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Victory Fire!
By Dragonstorm_75

Three tough pets and a rickety cart,
Climbing the slopes of the angry mountain.
Spewing fire and smoke on the rampart,
Of a massive caldera, a vast dark basin.

They reach the top through a veil of ash,
That makes even the Scorchios hack and cough.
They are Tyrannians, stout and brash,
Who can trudge through any dusty trough.

There lies the pit, a glorious thing,
Gleaming red from the molten stone.
They lift the cart as if 'twas a plaything,
And cast it down, to the heart of the cone.

As the threesome flee, the volcano roars,
Like a mighty Grarrl defending her nest.
A rumble shakes through the mountain's cores,
And flashes of light rush in a crest.

Fireworks strike at the chill old air,
Ascending from the incinerated cart.
Red and blue, green-bright flare,
Tyrannians cheer from this lovely sky-art.

They dance and strike their spears with joy,
Campfires blaze and song abounds,
Songs about the beast that they did destroy,
The Monoceraptor and his minion hounds.

"May our land stand forever tall,
Happy Tyrannian Victory Day!"

So They Say
By Reggieman721

The rousing call of "Victory!",
A word so bittersweet,
Is heard throughout Tyrannia
In every village street.

The war is over, so they say,
But pain still lingers here.
There are some battles not yet fought;
Some pets still live in fear.

A wounded leg, infected eye,
Keeps father to his bed,
As missing children's names are cried
And mothers clutch their heads.

We have so much to celebrate --
Tyrannia is free.
But every voice that swells in song
Is tempered by the sea.

The sea of tears spills over land
And moistens early graves,
An honour to the ones we've lost,
A tribute to the brave.

The war was over, so they said,
But struggles never end.
And so, we venerate this day.
A scarred world, still, we mend.

Remembering Tyrannia
By Anjie

Upon the stony, boulder steps,
Of Concert Hall so grand,
A Lupe quite old and gnarled by time,
In daydream stance did stand.

Little pets all gathered close
To hear his tale told.
A story of a time of war,
And foes of war so old.

"Tyrannia was under siege!"
The Lupe declares out loud.
A breath of horror doth rise up,
From eager, awe-struck crowd.

The Lupe sits slowly on the step
And speaks of ancient foe.
"The Monoceraptor did rampage,
In battle long ago!"

"Oh, we feared for all our lives,
In case the war was lost!"
"Tyrannia was all at stake,
Our freedom was the cost!"

The crowd does listen, bated breath,
As Lupe is holding court,
About the bravery of all,
In epic battle fought.

"Grarrg did lead the forces good,
To victory, at last!
The Monoceraptor hit the ground,
With one loud final blast."

He gives a weary grin at this,
And glances to the fray.
"Victory was ours to keep,
We won it on that day."

By Larkspurlane

Tyrannia, the land that time forgot,
Heat-baked and seething with fire,
Where the wind is as the sun's breath,
And the dusty earth itself has given up on life,
A land where clouds go to die,
A land of heat,
A land of bone.

And this land lies dormant and waiting,
Waiting for that one defiant storm
To make it breathless with its power --
It waits for rain, for the reckless wet scatter,
When senses five can be awakened
To new discoveries -- the texture of mud,
The sight of droplets dimpling sunlight,
The pulse of life as it beats, drip by drip
Into the thirsty earth --
The scent of flowers finally breathing
Flashes of colour, and blooming briefly
Only to be deadened to papery petals
When the sun chases away the thunder,
And evaporate like the small dreams they were,
Dewdrops in morning heat.

Omelettes of Tyrannia
By Autotune

oh glorious Tyrannia,
sweet land of mine;
a land worth fighting for,
a land of omelettes
worth starving for.

we fought, and we won;
for Tyrannia, for thee.

A Meat Feast for strength
and valour in battle;
Veggie Delight for ingenious strategy
(says my Tyrannian mother)

we fought, and we won;
for Tyrannia, for thee.

victory must indeed
taste like omelettes;
sometimes a sweet,
gooey Chocolate
a burst of Strawberry
or Fresh Fruit Surprise
or fluffy Marshmallow --

but sometimes it's a Carrot and Pea
or your first bite of Clay;
or perhaps just plain Rotten.
but still memory lingers on
like tangy BBQ Sauce
upon eggy, flavourful goodness;
the truest food of the earth
and its most earthy people.

we fought, and we won;

oh glorious Tyrannia,
sweet land of mine;
may your omelettes cook on
forever more
until the end of time;

for Tyrannia, for thee.

The Tyrannian Battle Master
By Mamasimios

Commander of the Tyrannian troops
Grarrg the Grarrl did take a stand
To fend off the Monoceraptor
And save his prehistoric land.

Ever-ready, ever-watchful
Grarrg's battle skills are sharply honed.
Strategies are tested in Go! Go! Go!,
Muscles trained in the Battledome.

On the council of the Tyrannian Elders
As the Battle Master does Grarrg serve,
And on this day of commemoration
Our gratitude does he deserve.

For though the war dims in the memory,
Yet still does Grarrg keep the troops prepared.
They parade past in tight formation
Weapons ready and teeth bared.

A fearsome force they do inspire,
Yet still does Grarrg remain circumspect.
For as every commander is sure to know
Victory's lifespan is indefinite.

On this day we may safely gather,
A victory to immortalise,
Knowing that our Battle Master
Keeps one wary eye upon the skies.

I Wait
By Jayo289

Some say I am a coward,
To me, that word falls flat.
I'm standing on the sideline,
Away from all combat.

I can see swords swiping,
I can hear men cry.
But I can't move my shaking feet,
However hard I try.

The heated ground below me,
Scorching, cracked, and hard.
The beating sun can't move me,
Weak, relenting, charred.

I see my fellow soldiers,
Fighting for their world.
Our prehistoric village,
Once secret and furled.

I only watch in silence,
Wishing I could move.
Longing to be strong and brave,
With everything to prove.

And so with every inch of strength,
I wait with sympathy.
For that most glorious of times,
I wait for victory.

Elders of Tyrannia
By _Razcalz_

Elders six on high plateau,
Tyrannian Town Hall.
Preparing for the final war,
Answering monster's call:
Monoceraptor said.
Gathering, the Council brave
Awaits in silent dread.

Kyruggi, the elder grand,
Is Kyrii fierce and wise.
Club in hand, this strategist
Has warrior's narrowed eyes.
Grarrg the Grarrl swishes his tail,
The battle master, bold.
Tekel knows of magic, spells,
A flaming staff he holds.

Captain of the ocean troops,
Plesio is his name.
Flotsam swimmer, brilliant,
As leader, he is famed.
Strategic warrior, Sabre-X,
Lupe gazes at beast's lair.
(He also keeps a close eye on
That Giant Omelette, there.)

Last but not least, Myncha small,
Surveyor of the land.
'Twas he who scouted and saw first
The hoards of Skeiths and --


Vibrations from steps large.
Monoceraptor has arrived...
Echoing cry: "Tyrannians, we charge!"

Remembering a Tyrannian Victory
By Concertogreat_8

victory, written in the dust
on the streets
and paved into the dirt roads
where the straw hovels
bake to the colour of rust.

victory, instills laughter,
a word for triumph
but also an explanation
of freedom
a brand-new nation, untouched
even by the Monoceraptor.

yellow sun rising on the horizon
glints across the Tyrannian plains
where they sit, the young ones
the ones who don't remember
and dream with innocence
still not gone.

paper dreams: sticks and stones
built of ideas and magic
the touch of a smaller paw
brings back to mind what was lost
and what was gained
among the bones.

if the elders remember, then so do we,
and we would teach them
so that they would know
how lucky you are, young one,
to be free.

By Dimah_bahar

I died in Tyrannia one day
at the Lair of the Beast, Scorchios say;
and this winds up my short, blunt story.
The end was sad, but filled with glory.

It was nine years ago, with pride
many of Tyrannia fought -- and died.
An earthquake shook the Ice Caves hard,
a hole formed, an unknown land jarred.

Myncha noticed many an enemy;
Grarrg urged others to join the army.
Within a month the invasion began!
And to the battle, Neopians ran.

The 10th of May came, a great evil appeared
named Monoceraptor -- whom many feared,
who was felled by one single heroic Lupe;
Monoceraptor was an obvious dupe.

With this day, we now can celebrate
when Tyrannia defeated those who did infiltrate.
So shop and eat and paint and train,
because the victory was not mundane.

...And should that great evil decide to return,
Neopia will win, for a battle they yearn;
Neopets are strong, and together as one,
there is not any damage that can not be undone.

Tyrannian Victory!
By Ktkdk

In Tyrannia, land of the plateau,
Enemies invaded nine years ago.
As Myncha the reconnaissance Mynci, so brave,
Was exploring a Tyrannian cave,
He came across a group of terrible creatures
With giant claws and grotesque features.
Myncha told Grarrg, who replied with frown,
Then held a great meeting and told the whole town.

Quickly, a tense month passed by.
Suddenly, everything began to go awry.
The hideous creatures began to invade,
So the Tyrannian army began its crusade.
Days turned into weeks and the fight went on.
Neopians fought with all their strength and brawn.
Of course, all native Tyrannians joined in the fight,
But Chia bombers and Korbat Scouts
Also fought with all their might.

The invaders had been ousted by the tenth of May.
Everyone began to celebrate on that glorious day.
Each Neopian was so happy he had survived.
But then, the evil Monoceraptor arrived.
However, a brave Lupe attacked the foe
Who fell to the ground, far below,
Nine years ago today all of Tyrannia was free.
So on 12th of May we celebrate Tyrannian victory!

A Cheer for the Plains
By Kuroge

The brilliant Tyrannian sun
glows radiantly until there is none,
as residents of the land
do rejoice a celebration that is grand.

Under the clear blue sky,
remembering the evils ancestors defied,
the citizens gather around a fire,
the legend is told by a witty crier.

Many, many years ago,
an earthquake erupted from down below,
little did the Neopians know,
of the hidden Tyrannian plateau.

This unknown land,
where the fierce Chombies stand,
was unaware of the danger at hand,
of the treachery Sloth had planned.

First there were Korbat Scouts,
pillaging without any doubts.
Then came the Skeith Invaders:
they were truly fearsome raiders.

Last came the baddest one of them all,
the one who strikes fear with its call,
the story was at its last chapter,
Stomp! comes the dreaded Monoceraptor.

Brave fighters tried valiantly,
but the beast defeated them brusquely.
It seemed as if all hope was gone,
as all the pets backed out, withdrawn.

But one heroic Lupe did do,
in front of the creature he flew,
and with a single swipe of the sword,
peace was once again restored.

Sloth's plan was once again, spoiled,
and into the dark, he recoiled.
Although he will be back,
Tyrannians will be ready for the next attack.

The Drums
By Arckful

Can you hear that distant thunder,
The heavy throb that grips the land?
Its pulsing beat rips air asunder
Under many a Tyrannian hand...

The drums.

A handful of dusty years before,
An earthquake engulfed the world.
The crack rent mountains to the core
Before the secret was unfurled...

The drums.

Creatures larger than any known
Advanced on brave Neopians.
And every epic battle showed
Their mettle, as these soldiers won.

The drums.

The drums beat out the cry for war,
And every Neopian answered.
And as they fought, another swore
To thwart their brave masters.

An ugly beast, far greater than
His brothers from the world below.
His shoulders lifted as he ran
To show a heavy skull bent low.


There came a warrior skilled,
Who battled him throughout the day.
He stood in triumph at the kill
That before his feet now lay.

The war was over. Triumph reigned.
The drums began their new refrain.
Now, every year, when dawn is nigh,
The drummers make their battlecry
To the soldiers, one and all,
Who fought to make the enemy fall.

The sun trumpets its joyful way
Across a brand-new, peaceful day.
And with the lightening sky there comes

The drums.

Tyrannia, Forever
By Goldenox

Fierce, brave,
Loyal and strong,
Victory Day is upon us all!

Though the cries of battle have long since faded,
and furious siege has long since abated,

We remember this day above all else,
As the day we showed courage like no one else.

The day we stood proud, banners in hand,
Singing out loud "FOREVER WE STAND!"

We would not fall, we would not tire,
To protect our homeland,
Tyrannia, forever.

Though today we celebrate,
Mugs of dung raised high,
Some days we do look back and cry,

For all the sacrifices we made that day,
To ensure the peace that continues to this day.

To the brave Lupe that ended it all,
To everyone big and small,
We thank you all.

Victory Day!
Tyrannia, stand tall!

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