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Neopets Poems

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In Appreciation of Turdle Racers
By Mamasimios

Stinky? Poopy? Smelly? Squelchy? Nutty?
They sure sound hard to appreciate,
But these Petpets run their hearts out
In their routine Turdle race.

Stinky is known as Turdle One,
The fastest of the malodorous.
But while his speed is unsurpassed,
His path may be circuitous.

Poopy is Turdle Number Two
(The bad pun unavoidable).
He's cunning and tricky and hard to beat
When his powers are deployed in full.

Smelly, Turdle Number Three,
Has his own distinct advantage:
This Petpet never washes,
So the others keep him at a distance.

The Turdle known as Squelchy
Is Racer Number Four.
He'd appreciate a little shove
If he gets stuck upon the floor.

Nutty is Turdle Number Five
Whose drive the others can't outpace,
But sometimes his early bursts of speed
Cause him to sleep while in the race.

The next time you're in Meridell,
You could show these Petpets some love,
But if you're going to pet them,
Might I suggest you wear some gloves?

The Legend of Vaeolus
By Nitewolf_74

From the ashes of wars both won and lost
one of the bravest is known to exist.
To myth and legend he has been lost,
behind our eyes yet within our midst.

Of fires that burn within hallowed halls
during times of fear and strife,
he becomes a guiding light to all;
through air and sky he cuts like a knife.

His wings ablaze, adorned in red,
his tail, a brilliant blue.
His eyes a piercing fiery gaze
you'd rather not be aimed at you.

The Vaeolus is seen as proud and bold
like the colours of his distant land.
He leads the charge whenever told
while staying close at hand.

He's noble to the bitter end;
through thick and thin he stays.
Your honour he will behest to defend
for nothing more than your praise.

To this, most loyal of Petpets we owe adoration,
with pride for him we stand and fight.
He guides us to our rival's location,
A beacon of truth in our darkest night.

To Vaeolus we give our thanks and love,
as you sail from shore to shore.
You soar so high in the clouds above;
as with us, your heart belongs in Altador.

Ode to the Petpet
By Fairynotes

Where would my Wocky be
Without his trusty Faellie?
I shudder to think how wild
My Gelert would be sans Sklyde!

Or my Ixi without Altachuck,
As they run through forests and muck,
Or my baby Gelert without his Spyder pal,
How low would be his morale!

Petpets keep them warm at night,
Chase away the Haunted Woods' evil frights,
Provide companionship when their owner is away,
And comfort them day to day.

So thank you Babaas, Poppits, Puppyblews,
Thank you Greebles, Kadoaties, and Warfs, too!
Praise the Cadros, Moltenores, and Whoots!
To you we give a great salute!

So, Petpets, we appreciate
All the things that you do,
Because where would a pet be,
If they were without you?

Weewoo Appreciation Poem
By Autotune

Today's the day that I must say
What's been always on my mind;
Today's the day I tell her
How much she means to me.
Today's the day I appreciate
All that has come to be.
I've realised a simple truth,
That I can't live without --
My sweet Weewoo messenger,
My triumphant deliverer
Of the
Neopian Times I adore.
My angelic songstress
Of stormy island shores;
My noblest Petpet brave,
You move all of Neopia
With your dazzling flight.
See, today's the day to say it all,
And I hope my appreciation shows
In this simply written verse,
A sweet poem just for you.

New Identity
By Notonetobequiet

Past the threshold of the Rainbow Pool
A little puddle lies.
What does not seem very special
Is actually remarkable to the eyes.

A royal, adorned in swathes of silk,
Her fur a rich buttermilk,
Twirls a tiny brush in hand
Tipped with pink, a colour not so bland --
Tenderly stroking her Doglefox.
The brush tip, dipped into the glassy liquid --
Beginning to paint.

Slowly, the colour spreads,
A vibrant shade, quite pretty --
From her toes to her head
Enveloped in pink,
The Doglefox embraces her new identity.

Lucky Kiss
By Amethyst_81

In Meridell's green valley,
Where the babbling brooks doth run,
Stately as a statue,
Sits a Mortog in the sun.
A better stage could not be set,
No details gone amiss,
To conjure up the magic
Of a maiden's true love kiss.

With melodious croak, he serenades,
Until her knees grow weak,
With promise of a crown,
And all the fortune she may seek.
A simple task she must complete,
To make her dreams come true,
A smooch upon the cheek
Will make the prince as good as new.

Sweet lass, beware, before you plant
Your lips upon that face,
The tale that he has spun for you
Is slightly out of place.
Prince Charming you may find,
Indeed, upon a kiss bestowed,
But if you're less than lucky,
Then your Mortog will asplode!

To My Faithful Petpet
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

Cheers to the little shadow
Trailing by my side.
The one who helps me fight
Appears in the arena --
With little claws, little teeth.

Cheers to my tiny friend
Who ever so cheerful trots at my side,
The one who makes me smile
With silly antics,
Snorts, growls, meows.

Cheers to this darling creature,
This companion in lonely times,
The one who knows me better
Than anyone else,
Knows my moods, knows my sighs.

Cheers to my witty friend
Whom I talk to all the time,
Although he talks back not --
I understand him all the same.
That hiccup, that sneeze.

Cheers to the Petpet
Devoted to the core,
The one that will not leave me,
The one I won't abandon.
This connection, this bond.
Today, it's all about how we

The Petpet Puddle
By Anhong_12

Many Petpets who are feeling blue
Can't take a dip in the Rainbow Pool,
But luckily, a Petpet Puddle is near,
And so, the Petpets don't need to fear!

In a straight line, the Petpets queue
With little brushes with different hues.
The Petpet Puddle, which they are dipped,
They paint themselves, 'til they want to flip.

Soon they come home, with a happy face,
Because they visited such a wonderful place,
And others admire their breathtaking view,
So then head over to Puddle, too!

While others imagine how the Puddle formed:
Through faerie magic or a great big storm?
A product of magic is what they say,
But I think it was for Petpet Appreciation Day!

Petpets Save the Day!
By Ktkdk

One day a young royal Mynci
Decided to go on a quick stroll.
She brought her faerie Whoot named Rin
Who helped her and made her whole.
Her walk began well, but she ignored Rin's warning.
So suddenly, the Mynci fell into a trap, a hole.

At first the Mynci was completely stunned.
Then she cried and tried to get out,
But the hole was too deep to climb out of.
She faithlessly lost hope and began to pout.
Rin promised to help the Mynci escape.
But Rin was so small! The Mynci began to doubt.

Rin was determined to save her Mynci friend.
She flew as quickly as she could!
Although she was terribly afraid,
She continued through the pitch-black woods.
Rin didn't know if anyone could hear her calls.
She hoped that some kind soul would.

Not just one heard her, but an entire horde did!
In the woods, every faerie Petpet,
With a frantic flutter of their wings,
Flew to Rin. She told them her plan, yet
Many doubted they would be strong enough.
But all together they were stronger than any Neopet!

The huge group finally reached the Mynci;
She immediately stopped looking so blue.
The Petpets flew down and grabbed her,
And all as one, up they flew.
The Mynci was so glad to be freed,
That she hugged the Petpets, two by two.

This story has a very important moral:
Petpets will readily and happily help us all,
So today, let's appreciate our friends that are small!

The Spyder and His Web
By Chax1414

There once was a Spyder,
creepy and scary.
He wasn't very unique
and was horribly hairy.
But one day an owner came along,
looking quite sad.
He glanced over at the Spyder,
and said "I want that!"
The Spyder was shocked,
and most nervous too,
for he wasn't ever picked,
and didn't know what to do.
He tried to make himself presentable
by combing down his fur,
but all it did was make him look
more like a monster.
The owner followed through, though,
and purchased the Spyder.
Now the two live
and have great times together.
Now he was able, more able than before,
to produce a web.
This cannot be possible,
unless fully happy with life.
The owner never gave up on him,
and neither did the Spyder.
This is why we love Petpets:
they love you back even more.

There Is a Harris in My Garden!
By Dragonstorm_75

She woke up today, clad in fine dress,
And decided to look right out the window.
But what was that thing, she thought to assess,
Why, 'twas a Harris, she had to guess!

The Harris, truly a garden's old bane,
Chewing off leaves and annoying the Queen.
Climbing trees, a foolhardy vein!
Truly this Petpet quite hardly was sane!

No matter how much Fyora did try,
The Harris always managed to return.
No matter how much magic she did apply,
It always came back as if it could fly.

Fyora was exasperated by its presence,
And decided to try her most potent spell.
It would be the epitome of treatments,
For these vicious garden frequents.

She wove her spell like a Spyder web's silk,
With precision and care without a match.
This work was finer than any of its ilk,
Glowing white like the creamiest milk.

While she worked the Harris did eat,
Oblivious to the magic that was being worked.
Engrossed with its leafy little treat,
The Petpet would hardly be considered fleet.

When the work was done, sigh did the Queen,
For something had happened while she wove.
When she began, she seemed quite keen,
To make sure the Harris would not be seen.

But then she decided that she liked the creature,
Annoying though the Petpet was.
Its stubbornness was the most amusing feature,
So she decided instead to let it be.

Magnificent Mallard Memories
By Ruby_petal

A little green
Petpet that deserves
Much more love than it
Is given. With its elegant
Orange beak and webbed
Feet, this tiny critter quacks
Its love and affection for
Your darling Neopet.
However, do
Not frighten or
Scare this Petpet
As it may just yell at
You, making a deafening
Yowl like a Wocky! It may
Be small, but it has a voice
The size of an Elephante! But
Be kind to this Petpet on its
Special day. After all, it has
Been your Neopet's best
Friend for as long as
You can remember.
So, on this unique
Day, let's honour
The magnificent,
And remarkable Mallard!

The Wonderful Wuzzer
By Cookybananas324

In flowery patches, one often sees
The red and yellow stripes of the Buzzer.
Warfs gaze at the world with sweet puppy eyes,
But neither can compare to the Wuzzer.

It has all of the best of both Petpets,
With the Warf's playfulness and soft fur.
The bright Buzzer stripes light up any room,
Surely all who see would concur.

Some call it a freak, but they do not see
The Wuzzer's unique appeal.
I pity those folk who can look upon it
And not feel the joy that I feel.

A Gathow Gathering
By Anjie

Midnight strikes the plateau's face,
The pallid mood doth hide.
Behind the onyx, dismal clouds,
Stars into darkness slide.
A rapid motion in the 'eve,
For something lurks ahead.
Anticipation grasps your heart,
You wander on, with dread.

Like globes alight in midnight black,
Duel orbs awash with light.
Beacons bright shall watch you walk,
Aglow within the night.
Impatient tail flicks in time,
A rhythm all its own.
He perches on the dark plateau,
Amidst the rock and stone.

Unblinking gaze upon your form,
The Gathow doesn't blink.
Unnerving stare that seems to judge,
And read each thing you think.
Could it be he slumbers, though?
Tail's motion now doth quell.
That gaze fixated as you walk,
It makes it hard to tell.

Few Petpets in Tyrannia
Can cause such nervous shock.
There the Gathow sits alone,
Motionless, on rock.
Dare you pet the rose-hued coat,
Or rush to just part ways?
Uncertain, you chose just to wait,
Caught in that Gathow's gaze!

Weltrude, Protector of Petpets
By Kuroge

This most beneficent Bruce
helps Petpets of all kinds,
from Snorkles to Poppits,
she takes in anyone she finds.

This most generous Bruce
will even give you a toy,
that will surely make
Petpets filled with joy!

This most powerful Bruce,
head of the PPL,
makes sure everyone
is safe and very well.

This most secretive Bruce
is the prestigious director
of stealthy secret agents
that serve as Petpets' protectors.

Petpet in need?
Don't be alarmed
because Weltrude is here
to see that none are harmed.

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