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Of Molten Flame
By _Razcalz_ and Larkspurlane

He'd known much before
the fire, the caves of simmering rock,
a land where seething flows
claim the negligent;
he'd known much before the sighs
of torches that harmonise with
radiant crimson and crevice-shadows,
and the shine of secreted
obsidian, and the hungry churn
of steam-motion --

Oh yes, he'd known the isle
of his kind, of shores
perhaps never to be glimpsed
by others beyond films of
convening vapour; of tropics fragrant
and low-stooping vines, a haven
where birdsong and vitality
never dwindle, and one that knows
only of emerald and blue:
and it is from
those waves so still and sidling
that he first emerged, nestled by the
rapture and grace of Lutari friends
and their ever-brilliant sea.

And all this is no more, for he
now bears the fire of a history set deep
beneath, and though you
thought it unlikely, a creature of
coral bright and breeze-cool depths
has turned the newfound fork
to become
one of molten flame.

Lutari, Lost at Sea
By Reggieman721

Lutari Island, guarded by
a misty veil,
Lurks somewhere nearby, out of reach
in stormy gale.
I listen to the windswept darkness
howl and wail,
And try to guide the frightened, soaked,
and tattered sail.
I ask the ocean, will I live
to tell this tale?

Beneath my feet, the sloshing leakage
wets the floor,
As up above, the brooding clouds
still cry and pour,
And angry, breathing gusts unleash
a fearsome roar.
Abandoning the sheet, I reach
down for my oar,
And start to paddle blindly, praying
for the shore.

My panicked tears are mingling
with salty spray.
Lutari Island seems to be
so far away.
Oh why, why did I have to sail
so far astray?
Above, the sky looks down at me,
impassive, grey.
I do not know if I will see
the break of day.

Lutari Celebration Swim
By Anjie

Where ocean falters to a stream,
And boughs let sunlight through,
You'll find her there in shallow pools,
Where all is clear and blue.
Unprecedented is her grace,
She drifts on waves so small.
Lutari drifting, daydream grin,
A sight that must enthral.

Here she watches seasons change,
Green boughs do fade to gold.
Leaves that drift to water's edge,
A sight that won't grow old.
She knows the forest's every path,
Where berries moist do dwell.
A secret bounty in the leaves,
Of which she doesn't tell.

On moonlit eve when water laps,
You'll see them, dancing here.
Lutari folk who prance around,
When starlit beams grow sheer.
Moving to the water's edge,
In forest, rich and green.
Lutari celebration swims,
There is no greater scene.

This Lutari Day
By Mamasimios

Grab the Pan Flute and play a song;
Its haunting notes will dispel the fog,
Calling one and all to sing along
For it's Lutari Day!

With Tribal Makeup Set in hand,
We'll wear the colours of the Island
And frolic in the surf and sand
On this Lutari Day!

Lutari feathers in our hair,
We'll move like rainbows through the air,
Dancing on the beach without a care
Like each Lutari Day!

The Lutaris all will cease their swim
And approach the party to join in,
Happy pets with beaming grins,
Stars of Lutari Day!

Laughter on the Island breeze
Draw Weebly from the jungle trees
To sip Cocojuice with the Lutaris
Only on Lutari Day!

And as the sun begins to fade,
The Pan Flute will play a serenade.
We'll make a pact to meet again
On the next Lutari Day!

Island Lutari
By Autotune

On this beach with golden sands,
An island party's going strong!
Chilled drinks and sliced fruits
Are passed jubilantly around.
The vast crowd of partygoers
Pulses in excitement, and
The music plays a quirky beat;
And we dance, tapping out
A matching rhythm,
with sand between our toes
And salt spray in our hair.
Of all the dancers, one stands out;
An Island Lutari, lithe and supple,
Her fur glistening in the sun.
With a flower perched upon her ear,
And more yet on her wrists,
She dances alone, erratically,
To music only she can hear.
One by one we stop and stare
At this Island Lutari, her hands
Weaving around her head,
Her feet moving a graceful step
In a dance for the Neopian earth
And the sweet flowers that it bears --
A dance for their heady, dizzying fragrance
That sings for the night air.

Mr. Chipper
By Dragonstorm_75

He mans a cart filled with goodies,
To sate even the sweetest tooth.
Ice cream made by the finest dairies,
For adults and for delighted youth.

Mr. Chipper the blue Lutari,
A pedlar with happy little cart.
Around him it is always sunny,
Even though the snow can't part.

He has vanilla and the sweetest chocolate,
Mint and blueberry as well.
Would you like scoops in a double or triplet?
Hot fudge, sprinkles, chocolate shell?

Good Mr. Chipper sells it all,
But not everyone can have a taste.
You need a coupon to go to this stall,
And if you don't, please leave in haste!

The blue Lutari gets wroth indeed,
If you don't have a coupon to redeem.
But if you have one, please proceed!
And have a taste of his famous ice cream!

Secrets of Lutaris
By Concertogreat_8

There's an island, some do say,
Upon the shores, waves gently play.
The sand is white like dust,
Fragments of shells gleam bright as trust.

Palm fronds wave in the breeze,
Tropical fruits swing as if to tease.
The sun is a brilliant golden ball,
Gleaming off the trees seven metres tall.

Deep within the jungle's heart,
Creatures burst forth with a start.
All is quiet, in the wet green shade,
We can imagine there they once laid.

Bright green eyes and shiny pelts,
Silky whiskers, flower-belts,
Mouths are open, panting tongues,
Racing about with heaving lungs.

Secret waterfalls rush down,
Amid the stony pool on the ground.
Exotic flowers grow on vines,
Lutaris streak past in coloured lines.

Lutari Island is where the Lutaris play,
Rumour has it, to this very day.
Though they've now swum to Neopia,
Still they have their own secret utopia.

As Fluid as Sky, as Sea...
By Literacyleveler

Fluid motions as smooth as azure around,
Not suited for life on land or ground.
Twisting its elongated body with ease,
Performances they make seem to please.

Eyes aglow as sparkling sea,
Underneath the sunset, wild and free.
Dancing as though its heart were aflame,
Under the blue, hearts cannot be so tame.

Not a breath of a splash, and Lutaris are under,
The colours of oceans, enough to make wonder.
And as they speed down toward the grainy yellow,
The moment in time seems to be strangely mellow.

Thrusting paws forward, yet no energy burned,
Marine life is what these creatures have learned.
And as they swim, others seemed to have seen,
what beauty truly is, no space in between.

But even when the skies grow dim,
Energetic Lutaris know, life grows grim.
But as they look to the noble sky,
An exotic knowing plagues sparkling eyes.

Because they know, the sky will clear,
The clouds will scatter in distant fear.
And once the stormy waters are still,
Then they will come, as though they owned gills.

So if you go swimming, and if you looked down,
And suppressing a shout, instead you have found.
Colours as fluid as sky, as sea,
Just know that these are the Lutaris.

An Ode to Lutaris
By Karinche

High in the treetops they lay,
They gaze through the fog proudly.
Misty and small, such island is no dismay,
Forever these creatures will stay.

In the water they spend their time,
Quick and speedy in through the calm.
Koi and Jetsam, they try to mime,
But the Lutari's skills are divine.

When winter is near they flee,
To the warm sea of Mystery Island.
For three months they rest cozily,
Such a paradise, you'd have to agree!

Spring rolls over and weather is warm,
They're back on track, ruling the oceans.
The sea kings travel in large swarms,
Families together, close and in form.

To see one would be a delight,
But their temper is not the best.
Don't let their teeth give you a fright,
Because their fur coat is quite a sight.

For now I'll have to say,
That this concludes my ode to thee.
Don't fret because you can still celebrate,
On the joyous Lutari Day!

Azure Fantasy
By Haikumonster

Through the water, through the sea,
Strong and golden, wild and free,
In water dwells the Lutari
Lost in azure fantasy.

'Neath the rushing waters low,
'Neath the flood and 'neath the bough,
'Neath the river's churning flow,
Swimming, gliding oh so slow.

Time has no more presence here,
Naught to worry, not to fear,
Never weep or shed a tear
In these waters crystal clear.

Just a whisper of a song
'Neath the sea where you belong,
Floating gently all day long --
What could possibly go wrong?

Swim, Lutari, 'neath the skies,
Sink below the myths and lies.
There is nothing to despise
In this silver paradise.

Through the water, through the sea,
Strong and golden, wild and free,
Dance and swirl and laugh with glee
In this azure fantasy.

Land of the Lutari
By Scarletspindle

In the mists of hidden pasts
Lurks stony shore in mystic sea.
Ancient tales have long been told
Of the hidden Isle of Lutari.

In much mystery are they shrouded,
Such a riddle to behold.
The furry little creatures
Both coveted and bold.

And should you in your travels
Stumble 'cross that land;
Expect the unexpected
Or never be seen again.

For with beauty partners peril,
There's no reward without a cost.
Heed this in your travels,
Or risk forever being lost.

So if you stumble 'cross this island,
Beware of mists and storms;
In search of magic furry friends --
Traveller, be warned.

Haiku of Lutari
By Grace_neo10

A warm April day,
A tranquil river flows past,
A cloud drifting by.

Elusive species,
Dives head-first into the lake,
Strong, sleek-furred swimmer.

Searching, alert eyes,
Glimmer with spring days long gone,
Shining in the sun.

Astonishing coat,
All colours of the rainbow,
As bright as a jewel.

Powerful body,
Dripping water from its coat,
Emerges on the bank.

Every Lutari
Joins the celebration
Of Lutari Day!

The Pretty Purple Lutari
By Tealnova_dragon

Dressed in folds of silken purple,
A colour intense, deep, eye-catching.
Swishing through the warm party air --
The Lutari makes her rounds.
Propped upon her elfin face,
A lavender cloche -- framing her rounded cheeks.
A single white flower lay pinned in its white ribbon,
Ever so sweetly.
She floats along the tiled floors --
With dainty shoes of crystal lilac...
So many words, so many shades of life,
So many purples to describe!
She sparkles as she strikes up a dance --
The disco lights blur off her figure --
So many colours --
Plum, mauve, wine, amethyst...
Glittering off delicate ruffles --
Lovely and blushing beautiful!
Her smile glitters as well --
Wide white grins and merry waves of the hands --
Furry paws, sleek, swimmer's body.
Don't you wish to dress your own darling Lutari
Like the Pretty Purple Lutari?

Forbidding Treasure
By Notonetobequiet

The pendant sits
Upon a knackered altar,
Hewn from wood --
Its presence radiating brilliance.

The beads are polished, perfect shapes
Resting upon strings as
The wind blows, feathers flutter in silence.
An air of scorn hovers in the temple
Reminding old souls
Of the ancient, forbidding ways.

The talisman gleams, like silver
While the light gently flutters in;
Far in the distance, a tattered song is heard
An uplifting reminder of the past.

Shattered memories meant to last,
But not one being can recall
The ways, customs, life
Of the Lutari
Were ancient acts meant to fall.

The ways of the Lutari,
Ancient history stacked
Within million of talismans, perhaps.
Little is known
About the island, Lutaris, pendants --
Whether mind, body, or soul.

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