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Neopets Poems

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Sartorial Musings on a Mutant Quiggle
By Mamasimios

Why can't a mutant Quiggle
Wear a ballet leotard?
A tutu could be slimming,
And slippers hide purple foot warts.

A mutant Quiggle would be dashing
In tuxedo jacket, tie, and pants.
They would disguise his monstrous hump
When he goes out to a dance.

A pink Quiggle hoodie
Could be a mutant girl's disguise;
When worn with the hood up
You might not see three sallow eyes.

What mutant girl would not delight
In a fancy green Quiggle gown?
Its flowing skirt would catch her drool,
The matching gloves obscure her frown.

The mutant Quiggle's claw-tipped toes
Are not permitted to don socks,
Nor may one wear pyjamas,
Shorts, shirts, capes, caps, hats, or frocks.

I'm not saying it's distasteful
To spy these Quiggles, these homely gnomes;
It's just too bad they can't be swaddled
When they leave their Neohomes.

The Quiggle's Shop
By Rainbow_daydreamer

As the shops hang up CLOSED signs,
A Quiggle sits quietly counting his coins.
The sun is still setting, but he dreams already
Of the customers he hopes tomorrow will bring.

Adoring of apples and bulging broad beans,
Charmed by cucumbers and dearly loved dates,
Ecstatic for egg noodles enhanced with Flatfruit,
Glorying in garlic, and happy with Harffel.
Islandberries and iron capsules will intrigue.
Joyfully picking out jacket potatoes,
Keeping room for kelp and luxurious lentils.
Maybe Meriberries they'll nibble with nuts,
Or open up to olive oil-sizzled onions.
Pick out a perfect Phear -- this Quiggle's quick
To recommend radishes or to sell sprouts.
Try tastes of tofu topped with Tigersquash.
Ummagines, unique among vital vegetables,
Will win hearts washed down with watermelon.
Exquisite new flavours from exotic climes:
Yummy yellow fruits like the zany Zeenana.

Lettered like labels on jars, each small daydream
Clicks into the catalogue of his heartfelt hopes.
In twenty-six letters, a rainbow of reasons
This job brings him joy like no other trade could.

The Wonderful Quiggle Club President
By Contrastively

Oh, Quiggle club president,
you are so very busy,
From your clubs about alchemy
to your clubs about weaving,
You amaze us all
in ways we cannot describe.
You're sneaky and stealthy,
and won't take any sort of bribe.

You hail from the land of Altador,
where the sun shines day and night,
but somehow you fill the air with greed,
and make baby Neopians filled with fright.
Your anger seems to control your body,
even when you're around friends.
It makes it difficult for Neopians
to come to the Altadorian plot's end.

When you're not incognito,
when you are not in a disguise,
Your friends call you Old Man Withers,
which makes you sound very wise.
Although now that I think about it,
you can't be very wise,
Or else you wouldn't get caught,
wearing your Blumaroo disguise.

The Quiggle Warlord War Cry
By Anjie

Tales do abound, it's true,
Of heroes, bold and brave.
Of battles that they fight and win,
And maidens fair they save.

It must be said we rarely hear
Of Quiggle battle ways.
But mark my word, you best run far,
Should forth their anger blaze!

They'll march upon the battle ground,
Formation, cross the field.
Quiggle armour moulded well,
So all are well concealed!

When dawn doth tremble, springs to day,
You'll see them, standing tall.
One Quiggle ambles quickly forth,
Addressing one and all.

"My Quiggle brothers, gather 'round,
Hop to it, hurry in.
The fight to fly catch doth approach,
The war will soon begin!"

I can't reveal their war techniques,
(Those secrets aren't for all!)
But it is said, the Quiggles swarm,
When loud comes battle call.

They spring to action, swords held high,
Long tongues dart quickly out.
"Catch the flies, they'll give you strength!"
Comes Quiggle leaders shout.

So be you warned, do keep in mind,
Their wrath do not ignite!
Run fast and far should you hear called,
"Hop forth, it's time to fight!"

The Golden Carrot
By Sadinei

To make Neopia healthy was Quinton's goal,
The virtues of eating well he did extol.
When sales were down, Quinton was too,
So the golden carrot he decided to pursue.

Leaving his Health Food store for many a day,
The words of salesman Dervinn paving the way,
Quinton searched high and he searched low,
For the golden carrot he sought to grow.

One day he travelled just east of Kiko Lake,
Quinton made a near-fatal mistake.
When thirst hit him, he bent down for a drink,
Only to find a hungry Jetsam on the brink.

SNAP went its jaws close to Quinton's head,
In the opposite direction the Quiggle fled.
In the mountains rumbling began to build,
Until with the noise Quinton's ears were filled.

After all that had happened already to him,
Quinton would once again have to sink or swim.
A rockslide was coming, a cave his only escape,
To safety the Quiggle barely did scrape.

And there it was, brilliant as can be,
The most beautiful carrot one would ever see.
So Quinton got his golden carrot and even today
You can find it in Health Foods on display.

The Blue Quiggle
By Pansyparkinson14

On Quiggle Day, the Quiggles come out,
To dance and hop and sing,
And to brag about their fancy colours;
Flaunting their clothes like the finest king.

Faerie Quiggles with gilded wings flutter by,
While royal Quiggles look haughtily around,
The Island Quiggles show off their bracelets;
Ghost Quiggles glide by proudly without a sound.

There's one little Quiggle happier than the rest,
Even though he wears not the latest fad,
And while he's merely a common shade of blue,
He's always confident and glad.

He's proud of his protuberant eyes,
And his slimy, amphibious skin;
He loves his bright red back stripes dearly,
And is secure of his goofy grin.

And from little blue Quiggle you can easily see,
That you don't have to wear the latest trend,
For being happy with yourself, no matter what,
Is what matters the most in the end!

Tyrannia's Quiggle
By Tealnova_dragon

Don't cross this Quiggle.
Heed my words.

Tyrannia's Quiggle is a fearsome creature
A lumbering gait,
Hammer-like arms.
Quiggles are cute, boggly-eyed.
Not the Tyrannian Quiggle.

Don't cross this Quiggle.
Heed my words.

He has narrowed eyes.
Strangely bright. Intelligent.
Two tombstone teeth.
Wickedly powerful. Strong.

Don't cross this Quiggle.
Heed my words.

He has a serene personality,
But that is merely the calm before the storm.
Smooth waters run deep.

Don't cross this Quiggle.
Heed my words.

Watch for his temper,
Flaring fast.
His calm won't last.
He strikes without warning.
Lash after lash.

Don't cross this Quiggle.
Heed my words.

Have I warned you quite enough?

A Healthy Quiggle's Dilemma
By Autotune

To eat
Or not to eat?
The Quiggle struggles,
Internally and visibly;
To partake of such food --
Unorganic, unenvironmental,
Unhealthy, unethical, fattening
Rubbish --
Would that not make him
Someone that he was not?
Could he be himself
If he was eating that
That was not like himself?
You are what you eat,
And health food is what he is,
What he wants,
What he always wanted,
Even when no one else did.
To eat now,
That would be --
To put it simply --
To cease to be. Him, that is.
Should he risk himself
Or his social mobility?
Ponder. Ponder. Ponder.
Yet still the problem remains,
Presented before him on a silver platter;
Who knew that Cheese Manicotti
Could inspire such philosophy?
To be or not
To be? To eat? Or not.
All in a day's work,
Small talk while snacking.
A friendly discussion over dinner.
Inane lunchroom chatter.

The Monotonous Life of a Quiggle
By Squin

It is slowing by the minute,
Lone wheel on the plateau,
Yet the time he waits seems infinite,
For it was spun so long ago,
By patient Quiggle, and oh,
How we do value his devotion,
To this disk of never-ending motion.

He leans against a rock,
Brow furrowed as a field,
Yet fearless we do flock,
For prizes he may yield,
Rare treasures long concealed,
Yet he finds no thrill in prizes,
Fortune hunters he despises.

But still we bring our sleeping bag,
Our pillow, and a brush,
Aware of how time loves to drag
Near the wheel that will not rush,
Oh, how boring thi.. "Wait! hush!
I no longer hear the click!"
Quiggle gets up, strangely quick.

I shout, "Finally, it has finished!"
He slowly blinks, his boredom undiminished.

Catcher of the Flies
By Notonetobequiet

With a subtle plop, he leaps,
A hunter, camouflaged with the creek
And without signs of adequate remorse.
Catching a fly upon his tongue with force --
His body, slender, sleek,
Lithe, careful, delicate,
With a mouth, not a beak.
Large, glassy eyes of pumice
Scan the land and horizon, distant mountain peaks.

The serene melody of the flowing stream,
Soothing, a glassy sound that appeases
The mind, body -- illustrating a lazy, vivid dream;
Early morning sun dances through the trees
Vibrating, bouncing off green and golden leaves.

WHIP! The silence has snapped
And for the Catcher of Flies -- Quiggle --
Another breakfast is trapped.

Quiggle King
By Lollypopxz

The Quiggle, he's small,
Short, stumpy, and stout,
Always walking with a little pout.
Proud is he, though not very tall!

King of the swamp,
Huzzah! Huzzah!

Oh yes, he knows what others say,
"The Quiggle is a hilarious joke!
Deary me, he's a silly bloke!"
Yet he holds his head high day after day.

King of the swamp,
Huzzah! Huzzah!

But now the time is right
For winter to go and spring to come,
For the Quiggle to settle his dire sum
To grab his weapons and prepare to fight.

King of the swamp,
Huzzah! Huzzah!

No longer will the others laugh
At the lone Quiggle squatting by the reeds.
The Poogle, the Grundo, the Lupe and the Kau calf
Are his subjects now, oh indeed.

For grace comes to those who wait
Patiently and calmly for their fate.

And who is he?
You might ask.
The Quiggle.

King of the swamp,
Huzzah! Huzzah!

Quinton the Quiggle's Healthy Food
By Kuroge

"Lovely, lovely healthy food!"
Quinton cries in his store.
His wonderful fruits,
you surely can't ignore!

Have an orange,
or have a lime,
its ascorbic contents
are truly sublime.

Maybe an asparagus
is just right for you!
Just eat it raw,
or mix it in a stew!

Much better than candy,
much better than hot dogs,
may I help you
to a serving of stuffed frogs?

Don't waste your money
on petty greasy food,
only a healthy meal,
can lighten your mood.

Don't end up like Turmaculus,
who sleeps day and night.
If you want to grow up,
you first need to eat right!

Wheel of Monotony Acrostic
By Mechanicalwonderland

Without fail he waits beside
His towering wheel, his joy and pride,
Eager to hand out a prize
(Especially when it's hot outside!) and
Losing precious time.

Only spin if you are brave,
For danger lurks within this game!

Money holds no value here,
Odd things are won, while some shed tears,
Not thinking when they spun the wheel
Of anything but their next meal --
Too bad there's no choice but to wait
On one small Quiggle, while the late
Noon comes and goes, and still the wheel has
Yet to call it quits and stop.

Quit while you're ahead -- don't waste
Unending hours with a taste
Inside your mouth because this
Guy is patient, cunning, keen, and wise.
Give up, go home, don't spin the wheel,
Let someone else spin so they'll feel
Eternal agony while you relax!

Quiggle Day!
By Laurakerry

Is it too much to ask for just one day,
A day to give all Quiggles a break?
Seeing the other Neopets strut their stuff,
It can be too much to take!

We love to splash in all the ponds,
And even one or two puddles.
But without my darling carrots nearby,
We can get in quite a muddle!

We are happy and always fun to love,
And we love to eat our greens.
But if you dare to call us toads,
We can always make a scene!

Quiggles are what's fun and silly,
We always love to joke.
I'm sure we'd love to help you out,
Give one of us a poke!

We weren't always this good-looking, you know,
Not way back in the day.
Frogstomps used to be what was in.
Now it's Quiggles all the way!

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