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Neopets Poems

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Maiden of Maraqua
By Amethyst_81

Softly does the water break
Upon her silken tail.
As banners billow on the breeze,
So flows her woven veil.
Accoutrements are needed not,
Her scales are jewels bright.
The Koi are to Maraqua
What the stars are to the night.

Dancing uninhibited,
With seamless grace she glides,
A feeling of serenity
Doth overtake the tides.
Be not fooled by youthful charm;
This beauty of the deep
Beneath those piercing eyes has
Ancient secrets she doth keep.

Many a suitor hath come to call
Upon this maiden's heart,
But loyal to her people,
From her land she'll ne'er depart.
The jewel of her father's eye,
King Kelpbeard's only heir,
Maraqua's throne shall blessed be
By such a maiden fair.

Blue Koi
By Autotune

you swim in ripples and waves,
in eddies and whirls.
you are the currents,
you are Maraqua's deepest blue
and her lightest azure hue.
you are the sweetest splash
of sun upon her surface,
you are her most mysterious,
lustrous jewel, hidden
in unfathomable depths.
you are the ocean,
you are the sea;
you are the moonlit tides.
you are the one who flies
in your own gentle blue,
in your own space and sky
and a golden sun shines
forever upon you,
in the water's sweet embrace.

The Pained Ghost
By Dragonstorm_75

'Round the graves tall and cold,
Frozen tendrils take their hold.
Dank moist air and mossy slime,
Held alone from Father Time.

Among the stones comes a ghost,
The turquoise being takes its post.
Gossamer fins grow thick and thinned,
Fluttering though there's not a wind.

Red rubies glower most hungrily,
Those eyes so quiet and deathly.
Teeth so sharp like those of Lupes,
Could frighten the most stalwart troops.

Woe to the traveller who wanders here,
You need not a sword, not a spear.
Maddening whispers seek the spirit,
To capture it in the thickest thicket.

Werelupes dare not amble here,
And the other ghosts flee in fear,
The one thing that frightens the most
Is the pained cry of the Koi's pale ghost.

The Koi Warrior
By Fairynotes

He readies his almighty trident
And places a helmet onto his head.
He looks his opponent square in the eyes,
As his foe shakes with consuming dread.

He lunges, his fins whirling behind him,
He dashes away from his opponent's spear,
The crowd cheers and goes wild,
But their hoots and hollers fall on deaf ears.

For the Koi warrior, when he fights,
Fights with a singular mind,
He does it not for spoils nor victory,
But because it is a part of his kind.

Suddenly, the final blow,
His enemy falls to his knees,
The crowd goes wild once again,
And the Koi warrior smiles, pleased.

Spotted Koi: The Beginning
By Ktkdk

Underneath the beautiful Neopian sea,
There lived an adventurous group of three.
The trio was composed of young Koi
Who liked to explore like most young boys.
So when each day was almost done,
They would swim around and have some fun.

One was painted shadow, the other orange bright.
The last was painted a brilliant, shimmering white.
Elders would say, "Please, be careful!"
But the three young Koi thought that sounded dull.
So they threw that wise advice away
And swam off to explore and play.

That day, while they swam through hoops,
They met an old, mysterious Maraquan Lupe.
He told them of a large, dangerous whirlpool.
The Koi thought it sounded quite cool.
They went off quickly to go and visit
And made the bad decision to swim in it.

The pool began to spin them about.
The tide was too strong; they couldn't get out!
Finally, after they felt dizzy and sick,
The pool let them out and they swam away quick.
Then one Koi looked at the others
And exclaimed, "Look at yourselves, brothers!"

The others stopped. They looked and then stared.
They began to feel incredibly scared.
They all became white with orange spots.
They were also covered in black dots.
The whirlpool made their colours combine;
It was an entirely new and beautiful design!

The three young Koi became cautious and wise.
In time, they became known as safety guys.
Of course, they were famous for their spotted scales,
Which became the envy of anything with a tail.
As a result, the spotted colour was released for Koi,
And all of Neopia was filled with joy!

Sink (to a Mutant Koi)
By Larkspurlane

He is an aberration --
Malformed, disjointed,
Appalling to behold,
Too many eyes and too few fins,
And bones that protrude like knives
Beyond the threshold of rotting flesh.

And so he sank beneath the waves
To where he could live and not be seen,
Where the absence of light
Was a solace, and he could exist
In a silent black lapse.

He remains there now,
Amid the scum and murk
Of the deepest ocean floor --
Undulating torn fins, oozing
Through the debris of dead ships
And sunken treasures forgotten
In these grim depths,
Pausing to listen to the weight
Of the silence --
But now he has lived so deep so long
That he has forgotten the cry of gulls.

The Koi's Swim
By Leafpool090

Maraqua is silent.
The waters are still.
No one is about.
Not even in the shops...

Then, out of nowhere,
Bubbles are present.
Thousands of them,
As a Neopet races by.

Swifter than the waves,
A lone Koi swims,
Making his way
Through the cold water.

Determined and brave,
He dodges and dips
Past obstacles
And wandering Petpets.

And soon, he halts,
His journey done.
Settling in his cave,
And resting peacefully.

The Maraquan Chef Cooks Up a Plan
By Mamasimios

Maraqua once was under siege
By pirate attack in dark of night.
When warriors could not succeed,
Ordinary citizens joined the fight.

Heeding the call to arms, to defend,
The Maraquan Chef showed up to help,
Wielding a sturdy rolling pin
He brought from the gourmet restaurant kelp.

The Koi was merciless in the fray,
His scales a gilded suit of mail.
His chef's whites blurred within the spray
As he cooked up a recipe for kicking tail.

Starting with a cup of punch,
The Maraquan Chef turned up the heat
With knuckle sandwiches for lunch --
A meal the pirates declined to eat.

A dash of genius turned the tide
When the Maraquan Chef began to whip
The sea into foam where all could hide
From the eyes up on the pirate ship.

The Maraquans did defend their land;
The pirates' exit was expedient.
They didn't realise the citizens' allegiance
Was such a powerful ingredient.

Grandfather Koi
By Reggieman721

Grandfather Koi, tell me a tale,
Spin me a yarn from bygone days.
Speak of Maraqua long ago --
And if you can, leave out cliches.

Tell me about the pirate ships,
Ones that you saw from deep below.
Tell me about how scared you were --
Leave out the part with Grandma, though.

Talk about how you fought, instead,
When all Maraqua rose to war.
Don't say the boring stuff, like how
Your battle group was washed ashore.

I want to hear the epic tale,
The truth in all its gore and pain.
So please skip past the training time,
The barracks life -- all the mundane.

Grandfather Koi, I hate to say,
Sometimes your stories knock me out.
You just don't seem to understand
What storytelling's all about.

Nobody cares for all the stuff
That happened in the in-between.
We only want to hear about
The crazy things that you have seen.

I guess you could just write a book,
A couple thousand pages thick,
And ramble to your heart's content,
Remembering when you got sick.

That's fine with me -- but for our sake,
Please don't put everyone to sleep.
We're ready for the story of
Your fearsome battles in the deep.

The Koi Spectrum
By Sadinei

As we approach the fountain I exclaim in glee,
For this time my owner has chosen to paint me!
For now I'm just plain, the boringest of blues,
But laid out before me is my choice of hues!

Maybe I'll become a bright and cheerful pink,
Or being a black shadow would be fun, I think.
Rainbow is exciting with its spectrum of scales,
Invisible would be my last choice, if all else fails.

I could become an absorbent purple sponge,
Or perhaps a hairy Darigan, with fins in grunge.
Strawberry I could like, smelling sweet all the time,
If I were baby I would be so cute, for me it's sublime!

If I were Halloween I'd carry a pointy pitchfork,
While if I were mutant, with three eyes I could stalk!
There's just so much choice, I'm not sure what to do,
If you were a Koi like me, you'd have trouble too!

The Contemplations of a Spotted Koi
By Uccellina

My identity
I realise now what I am
A decoration

Home, a tepid pond
The palaces of Shenkuu
Are surely mirrored

The compliments tossed
From passing royalty are
Seen but never heard

A thin meniscus
The only thing that bars me
From the outside world

To swim and to eat
To be a jewel of nature
This was all I knew

Five years have gone past
The sky, the pets, the flowers
Have changed; I have not

So gently, a breeze
Can kiss the water's surface
Into shivering

I stretch out a fin
Perhaps my solidity
Could sway it to break

With a tinkling gasp
Droplets fall back to tell me
All hope is not lost

I nuzzle the glass
The sun is straight above me
It blinds as I rise

I take my first breath
The air, unmistakably
Is rich with freedom

An instinct twitches
My tail, propelling me up
Suddenly, I float

How long had I stayed
Under the oppression of
The puddle below?

I glided away
The water fled from my scales
Their magic dissolved

My identity
No longer an ornament
I am a triumph.

A Koi Dream
By Xx_neomania

Want to know one of my greatest fears?
I can't stand the sea, or any water actually.
Normally one wouldn't care at all,
Except I'm a Koi (to some degree).

I know I was born with these fins on my side,
They help quite a bit with where I reside.
It bothers me, though, as much as I've tried,
See, I dream of walking on land, I must confide.

My friends all enjoy swimming around,
They love living in an underwater town,
But sometimes I look toward the top of the pond,
And wonder what lies up there beyond.

On my own two feet, to stand,
And walk right over to Mystery Island.
Would it not be grand
To have that feeling of toes in the sand?

Or slinking through the Haunted Woods,
Maybe floating on a Faerieland cloud,
Scaling Terror Mountain,
And hearing the Snowager roar so loud.

I'd travel from one world to the next,
Seeing monuments that would enthrall,
But more exciting than anything else,
Even running through Altador hall,
Would be getting free from this water,
Once and for all.

The Lesson Learned
By Zelda_is_sheik

Now deep beneath the ocean blue,
A Koi did spend his days,
He marvelled at things old and new,
And frolicked in the waves.

Now it did pass that mother dear
Did warn him to take care,
To journey not from waters clear,
Lest he should find despair.

But our young Koi, he worried not,
His love for fun too grand,
So off into the dark he shot,
No heed to what she'd banned.

It wasn't long 'til lost was he,
No comfort to be seen.
He wandered through the endless sea,
In waters murky green.

At last a cavern black he spied,
A shelter to be sure,
He swam into the entrance wide,
Afraid and insecure.

And then he did lay down his head,
There in the fading light.
He hardly could contain his dread,
As day turned into night.

At once he did awake in fear,
His scales turned to white.
Something dark was drawing near,
To cause him such a fright.

The fearsome fiend did ope its jaw,
Each sharpened tooth to gleam,
The Koi stared at its gaping maw,
Afraid to even scream.

It was a Jetsam, fierce and mean,
The toughest in the sea,
The time had come, or so it seemed,
To turn his tail and flee.

The little Koi did quickly fly,
To lose the vile thing,
And soon did see a city nigh,
That caused his heart to sing.

Now safe in his Maraquan land,
The Koi did turn around.
And there he saw but sea and sand,
No Jetsam to be found.

He breathed a sigh of sweet relief,
And once again he turned,
He swam back to the coloured reef,
His lesson had been learned.

Now deep beneath the ocean blue,
A Koi still spent his days,
He kept in mind this moral new,
And frolicked in the waves.

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