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Neopets Poems

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A Note from the Judges: There will be a special Bad Poetry Gallery posted this Thursday, so please send your very "worst" poems in by 9:00 A.M. NST on Thursday, April 29th. Thank you!

The Magician's Lost Marbles
By Dragonstorm_75

How dare you question my sanity?
A thousand years of boredom,
Surrounded by cowards aplenty!
Some monsters you are, so dumb!
You pretend to be mean and nasty,
But ya can't beat old Erick's wisdom,

Only I know the secret of the wands,
Silly beasts, you can't get it!
You can't even break your own bonds,
Ha, ha, ha, set by myself, a half-wit!
Dervishes embraced by earthy fronds,
Summoned by me, he-he, a twit!

We Cybunnies are powerful magi,
And quite the tricksters too, you see.
What? You think I lie?
Well, don't you have some moxie!
A flash of my wand, there, some fungi!
Oh, now where did you go? Oopsie.

I am Erick, the finest magician of all!
No, I haven't lost my marbles.
They're all in the bucket, round and small.
Oh, you mean my wits? How dare you!

In a Cybunny Disguise
By Mamasimios

Through the graveyard MAGAX flies,
Crossing eerie purple skies,
Seeking the one he does despise:
That villain, Hubrid Nox.

Confronting phantom Scorchios,
MAGAX releases lethal blows,
While lasers from his fingers flow...
But where is Hubrid Nox?

From the tombs there does arise
A Cybunny with ember eyes,
But MAGAX does not recognise
This being as Hubrid Nox.

Oblivious does MAGAX pass
The Cybunny, no questions asked,
Not guessing the furry form could mask
The black heart of Hubrid Nox.

And therein does the genius lie:
The diabolical may be disguised
To lurk and wait and then surprise
With a quick change into Hubrid Nox.

Lured into complacency
By universal trust of Cybunnies,
MAGAX is blasted with relative ease
By the warlock Hubrid Nox.

The Dancer
By Larkspurlane and _Razcalz_

You'll find her not in the quiet woods
Where birch in light and shadows play,
Nor on the white ribbon of beach
Between Altador's high cliffs
And the sea, where a raw wind blows,
Freighted with the salt-scent of the waves --

You'll find her when day
Yields its brightness to shadow,
When evening flies in
On soft Whoot wings, when night
Makes of every flower a cup of honey
Kissed with dew:

Look to the skies then,
For there she dwells: Sasha, the Dancer,
Suspended in a state
Deeper than peace --
There among the slow-wheeling stars
She spins her last, glittering dance.

A Tale of Two Cybunnies
By Concertogreat_8

you and I, my friend,
we used to hop paw-in-paw,
through the lush garden.

there was lettuce,
carrots, celery, and beets,
radishes sweet with sugar,
to appease our hungry needs.

there was a pond,
clear and full of swimming fish,
brightly coloured as the dawn;
and here our reflections shone,
side by side.

you and I, my friend,
we used to hop paw-in-paw,
through the lush garden.

there was an old apple tree,
and underneath dappled shade,
where we'd lounge and talk a bit,
of things pressing on our minds.

there was a wall of chalky stone,
where the sun would warm,
and we would sit, side by side,
enjoying friendship's silent peace.

you and I, my friend,
we used to hop paw-in-paw,
through the lush garden.

there was no one like you,
my friend of ages,
no one like you to share the garden,
no other Cybunny like you.

Cybunny of the Stars
By Anjie

Where dusk to twilight softly fades,
And shadow shrouds the fields.
The promise comes of nighttime realm,
And all the joy it yields.
Forth from burrow comes a sniff,
The air is scented, light.
One paw extended to the stars,
By figure, soft and slight.

A timid lope to midnight field,
She pauses, gold eyes wide.
The night is hers, the endless realm,
And starlight is her guide.
Along the starlit trail's sheen,
She'll chase the moon's own light.
Silver sheen lights starry coat,
Brings gold to shimmer bright.

Rare the sight, unbridled joy,
She skips through midnight strands.
Leaping high from tiny hills,
No care for where she lands.
Tawny gold, the patterned stars
That dapple creature's back
Are luminous as forth she skips,
Along that moonlit track.

The Shy Grey Cybunny
By Pansyparkinson14

As Cybunnies all gather today,
To celebrate with dance and song,
There is one particular Cybunny, sitting alone,
Whose face is still quite unhappy and long.

The grey Cybunny, the woeful Neopet,
Doesn't seem to be enjoying the cheer,
His ears are drooped, his eyes reddened,
And his face quite stern and austere.

Why doesn't he hop and skip with the rest?
Doesn't he enjoy dancing and cake?
Doesn't he like games and frivolous jokes;
Doesn't he relish a break?

His expression is guarded as others approach:
Why must he be such a grouch?
Viewing the festivities with such disregard,
Shoulders squared and back in a slouch.

But as the others jest with him and offer him sweets,
It's clear that grey Cybunny isn't mean and wry:
Smile comes to his face as others cajole him to play,
He wasn't rude or malicious -- just shy!

A Tale of a Royalgirl Cybunny
By Shayliana

Elegantly, she swishes in her graceful dress;
Her person is never a mess.
The eyes, with such glee
And everyone agrees
She is the Cybunny to be.

The smirk on her face leads me to wonder --
Is there a mask she's hiding under?
Something beyond all the beauty and fame
Could she perhaps be ashamed?

I watch her as she sits beneath a tree and sighs;
What sorrows could be behind those eyes?
Sure, being a princess is tough;
There's pain behind all that fluff.
Poor girl, she shouldn't have to live this way.

So next time you see one like her,
Think of the woes behind the fur.

The Cybunny Scout
By Kattrish

Sneaking in the dead of night
with naught a thought about her plight,
armed and ready for a fight,
she aims to set all things to right.

Cybunny Scout whose name is unknown
yet whose courage is forever shown,
stays valiant though she is alone,
the evil's wrath she has outshone.

In the darkness, she lingers there,
inching closer as she would dare,
ears perked up, yet taking care
not to get caught in villain's lair.

Closer and closer, she carefully runs,
toward the voices -- their plot has begun.
She smiles a bit; this will be fun.
The Scout takes note; the deed is done.

Sneaking in the dead of night
with naught a thought about her plight,
armed and ready for a fight,
she aims to set all things to right.

Cybunny Ears
By Autotune

across the wilderness,
and the twisted woods;
across towns and cities
you run, fleet-footed

across meadows and fields,
and rocky terrain;
across raspberry patches
you run, your fur flying in the wind,
your breath stealing in short, sharp gasps
of wild exhilaration.

across rolling hills,
across lakes of ice
and snow and frost
you run, faster than the wind,
faster than flying --
you run until sweat drips into your eyes,
until you no longer feel the brambles
stinging your paws
nor the chill stealing through the air;
you run until you

stop. in the distance
you see a stark cliff-face
jutting into the sky.
your panting fills the air, but then

silence; your long, tapered ears
flick back and forth, gently,
delicately, to pick up any murmurs
upon the wind.
your heart hammers as you stand
in silence. silence, silence;

then an ear swivels to the left,
a pink nose twitches.
the sound is soft, the mere
whisper of a call --
but it is enough --

and I watch in awe as the Cybunny runs,
across distance and time and everything
in between --
answering to the song of home,
a song of remembrance and return,
a song drumming through the ground and
carried by the wandering winds,
drifting from Cybunny ear to ear.

Cybunny Day
By 7splat52

The little Cybunny sighed;
She was just her, and not a coveted pet;
Oh, in spite of the joy around her, she cried,
For there is nothing worse than being
Just you, and nothing else.

She would stay alone, unwanted, on Cybunny Day.
There was nothing wrong with her, was there?
Not a blemish on her lavender mane,
And yet she was out here in Neopia Central.

The jovial owners and their Cybunnies before her,
She knew she'd never be there with everyone else.
Cybunny looked at her torn clothes, her muddy fur.
She started to run, for it was too much to see.

Nobody wants a Cybunny who won't let herself
Become a dress-up doll.
It was sunny in Neopia Central,
But for cloud of gloom above her.
No, no one wanted her imperfection at all.
Then she tripped over a lonely book.

She wanted to cry, but hadn't enough breath.
She was inclined to look at the book:
The Happy Little Yellow Cybunny.
"I'm yellow, too," realised the Cybunny,
And started to read.
Oh, how could anyone in the world be happy?

"Because it's spring," she breathed,
Drinking in the scene.
The flowers seemed to bloom again in Neopia.
Spring was more beautiful than it seemed.
And she read on, realising what happiness was.

The little Cybunny sighed.
She was contented, for once.
She couldn't frown if she tried.
Cybunny Day was starting to look up.

Sasha's Tale
By Butterflygirl113

Sit here beside me, dearest child,
And I shall speak to you a while
Of the glory of our past:
The hope that helped our people last.

The day began as many do,
Bright with sun and wet with dew,
As laughter met the dawning day
As a town prepared to play.

My own mother, rest her soul,
Dashed about with loaded bowl
To ferry food both far and near
As sounds of joy did fill her ear.

Yet as the work was nearly done
A storm began to mask the sun
And winds that whipped around and cried
Drove everyone deep inside.

Down below the soil they sat,
Huddled in corners, under mats,
Within the basement sanctuary,
No longer able to be merry.

Children sniffled, wide of eyes,
As they were met with this surprise,
And adults mumbled their distress --
But one was not like all the rest.

Her name was Sasha, I was told,
By our elders, very old,
Who sat a while at her feet
And listened to her music's beat.

By most rights, a child herself,
The Cybunny plucked off the shelf
A courage all else had forgotten
And spun a song 'twas soft as cotton.

Delicate and gentle first,
Then followed by a joyful burst,
Her voice soothed all around the room
And lifted just a bit of gloom.

When they emerged after the storm,
They viewed a village tossed and torn,
And shuddered, broken-hearted sounds
Echoed mournfully around.

Yet once again she proved unique,
And, stepping forward to a beat,
Began to dance before the face
Of everything that got erased.

Many stared, confused and shocked,
And several there began to mock
Until to everyone's surprise
A smile glinted in their eyes.

Her spirit started catching on.
Smiles and laughter, starting song,
And some even began to dance:
Joyful in the face of chance.

The story spread right to the king
Of the one who dared to sing
In the face of great hardship,
And that is why she's on the list

Of those whom Altador esteems:
The brave, the strong, keeper of dreams.
And now a town no longer mopes
Because of one Bringer of Hope.

The Bionic Cybunny
By Tealnova_dragon

One dark and dreary day,
I walked into the dump in search,
My pockets empty, my shoes quite tattered,
I found a treasure not quite of golden sheen.

In the misty morn, I could barely see --
Stumble and trip, eyes streaming.
I found myself, quite face to face,
With eyes of burning red.

Of liquid magma, yet of blank shine --
My reflection (quite handsome) I saw in those orbs --
Orbs that never blinked,
That never looked unnerved.
Eyes of the Bionic Cybunny.

The rest of the Cybunny pulled forth --
Tarnished steel, rusting iron --
Robotic tail, steely eyes, bristling fur.
A magnificent creature, yet abandoned...

The sleek metal scuffed and dented,
Pain shaking in those little movements,
But eyes looked cool as ice.
Testing me, challenging me, willing me.

Who was I to deny?
With clumsy hands, quivering heart,
I touched the warm metal, hearing the beat
Of the hotness of life deep inside.

This was no Bionic Cybunny, just a metal exterior
Hiding away, unable to express,
Truest feelings, sincerest thoughts, real emotions,
But those blank orbs were blank no more --

For even blankness has its own shades of grey...
As all robots know.

Pawprints in the Snow
By Cookybananas324

Here, underneath an ice-blue sky
In mad joy-circles twirling
A troupe of cheerful Cybunnies
Set drifts of snow a-whirling.

But evening's come, come all too swift.
The sun is sinking low,
And all that's left of carnival cheer
Are pawprints in the snow.

The remnants of their leaping dance --
Mere pawprints in the snow.

Today was the Cybunny Carnival;
Today, the day was theirs.
Leaping through fresh-fallen snow
They forgot all their cares.

But now the night is coming,
They had places to go,
And all that's left of Cybunny sport
Are pawprints in the snow.

Lines upon lines of prancing steps --
The pawprints in the snow.

They laughed, sang, danced, all full of cheer,
But now they've gone away.
The echoes of their voices
Have faded with the day.

Tiny whirling snowflakes,
Carried by the winds that blow,
Now drift down gently, covering
The pawprints in the snow.

When daylight comes, there'll be no sign
Of pawprints in the snow.

The Winter Cybunny
By Ibeenbad

Once upon a carrot patch,
Or so the story goes,
There was a little Cybunny
Who was waiting for the snows.

He waited in the springtime
As the land was bathed in green,
The rolling hills decked out in blooms
As they shone with an emerald sheen.

He waited through the summer
As the sun turned warm to hot,
But it was snowball fights and ice cream cones
That consumed his every thought.

He waited in the autumn
As the leaves fell to the ground.
The land had gone from green to brown
And the leaves kept flying 'round.

And then his wait was over!
As winter arrived at last,
With a frigid wind a-blowing,
It unleashed it's icy blast.

That Cybunny was tickled
As he hopped across the snow,
Rolling countless snowballs
For him and friends to throw.

The winter would last a short while
Before giving way to spring,
And once more he would be waiting --
Waiting for winter was just his thing!

The Essence of a Faerie Cybunny
By Ilikecrazymonkeys1

A sheer of pink, tinted soft,
A placid view that glimmered bright.
Translucent wings did lay aloft,
Of a gracious, peaceful sight.

Sparkling patterns did entwine,
Mixed within her golden eye.
Wings of delicacy, so divine,
Soaring across the festival sky.

Over meadows, she skims the clouds,
As she looks upon the world below.
Far from the Neopian crowds,
Her radiant colours give off a glow.

Gliding through the slumbered trees,
Gently flowing, the soft mellow wings.
Enticed within the quiet breeze,
Unknown to all, of what it brings.

Flying down, to sit on the grass,
Sitting, watching her day pass.
The lovely Cybunny curls in shape,
To her dreams, she does escape.

Slowing awakening, staring at me,
Startled from each eye to eye.
Running away, in an essence so free,
Only to leave me questioning, "Why?"

Never had I seen such a sight,
Until I saw her wings shine bright.
For now I know to not mistake,
A Cybunny of beauty, she's no fake.

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