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Faerie Kau Stampede
By Mamasimios

Clouds kick up beneath their hooves
Like spumes of planetary dust,
Yet the grasping chains of gravity
Shackle not these faerie Kaus.
Blur on blur this bovine herd,
This violaceous fog aloft,
Blots out the sun with massive numbers;
An eclipse complete and cold and dark.

Each solitary faerie Kau
Is light and lithesome, a gentle sylph,
But on stampede they lose volition,
Surrender control over themselves.
Their eyes roll back, now white with terror,
They moo a plaintive protest song;
Not one knows why they began running
But each is helpless now to stop.

From horizon to horizon
By this herd the vault bedimmed,
Until, at last, they start to thin out
And the sunrays re-emerge.
Refracting through the faerie wings,
A curve of lavender and mauve,
The luminescence reaches Neopia,
To light the calm after the storm.

Kauvara's Potion
By Amethyst_81

Azure glow illuminates
Her form at cauldron's brim,
All within Kauvara's reach
At mercy to her whim.
Brilliant blast of emerald flame,
Engulfed by amber haze,
Erupts into the darkened sky,
And sets the night ablaze.

Wrapped in swirls of thickened smoke,
The stars upon her shine,
Boiling hard her potent brew,
A potion most divine.
By day, the keeper of the shop,
By night, fierce sorceress,
Handed down from Kau to Kau,
Great skill she doth possess.

Standing tall with hooves outstretched
And horns tipped to the sky,
Commanding words she chants aloud,
To summon magic nigh.
With thunderous clap and blinding flash,
She quickly sets in motion,
To bottle up this wondrous cure
Known as Kauvara's Potion.

Guard the Waves: The Shieldmaidens' Song
By Togepi_forever

Grab your shield,
Grab your sword.
Come to battle,
Keep your word.
Stomp your hooves,
Prepare to fight.
Show them all
Maraqua's might!
The sun will set,
The moon will rise,
Thus we will join
The angry tides
To fight off those
Who would decide
If we lived or
If we died.
Fight for justice,
Fight for all,
If you heed
Maraqua's call.
Don't let pirates
Make us slaves!
Oh, Shieldmaidens,
Guard the Waves!

'Careful' Kalora
By Ruby_petal

"What a beautiful, shiny crown!" she said.
Fernypoo replied, "My dear friend in red,
You are not cut out for gold on your head."
But as she settled and climbed into bed,
Kalora would try her devious plan.

The princess snored as she fell asleep.
"The crown is mine! All mine to keep!"
Kalora silently angled her feet;
Dancing, twisting, a skip and a leap,
The crown would soon be in her hand.

She lifted it from the princess's ears.
She gawked; her past life disappeared.
She had waited for this for many years.
Finally princess... but Ferny was near.
The crown crashed on the floor that night.

"KALORA!" the deafening voice screamed.
What could she do? Say it was just a dream?
She lay down, as Ferny's ears blew steam.
Kalora fell 'asleep'; it's not what it seems.
She kept angry Ferny out of her sight.

"What have you done?!" the princess cried.
Kalora yawned. "Me? Nothing!" she lied.
"Don't tell faerie tales!" Fernypoo sighed.
"What a horrible crown! My, oh my --

Jade Visors are the fashion, and craze."
In fact, they are stylish on the special Kau Day!"

Wish Upon a Starry Kau
By Moulinrouge21

In the scattered starry sky, a shooting star is seen,
Lighting darkness's path, with its everlasting gleam.
The starry Kau glides, swiftly from place to place,
Ablaze with warmth, reaching to outer space.

Discovering individual lands, looking far below,
No stopping to explore, her journey she must go.
The blanket of navy stretches, continuing forever,
Reaching to the unknown, ending it will never.

Gazing up to see, the silver among the blue,
Stars dancing innocently, a spectacular view.
A shooting star flies by, a trail of mist behind,
A silver instant flash, a pair of jewels entwined.

Wish upon a star, when you see her fly,
A brightly vision the Kau is, upon the midnight sky.
To grant all wishes made, a saintly task indeed,
A feeling of great joy every time she succeeds.

As the sky starts to lighten, the stars say good night,
The Kau disappears, as the sun diminishes her light.
Resting for another day 'til the dusk starts to arrive,
To start anew, to glide the sky, make herself alive.

Becoming a Faerie Kau
By Pansyparkinson14

She saves up ever so diligently,
Every coin earned snug in a cheap glass bank,
For the little yellow Kau wants faerie wings;
She yearns for those pretty, delicate things.

She dreams daily of becoming a faerie Kau,
A creature too lovely to behold,
With wings like the prettiest stained glass,
And a fur colour that combines elegance and sass.

But saving up is never easy -- oh no!
There is much hard work involved:
Chores to do to gain every cent,
And every Neopoint put away -- not spent!

It takes a lot of willpower,
But the happy day finally does arrive,
When young Kau buys her paint brush with joy:
So much better than any common toy.

And now little Kau is a faerie Kau,
And she is happier than one could believe,
For all that hard work paid out in the end,
As it usually does, my friend!

Lament of the Grey Kau
By Anjie

They say it's greener over there,
On other side so far.
Yet I find it's naught but grey,
No matter where you are.
Alas, the world is tainted bleak,
The hues so dreary, drab.
The sunlight always out of reach,
Too far for hooves to grab.

My tail never seems to flick
With joy as others might.
I've not the wings of faerie Kaus,
Which bring them to soft flight.
I lack the fire, burning bright,
That fire Kaus hold dear.
Nor have I fins to surf the waves,
Or metal horns, I fear.

I'm simply in a world of grey,
Where colour doth not reach.
How to exist in monochrome,
The one thing I can teach.
I long to dance like some who may,
I long to skip and hop.
Yet all is dreary, grey and drab,
My sorrow just won't stop.

Yet I admit all isn't lost,
This world doth have some joy.
For I'm so grey and dreary see,
I do achieve my ploy!
I have become a rarity
Who no-one dares let go!
So while I don't have colours bright,
I'm rare as rare, you know!

Kauvara the Potion Master
By Lollypopxz

In Neopia Central, maidens fair,
Faeries fluttering everywhere.
In a small cottage not very far
Lived a Starry Kau named Kauvara.

Gathering roots by daylight,
Boiling potions by night,
Whispering strange spells
And chants as well.

Talon Roots here and Owabits there,
A Faerie Beetroot, if you dare.
One slice of Deviled Steak and Arbiter Berries,
Jellied Eyeballs and Tongue with Veggies.

Into the cauldron the ingredients go,
Stirring 'til the mixture glows,
Seething to the utmost absolution;
Kauvara presents the perfect concoction.

From all corners Neopians come,
The wise, the strange, the smart, and the dumb.
They all seek a magical brew
That many want but few knew.

Despite all this Kauvara was unsatisfied.
"Oh I wish, I wish," she sighed,
"I wish to be a famous magician
Of polished taste and fine reputation."

Another day passes and nothing changes,
Not the skies, the fields, nor the plateau ranges.
Are her dreams to be wasted?
Her doom hasted?

To be evermore stuck in this dreary dead-end,
Alone by herself and none to befriend,
Will her days go by any faster?
For Kauvara is forever the Potion Master.

A Kau's Life
By Xx_neomania

The life of a Kau can be quite serene,
Some would say downright trite.
I simply mosey around the fields,
Eating grass all day and night.

My greatest accomplishment
Is filling a bottle of milk to the top.
And the most exciting part is
Watching the farmer take it to the shop.

Sure, I don't battle or compete
In any games or competitions,
And being attacked by Mozitos
Is my most dangerous of positions.

You might think I'm boring of all pets,
But next time you want to bake that cake,
Or any other scrumptious dessert,
And you look at the recipe to bake,
It calls for eggs, and flour, and oh! What now?
It's milk you get from a Kau!

The Kau Noble
By Philopoet

A gust of wind stirs her golden tresses,
Sending the flaxen strands into yellow ripples.
Standing atop the grassy hills,
Her crimson eyes see all.

Dressed in silks of emerald,
Of wispy, feather-like cloth,
Soft, unbelievably rich,
Her regal stance stands tall.

Hooves well-polished, fur well-groomed.
Patient and kind,
Her Majesty the Kau.

Motherly and wise,
She governs her kingdom well.
No hardened hearts, no wicked ways
Escapes her watchful gaze.

Careful of messing with her,
She is protective to a fault.
Invoke her rage, you won't see another day.
Protector of good, the royal Kau.

By Squin

Baleful eyes narrow,
Over the table of cards,
Sharp as an arrow,
Her hand she guards,
Kalora, cheat connoisseur,
The judgment saboteur.

She tilts her visor toward the sun,
Smiles sweetly, always knowing,
That by trickery this game is won,
For her craftiness keeps on growing,
Kalora, queen of deception,
The subtle distorter of perception.

Polka shirt blinds the opposition,
Innocent Kau eyes fool,
No blink or shrug gives her position,
Yet one can't call these tactics cruel,
For Kalora is a natural Cheat!
A part of the job is her deceit.

The Kau Defender
By Aaronyum

In the Lost Desert exists a legendary goalkeeper,
Ensures victory so well he's called "The Sweeper",
Nerves of steel and muscles of mass,
Never letting a single Yooyu get past.

Occasionally ridiculed for a lack of speed,
With massive hands he shows there is no need,
One leap and he's on the other side of the net;
You may not be a gambler, but this one's a sure bet.

What's lacking in speed is made up for in energy;
Enemies envy he for entering embassies,
Welcomed as an honorable guest.
With his quickness we are impressed.

Surely none other shows comparable instinct;
It is a fact, we can find the team wins linked
By the statistic of saves by Leera Heggle:
The more he gets, the farther the team goes.

Never has Lost Desert been a top two contender,
But by now they are all-star defenders.
Offence has improved three-fold --
This year we see gold.

Kauvara's Tale
By Notonetobequiet

She was once a young and naive Kau
With a tongue sword-sharp;
She had a love for magic,
Spinning spells like music falling from a harp.

She ventured to the light faeries' tower,
Standing tall and brave.
The light faeries promised her instruction,
As long as Kauvara would behave.

Kauvara one day was set upon a quest
Venturing from Terror Mountain
To the Snowager's mighty nest.
Seeking a potion,
That of the Slumberberry kind.
Dislodging it from a crevice,
The theft was unnoticed by the Snowager, blind.

Smuggling the potion back to Faerieland
Was not all that hard indeed.
Once returned to Faerieland, though,
Kauvara's father delivered words for her to heed.

"Dear Kauvara, our business is in trouble.
I need you to come home, at this moment.
If you do not, my career will be but rubble."

With a hefty sigh and dreams cast away,
She set her bags upon the Eyrie plane,
And on her way home, she vowed -- not prayed --
That was only the beginning of the adventure,
The name 'Kauvara' would attain glory one day.

Every Kau Is Unique
By Zoewantspudding

Grazing all day with nothing to say,
Eating all day at nature's buffet.
The Kaus laze around staring at the sky,
Always happy and never uttering a cry.

Raging through fields of golden wheat,
All that can be heard are stomping feet.
Snarling as the wind catches their hair,
They run to victory without a care.

Soft-bellied and as dull as a wooden spoon,
The Kaus moo all day until they moo out of tune.
Long slobbering tongues and dusty fur,
Doing nothing is what they prefer.

Challenges arising everyday like the sun,
Kaus always know how to be active and have fun.
They like to swim, dance, sing, and play tag,
Kaus also adore to play Capture the Flag!

Some like it slow and easy every day,
And some like to run, laugh, and always play.
They may all have spots and little horns too,
But you will never know what every Kau likes to do.

starry kau
By Autotune

it's a starry
starry night
and a perfect
night to be
nothing in
this world
but you
and I now
nothing but
the stars
in the sky
how they seem
so close
falling stars
shooting stars
that rain
upon you
and I
upon this
and fill
our eyes
you are
you are
more starred
than the sky
starry eyed
starry kau
starstruck night
and let them
as only
the stars
know how.

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