
how you look like
until we bump face-to-face
and you scream
and scream
at the one in the mirror
screaming back.

Acara Aquatic Festival
By Calicolupe

Away she slips, under the sea,
Capering around so merrily,
Always dancing to her own tune,
Rarely anything but fast,
Acrobatic Acara loves the month of June.

Aquatic Festivals meet her sharp eye,
Quickly she joins in, never shy,
Using speed to slip between
And agility, the fastest they have ever seen.
The Acrobatic Acara loves her duels
In races, gymnastics, and balancing --
Can anyone defeat her without breaking rules?

Finally the day draws to a close,
Everyone who loved the Festival knows
Some time next year in the dawn of heat,
The Festival will return with further feats
In swimming, dancing, racing, and thought.
Victory and fun will both be sought.
Acrobatic Acara shall wait and train,
Leaping in excitement for next year's games.

By Elizafe42

Who wears a cloak of shadows
On a moonless winter night,
Stands still among the snowflakes
In the weak and waning light?
The heroes win, the thieves have lost,
And left behind, the mistress, cold
Of deceit and double-cross.

Acara wrapped within her lies,
As black as unlit sky;
Her eyes are icy, blue and cold,
Her ways are crafty, sly.
Masila, no one sees you now,
As no one could before.
You vanish when you have our trust,
Betrayed forevermore.

A stolen brooch sits on her cloak,
Set with emerald jewel;
The cloak itself was thieved as well,
From the same poor fool.
She needs nobody but herself,
Alone in charcoal night,
One whom even thieves don't trust,
Deceiver, cold as ice.

She wears a cloak of shadows
In the dim and wintry light,
And spins the lies that trick and fool,
With heart as black as night.
Wander now, alone and lost,
In these fields of snow and frost,
Mistress of the double-cross.

The Acara Treasure Seeker
By Ktkdk

Ears listening for dangers in the night.
Compact limbs working, running so fast.
This Acara has been running since it was light,
With treasure as his incentive, this pace will last.

He has run over continents. He has flown over seas.
I am The Treasure and he is looking for me.

Determined to find what they say cannot be found,
He has the most marvellous adventures.
Jealous Neopians say that his greed has no bounds.
But for his wanderlust, hunting treasure is the cure.

Silver and gold and jewels galore!
I am The Treasure he is looking for.

Now he runs in the dense jungles of Geraptiku.
Before, the Acara visited the palace of King Skarl.
He even scaled the tallest peaks of Shenkuu.
In Tyrannia, he met with Grarrg the Grarrl.

He can look far and wide.
But I am The Treasure. I can always hide.

The Acara treasure seeker searches high and low.
From Terror Mountain's highest peaks,
To Moltara, located so far below.
Eventually, he will find what he seeks.

I am The Treasure and I have reason to fear.
The treasure seeker is so close, so near.

Fauna the Protector
By Maggskaggs

Recognised for her unwavering service
In helping to calm the Petpets that were nervous,
King Altador made her a leader of his new city,
A protector of all and part of that grand committee.

Wee Petpets frolic and wiggle and smile
After being in her presence for only a while.
Her kind, nurturing ways brought her to fame;
Now every Neopian ought to know her name.

Able to comfort even the wildest beast,
In all her good deeds her kind heart never ceased
To care for the little ones and care for the small,
Care for the scary ones -- just care for them all!

Her love knows no bounds, and her sweet heart
Shows Neopians this is where kindness does start:
With little deeds done for anybody in need,
So for the Acara Festival, make this your creed:

Live up to the legacy of Fauna the Good
And continue to give as all Neopians should.
Donate to the Money Tree to help those in need;
Follow Fauna the Acara's generous lead.

Watch out for the Petpets who could use a hand;
Be ready to listen and just understand.
Please nurture your pets and take care of them too,
Because that's what Fauna would want us to do.

The Acara Hiker
By Mamasimios

The Acara Hiker is weighted down
With pack and ropes, ice pick, crampons,
Yet weight and gravity are overcome
As he climbs each Neopian mountain.

From coral mounds thrust into Maraquan sands,
To the lavender bluffs of Faerieland,
Terror Mountain's tips, each sheer and tall,
This Acara has nearly climbed them all.

I met him once on summit high
And had to learn the reason why --
Why does the Acara scale each peak,
Is it fame and fortune that he seeks?

"Nay," he answered, sure and clear,
"Neither fame nor fortune are found here.
I traverse each lofty scarp and shelf
To meet a challenge I made to myself.

"For when I crest a mountain's crown
And from its apex do look down,
I can see that with my strength alone
I can battle, and best, this beast of stone.

"Possessing not the wings to fly,
Still may I rise into the sky,
And as I usurp the Eyrie's view,
My pride, my ego, are soaring too."

I asked, "What will you then do with your time
When there are no new mountains to climb?"
"Ah yes," said he. "What happens then?
I suppose I'll climb them all again."

Ode to Dr. Sloth (from an Acara)
By Notonetobequiet

Oh, Dr. Sloth, won't you please
Have some mercy upon our kind?
Neopians don't realise that Vira is beautiful,
And really, they're all quite blind.

You could whip up a potion,
A noxious, giggling green brew,
Slimy and gaseous,
It'll make Neopians spew.
But really, you'd do us all a favour
To make a potion of such content.
(It doesn't have to be rich with flavour.)

With red eyes,
But pupils speckled green,
Black, leather-bound boots
Majestic appearance -- rugged, yet clean,
Twisting, yet beautiful in the oddest way,
Well, never mind -- Vira could be Queen.

We'd be like clones --
Flawless, twisted beauties;
We'd be the envy of jealous mutant pets,
Carrying out sneaky duties
Of a dazzling, 'mutant' Acara army.

Blue Acara Dives
By Rememberine

On secluded beaches
And inside secret coves,
In the farthest reaches
Free from clamorous droves,
Wild Acaras lay in wait
For the setting of the sun,
So that they might have some privacy
While they have their fun.
Now one steps out from the shadows;
Her blue-furred body lithe,
She takes a moment to compose
And then proceeds to dive.
Slipping through the water,
Her prowess is displayed;
Her form never falters,
Each splash is a cascade.
She seems to find such simple bliss
In simply playing here,
As if the feeling of the water
Dismisses every waking fear.
But now as dawn begins to break,
She looks up in alarm,
As if to be seen demonstrating her talent
Would do her some great harm.
As agile and silent as she came,
The Acara vanishes away,
But rest assured, she will return
At the end of another day.

Vira's Violent Curse
By Ruby_petal

In a pretty field
She skipped and sang
As she picked up flowers
And tied them in her hair;
Once so long and prominent.
What happened to this stylish
Acara? Now, she sits on her own
With her cursed mirror in her paw
And glares at herself as her beauty
Slowly turns to dust. She wanders
Those very same fields, falling
And stumbling with her wild,
Overgrown claws, kissing
Golden flowers, but
Making them
For us
To feel.
What went

Fauna, Carer of Petpets
By Sapphirekira

I am a Petpet, treated cruelly all my life,
I saw all family fall, victims to much strife,
I've been sold and traded, even used in bets,
Until I met Fauna, Carer of Petpets.

An Acara with such kindness, so rare near and far,
So it is no wonder that to Petpets, she's a star.
She took me into her home, with a smile at the door,
It's wonderful she's recognised as a hero of Altador.

What may be so special about her, you may say.
She's actually so great that telling you'll take all day,
So I'll tell you things of her that're treasured indeed:
Her kindness, and her constant loving, caring deeds.

When you see Fauna, Petpets gather around her,
Adoring and happy, from their eyes to their fur,
Are you an unwanted Petpet? "Join us!" say we;
If you are with Fauna, forever happy you will be.

A Reflection on Vira
By Squin

She stares into the looking-glass
And observes her angled face,
Seeing beauty, but alas!
There is left not a trace.

Does the mirror lie?
Or do her eyes deceive?
For they say beauty's in the eye
Of the beholder, who doth believe.

Yet this is no illusion,
For ugliness is there,
'Tis Vira's own delusion,
That sees a face so fair.

The reality is frightful,
A visage of ugly hate,
It has been twisted by the spiteful
Angry dreams of the ingrate.

Perhaps if this Acara had,
Simply settled for her lot,
She would have bloomed and not gone bad,
Been a flower free from rot.

The Letter
By Togepi_forever

The following was found in the ruins of a Virtupets Space Capsule.
It was the last recorded entry in a diary.
The writer remains unidentified.

I saw her once
at the Space Station.
She was beautiful and strong --
I wanted to meet her.
But she was my enemy.

She was an Acara,
the most graceful I'd ever seen.
Every movement had a purpose,
nothing left to chance.

I asked someone her name.
"Ylana Skyfire," I was told.
"The best mercenary in Neopia."
Her blue fur shone with every move.
I pitied her.

Such grace, such elegance, such beauty,
stuck in a world with nothing guaranteed.
She could be worshipped, adored, battle queen.
But that is not what she chooses.

I know she is my enemy, yet still...

I'm sorry, Lady Ylana.
I wish I could save you from destruction.

Acara, Acara
By Unsatisfied_werewolf

Acara, Acara,
Who loves the ocean blue,
Today is the day
Designed especially for you.

Acara, Acara,
Who lives by the lovely sea,
You have Ylana's courage
And all of Vira's vanity.

Acara, Acara,
Who comes in royal, cloud, and blue,
I wonder if this year
You'll be painted mutant too?

Acara, Acara,
Who has all of Fauna's grace,
This year I hope you dress
With Princess Fernypoo's taste.

Acara, Acara,
Who is a cornucopia,
How long has it been
Since you first came to Neopia?

Acara, Acara,
I hope that you do well,
And bask in all your glory
During your Aquatic Festival.

Welcome One and All to the Aquatic Festival
By Writeratheart77

O, I hear the water calling!
The breeze is from the earth,
And the high tide is lowering,
Salty as salt motes on your tongue.

In the frigid valley of ice,
Pale and dim is falling snow,
And the mountains are
As bright as Mynci jewels.

Every lake is cheering,
Tempt you to Aquatic Festival;
Every water ripple is humming
With the beckoning sound of cheer.

Come and help us seek Acaras,
Morning myth of water rising,
Giving to the slippery climate
Welcomes on the sandy banks.

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