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Fire Prowler
By Anjie

Where onyx smothers crimson sheen,
Absorbs the golden glow.
Volcano bubbles, simmers soft,
But creatures prowl below.
Paws with flame do seem to shine,
Bright flares, each coloured thread.
For where the magma glimmers dark,
Is where the Kougras tread.

They prowl through the ruby caves,
Low purr so softly heard.
Rarely do they leave this place,
For fire is preferred.
With feline grace they do patrol,
From crag to rock they leap.
Like silent flames they walk the night,
And through the shadows, creep.

Magma beings, felines of flame,
Who jungle world do shun.
No emerald glades doth Kougra seek,
For with lava, they run.
Beyond Moltara do they dwell,
Near magma pool's own light.
Where all is dark do Kougras prowl,
Where fire burns so bright.

The Kougra Commander
By Scarletspindle

A villain proud, above the rest,
He sees himself in dreams.
Respect deserving and long-serving --
In wicked and dark schemes.

Throughout the land his name they called
Once in pain and fear.
Now to horror grim they cherish him --
His name music to freed ears.

On Kreludor a statue stands,
In honour of heroic feats.
Gold visage with grin does sicken him --
Scene nearly makes him weep.

Forever now as set in stone,
A past warped and unreal.
The Kougra stands with trembling hands --
Oh, the agony he feels.

Too late now to hit reverse
And change that fateful day.
To capture foes, not let them go --
So that with fear his name could stay.

So Gormos now shall always be
A thief of hearts, not power.
It is unfair how Grundos care --
As it is love, not hate, they shower.

Bi-focus (to a Split Kougra)
By Larkspurlane

One half is dusk-touched,
A sky of mauve and dew-kissed stars,
And dark with the weight of silence;
This half is solemn
As the hushed night,
With one fathomless golden eye
Watching the pensive moon.

The other, sun-touched,
Is sunrise's first pale gleam,
The colour of dream-wanders
Coming to their end, when night
Grows strange and far away.
This half is strong and brooding,
With one unblinking green eye
That looks to the sun
To see its own image there.

One side, a wintered peace,
The other a summer's revel,
One a shadowy reverie,
The other a sun-bathed riot,
And two eyes of gold and green,
Keen and clear, and watching always
The burning skies of summer,
And winter's icy grief.

Kougra Huntress
By Autotune

She prowls the wilderness,
the untamed lands on the fringes
of Neopian civilisation.
Her eyes gleam, like
blackened, depthless pools
lit by a stark ray of moon.
Darkness will fall soon --
she must prepare to strike,
like a lightning bolt
that's all claws and fur --
she stalks and waits;
anticipation begins to thrum
and buzz inside her ears.


For she lives for the hunt,
she lives for the rush of power
that so consumes her --
it takes over her eyes --
heart - mind - body --
and turns her into nothing
but fluid grace
and coiled muscles
ready for the strike.

(beware beware beware)

Her heart burns, brighter, hotter
than any sun she's ever seen,
until it blinds her to all except
the hunt --

(the hunt the hunt the hunt)

and she springs --
springs, toward you,
my dearest Neopet,
just seventeen paces away.

Kougra Costumes
By Mamasimios

Kougras love to play pretend
With costumes from their dress-up box.
Eagerly they do ascend
To the worlds their fantasies unlock.

One day a Kougra might well choose
To assume an adventurer's fearless shape,
Pulling on shirt, shorts, hat, and boots
In the style of the Explorer Jake.

Or maybe planning playful attacks
The Kougra pulls on Buzzer wings
With matching headband, shirt, and slacks
On the hunt for a fresh friend to sting.

Another day the Kougra swaps
Plain clothing for a sailor suit
With jaunty hat, trousers, and top,
The Kougra hunts for pirate loot.

Sometimes the thought of Kreludor
Makes Kougras choose pristine space suits
And imagine the moon is theirs to explore
With bubbled helmets and sturdy boots.

No paint brushes do Kougras need
When they desire a transformation.
Costumes and face-paint provide the key
To unlock a Kougra's imagination.

By _Razcalz_

It lounges contentedly in a
corner warm: cotton ears jut daringly,
eyes wondering, fleece-brows mismatched
like candy slivers. It won't mind when you fluff
it up and puff it up, or when you settle to
nap a trouble-free nap; it won't
mind when you dream dreams of
purple and softness and patches and
stuffing, nor when even the most uneasy
of pets find solace in an unexpected form:
the smile of a Kougra pillow -- and yes,
even mismatched eyebrows --
and a plush of a plush.

In Honour of My Starry Kougra
By Tealnova_dragon

Kougra, Kougra, burning bright --
Silly rhyme is brought to light.
Listen to my story, full of childish delight!

In stripes of gold
And lore long told,
This Kougra reigns the tales of old.

Bold, brash, burning,
For adventure she's always yearning,
What's so special, you'll soon be discerning!

With brave broad paws,
She heeds no laws,
Roams the lands, is it her you saw?

With paint of stars
And roars of "Garrr!"
By night, by starlight, she pounces.

Mighty leap and twirl of leaves,
If it's her, you'll be quite peeved,
...Is that slobber that you perceive?

With a grand old lick, a wag of her tail,
A smile with some heartwarming gales,
She has found you in hide and seek!

Princess of Disco
By Sadinei

With her dazzling golden eyes,
She looks up to the clear blue skies.
The slight breeze ruffles her green fur,
She smiles, moves, and then lets out a purr.

This disco Kougra just loves to dance,
You should watch her should you get the chance.
She moves as softly and as gracefully as the wind,
When she dances, keep your eyes skinned.

Colourful flowers decorate her majestical fur,
Some are twined in while others are part of her.
In spring she wears those most vibrant in hue,
While in winter they are mostly of the colour blue.

When the day is done and her moves complete,
Her paws will falter, no longer as fleet.
She will retreat with her tail in the air,
To nothing and no one will she ever compare.

Of Kougras and Neggs
By Warzia

Prowling along the dewy ferns,
tail flicking like a Cobrall behind,
one step with his large paws as his ear turns,
even if he couldn't see, he'd not be blind.
Claws brush leaves underpaw as he hears his prey,
equal on his paws does he weigh,
he squints and moistens his hungry lips,
the soft dirt on the floor his claw grips,
he scrunches hindquarters and prepares to pounce,
he observes his prey flounce,
he smirks cleverly and bunches his legs,
watches his prey as its master munches on Neggs,
blissfully unaware...
The Kougra laughs as he leaps from the floor,
claws scrabbling as he lets loose a meek roar,
he tackles his older sister's teal tail,
but not before she flicks it away!
"Epic fail."
His sister pops another Negg into her jaws
as she pads away from her young brother,
she snickers and stalks away,
but then there's a pause,
she turns and gives her sibling a Negg,
before eating another.

A Kougra Named Rufus
By Jcspare

There was a young Kougra named Rufus,
No previous great deeds to discuss.
Was Year Six, which I believe
A great title he did once receive,
A Grand Bogen now stands before us.

In charge of the festival he might say
The rest of us all knew, no way.
Celebrations into the wee hour,
A great feast did we devour;
After, fast asleep we all did lay.

There was a large mess we did leave,
The likes of you would not believe.
The plates were one mile high;
I swear they did touch the sky.
The mess, we knew someone would relieve.

There was a young Kougra named Rufus,
A great deed we all must discuss,
Some say it was not fair --
we could all feel his despair --
But the Island he did clean up for us.

Lament of the Fire Kougra
By Ecobabe

The liar's mark
My fur aflame
I sit alone
In utter shame

I tried not lie to no avail
My nature forced me to
How can I be coloured fire
When I feel so awfully blue?

My pants on fire, my fur is too.
I think back on that day
I tried to gain but one's respect
And ended up this way.

"Alas!" I cried. "Behold the true!"
And others gathered 'round.
"I will break this piece of stone
without a single sound!"

I closed my eyes to meditate
As they placed some bets.
With a devious smirk, I did something
I would live to regret.

The Neopians grew quiet, one by one,
As I drew my hand to smack.
Then shock came through from all the crowd
At the hammer 'hind my back.

The crowd grew mad, and I believe,
Though I can not be sure,
That the crowd's chants changed me to this
From my previous lovely azure.

"Liar, liar, your pants on fire!"
It haunts me to this day
How one little trick can make you live
In shame, as I do this way.

The liar's mark
My fur aflame
I sit alone
In utter shame.

Kougra Bath
By Xx_neomania

I huffed and called his name,
But of course, he didn't respond.
I searched through the house,
And down the street to the pond.

This Kougra of mine was fast,
I saw but his tail flick across the path,
I was getting somewhat impatient,
After all, it was only a bath.

I promised him candy and sweets,
Anything he wanted as a reward.
All my offers and cooing were in vain,
Even my promise of sundaes were ignored.

I had already filled the tub,
Had tiptoed toward his snoozing back,
Almost had tackled him,
When he realised my sneak attack.

Needless to say at this point
It didn't go as planned.
After he accidentally saw,
The Kougra shining soap in my hand.

The Mist Kougra
By Icesmith

Pouncing through night, his stripes do blend,
With the shadows of the eternal moon,
His claws strike deep in the heart of the ground,
And his breath does create a most melancholy tune.

His fur does flow the endless breeze,
Stripes of a sickening white,
And with his teeth sharpened and clear,
All do fear of his deathly bite.

But when does he come? No one knows,
For he only appears when you dread.
Fear, anxiety, he welcomes them all,
Whether standing awake or lying in bed.

Each corner he crawls, pouncing through night,
As the shadows welcome his glare,
And with a deathly howl to the night,
No single poor soul does he spare.

Coming right up behind you now,
You feel his sickening breath,
As the mist entangles your heart with glee,
You sense warning, danger, death.

So quick you turn, to see for yourself,
But to your witness you are unaware,
As the Mist Kougra lunges, another victim,
And all you can see is his snare.

Training of a Palace Guard
By Pansyparkinson14

The young orange Kougra
Furrows his brow,
His mind and body are set.
He tenses his muscles,
Takes a deep breath,
And tries his best not to fret.

With a powerful motion,
He strikes at the board,
But his first try is in vain.
The board remains stiff,
His shame is complete,
And his arm is throbbing with pain.

The training of a Shenkuu Palace Guard
Is tiresome and difficult: After all,
The guards of Shenkuu Palace are the best.
Therefore Katsuo refuses to give up;
He readies himself once more;
He rejects the idea of rest.

Katsuo closes his eyes,
Focusing his concentration,
And strikes straight and true!
This time the board gives way,
Katsuo bows with a broad smile:
This time there's nothing to rue!

Nameless Fire Kougra
By Felineprince

Perched upon a jutting hill
A Kougra far from home
Bathed in red evening light,
Nameless, proud, and all alone.

An onyx pelt of blackest night,
Golden stripes shape his form.
Amber eyes like the moon,
Dark fur so strangely warm.

Alert eyes scan the land below,
Caught in sunset's glare.
Fire Kougra, keeping watch
Fur lit up like a flare.

Who is this Kougra, nameless?
With fiery pelt so bold?
Why does he choose to wander here?
His story remains untold.

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