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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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A Golden Quest
By Fleaf

Steaming is the greenery,
The ooze of primordial sheen,
A-breaking through the foliage,
A figure swift and serene.

Mynci, azure against the leaf,
Swinging through the trees,
Grabbing vines with nimble hands,
A banana it will seize.

Eyes roving for the sacred fruit,
Bright yellow as the sun.
Perched on a branch aloft,
A golden treasure for some.

The trunk stretches to the sky,
Almost brushing with the clouds.
This is no challenge for Mynci,
A-climbing without a sound.

Reaching for the shining prize,
The Mynci hungrily peels,
High above the canopy,
He enjoys his tasty meal!

The Ballad of Dunbarrie
By Mamasimios

Of all the tales that be told
Of the souls who've gone to sea
Too few recount that hero of old,
The Mynci named Dunbarrie.

Leaving Maraqua on a fishing trip,
A JubJub by his side,
They rowed their simple wooden skiff
Into the ocean wide.

The sky above hung blue and clear,
Smooth as glass were the seas,
The sun aglow with warming cheer,
From the southeast a gentle breeze.

Suddenly the weather turned;
The seas began to boil.
Above clouds blackly loomed and churned,
The winds gusting turmoil.

The pair quickly grabbed their oars,
But the current was too strong,
Keeping them from Maraqua's shores
And the safety of their homes.

As the sky turned dark as deepest night,
Chill rain stung exposed skin,
And the turgid waters to their right
Began to slowly spin.

As a whirlpool clearly formed,
The Mynci named Dunbarrie
Defied the danger of the storm
And fought against the seas.

Taking command of both the oars,
He kept from the cyclone's eye
And watched in mute and helpless horror
Maraqua's watery demise.

Yes, the whirlpool took Maraqua
To its grave beneath the seas,
But two survivors lived to tell the tale,
Thanks to a Mynci named Dunbarrie.

A Party for a Royal Girl Mynci
By Ktkdk

When I think of beauty and of grace,
My mind goes to an elegant place.
To be precise, it's the land of Shenkuu.
Shortly, I will describe it to you.

The air is balmy and smells of jasmine,
And warm raindrops fall on your skin.
Of course, you can visit the Cyodrake's Gaze,
But I'd rather visit royal Myncies with my days.

After I get into my best clothes,
I hurry off to impose
On the hospitality of a gorgeous royal Mynci,
My host and a dear friend to me.

However, she doesn't live in a castle.
She thinks court life is such a hassle.
Instead she lives in a modest abode
At the end of a quiet, cobbled road.

I come to her house and her door is opened wide,
I remove my shoes and step inside,
She rushes out to greet me and I smile.
The long journey was so worthwhile.

The lantern light sets her creamy face is aglow.
She wears an ornate obi and a mauve kimono.
Her violet eyes sparkle in the light.
I'm so glad to be at her party tonight!

It is Mynci Day that calls for celebration,
So this royal Mynci sent out invitations.
She gave them to every one of her friends.
Luckily, they all said they could attend.

After a fine dinner of potatoes and pheasant,
We are finally allowed to give her our presents.
I had given my gift quite a bit of thought
I hope she will like the present I bought.

All my worrying did not need to occur.
She adored the gift I got for her.
I had given her a faerie Whoot,
Her first and only Petpet. It's very cute.

Sadly, the wonderful party is done.
Everyone had tremendous fun.
I drowsily walk back to my home with a yawn
And rise again with the Shenkuu dawn.

Wavesong -- to a Maraquan Mynci
By Larkspurlane

Waves curl tenderly on sands of light peach,
And murmur sweet words each to each,
In gurgling low-whispered speech,
And leave behind frothy lines
Of salty spray with each slow kiss
On this silent moonlit beach.

A wave larger than the others rises,
A foam-fountain later and she surfaces,
Maraquan Mynci, coral-pink,
She is tossed up like a gift from the sea
To add her shine to this gleaming world,
And the low-singing waves hush,
The salt sea quiets, white crests
Slow their feathered dance --
Let us swim with her, you and I,
Swim into the sea's briny embrace,
Swim till dusk
Is dipped in gold.

Valin the Quick
By Sadinei

He's Valin the Quick,
He's an infamous thief.
He'll steal your most prized,
He'll give you grief.

Watch your gold necklace,
Your snow faerie wand.
Keep an eye on your foodstuffs,
Even upon your palm frond.

He's unafraid of everything;
His speed keeps him ahead.
A visit from this thieving Mynci
Is something you should dread.

Once he froze the faerie Taelia,
He was on the Grarrl Galem's side.
Valin ran through the Ice Caves,
Watching the battle collide.

Now his whereabouts are unknown,
He was the Mynci who got away.
It's thought he may be on the run,
Or was it to Kanrik's Thieves Guild he did stray?

The Tale of Llugh
By Dragonstorm_75

"The sun shall fall and I will win!"
Young Llugh declared that day.
And with that the famous race began,
Across Mystery Island.

The Mynci youth packed some food,
Come dawn he scrambled in haste!
There he goes in a cheerful mood,
Toward the far-point beach.

The sun sped high across the sky,
But Llugh was not far behind.
And when noon-time was quite nigh,
The fleet-foot Mynci reached for lunch.

But there was none; a gaping wound,
Torn in his leathern pack.
Yet bold Llugh continued without a sound,
With nothing save three Juppies.

Noon's bold rays now turned blood-red,
As evening set its course.
And though the sun thought to be ahead,
There was the Mynci, steadfast!

Llugh was tired, legs quite drained,
But his victory was assured!
One last Juppie now remained,
And that he prepared to eat.

"Please, kind youth, spare some fruit?
I am hungry and tired, too weak to uproot.
Oh, brave young Mynci, grant me this favour,
I beg for some sustenance to eat and to savour!"

Llugh was torn but did what was right,
And gave his last Juppie to the hungry old fellow.
At once the figure became awash in light,
To become an earth faerie as green as fresh grass.

She blessed the Mynci and on he sped,
To beat the cool sun and win his race.
Upon his triumph, there was one thing ahead
To be done to the earth faerie's whim.

As he returned, our brave hero Llugh,
He scattered the seeds of a Juppie fruit.
Wherever one fell a fresh fruit arose
And thus came to be a good, good day.

The Banana Thieves
By Raezyr

A banana farmer had a fear
That plagued him day and night:
The thought of Myncies coming near
Caused him bone-deep fright.

His dreams dwelled always on the scene
He felt would one day come.
They'd swing from trees with faces mean
While he watched, helpless, numb.

His trees would lose their precious fruit
And ruin his career.
The Myncies with their stolen loot
Would cackle, gloat, and cheer.

And then one day it came to pass:
The farmer woke to find
Peels discarded in the grass,
And rage flooded his mind.

Every night from that point on
The secret thieves arrived.
He woke to find bananas gone,
And though his job survived,

He was consumed with catching them,
These dirty, thieving cheats.
And all Myncies would he condemn
For stealing all his treats.

One night he waited late at night
To catch them in the act.
Oh, they'd be saddened and contrite!
He knew it for a fact.

But then, to his astonished eyes,
Bananas disappeared.
He watched in open-mouthed surprise --
This was much too weird.

They floated from their trees without
Anyone nearby.
The farmer gave a frightened shout.
Away the fruit did fly.

From that point on, the farmer was
Too afraid to care
If bananas disappeared, because
He'd been given quite a scare.

If only he'd recalled one fact,
One tiny thing he missed.
I wonder how he would react
To remember invisible Myncies exist?

Hang with a Mynci
By Anjie

Tail looped and woven 'round,
The world seems upside down.
Mynci dangles, coat agleam,
In tones of chocolate brown.

Humid is the jungle realm,
And yet he feels the breeze.
Gentle wind does brush his coat,
As he swings from the trees.

Dangle, dangle from the bough,
It leaves his paws quite free.
To reach for fruit aloft and ripe,
Found in the tallest tree.

Precision is a natural gift,
He shan't lose grip at all.
A tail training in hanging on,
Prevents a Mynci fall!

Here he views the jungle, lush,
He takes in distant scene.
Few see treetops like he can,
Awash in emerald green.

Can you loop your tail twice?
And simply weave it through?
Practise hard like Myncies may,
And you can hang here too!

Red Mynci Puppet
By Tealnova_dragon

The air is silent,
For there's an invader in the house...

I crouched, with hackles raised,
Staring hard at that unmoving pile,
which was pretending to be as lifeless as wood.
Surely it didn't think that it could fool me?

Just as I was about to pounce, it reared
To life, its glassy eyes flashing --
I sprung backward -- ah-ha! It has shown its face --
It looked just like me --

Its "fur" as red as the setting sun,
With the same long tail and flexible limbs.
Just what was my owner thinking?
Allowing such a stranger in the house?

I danced around that strange fellow;
It didn't seem to see me --
But it always knew where I was.

With a growl, I pounced...!
And was suddenly tangled with invisible strings
As we rolled heavily to the ground.

Laughter floated above me,
And I saw my owner from the banister of the stairs,
Laughing and holding onto a stick --
That was suspiciously attached...

I whipped my head around,
And there it was, as lifeless as ever --
Just a little Red Mynci Puppet,
That fooled little ol' me.

The Admirable Royal Mynci
By Moulinrouge21

The royal shade of purple, eye-catching it is,
His perfectly placed hat you cannot miss.
Head held up, the royal Mynci standing up proud,
See him coming and standing out from the crowd.

His embroidered purple robe, so carefully sewn,
Around Neopia, you'll see him gracefully roam.
A proper posture indeed, he certainly has,
Royalty perfection the Mynci is often known as.

His big brown eyes gleam in the moonlit sky,
His beauty has been compared to that of a butterfly.
His kindness in the kingdom is seen all around,
The goodness of his heart will leave you spellbound.

His richness and royalty fazes him not,
Sharing his wealth and whatever he has got.
Everyone is equal, in his mind it's true,
His heart full of gold, for me and for you.

Escaping and retreating to somewhere alone,
To his peaceful spot where nobody knows.
To watch the sunset, and stars come out to dance,
To him this is bliss, never turning down the chance.

The Mynci's Tale
By Autotune

is a
is an
and old,
with a twisted knot
in the middle
that's a huge pain
to unravel.
to un-
are in
or so
to un-

By Rosabellk

Arnold the Mynci is tired today;
He feels he's in over his head.
All of these pets have lined up to play,
And he faces the workday with dread.
He straightens his bow tie and puts on a smile:
Another poor sap's come to lose.
He goes up to her and, with all of his guile,
Begins to expound on his ruse.
"Welcome, my dear, to the best game in town,
That's praised by all at a great length.
You could win a swell prize, so don't wear a frown!
After all, you could win Test Your Strength!
Just pick up this mallet and give it a whack.
Hit the top, you'll have NP to spare.
My dear, you look strong, but do not hold back!
I assure you, this game is all fair."
The pet raises the mallet and brings it to earth;
The marker goes up but an inch.
The poor pet retreats, no more filled with mirth.
Arnold cannot help but flinch.
He hates conning pets with impossible games,
He hates lying straight to their face.
He hates leading them on with incredible claims
Of riches they eagerly chase.
But this is his life, he can't change what he is,
Even though it makes him want to sob.
He can't avoid cheating, it's just in the biz,
And telling lies is in his job.
So when you see Arnold the Mynci, have pity;
Don't be hasty to label him "cheat."
He does what he must, even though it's not pretty.
His livelihood's based on deceit.
Have mercy on Arnold, this miserable pet,
Because though he's a fraud, he shows some regret.

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