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Neopets Poems

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Clearing the Mist
By Larkspurlane

She first stood calm and contemplative
Before that massy darkness that
Churned behind her like a
Great thundering sky.

We learned quickly to transform it
Into wisps of cinders
That puffed away, part by part,
Until we saw
One corner, candle-bright
Flicker hopefully,
And another offer a glimpse of
Riches unknown in a purse of leather,
On the top right, strange machinery,
And on the left, intimations of a place
Deep underground --

But the rest is still her secret,
Hidden behind the hovering grey in
Indifferent stasis,
Petals of tumbling silence in a
Silver-black blur.

And she herself-- flesh and bone?
Or mere illusion, a self-shaped shadow?
We seek her too, we rush from
Faerieland Petpets, to Brightvale's
Colouring pages few, to the Motery,
To Exquisite Ambrosia and its
Concoctions sweet --
And arrive there too late, only to
Contemplate emptiness,
Our curiosity awakened, then hushed,
In this silence fine-sifted
By curls of fog.

Tarla, the Tricky Ixi
By Mamasimios

Oh Tarla, you tricky Ixi,
What do you conceal?
Your smile is as inscrutable
As what lies behind the misty veil.

Mistress of the mystery,
You stand guard with golden rod,
Controlling how much may be cleared
From the nebulous facade.

Would I like to have some Neopoints?
Or perhaps a little gift?
I tell you, if I have the choice,
I choose to clear away some mist.

And clear away and clear away,
I really am intrigued,
But yet a mystery that lingers
Is to the psyche double sweet.

Do I spy a candelabrum?
Stalactites hung from purple cave?
Would you tell me what is hidden?
I want to know... but wait!

Oh Tarla, you tricky Ixi,
With your Tour of Mystery.
I want your secrets to be revealed --
Just please don't do it too quickly.

Finding Tarla
By Concertogreat_8

Let's all search for Tarla!
Said the news one morn when I awoke.
Of course I didn't think how I would go broke,
Be destitute and lame,
I just thought, "What a great game!"

Excitement did grip me in its hold;
I roused my pets and packed my bags,
Some clothes for when my own were rags.
Bread and cheese would pass the test,
I knew from books these were the best.

When we set out we had no idea,
My pets and I, how life does go,
And first thing it began to snow.
We trudged on weary miles long,
And tried to keep our spirits up with song.

Often we met others, jubilant with glee,
For they of course had seen Tarla twice,
Thrice or more, and gave us kindly advice.
Yet I began to suspect ours was a bad lot,
This was for me a lingering thought.

It's finally become clear, far too late:
Now as I still trudge, weary pets in tow,
There's something that I do know,
That Tarla is hiding from us personally,
And the joke's all on me.

The Elusive Ixi
By Moulinrouge21

The mysterious Ixi, so secret and veiled,
Many a time we have sought and sadly failed.
Upon the horizon, spotted once more,
So many stories and rumours, your infamous lore.

The prizes you carry, such enchanting mist,
Pursuing you day and night, we must all resist.
Neopians go crazy, everyone up in arms,
As once again seen, reveled your hidden charm.

Tarla, we cry, vanishes within a few seconds,
Confused ones ask who, and we retell your legend.
Sitting around all day, awaiting your appearance,
Capturing you once more, feeling your presence.

Your shining golden staff and long purple cloak,
Anger, relief, and despair are emotions you evoke.
Your location forever changing, random you are,
While we search land to land, nearby and afar.

As the stars say goodnight, and sun begins to shine,
Searching we still are, glancing for one sign.
With a swish of your cloak, in one blink you flee.
Your elusiveness evades us, as you laugh with glee.

Tarla Spells Misery
By Kuroge

Oh, Tarla, you with your trips,
may be you'd spare some tips?
the end of the hour is nearing,
not finding you I'm fearing.

I travel the radiant kingdom of Altador,
and even the deep Maraquan ocean floor.
Yet a glimpse of you I cannot find,
perhaps behind Darigan Citadel, you are confined.

I let out an angry roar,
but still, you remain behind the door.
Frustrated, I scratch my head,
must clear the mist, before bed.

In the dark, I await in agony,
you are likely laughing on your balcony.
Frustrated, I tear at my head,
must clear the mist, before bed.

Tarla's Saga
By Floogin

All I wanted was a vacation,
Some time to myself.
I wanted a little break
From stocking my shelves.

But that's not what I'm getting,
Everyone is being a nag.
And when they do find me,
To their friends they brag.

I've given away so much,
Almost everything I own.
All this because I hope
That they'll just leave me alone.

I sit alone and hide,
In the bushes, they lurk.
I've come up with a plan,
I think it will work.

They'll want to see what I have
Behind my clouds of mist.
Curiosity kills the Kad,
Secrets they can't resist.

Be careful, little Neopians,
You have worn me thin.
Keep spoiling my vacation,
But in the end, I will win.

Oh, Tarla's Tour of Misery
By Sperkmeister26

Oh, Tarla's Tour of Misery,
You don't know what you've done to me,
Clicking here, and clicking there --
I've clicked my fingers raw and bare!

Oh, Tarla's Tour of Misery,
I'm going crazy, can't you see?
You won't show up, you won't appear;
I've almost given up, I fear.

Oh, Tarla's Tour of Misery,
I'd like to tie you to a tree
To keep you there, for a change,
Shorten up your roaming range.

Oh, Tarla's Tour of Misery,
I'll keep clicking 1, 2, 3,
And hope I will someday find you
To clear the mist and find the truth.

The Chase
By Dadylman

The boards a bustle,
Users all hustle,
Here and there,
Eager chatter.

This fantastic tour,
Can any endure?
I think all are mad
As a hatter.

Tarla sighting here!
A brief little cheer,
Shortly after,
A frantic dash.

Tarla has left!
Oh, time's such a theft!
Her visit, so brief,
Gone in a flash.

Quick! Over there!
By the haunted fair!
More scurrying,
To uncover the mist.

Drat, missed once more!
Oh Tarla, I implore!
Stay just a little longer,
I must persist!

Tarla's been found!
I'm off like a hound,
The mist I erase.

Oh, the next day,
It'll be just like today!
Tarla's Tour of Mystery,
A frantic chase!

Origins of Tarla's Mystery Tour
By Brushfire_fairytales

Tarla wasn't happy
In her cabin in the cold;
Selling junk to strangers
Was beginning to get old.

"I've been over-working;
My fur is turning grey.
I can't recall the last time
That I took a holiday."

"Also I've been meaning
To do something with THAT room,
The one that I can somehow
Never find time to... de-fume."

She wanted a new angle,
A way to get things done
(Hopefully whilst chilling out
And lounging in the sun).

"I've found the perfect answer:
A tour of sea and sky!
(And a way to rid the Mystery Shop
Of the stuff no-one will buy!)

"I'll make the punters chase me,
But I'll hide from the hordes,
And if anyone can find me,
I'll give them big rewards!

"But I won't make it easy,
It has to be a game,
Something that keeps making them
Return time and again."

"Oh, I guess you found me!
Have an item, I insist.
Seriously, take it!
What's all this about the mist?"

So she leapt to her store room
And emptied all her racks
(Turmaculus was later called
To flatten her rucksack).

"I guess I'll take some Trail Mix
And some cheap-o items too,
Cool Wearables and Backgrounds?
Hmm... Well, maybe one or two..."

So Tarla sprang to action,
And she set out to roam,
But in her excitation,
She forgot to pack a comb.

She quickly solved her problem
As she pattered through the snow.
"I'll say it's my new image:
No-one will ever know!"

Tarla's Tour of Mystery
By Felicity437

The choice is yours:
to clear the skies,
to take the Neopoints, or the prize?

A search among the many lands
You might need a jacket or lotion for suntan --
Terror Mountain? Tyrannia? Kiko Lake?
A journey unclear is a journey to take.

Since the beginning, mystery shrouded her name.
This quest keeps that ancient tradition the same.
An Ixi. Pink. She sells those bags.
She's tricky. Quick. No time to lag.
A mere few minutes to catch her.
Be wise!
The choice is yours,
She scans your eyes.

The future uncertain but at least this mist found,
You opt for the 'points and head out on the town.

But stay alert, as you never know where she'll be.
Tarla's on a tour, and its named Mystery.

The Hidden Ixi Named Tarla
By Whiteouthorizon

Long ago and far away,
In a land where Bruces play,
A little Ixi went to stay,
The Ixi's name was Tarla.

She opened up a little shop,
High upon the mountain top,
Stocking Mystery Bags non-stop,
She who's known as Tarla.

One fine day, she took a break.
She packed a scarf and a little cake;
She knew that she'd made no mistake,
The Hidden Sorceress Tarla.

She wanders 'round the Neopian world,
A brand-new mystery slowly unfurled --
A cloud of mist, which swept and curled
Around the mysterious Tarla.

Evasive Tarla
By Pigfish99

Tarla at the Hall,
Ten minutes to get there fast;
too late, she is gone!

Oh silly Neopet,
you can catch me anytime
you need to be quick,
And don't rely on the Boards,
Here I go again!

Tarla in the Caves,
Dark, confusing, and hopeless,
she eludes my catch.

Am I really fast?
No, I can jump really well;
Magic works wonders;
And so my tour continues;
you need to keep up!

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