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The Most Beautiful Faerie
By Aaronwhat

Illusen claims to be the most beautiful faerie;
Jhudora thinks she's more like curdled dairy.
Fyora begs to differ as well;
On her mind the proclamation dwells:
"Can she really be so vain
To think over me she can claim
the radiance of all our kind?
She'll be getting a piece of my mind!"

So Illusen heard a knocking on her tree,
One rap, then two, now three,
Saw Fyora's face and rushed out,
Curious to see what the visit was about.
Perhaps a gift for her special day?
Surely it would seem that way,
But a personal visit was quite rare.
Her thoughts started turning to despair.

Now the confrontation began,
Illusen showing the reverence of an adoring fan.
"Oh, I wouldn't dream of outdoing you!
Respect must be shown where it's due."
The Queen thought it to be sincere,
And honestly, Illusen was a dear.
So now everything is calm,
Happy Illusen Day to all!

Leafspiral: Illusen, Faerie of the Wood
By Alynnra

Sunlight pierces shifting shade
Shadows slip between the trees
Wind whips branches in the glade
Leaves a-riot in the breeze

Sliding wraithlike swiftly by
Doe-eyed flitting o'er the loam
Runs past trees that touch the sky
This the place that she calls home

Garbed with leaves of emerald hue
Vines and feathers clothes adorn
Skin awash with glistening dew
Rise from dark to greet the morn

From the wood she seems to bend
Out of chrysalis emerge
With the forest she does blend
Force of nature, pulse and surge.

The Illusen Acrostic
By Anjie

In Meridell's most emerald glade
Lies realm where dreams are sweetly made.
Light doth filter, cool the shade,
Under trees within the glade.
Sweet faerie dwells here, pay her heed.
Endless are the things she'll need.
No quest too costly to afford,
See, faerie gives a fine reward.

Queen of vibrant secret glade,
Under her gaze, small dreams are made.
Emerald boughs do whisper soft.
Silken leaves held high aloft.
Tendrils twist, each sprawling vine.
Subtle jade sheen soft, sublime.

If you should meet the faerie, fair,
Note the flowing, radiant hair.

Meander to the glade of green,
Emerald realm so seldom seen.
Rare the faerie with green eyes,
In the glade where sun doth rise.
Daily does she sit and wait,
Envisions potions to create.
Lovely faerie in glade green,
Leafy realm, the flawless scene.

Flowers for Illusen
By Autotune

For Illusen, the fairest faerie,
I'd brave the fires of Moltara,
The ice of Terror Mountain.
For Illusen, the fairest faerie,
I'd even drink Dirt Achyfi.

For Illusen, the fairest faerie,
I searched for a perfect flower
To complement her beauty,
Earthly yet divine.
So I plucked some tender Zobamints
That so resembled her eyes;
Lilacs for her fragrance,
Sponderolas, her delicate skin,
All dusted with fine gold.
Jewel Blossoms for radiance,
Mighty Marigolds for strength;
Faeriewings for beauty,
Lovepetals for admiration.

For Illusen, the fairest faerie,
I braved irate gardeners,
Disgruntled shopkeepers,
Itchy meadows; worst of all,
A nasty bout of Pollenitus.

To Illusen, the fairest faerie,
I presented a bouquet;
Of the finest flowers I could find
For the finest in the land.
Alas, she wanted a Blue Toothbrush,
And I'd long run out of time.

The Affliction of Illusen
By 00baies_love00

Here on the eve of a glorious dawn,
There was a faerie who awoke with a yawn.
For beneath her Tree, the crowds were at bay,
With chants of "Happy, happy Illusen Day!"

So here it was, once again,
The onus from which she couldn't refrain.
For today was the day for her to prepare
Her speech, her dress, and -- of course -- her hair!

First task of the day was to greet her fans,
Who had gifts and treats tumbling from their hands.
So much love around, 'twas such a shame,
That Illusen felt not for them at all the same!

Little did they know where all those gifts went,
Let's just say it was a rather "random event."
But, oh no, that was not the worst at best,
Not when all she could hear was,
"OMG! Today's an avvie quest!"

All around her, pets flocked from near and far;
In her head she groaned, "What's in an avatar?"
But she continued to cling to her four-leaf clover,
In hopes that this torture would soon be over.

So the end of the day had finally come,
But, boy, was she glad to see the setting sun.
And all through the house there was not a peep,
Just the grumble: "Why can't they let me sleep?!"

Illusen's Departure
By Cookybananas324

She once lived in a house in the clouds
Yet Faerieland, to Illusen,
was no paradise.

Soon enough, she decided
To abandon the skies.

They asked her why.
Her reply:

"Give me a world full of flowers
trees, grasses, herbs, and bushes,
all things that live and grow

"Give me a land full of green
somewhere far below."

She was not one with many friends;
She valued solitude,
Few bid her goodbye.

With little ceremony
She forsook the sky

For a quiet glade
Cloaked in pines' shade,

A place full of flowers,
trees, grasses, herbs, and bushes,
all things that live and grow,

A land full of green
somewhere far below.

The Questing Threshold: Level 35
By Dragonstorm_75

A sweet fragrance hangs on the breeze
That whirls between the trees.
The quester arrives and is made at ease,
By the thousand vibrant lilies.

Illusen's Quest, the threshold level,
A shudder touches the quester's lips.
For 'tis as tenuous and as brittle
As a Draphly's gossamer wing tips.

There stands Illusen herself,
Her auburn hair tinged with forest green.
She pulls a potion from the shelf,
Tempting with its amber sheen.

"Get me my wish, and this potion is yours,"
Illusen announces with heart.
The item is rare; absent from stores,
But with the Honey Potion she must part!

The quester sets out on this quixotic quest,
Searching under root and stone.
He implores others without even a rest,
In sixteen minutes the item she must own.

At last it is found, her item of choice,
Illusen is pleased and so is the quester;
The threshold is passed, rejoice!
At least until level 36...

Illusen to her Glade
By Larkspurlane

Is there ever a day, Glade,
When you aren't attired
In the most breathtaking splendour?
Thank you for the gift, Glade,
Of revelling daily in your beauty --
Thank you for the Spring Birch
Tumbling over itself in leaves
And an excess of life,
Thank you for the Blackberry Bushes
Dense with sweets, for the heaping
Piles of Lovepetals, so brilliant they
Seem to be burning, for the
Grassy patches thick with
Autumn Sunset Daisies and
Late-blooming Cineraria --

Thank you for the terraces
Of twisting Cherry Blossom Trees,
For the paths of crumbling stone that lead
My idle steps down to the
Warm and sleepy sea,
Thank you for the hot smell of
Scattered drying pinecones,
Of thyme, and honey,
Thank you, Glade,
For happiness complete.

By Lotusbutterfly

In Meridell there lies a glade
Where sits a faerie, proud and true,
A leafy bower of light and shade,
With crystal skies and waters blue.
She sits alone among the trees,
Sighing with a wistful air,
Her elbows propped upon her knees,
And flowers woven in her hair.

The creatures come from far and near,
To frolic in her carefree home.
They whisper secrets in her ear,
With lightened hearts and worries none.
Quiet as a Miamouse she sits,
While all around the grove they play,
Laughing at her sparkling wit
And revelling in the fearless day.

Through the rushing cordate leaves,
An all-embracing emerald glow,
Carried on the tranquil breeze,
settles on all those below.
In this deep and secret bower,
Where all is quiet and peaceful still,
Time moves on by day and hour
And fills them with a gentle will.

Outside this space, the world does turn,
Neopians rushing to and fro,
Thinking on their deep concerns
And contemplating all their woes.
But in the wood, Illusen rests
As the light begins to fade,
Thinking how her home is blessed,
Her private, secret, sacred glade.

Illusen to the Dawn
By Mamasimios

A glade, a dell, an open space,
A clearing where the sun may shine
An opening in the canopy, the leafburst cover
Of trees that tower over the kingdom of
Fair Meridell, this home of mine,
I make my home within this glade
A house perched in this canopy
I tip my face toward the rays
Life-giving kindle, luminescence,
Join my voice to the aubade
Of forest singing dawn's daily nascence.
Fingers splayed I touch the waxing warmth
And invite showers, my ablution,
Lustration of the wildwood,
Roots parched, renewed, as I am too.
This sap, this lifeblood, beats beneath the bark
As beneath my skin an echoing
My veins contain reiteration of the elan,
Rhythms unseen and circadian,
Pulsing outward, seeking unison,
With the vigour of the weald
The thicket, the copse, this forest home
Where trees and earth and I are one
All rooted to the dawn.

Illusen's Quest
By Obscuraa

Wand'ring through the misty glen
Tendrils of vines like spilled ink from a pen
Soft footsteps pierce the damp, dark dirt
Birds find flowers with which to flirt

The dewy morning drifts along
The forest's dreamy earthen song
Awakens the guardian of the land
Grasps her in its confident hand

With fairest visage, marvellous grace
Her hair a web of mahogany lace
Illusen greets with open arms
Any who face the forest's charms

On soft-booted toe she asks her price
Of patrons who seek their latest vice.
Quest for me," Illusen calls,
"And you may reap from nature's halls."

The young Neopian, sure of foot,
Takes on the burden this faerie has put
Upon his shoulders, so that he may
Claim his prizes, ten a day.

Will he succeed? Or will he fail
And risk Illusen's rage, its gale?
Only time will tell his fate --
Best to wait for her celebratory date.

Illusen's Call
By Penskii

Quiet is the delicate wind,
Humming is the grass.
The trees are filled with magic,
Charming all who pass.

Go on, the clouds whisper.
Please come in, a voice calls.
A sing-song melody hypnotises,
From its wooden walls.

The place is almost hidden,
You'd have to search to find,
But once you're near you feel it,
Though to it, you once were blind.

Illusen, special faerie,
Sits waiting in her Glade,
Calling out with melodic voice,
As she rests within the shade.

The magic that surrounds her
Draws you ever near.
"Please come in, dear Neopet.
You have nothing to fear."

She'll ask you for items,
And first she'll start small.
But her sweet voice will soon demand
The most expensive of them all.

If you're timely she'll reward you,
But cruel punishment if you delay.
Though your pockets will be empty,
You just can't stay away.

Try as you might to miss it,
Her glade will continue its call,
Illusen's whispers in the forest
Are the strongest of them all.

Illusen's Glade
By Thimbletwix

'Twixt the hills and emerald plains,
Beyond the golden fields,
Through the orchard fresh and rich,
With sweet fruit yet to yield,
A hidden place amongst the boughs,
And nestled 'midst the brush,
A serene glade of peace and thought,
Tangled, bright, and lush.
The faerie glade of Meridell,
Illusen's circle fair,
Touched are they who wander in,
Those blessed to enter there.
Sleep upon a bed of moss,
Or breathe the cool, crisp air,
Taste of her ambrosial fruit,
Enchanted gardens bear.
A place of meditation,
Of nature's green caress,
Where Illusen may be found,
She who knows peace best.
Perhaps she may offer up
A quest, a challenge great,
With the promise of reward,
A hero's welcomed fate.
And yet, perhaps it is enough,
To rest and linger there.
To watch the lazy clouds drift by,
In Illusen's glade fair.

Illusen's Glade
By Tsuki_the_noodle

Never has there ever been
A spot of grass so mossy green.
Within the realm of Meridell,
A pure and graceful faerie dwells.

Like the timber, her hair is brown;
A legend clad in a leaf-lit gown.
Her eyes so observant, vibrant and green,
Her happy smile so peachy keen.

A warm cheery greeting, like a summer's day.
The heart of the forest is this fae.
But every flower has a thorn --
Jhudora makes her patience worn.

So to keep her thoughts at rest,
Many volunteer for her quests.
Of all her rewards given for my while,
The greatest of all is her smile.

With her voice full glee,
She says, "Goodbye!" and waves to me.
And as the sun sets on this day well-played --
We'll see you tomorrow, at Illusen's Glade.

By Xxxmagiabellexxx

A small pair of feet
softly step on the ground.
Naturally beautiful
against the soil that has browned.

Clusters of leaves
emit a delicate whisper.
Autumnal apples fall;
they have never looked crisper.

The Weewoos, they gather
and sing their songs, so merry.
As they make a way
for a beautiful earth faerie.

Her steps blend in
with the balance of Neopia.
The flora and the fauna
make the perfect utopia.

A marvellous sight,
the harmony and perfection.
The faerie's face
radiates with affection.

For this is her day,
her life and her way.
Join the celebration
that beams good vibrations.
We're together and strong
in this harmonising song.


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