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Neopets Poems

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A Disgruntled Gadgads Cleaner
By Lily2b18

Clean up the berries, they all say.
The mess they make is foul.
The festival of fruit on an island,
And they wonder why I scowl.
A hot climate makes things spoil,
A rotten Azzle is rank.
And I have to pick up after their mess,
But not once do they come and say "Thanks."
It's not that I don't like the festival,
I love it, the folks, the fruit,
I think it's enchanting and it smells quite nice,
But afterward, it's not so cute.
The grubs love to feast on the spoils,
The confetti and streamers lie wasted,
What once was so pretty, so lovely, so nice,
Is gone, like the fruit that you tasted.
I love Gadgadsbogen, I honestly do,
It's such a beautiful scene,
I just feel like I'd love it a whole lot more
If I just didn't have to clean.

The Gadgads Disaster
By Icesmith

Come and gather in this sunny abode,
Mingle in the sun and salute,
As we cherish and praise the wonderful taste,
That belongs to the sweet, sweet... fruit?!

Hey, wait a minute, this can't be right,
Who wants to worship something so dull?
It tastes so gruesome and feels so icky,
I'm afraid my feelings do remain null!

I mean, just look at some of this stuff,
The Green Octopepper bulges so wide,
Its tentacles lunge at me, I'm afraid to touch,
You want me to celebrate? I'd much rather hide!

And, oh my goodness, what is that?
A what? Tobbie Fruit, you say?
Pink and yellow? And what a sour smell,
I'm afraid I'll have to beckon you away!

A Twirly Fruit? I've never heard of it,
But the appearance of it is quite weird,
It seems to just go round and round,
My motion sickness! Oh, just what I feared!

But that does not mean that I prefer the dull,
As this Flatfruit is simply absurd!
The base, so boring, and the top, how weak,
The Twirly Fruit I much preferred!

So, as you can see, I'm afraid I am done,
And from Gadgadsbogen I must depart,
I bid you farewell, what a disgusting day,
And with my Chokato Burger I will dart!

Gadgadsbogen Festival, in Acrostic Terms
By Larkspurlane

A festival of the tropical sort, when
Dew-heavy blossoms
Grow in wild bouquets
Among fruit trees heavy and
Dripping with fruit to pluck.
Skies glow, laced with the
Blue-gold languid glory
Of lazy morning clouds.
Gadsgadsbogen; a season for
Eating, and a season for singing
New songs amidst new treasures;
Fruits sweet, flavours
Exotic, spiced, sour, and
Strange, flights of fancy in
This edible form, masterpieces of art
In clinging bunches from
Vine and branch,
As summer days run by
Like honey, just as slow, and just as sweet.

Gadgadsbogen Berries
By _Razcalz_

Gadgadsbogen Festival,
Month of Running's start.
Celebrating tropic fruit,
They're wheeled in cart by cart.
Party of the tiki style,
Parades and limbo, too.
Appointed is the Grand Bogen,
Cleans up after it's through.

Highlight of the day, of course,
Is limbo match, on floor.
Dancers line up one by one,
When stick is touched, it's o'er.
While this goes on, the other guests
Enjoy the berries ripe.
Grown on Island's own rich soil,
Some of every type.

Kougra Rufus, Grand Bogen,
Does assure the guests:
"So bright and ripened are the fruits,
Harvest was a success!"
Combfruit, Gleenut, Cloudberry,
Transparaberries fair.
There is a problem, however:
The berries are not there.

Rufus spots a juice-stained trail,
Leading beneath a tree.
What else was he to discover
Than baby Techos three?
Munching on the last berries,
Juice lingering on their chins.
Final ray of setting sun
Does light innocent grins.

The Call of Gadgadsbogen
By Anjie

Sunlit gold awash on shore,
Arise, oh vibrant day!
A festival so grand awaits,
A feast is on its way!
Discovery and mystery,
Are Gadgadsbogen's key.
What rainbow fruits shall soon appear?
What will the new tastes be?

Ah, but once a year it comes,
To Mystery Island's shore!
All anticipate its fun,
Discover and explore!
Will the greenery unfold?
And yield an unseen crop?
Will this season bring a treat?
And shall the old fruits stop?

The waves shall crash on golden sand,
The island doth awake.
All wondering, "Today's the day?"
What form shall new crop take?
They dash to fields awash with green,
And laced with fruit galore!
Gadgadsbogen hath arrived,
On Mystery Island's shore!

Mystery Fruit
By Seraphina_de_sangre

In the month of Running, come all gather round
for the grandest fruit festival going on in our town.
On Mystery Island, on this good, good day
The Gadgadsbogen festival is now underway.

But what is it everyone's dying to see,
what draws these pets over land, over sea?
Mystery fruit, mystery fruit,
What is the name of the mystery fruit?

To honour this harvest we take to the streets,
surrounded by fruits that we all love to eat,
Why look at that concert, what a lovely parade,
I hope that my most favourite fruits will not fade.

Now natives and tourists are gathering near,
And the next thing we hear is a loud, roaring cheer,
For mystery fruit, mystery fruit,
What is the name of the mystery fruit?

The great sun is sinking as a hush takes the crowd,
and one giant fruit pops up from the ground.
It's yellow, it's spotted, it's covered in lumps!
No, it's purple, it's green, it's speckled with bumps!

The great elder of Pango comes out from his hut,
And takes a deep breath down into his guts,
Mystery fruit, mystery fruit,
What is the name of the mystery fruit?
"IT'S --"

In Honour of Gadgadsbogen
By Kaori_blackheart

The Festival of Fruit has arrived at last!
So quickly, quickly, while it lasts,
Let's celebrate the fruits so great!
Come one! Come all!

Is the Azzle to your liking?
Why good, I am so glad!
How about the Funnydew Melon?
Careful! It might make you laugh!

I hope you like the Lemoran,
they really pack a kick!
Here, try this Cocoa Juppie,
too many and you'll be sick!

Oh no!
How sad!
This glorious day of Gadgadsbogen sadly
Soon shall end.

One last hoorah for Gadgadsbogen,
The Festival of Fruits!

The Legend of Gadgadsbogen
By Sadinei

Watching the sun travel swiftly across the sky,
A little baby Mynci looked up and let out a sigh.
"It goes so fast," he said through a yawn.
The sun was steadily sinking, soon it was gone.

"I'll tell you a story, my little Mynci child,"
His Aisha mother happily said as she smiled.
"There once was a Mynci, just like you,
Who bet a friend he could race sun, a day through."

"He started at sunrise, his pack full of fruit,
But as he started running he began losing his loot!
A hole in the bottom of his bag did allow it to fall,
All he had left were three Juppies, I do recall."

"The sun soon ran ahead, the Mynci growing weak,
Watching the sky, chances of winning looked bleak.
As he reached for last Juppie a stranger did stare,
The shivering figure convinced the Mynci to share."

"He handed over the Juppie, convinced he had lost,
But it turned out to be not at such a great cost.
The figure turned out to be a bright earth faerie,
To the shivering figure she was quite the contrary."

"Her name was Tyleine; she rewarded him with gift,
Taking away his weariness, making him again swift.
The red Mynci ran with great speed until the end,
Reaching the ocean with energy left to expend."

"As he returned to the place where Tyleine stood,
She returned the Juppie like all good faeries would.
On his travels. the Mynci scattered the seeds,
One of Mystery Island's greatest deeds."

"Where the seeds were dropped new fruits did grow,
And now every year on Gadgadsbogen more show.
We take those from last year and stow them away,
Hoping they will be worth something someday."

The Mynci looked up at his mother with wide eyes,
Several questions from his lips did arise.
"What was his name, and who was his friend?
Did he even manage to beat the sun in the end?"

His mother just smiled, her eyes knowing all,
As she lifted her son and carried him down the hall.
"His name was Llugh, Mizuko his friend's name,
His friend and I, we are both one and the same."

"Now as for the race, I could never forget,
One of us won and the other lost that bet.
However, now is a time for you to go and play,
That is another story... one for another day."

Come Celebrate Gadgadsbogen!
By Autotune

Gadgadsbogen, the Mystery Island
Festival of Fruit!
Won't you come and celebrate
As new fruits come take root?

Join in our festivities,
And partake in this feast;
A celebration to remember,
At the very least!

Come and sample Doughnutfruits
And taste Flaming Bomberries;
Come lick a Carnapepper, or
Pick Banangos fresh off trees.

Come pop an Acnefruit perhaps?
Although I can't imagine why.
Or swallow a Hot Skrazzle whole --
Dare you even try?

Gadgadsbogen, a good, good day
For Neopians young and old.
I can't wait for the suspense of
Those new fruits to unfold!

Gadgadsbogen Kacheekers
By Mamasimios

Gadgadsbogen Kacheekers
Is my very favourite game.
It reminds me of the Festival
After which it's named.

When winter drags its icy fingers
Across my weather-weary cheeks,
And I long for fresh Banango Fruit
When there has been none for weeks,

I reach for Gadgadsbogen Kacheekers
And set up the board for play,
Placing each fruit in its square
Each Blurf, Owabit, and Stramberry.

With fingers chapped from months of coldness,
I run over the bright colours
And am instantly transported
To a time when winter's over.

I can nearly feel the sunshine,
The awakened earth beneath my feet,
I can almost taste the juices
Of new berries, fresh and sweet.

Round the board and arrive at springtime,
Chasing winter blues away.
With my Gadgadsbogen Kacheekers
It's a good, good game to play.

To Celebrate Fruit
By Concertogreat_8

the epitome of sweet,
of succulence,
fragile peels or furry skins,
hoary pits or slippery seeds
flesh is white or blue or red
pink or orange or cream or green,
like an underbelly.

name a melon, maybe two:
Ugga Melon,
Glowleaf, and Pleto

a few berries here and there, some
Jellyberries, Rockberries,
Skullberries, Blueberries,
Blackberries, Plateau berries

and of course don't forget:
Tigerfruit, Cocolatte fruit, Kiwi fruit
Tchea fruit, Puntec fruit, Grapefruit,
mottled or spiny,
swirled or speckled,
each one hiding its own brilliant surprise.

one long month of celebration,
in the chill of early waning spring
winter still clinging with an icy grip,
to honour all this fruit.

this is a banquet of heavenly taste,
where no napkins are required,
silverware is banned,
and only paws
and claws
and mouths
are allowed.

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