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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Patrolling the Ramparts
By Dragonstorm_75

High above the market's place,
On the battlements of royalty,
Guarding Sakhmet's marble palace,
Proving his steadfast loyalty.

Sharpened eyes could eat through steel,
As thick as the Tonu's own arm.
Cool of head but with incredible zeal,
General Dacon now raises the alarm.

Prince Jazan now comes this way,
Intending to spirit the monarch away!
The mighty Tonu captain enters the fray,
Against the undead force array!

Weapons fly and sabres sing!
Darkness falls upon the city districts!
Fleeing is impossible under Scordrax's wing,
And Prince Jazan's baleful edicts.

Nothing can be done, is all lost?
The Tonu general is uncertain and troubled.
A turmoiled mind edged by frost,
It left the strategist baffled.

But there lay one ray of hope,
For the beleaguered Sakhmet city.
Two Desert Scarab youths offer the rope,
That dashed the Tonu's worry.

Through working together the city was freed
From an ancient and evil threat.
Calm was restored, but who knows for how long?
And thus General Dacon keeps on his duty.

Tonu Desert Strider
By Anjie

Ripple on the molten sand,
Like water sand doth spray.
A fountain of those golden grains,
For something roars this way.
Heavy footfalls sound like rain,
That sweeps the plains so dry.
Clouds of gold are raised like wind,
And shadows grasp the sky.

Tonu drenched in armoured gold,
Mask clutches features tight.
Upon the brow, an emerald gem,
Like fire, burning bright.
Eyes luminous with firm intent,
Horn clasped in metal shield,
The rugged hide protected well,
From dust and sand, concealed.

The loyal mount of nomad treads,
Head held aloft and proud.
Thick skin veiled from the searing heat,
By glinting metal shroud.
With violent sun and dusty grains,
This Tonu must contend.
A realm so barren stretches out,
Existing... without end.

Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy
By Mamasimios

I don't know why I fill with joy
When I play with a Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy.
It can't be because I long to embrace
That spiky skin, that monstrous face.
It can't be for the sound heard when I squeeze,
That distinctive cough, that phlegmy wheeze.
And yet with joy I am truly filled.

Please explain why my heart skips a beat
When a Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy does excrete
That special slime, that toxic ooze,
That effluvium that drips on my shoes.
It can't be for the vacant stare
Of jaundiced eyes, dumb and unaware,
Of the love beating in my heart.

I could try to explain my love, my joy,
My fondness for a Mutant Tonu Squeezy Toy.
It could be that I feel linked to those
That gentle folk choose to oppose.
It could be that I am so very lonesome
That I reach out to the outwardly loathsome
To share my love, my joy.

Lament of the Magma Pool Guard
By Raezyr

I know what you're thinking.
I can see your knowing smirk.
You think that I am lazy,
And that all I do is shirk.

I'd like to see you do my job,
Down here in the deep.
You try guarding night and day
And never fall asleep.

Only pets with knowledge
Are permitted to advance.
Yet others lurk here always,
Just waiting for their chance.

This problem is exhausting,
And there's not much I can do.
So yes, sometimes I just give up
And have a nap or two.

I'm sure the sight is funny --
A Tonu snoring hard
As a line of pets sneaks past
This weary, bothered guard.

To all those magma Neopets
Who sneaked into the pool:
I hope you're proud of making me
Look like an inept fool.

There's one thing that I ask:
Please don't brag or gloat,
Just learn more about Moltara,
So you'll deserve that magma coat.

Large Tonu Ball
By Tealnova_dragon

Bounce, bounce...
What is that sphere, so large, so bouncy?

It rocketed off the walls --
Whizzing past my ears --
A happy grin stretching across its rubbery width.

Bounce, bounce...
What is that sphere, so lovable, so blue?

It has a mind of its own,
Bouncing to and fro
With not a regard to physics;
It bounces where it wishes.

Bounce, bounce,
What is that sphere, its hide so thick,
its features so curled?

It is extra big and extra bouncy --
Just as the description says.
A great present for those Tonu fans.

Bounce, bounce,
So everyone grab one, a Large Tonu Ball,
For it's the majestic Tonu, whose face is etched upon that ball --

And bounce, bounce it around,
For what other way to celebrate Tonu Day?

General Dacon
By Larkspurlane

His weapons tell of far-off things:
Old struggles,
Wars fought, battles won,
A dent in the sword tells
A plaintive tale
Of a village lost,
The shield's bruised face
Of a fight heroic against greed,
Scuffed armour breaks the silence
On crusades against the wicked,
Great deeds, and feats already

And it's a passionate work,
His warlike vocation --
He is wise and feared,
And deadly and loved,
He has seen worse sights
Than most will in a lifetime,
And oftentimes ponders the necessity of war
When, sore, heart-worn
By struggle, he turns homeward
And mourns in silence.

Tonu Cookies
By Concertogreat_8

Hello and welcome all,
Welcome to the Cookie Hall!
Today we have our newest pick,
When you hear it, you'll give your lips a lick,
I'm pretty sure of this.

For Tonu Day, it's only right,
In the interest of preventing a slight,
To have the cookie themed, I do say,
As the noble Tonu of this day.

Now without further ado,
This I present to you,
The famous new Tonu Cookie,
Go ahead, take a lookie!

Tonu cookies come in two types,
One strawberry perfectly ripe,
One chocolate rich and dark,
Like the lands from which Tonu hark.

Made with the finest ingredients,
Yet hearty enough to be eaten in tents,
These cookies are, I'm sure you'll agree,
The very finest delicacy.

Such a sweet little shape,
A Tonu's face, grin agape,
And all over coloured with flecks,
Of chocolate or strawberry on the necks.

Now that you've seen them,
Doubtless you'll want them,
So here you go, a bag for free,
After all, today's a celebration of glee!

My Groomable Tonu Doll
By Sadinei

I groom her mane most every day,
I style it up in every possible way!
She's my very best friend,
My Groomable Tonu Doll until the end!

I picked her up off a cloud one day,
She was beautiful in every single way.
I found her beside a blue Grundo plush,
The sight of her purple locks gave me a rush.

She came with tiny pink and purple accessories,
She's as soft as a Kad and so lovely to squeeze!
I play with her every time I feel blue,
I love my mini me, I honestly do!

Poor Dr. Grumps
By Rosabellk

Dr. Grumps has just lost at Gourmet Club Bowls.
He tries oh so hard, and yet can't get good rolls.
That Cybunny upstart just beat him again;
It's terribly frustrating how he can't win.
Mr. Black and Lord Briartree laugh in his face
At poor Dr. Grumps's repeated disgrace.
The Tonu retreats, his head hung in shame,
With his one broken horn and his fast-greying mane.
Why has he lost again? What is his flaw?
This latest loss is the poor pet's final straw.
He takes a deep breath and he stomps his two feet,
Throwing a tantrum at his defeat.
Sir Hefferton smiles to see such a scene,
As Dr. Grumps continues venting his spleen.
The enraged Tonu bellows: "This just isn't fair!
I had sun in my eyes! Yes, there was a glare!
The Cybunny cheated; of this I am sure.
Why must I this humiliation endure?
The wind moved my ball, it wasn't my fault!
A bump in the ground brought a premature halt
To my roll's destination. Why can't you all see
That the only true winner in this game was me?"
Dr. Grumps now sits down, his rage at its close.
He takes a deep breath and attempts to compose
Himself and his temper, but to no avail:
He'll always be angry as long as he fails.
So offer your pity to this poor, irate soul:
Dr. Grumps, who just lost at Gourmet Club Bowls.

A Great Tonu Day
By Starsofjazira

Why are you not as admired, my friend?
And through all the species,
You're at the end.
It's curious as to why you're not
As frivolous as a Lenny's heart,
Whose feathers are radiant without shame,
But to you my Tonu, I prefer your mane.
Your horn shows me
I have nothing to fear,
And so my lovely Tonu dear,
Let's walk together down to Tyrannia and back,
with nothing but our lunches packed.
A Chocolate Tonu Cookie for you,
A Coconut Tonu Cake or two.
It's Tonu Day,
let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?
A little bit of fun is certainly the key!
Loosen up from the taunting Grarrls,
Who stand hastily aside,
But my silly Tonu friend,
Please don't pay them any mind.
We'll pack up our things,
and a trip we'll enjoy,
as we make our way back
from the beach with the Koi.
I'll part from you with a smile,
and our talking will keep me a while.
Our day will be set,
Till it's time that I rest,
and I'll sleep on it knowing,
that Tonu are the best.

Tonu Day Warning
By Lege_atque_lacrima

Charging their way through the land,
Hunting for a fight tonight,
Making your very last stand --
It's the dreaded Tonu night.
Neopia is in awe;
They wonder where they came from,
Somewhere in Tyrannia's core,
Monsters drop the Tonu bomb.
Tonu are born from an egg,
And as they charge their way out,
For your life you must beg,
Or at least you need to shout.
They don't give out sympathy;
They knock you down easily.

Quaking in fear won't help you;
There is no escaping this.
If you're cornered by a Tonu
You can just hope that they miss.
Tyrannia's in havoc;
There are prehistoric battles.
Their horns are harder than brick;
The ground will start to rattle
As the Tonu takes its charge.
You might try to run away,
But the Tonu is too large;
Its instincts it won't betray.
Charging their way through the land,
Tonu truly are most grand!

The Song of the Royal Tonu
By Iniuria

Garbed in all the finest wear
A proud and regal countenance,
The Tonu sat upon his chair,
Lost within a trance.

In his decorated hand,
A golden sceptre rose.
Upon his head a crown quite grand,
But he cared for none of those.

Fate had bid him to this life,
This wistful son of kings.
With gold and riches he was rife,
But what he wanted was to sing.

The joy he found in melody,
The rapture within song,
A singer he had yearned to be
Every day his whole life long.

Singing was the servants' work,
Not fit for royal born.
If he indulged his little quirk,
He'd be faced with utmost scorn.

Tonu do not care for rules,
Reknowned for being bold.
But this Tonu played fortune's fool --
He did as he was told.

Perhaps that was his card to play;
His feelings no one knew.
The world never heard his dismay --
The unsung song of the royal Tonu.

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