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Long Ago
By Reggieman721

I knew a Shoyru long ago
Whose eyes held all the glory of the sun.
They had a golden yellow glow
That shone like fading rays when day is done.
They had that quality, you know,
A subtle beauty paralleled by none.

I knew a Shoyru way back when
Who truly knew just what it means to fly.
I can't forget her. She, my friend --
She used to dance for me, up in the sky.
She'd spread her wings and smile, and then
Her lips would part and say that word: "Goodbye."

I never really understood
The reason for the smiling, fond farewell.
It didn't matter -- nothing would.
No, nothing mattered when she cast her spell.
When she would fly, all things were good,
And nothing could suppress the joy we felt.

I am a Shoyru too, of course,
But I am not a bit like her at all,
For, even if I tried to force
My wings to take up flight, I'd only fall.
I'm weak, I'm broke, I'm lame, I'm torn,
But still, here on the ground, I stand up tall.

I knew a Shoyru long ago
Who flew for me when I could only gaze
And listen to the zephyrs blow
And fill her wings, and fill my lonely days.
We two were one, and time would slow,
Until the winds of fate swept her away.

A Shoyru's Song
By Anjie

Lingering, melodic note,
Alluring, in the air.
A song of beauty dances on,
In voice serene and fair.

Shoyru draped on velvet cloud,
A dream in lovely eyes.
Translucent wings trail in the breeze,
A vision in the skies.

Oh, she sings a lovely tune,
A melody so sweet.
Of how it feels to skim the clouds,
The breeze beneath her feet.

She tells of flying high above,
The others, far below.
Of how the sunrise lights the sky,
And makes her silk wings glow.

Of what it's like to dance on stars,
And tread on moonlit beam.
She sings aloud this lovely tune,
Her eyes with longing gleam.

She dreams of flying without care,
Her problems on the ground.
Nothing here to cause concern,
No worries to be found.

Of faerie wings and violet form,
The Shoyru song so light.
The tale of a life on wings,
And deepest love of flight.

Her lyrics drift on summer breeze
And to the folk below
To give them dreams of skies above,
A world that she doth know.

Mutant Shoyru, Beautiful Shoyru
By Mamasimios

One mutant Shoyru stands alone,
Purple as a tender bruise,
With mouth fixed in a helpless sneer;
He could not smile were he to choose.

Created in his mutant form
By Sloth himself so long ago,
The Shoyru has spent lone chilly days
In search of camaraderie's warming glow.

Solitary he has travelled
From sea to sky, from land to land,
But never yet has friendship grasped
His outstretched, hopeful, beclawed hand.

He does not float upon his wings
Like lithesome faeries, light as air,
But rather brusquely stabs the sky
A looming blotch, lurking nightmare.

But does not the heart within his chest,
Beneath the mottled, pimpled hide,
Not beat the same as do our own?
Are we not all the same inside?

Long has he searched, this mutant Shoyru,
Repulsing all who chance see him.
He hopes that some day someone will see
The beauty that he hides within.

Of Flecks and Fleece
By _Razcalz_

His wings are flurry-flecked,
dabs of winter upon dark green canvas --
a canvas as no other, for they are
dual quilts of miracle that carry him high;
those smudges of white, as he flies,
become so subtly joined in motion with
the grey sky's own.

He's bundled, woolly fleece
treasuring coziness and breath
within -- just as Faerieland
sails nestled on the foam
of her serene sea.

His boots are gleamed, peeping,
like charcoal without the dull, and
obsidian without the rigidity --
for the Christmas Shoyru is anything
if unvarying like shined glass.
I spoke of his flight, and his apparel,
but not yet of his heart --
a heart so wide and giving,
it'd swathe the snowy storm
in a single wingbeat and
keep it there, locked safely
from the world.

And when holly is hung once more
and carols work their magic,
he'll gift the little ones
with more than just toys --
but a forever tinsel of warmth,
from the gold-mine of his
mountain of a heart.

Plushie Shoyru
By Concertogreat_8

Plushie Shoyru sits on a shelf,
And gazes up with a button eye,
At the pink-and-orange sky.

Only in an imagination,
The lonely wings will flutter,
All the way to the Space Station.

Dust gathers on a drooping head,
Patched and threadbare,
Tossed carelessly upon a bed.

Stuffing leaks from clumsy seams,
An owner's attempt at repair,
As if just cracked ceiling beams.

A velvet nose has long been rubbed,
A tiny paw is coming loose,
This little Shoyru has been loved.

The room is dark, the Shoyru still,
The bed has gathered dust;
The toys have lost their will.

No matter how long the years,
Still the Shoyru will lie in calm wait,
And no one will see the plushie tears.

Shoyru Lullaby
By Spirit_of_johto

Spread your wings and fly
Slicing through the skies,
But surely don't cry
Or let tears drip from your eyes
From the clouds up on high
To the sand, soft and dry.

As the sun is dappled red
And slowly fades to night,
Come and rest your head
Under the moon, cold and bright,
Without another word said
And bedtime stories read.

Have an innocent little dream
Under a twinkling star.
As real as it may seem
With reality gone afar,
Thoughts as sweet as cream
Flowing like a stream.

When pale dawn light shines in
Your eyes open to see
The last signs of a night that's been
And a feeling new and free.
Emerge slowly from your den,
The Shoyru shall fly again.

The Shoyru Archer
By Dragonstorm_75

Unerring arrows left and right,
Against the advancing foe,
Darigan's forces come in sight,
Their war machines in tow.

The Shoyru Archer smirks with glee,
His bow now strung and drawn.
He holds the bridge's guard, you see,
Against the soldiers' brawn.

The tide is stemmed by his hand,
Illusen's Glade would not be fouled.
The tranquillity will keep and stand,
And that's why the Shoyru acted.

He alone protected the Glade,
His aim so sharp and true!
Of the masses he was not afraid,
And this the generals knew.

Their morale was made to lack,
The generals called a retreat.
The triumphant archer now fell back,
Exhausted from his feat.

And because of his true-shot aim,
Illusen's Glade they never did claim!

The Quarry Guard
By Kittengriffin

The click
and pound of picks
echo through the air.

The rock,
opaque grey blocks,
is Moltara's crafting fare.

The work
that none can shirk --
the quarry's strength and care.

The watch,
that none may botch,
is for a tourist's grasp and fingers.

The guard --
a Shoyru angry, hard,
with skin like dusk that lingers.

The shout
"Hey, keep out!"
puts hearts through the wringers.

The sneak,
a tourist wanting a peek,
rushes quick as can away.

The smirk
of the Shoyru lurk --
is bright after that day.

"The thief
had only a visit brief,"
that quiet smirk did say.

Zombie Shoyrus Need Love Too!
By Trollm

I'd like to give you a hug,
though you might think I'm scary;
My clothes are kind of tattered --
At least they're nice and airy!

My wings don't hold me up so well --
They're stretched out, and they're leaky;
My mom says that they look real nice --
Yours says they're kind of freaky!

My eyes are pretty sunken in --
And a little bloodshot too,
Maybe that's from the pepper spray
From when you said adieu?

I get that you don't like me.
I smell like rotten flesh,
But maybe get to know me
By more than my bad breath?

We could walk down to Game Graveyard,
And sometimes Brain Tree too?
Scaring little children --
Or playing Sophie's Stew!

I promise not to eat you,
or maybe just a bite?
I'd really like to have a friend
Who isn't fixed with fright!

So please won't you consider,
A spooky kind of chum?
Nobody would pick on you --
I'll share brain-flavoured gum!

Shona Shadow Shoyru
By Brilliance109p

Shona Shadow Shoyru
On shoreline's shallow sheen,
Stands staring at the shameless stars
She wonders what they mean.

The ships so softly shifting,
She sees with stirring eye,
Her dark wings gently moving;
Set seamless by the sky.

The sea does show a shimmer
Where dawn shall surely shine,
Wind and water waltzing,
Shells and sand so fine.

She knows what love and laughter
Shall thrive on Shoyru Day,
She sings, a solo silhouette,
A spectre on the bay.

And oh, as morning murmurs,
And daybreak's just ajar,
You'll still find Shona Shoyru
Contemplating the stars.

The Shoyru Flight
By Chernobyl44

I'd always watch my Shoyru friend;
When he wished to fly,
He'd spread his wings and make a leap
Into the great, vast sky.
And even though there'd be jealousy
Eating at my soul,
I couldn't help but crane my neck
And continue to watch him go.
The clouds were his playthings,
All flimsy and pearly white,
And sometimes he'd go up and up
'Til he vanished from my sight.
My chest would pound, my eyes water,
As I strained to see him soar,
But I'd never need to worry,
For he'd always descend once more.
Feelings would rush, my vision shaking,
As I dreamt of forever flying,
With my friend here as my avatar,
My longing never dying.
And when he'd hit the ground again,
I'd realise with a start,
You don't need wings to take flight --
You just need to believe it in your heart.

The Dreamy Shoyru
By Tealnova_dragon

Adrift among the clouds --
My heart takes comfort.

To fly across the starry skies,
To say some tearful good-byes.

To see the heights of mountains --
To skim the surface of waters past.

I am the Shoyru.

Our wings are bred for the currents of air
To feel the intensity of the sun's glare.

The horizon is my world, the sky is my haven,
No other place, anchored to the earth,
Can contain my airy soul.

Aviator I am, decked out in purple pink.
On top of those clouds, I can blissfully sink --
The Shoyru's dreams, daydreamed.
Her head in the clouds, always looks unaware.

We Shoyrus... we belong in the sky.

A Forgotten Fire
By Mooneclipse

On a day so dark and dreary,
There trekked a traveller, footsteps weary.
And for each heavy step he took,
He thought of the sky and had a look.

For in his heart, he did dearly desire
To glimpse in the sky a forgotten fire.
Legends told of the ancient sight
That on dark days there would come a light.

On days when rain is sure to yield,
Flooding forest, farm, river, and field,
Sometimes a rainbow could be seen,
A rainbow unlike one that had ever been.

And on that day the traveller sighed,
Thinking that the legends lied.
There was no rainbow on this day!
The sky was dark, gloomy, and grey!

But as his heart was sinking fast,
A sight, behold in the sky amassed.
They came in flocks the flying crew --
A winged flight of bright Shoyru!

They wheeled and dove and danced away,
Their wings were bright against the grey.
In rainbow colours vivid as can be --
Emerald, sapphire, violet, gold, ruby!

And as the traveller watched he smiled.
He had never before been so beguiled.
A sight so bright it lifted his heart,
He was deeply honoured to take part.

The Shoyru did drive the grey away,
Revealing the sun, the sky, the day.
And so the traveller prepared to move along,
For his journey he could not prolong.

But as he readied himself to depart,
To him her knowledge did a Shoyru impart.
She said, "Good traveller, please let it be known,
When skies seem dark and one feels alone --

"The world can seem a dreary place,
But remember this and with good grace:
The sun may not always be bright
And you may not always see the light,

"But it is there, and this I know,
You take it with you, wherever you go.
So hold it close and keep it well,
For this knowledge you must to others tell."

The Shoyru smiled and fluttered away,
Taking with her the last of the grey,
And the traveller did journey for many days
Spreading her great wisdom along the way.

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