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Neopets Poems

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Life as a Coconut
By Amethyst_81

Few creatures in Neopia
Suffer from anxiety
As often as this JubJub
Of the coconut variety.
Each day he steps outside his door,
But never gets too far,
Before some random user
Grabs him for his avatar.

Don't get him wrong, it's flattering
To be so in demand,
But oft it gets his social life
A little out of hand.
Many friends he's merry met,
And merry then departed,
While riding on a lending chain,
From stop to stop he's carted.

He's tried to hone some special skill,
A talent he might lack,
To show his inner beauty,
More than just a tasty snack.
But life has dealt to JubJubs
A debilitating blow:
The lack of hands makes hobbies
Harder than you'll ever know.

Then suddenly he realised
Where his hidden talent lay,
In something that he practised,
Almost every single day.
Spinning tales was his forte,
imagination fed
by stories he had gathered
Down the paths his life has led.

A writer for the Times, he thought,
Now feeling rather savvy,
I'll be the only coconut
To earn a different avvie!
So off he went, his faith renewed,
A pen between his toes,
To follow his new destiny,
To what end? No one knows.

A Tumble on the Breeze
By Anjie

Tumbling on a friendly breeze,
Wings doth flitter with light ease.
The creature on the draught so glides,
A sudden gust on which she slides.

Like silken crystal is each sheath,
That coral fur glows underneath.
Those clumsy feet tucked in so tight,
As with such glee she takes to flight.

A bumbling cotton ball she seems,
Her wings in alight in sun's soft beams.
They trickle over cobalt wings,
Such glow that soft reflection brings.

Dark eyes do dart as she glides high,
A lilac blur in clearest sky.
Her motion ruled as wind does blow,
The breeze doth toss her, to and fro.

On dainty wind do large feet tread,
Each plush cloud doth provide soft bed.
A place to watch the stars drift past,
For tiny wings get tired so fast!

With dawn's soft break it's time to rise,
A clumsy leap before she flies!
A constant source of such delight,
Each time the JubJub takes to flight.

Shop Wizard Woe
By 00baies_love00

I wish for a wand that I could hold,
Something special, like made of gold,
So that never again will I have to trawl
Through dozens of items so you can price your haul.

With a swish of my stick, I could conjure for you
Neopia's best prices, maybe a cheap potion or two.
To search would no longer be of any trouble
So long as you don't try and burst my bubble!

But who's to say that it all stops there,
With a wand like this I shan't ever despair;
For quite easily could I wave it and say,
'Good fellow, I'd like a gourmet feast today.'

Whatever I wish would appear before me,
So that the size of my hoard even Fyora would envy.
Paint brushes, Nerkmids, and Neopoints galore,
An early retirement sounds good, that's for sure.

But alas! It's a sad truth that TNT is cruel,
For making me handless so that I look the fool.
Then with my dreams shattered, I can only say,
Curse you, TNT, but Happy JubJub Day!

Freefalling JubJubs
By Clockworkchildren

Deep in the ocean, down in the blue,
Kelby, the Maraquan Shoyru,
Blowing bubbles to save the day,
For his JubJub friends, falling to their dismay.

The hunt for treasure led them down,
But JubJubs can't swim so far, they could drown!
Quick, Kelby, blow a bubble,
That JubJub there looks in trouble.

Freefalling JubJubs, quite a sight,
Kelby blows the bubbles with all his might,
As he blows, he notices the falling Dubloons,
Hold on, JubJubs, he has to catch them too.

Was lost pirate treasure worth this?
To salvage all the JubJubs would be such bliss,
Hunger for riches and dreams of wealth,
Can end in danger to a JubJub's health!

The JubJub Performer
By Ktkdk

Musical notes drift on the desert breeze,
A strong rhythm, a haunting melody.
This mystic JubJub plays with expertise,
An invisible net, pulling you near.

A young nomad girl with bright onyx eyes
Hears the exotic beat as it drifts by.

In a bustling market on the ground,
A lone piper sits in worn, dusty clothes.
Colourful confusion is all around,
But nothing can break his fervent focus.

The girl dances over sand on quick feet,
Uncontrollably drawn by the strange beat.

Another comes to his enchanted call,
Rising up from a basket at his feet.
It's a writhing, weaving, waltzing Cobrall,
Happy to dance at his master's bidding.

Finally, the spellbound young girl is there
And slowly walks forth to meet the strange pair.

The strange JubJub's melody is too strong,
And the girl feels compelled to join their dance.
Three are one in the mystery of song.
The girl and Cobrall move with one heartbeat.

Now his eerie lullaby is complete.
Two compliant Cobralls sit at his feet.

Jub Zambra
By Kuroge

Amidst the scorching sun
of the great Lost Desert,
a Cobrall charmer plays
a tune that deserves praise.

This talented JubJub
uses his carved flute
to charm deadly snakes
without any mistakes.

One tiny fault
can lead to one's doom;
how does he manage,
being at such a disadvantage?

Up, down, left, and right,
they will do as he commands,
his work is just so clever --
you won't see it again, ever!

The Shop Wizard's Hat
By Lily2b18

Is the
Symbol of
Pricing. When
You see that starry
Blue hat, you know
That savings will be yours.
Worn atop the head of the wizard
So responsible for knowing everything
And everything's price, one can imagine
Shop Wizard grows tired of ceaseless queries;
So don't be dismayed if he asks you to for a break.

Yoris Obbles, JubJub Goalie
By Mamasimios

Yoris Obbles, tends
the net for Team Meridell in
the Altador Cup. Spot him now
dodging, diving, lunging, striving
bold defence against opposing players
Ne'er fooled by Yooyus various, none of
Faerie, mutant, nor Darigan can trick their
way past Yoris's grasp, hands lightning fast,
for love of Meridell does he roll, slip, slide
to net corners where he blocks and passes
to his teammates -- all true soldiers, for
games are war in Altador, the Cup a
spoil to the victor. How strange it
must be for a JubJub to snare
the Yooyus whose round
shape he does share.

Contemplations of a JubJub Gnome
By Notonetobequiet

is it that
the pets like
making fun of my
pointy hat and old
and scruffy beard?
...i ... i...
well, why do they mock me,
i'm not all that weird. i'm just
a statue, sitting in my blue overalls
on the plot over here. is it 'cause
i'm a JubJub, in the fields lit by moon
or could it be the fact that I'm
actually a gnome? no, it must
be the blue overalls i have.
it's not because i'm quite
round, really. must
be the gnome-ness.
yeah, that's
probably it.

The Trophy JubJub
By Nut862

A JubJub of gold perched with a book,
Reading the pages resting between his feet,
Curled up inside his own private nook,
Never looking up till the story's complete.

He is a trophy that's given to those
Who love to tell tales 'round the campfire,
Making sure that the plot smoothly flows,
Striving to entertain and inspire.

At first only one part of the tale is told,
A snippet of story that's but a begin;
Then writers compete for that JubJub gold,
And may the very best storyteller win!

Our gold JubJub reads along avidly
As the yarn grows ever more complex;
He can hardly wait for the chance to see
What will finally happen next!

The Tale of JubJub Bert
By Rainbow_daydreamer

In Skarl's great court of Meridell
The fighters were delighted;
A brand-new soldier, JubJub Bert,
Was shortly to be knighted.

But many in the royal court
Disliked the king's decision.
"A JubJub fighting in our name?"
They cried out in derision.

"A JubJub is a fluffy ball
Some Petpet threw away!
Cleaning the castle windowpanes
Is where this one should stay!"

The courtiers' mocking comments
Made Bert the JubJub sad,
For he had all the strength and courage
Any soldier had.

But suddenly outside the hall
There came a great commotion.
A panic at the castle gates
Had been set into motion.

A pair of horns, and whiskers grey...
Two yellow eyes that gleamed...
The frightened peasants screamed.

"It ate the flags! It jumped the moat!
The castle will not hold!"
But Bert was brave and quick of thought,
And out the door he rolled!

The Petpet chased this fluffy ball,
A game both short and sweet --
Bert stopped atop a sloping hill,
Halted by his large feet.

The Devilpuss plunged down the slope,
Headfirst into a tree.
The JubJub didn't hesitate.
"Just leave all this to me!"

He faced the stunned yet fearsome beast,
Then swiftly, all at once,
Held out a club between his toes,
And bopped it on the bonce!

And so the giant Devilpuss
Fell to this sterling knight.
Since then no word has e'er been said
To mock his wits and might.

The court of Meridell embraced
The JubJub's unique charms:
It's plain to see that feet for hands
Promote great feats of arms!

The JubJub Piper
By Soaringeagle25

Waving gently side to side
A hypnotic, rhythmic dance
The Cobrall sways in tune
While a JubJub skilfully plays
And the crowds silently gaze.

Time to time a withdraw of breath
Utters from those watching nearby
When the Cobrall suddenly gets closer
And again slowly motions away
In a dramatic, death-defying display.

The skilful JubJub charmer
Has only to play his pipe
To lure from a trembling basket
A fanged, serpentine Petpet they know
Is dangerous unless there is a good tempo.

The JubJub is not at all fazed,
His music blooms in the air.
The winds carry the away the notes,
And even the crowd begins to sway.
For him it is just an ordinary day.

Big Foot the Jubjub
By Squin

A house crumbles,
Trees flopping with a sigh,
All Neopia grumbles,
As Big Foot passes by.

A great shadow looms,
Above birds that soar,
We cower in our rooms,
As his feet fall to the floor.

The craters of his feet remain,
Well etched into the ground,
And with the fall of April rain,
Foot-shaped lakes are found.

Whilst we may think he takes,
He in fact intends to give,
For the holes that he makes,
Allow the earth to live.

JubJubs of Maraqua
By Tealnova_dragon

The pink of swirls,
Decorated with blue icing,
The Maraquan JubJub.
Deepest tints of purple coral feet,
Great big eyes of blackest inkwells.
Rocky, uneven, unpolished,
Yet beauty was never, ever clearer.
From the great depths of the shimmering sea
This JubJub rolls upon the ocean floor --
Tumbling, jostling, forever
Digging into the riches at the bottom of the ocean,
Its pink shell, its blue rings
Are distinctive, lovely, ever the pride of Maraqua.
But fearsome at its finest.
A jump of joy.
But always adorable at heart!

JubJub Joy
By Toujoursetajamais

It is that time of year again,
When strangers stop and say,
"Hello there, good neighbour,
Have a happy JubJub Day!"

JubJubs have it grand, so swell,
They take many different forms.
Just hope over to the Rainbow Pool,
See how they deviate from the norm.

A JubJub can be coconut,
A form so round and sweet.
Yes, furry, brown, and joyful,
What a lovely, tasty treat.

The JubJub who is Halloween,
A smile carved across his face.
He is a happy, joyful one,
As long as you don't try to taste.

The royal ones look regal,
A statement plain and true.
The male royal JubJub
Wears a crown of darkest blue.

The JubJubs are a happy pet,
They skip, they run, they prance.
That's why one foot is always up,
So join them in their dance.

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