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(Dis)honour Among Thieves
By Sadinei

I'm watching, but they do not notice;
A giant boulder hides me from view.
I can see the thieves having their meeting;
Of me being there they have no clue.

At their head is the Gelert Kanrik.
It's been ever a long time,
But I still hate him just as much
As when he committed that crime.

That Kanrik, he was treacherous --
He was planning to take my spot.
Now I watch him from the shadows
In the place he somehow got!

I know that he befriended Hannah,
Because he deceived us all.
Up there on Terror Mountain,
To the poison she didn't let him fall.

I am the fearsome Galem
And, Kanrik, you will see --
Someday I will return to the Guild,
And it will be ruled again by me!

Gelert Mountain Climber
By Concertogreat_8

in the land like no other
white with ice
frigid with want for belonging
mountains like spires rise
tips to the clouds
near where the jagged edge
parts the sky
the speck can be seen

in the desert dunes
that rise high
sullen lumps of sienna paint
slopped tall as trees
where the heat burns slowly
a relentless beating sun
no life grows nor water flows
the speck can be seen

near the fertile valleys
enclosed by palisades
grassy peaks wound
round with stony paths
crowned by wildflowers in beauteous bloom
the speck can be seen

in the clouds high above Neopia
where mountains aren't
yet still are
unbelievably existing
untouched by reality
there in the misty precipices
perched in the lofty pyramids
the speck can be seen

he who belongs to every place
where mountains rise
in height he finds his home
carries in his heart
the soul that seeks the lofty keep
unbound by earthly ties
the Gelert mountain climber.

Bruno's Tale
By Penskii

Once upon a time, long ago,
Lived a quiet, shy Gelert named Bruno.
He lived in Neovia, kept to himself,
But fell pray to a poison with everyone else.
His tale is one that is full of sorrow.
Normal today, hideous tomorrow.
It all started with a mysterious potion.
Sold by a Krawk, it caused such commotion.
For once a pet drank Krawley's brew,
It was a horrible change they went through.
Oh, the ugly monsters they became...
And Neovia decided Bruno was to blame.
Poor Bruno, a monster of horrible shape,
Ran off to the woods to make his escape.
Before he ran off, he did something brave.
Stood up for his family, 'twas them who he saved.
Ten years passed, without Bruno around.
When, thanks to Gilly, Bruno was found!
She took Bruno to Sophie's shack,
Together, the three of them planned their attack.
They sought to fight Neovia's curse,
but for poor Bruno, things just got worse.
For after Neovia was finally better,
And the adventure was all printed up in letter,
Bruno learned that the cure couldn't help,
Though he didn't cry, whine, scream, or yelp.
He accepted his fate rather gracefully,
And now lives his life with his family.
So remember, like Bruno, when things get worse,
That there's a bit of sunshine within every curse.

Pick Your Own: The Berry Ballad
By Anjie

The rolling hills were endless,
And the grass a velvet green.
Mist encased ol' Merifarm,
Completing tranquil scene.
Wicker baskets piled stack on stack,
They towered high.
Ripe berries sat upon each bough,
Beneath a silken sky.

Within the farmhouse old Gelert
Soon sent us on our way.
Firmly did he state we'd keep
Each treat we found that day!
As we walked toward the field,
One final comment, flung,
"Keep the berries, keep the boots,
But I own all the dung!"

Baskets held in claw and paw,
We walked each sprawling row.
Seeking hidden berries,
Like small treasures they would glow.
A piece of wire here and
A rotting old boot there,
Dung as well, some rainbow!
But to take it? Wouldn't dare!

Each gathered bounty brought us shock,
Which changed to quick delight.
Some as crimson as a flame,
And some as dark as night.
To leafy boughs we would reach up,
Grasp berries, tug, and pull!
Piling all upon each one,
Until baskets were full.

Satisfied, we headed back,
The day a grand success.
We ate as many as we picked,
I'm driven to confess.
The old Gelert was thorough,
As he quickly checked out loot,
The lesson was there's nought as fine
As freshly gathered fruit!

Kanrik's Blade
By Togepi_forever

It shimmers in the night,
a lonely testament to the past.
As the pale moon glances off the tip,
Ghosts of memory stir.

The wind whispers of deception --
of lies, betrayal, greed.
'Remember,' it pleads, 'who you once were.'
A Gelert who never learned to trust.

As the moon slowly fades,
and the golden sun takes its place,
the words fade to nothing.

With this dawn, a paw passes over the blade,
a silent promise to the past.
The mistakes of those days he will not repeat,
but Kanrik will never forget.

By Larkspurlane

She and the sea are like
One long unfurling wave:
Always in tune,
And the winds and the sun and the skies
Are their orchestra,

The sea is her heart, and she
Is its pulse, racing, breathless,
A gleaning of what makes
The world alive --

She feels the storm coming,
And she is the storm,
And as the sky
Grows thick with clouds,
She is the sea, the salt, the brine,
Distilled into a gleaming Maraquan body,
She is the point at which the heavy sky
Melts into the sea,
She is the current-surge, the blue,
The roll of wave on wave,
She is the smell of rain
Before it hits.

By Dragonstorm_75

A plumage of iridescent robes
Circles the ground in majesty.
A white beard of porcelain globes,
Carries the weight of royalty.

Drooping ears hold the burden
Of the gilded imperial throne,
Upon which lies a regal blazon:
Shenkuu's symbols are shown.

The Gelert Emperor, Golden King,
Leader of a mountainous land.
He holds himself with the highest bearing,
His gestures strong and grand.

Protector of the Shenkuu realm,
General of a thousand warriors,
Captain at the flying ship's helm,
Master of the raging zephyrs.

Yet in his eyes, such pools of wisdom,
There lies a pleasant countenance.
Not of one who rules a kingdom,
But of one of joy and brilliance.

Hail, oh Gelert Emperor,
All Shenkuu now calls your name!
Take heart, imperial master,
We are forever by your side.

Baby Gelert Bobble Head
By Mamasimios

I asked my Baby Gelert Bobble Head
If he was ready for a lark.
He nodded with excitement,
So I took him to the park.

"Are you watching for the flying disc?"
He nodded a firm yes,
But when I threw the disc at him,
It hit him in the chest.

I asked my Baby Gelert Bobble Head
If he was hungry enough to eat.
His head bobbed an affirmative,
So I served him up some meat.

"Are you sure you're really hungry?"
He insisted that he was,
But the food sat untouched in his dish
Until it grew a blue-green fuzz.

I asked my Baby Gelert Bobble Head
If he was mad at me,
And he confirmed my worst suspicions
With his head's trajectory.

"Are you ready to be friends again?"
I was afraid to ask,
But he nodded his forgiveness,
And my joy was unsurpassed.

I asked my Baby Gelert Bobble Head
If he would always be my friend.
Did he like me? Did he need me?
Would he stay until the end?

He nodded and he nodded;
His consent was emphatic,
And I rejoiced in having found
Such an acquiescent pet.

Bruno's Tale
By Moulinrouge21

Deeply hidden, alone and mutated in the woods,
Bruno creeps quietly, so misunderstood.
Shunned from society, gasps at his presence,
All due to Mr Krawley's unknown essence.

Living in Neovia, he once was scrawny and shy,
Ending up in a dark, desolate cave nowhere nearby.
His sister Sophie, fleeing the citizens of the town,
Mixing her concoctions secretly deep down.

Discovered one decade later by a wandering Usul,
To defeat the Neovian curse and make everyone equal.
Unaffected by the cure, Bruno remained the same,
But accepting his fate, no longer hiding in shame.

Sophie the Swamp Witch still living in the forest,
With her array of spells, she is a potions artist.
Alone with her Meowclops, no one else around,
Don't enter her realm, she will leave you spellbound.

Bruno the valiant, for protecting his family,
But at last he can now live with them freely.
Trying to put Mr Krawley's potion behind,
His face might not show it, but his heart is kind.

Kanrik's Plight
By Starsofjazira

Darkness and cries
Greedy eyes
What do you seek,

Guild of Thieves
A great jewel deceives
Deathly ill sister
And a friend
"I don't mean what I'm about to do,"
Emotionless expression greets you.
"Your fate,

A betrayal and plight
The Bringer of Night
Only she can save you
Won't you extend your hand,

A swing of his blade
Exiled and stray
Masila's poison
Treacherous, beautiful, but how?
Galem has abandoned you,

Slowly eyes opened
To see two looking alack
"This power you've unleashed,
How will you take it back?"

In the heart of Terror Mountain
Lay the final battle
In which Galem did fall
"Are you a hero or a villain?
And was this worth it all?"

"Nice try, Galem,
But this is the end for you."
A curse needed lifting,
As the two began to move.
"We must go to Taelia,"
lay she frozen in ice
But for her freedom,
a healing for the price.

Trust forged in secret pacts
Promises that would fade to black
Into the shadows, in a dark coloured cloak
Swiftly he was off,
"This is the life of a thief,
You know?"

Dashing into the night,
Kanrik and his plight,
an oath he'd smuggled out with a jewel,
But in his heart,
a friend or two.

Memories of the trio
flicker in the back of his mind
As he walks among the Thieves Guild
and no one at his side.
There is hearty laughter;
Thieves gathered to this place,
But it is a fuzz
in the world outside his brain.

"I will not forget you."
Hannah had left that day
"But no one must know of this."
Adventure on her thoughts
"This is the life of a thief."
It seemed that all the places she'd been
"I must live in secrecy."
It was impossible to get lost.

"But we'll still be friends."
Her memories flicker back
"In a world beyond this."
In his memory, she smiles
As she walks along pirate caves.

"I'll remember you always,
as Kanrik the brave..."

When Gelerts Go Bad
By Tealnova_dragon

I eyed that book with apprehension.
Nothing is as it seems...

I peered over the top of page --
By the fireplace, my Gelert lay snoozing,
Unaware of me.
I shivered, hoisting the book closer.

When Gelerts Go Bad...

Oh, you'll know it!
Their fur, sleek and silky --
Becomes spiky and stringent.
With hackles raised, growls rumbling deep in their throats.

They're an honest lot, Gelerts are --
But beware the Gelert who's not on your side.

When they're your enemy,
You don't stand a chance --
Fighting down the virtues that they represent --

Before you know it,
YOU'RE the bad guy.

I threw away the book.
It was no use, no use.
That book is evil, since
My lovable Gelert,
So cuddly and warm,
Will never, EVER go bad!

Not All Gelerts Are Good
By Sugarypixiestix2

You may think all Gelerts are very loyal,
but that is something I am here to foil.
They don't all run playfully in the meadows,
some hide in the deep darkened shadows.
Do not be fooled by Bruno's kindness trait,
not all who look evil are made without hate.
Take Kanrik, for one; he is not your friend --
he would steal all your worth without a bend.
If you still are not convinced, do take heed,
the Gelert Pack's out for another raw deed.
So unless you enjoy being chewed upon,
you'd best look the other way when they carry on.
I understand your own Gelert may be sweet,
but it's not the same for every one you meet.
On the streets on Neopia you should keep guard,
even in Meridell when you see a fenced-in yard.
A beautiful silver Gelert might have her smile,
yet deep inside her heart could be most vile.
Just don't stick your hand out for them all,
and you should be safe from a neighbourly brawl.
Unless you wish to disregard all that I've said,
which is OK, but don't blame me for future dread.
Once you kiss that Mortog into a Gelert Prince,
you might not be joyous and instead just wince.

Offseason Haiku for a Darigan Gelert
By Autotune

Tandrak Shaye is so
cute and brave and strong and the
best Yooyuballer

ever! Darigan
Citadel won't ever lose
with this boy around,

there's not a chance in
Altador. we're sure to win
the cup this summer

by hook or by crook.
we've got the best right forward
in game history.

Tandrak Shaye. the best
Darigan Gelert you will
ever swoon over

or draw hearts around
his name. in spiral notebooks
all of the rabid

fangirls (like me) will
write "haiku" about Tandrak
that sound all funny.

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