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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Anatomy of a Chocolate Chia
By Larkspurlane

Chocolate comprises most of
His stumpy body, a visual and
Olfactory treat, while dark
Chocolate syrup drips
Onto his crown,
Like hair of
A rather gooey sort,
Trickling to the ever-smiling
Eyes in gummy curls.

Certainly we mustn't forget
His headgear: a dollop of fluffy whip cream,
It sits like a piece of Faerieland's clouds
And droops like a slow-dripping dream.

A Chia Fruit Basket (Not for Eating!)
By Mamasimios

An enormous wicker fruit basket appeared
On my front doorstep, this time last year,
Covered in gingham and tied with a bow.
What treats could be in it? I just had to know!

So I reached quickly out with an excited hand
To pull back the blanket with a flourish grand.
I stopped in my tracks as the basket -- it wiggled!
And as I gasped, that basket -- it giggled!

As I froze in the spot with a feeling of fear,
From under the blanket, a pear Chia appeared.
Eyes merrily squinting he dropped to the ground,
Soon trailed by a peach Chia, fuzzy and round.

And as my eyes grew large with amazement
Came a string of fruit Chias from basket parading,
Lemon and Lime strode past with arms hooked,
That show-off Chokato twirled round as I looked.

Barely could I rein in my delight
As an Apple and Orange marched into sight.
A purple plum Chia was the next to appear,
And a durian Chia took up the rear.

How lucky I felt to be part of this meeting!
To discover a fruit basket that's not for eating!
As the parade wound away and soon disappeared,
I waved and I yelled, "Hope to see you next year!"

The Chia Phantom Refrain
By Concertogreat_8

Phantom paws pound
On ebony and ivory,
And the organ resounds in harmony.
Deserted years,
The same aching tune,
Ever after,
Drifting on the wind
(for her, for her)

Oh memory lost,
Days forgotten,
Written down in dust,
I still seek thee.
On the floor of the chapel,
At the dais where you left,
Here I haunt,
Waiting, oh waiting,
Forever more
(for her, for her)

Face behind a mask,
Mirror, mirror,
What do you see?
A Chia, roses in arms,
(for her, for her)

The roses, the promise,
He wasn't enough,
For she fled with a shriek,
The truth too hard to bear.
And still he waits, and still he plays
(for her, for her)

Chias of Neopia
By Bravestar333

Here's to the Chias of Neopia
As they wander around amusing ya!
Like the big old Chia Clown,
Whom you will never see with a frown.
Watch the flower 'cos it squirts,
But it's OK, as no one gets hurt.
He also tells the most terrible jokes,
Trying to get a laugh from the folk.
Many say that he is horrendous,
But he is honestly doing his best.

Then there is the Highland Chia
Who wanders around we know not why.
He had a big fight with his dad,
Which was nasty and really bad.
So then he went off and away from home
To see how he would do in the Battledome.
He did well with all his dad's gear,
Fighting all comers without any fear,
Safe behind the great McChia shield,
Along with the war hammer that he did wield.

But they are just two of lots
That are hidden in your ploy,
Trying to make them coloured pea,
So the pretty avatar you can see.
But first you must hunt the boards
And look at what people have in their hoards,
Looking for the elusive Super Attack Pea,
So that the lovely avvie yours will be.
But with Chias of all sorts of hue,
What would you with one do?

The Sumo Wrestlers
By Sadinei

The great crowd roars,
They're anticipating a fight.
The sumo wrestlers bow,
They're willing to prove their might.

In one corner an orange Chia glows,
His large size a frightening sight.
In the opposite a red Tonu sneers,
His blue bottoms done up tight.

The two pace the dusty circle,
The crowd they do excite.
Clouds of dust hover,
Neither waits for an invite.

Kasuki Lu is the first to strike,
His moves perfect yet trite.
Tonunishiki is slower to move,
Aiming to send his opponent into the night.

The two grapple in the centre,
Making no mistakes, however slight.
They wrestle each other into the ground
With the honour of a knight.

The dust clouds grow bigger,
Making the two difficult to sight.
But wait, one shadow emerges,
Tonunishiki has won the fight!

The crowd cheer on the Tonu
As he stands before them at full height.
Kasuki Lu lies still on the ground,
His mood gone from confident to contrite.

Is There Ever an Unhappy Chia?
By Clockworkchildren

A smile upon a Chia's face
Is nothing new to me,
For on my journeys through Neopia,
An unhappy Chia I have not seen!
Chias, such a jovial sort,
There are bright Chias and fruity Chias,
But a grey Chia there is not.
And I am sure there are angry Chias,
Rage boiling in their veins,
But have you ever seen a miserable Chia
With tears running down its face?
This day we come to celebrate
One of Neopia's most joyful pets,
So grin just like a Chia,
And sadness you may forget.

Fruity Tooty Chias
By Moulinrouge21

So many different colours the Chia may be.
Grape, lemon, carrot, lime, orange, and pea.
They can be created by the Lab or from a Chia pop
Bought from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop.

The most popular colour has to be the pea indeed,
Due to the ultra rare avatar that everybody needs.
So very small and green, don't lose him or forget
The very miniature vegetable, or you will regret.

Next the citrus fruit, so vibrant the lemon and lime,
Sweet and sour together, not going rotten over time.
Don't mistake them for real fruit and use in food,
They wouldn't forgive you and be no good stewed.

The soft round peach, so delicate and yet so sweet,
They bruise very easily so gently you must treat.
A smile on his face, melancholy the peach is never,
Loyal as can be, and your friend he will be forever.

The fiery red vegetable, the pepper Chia hot,
His long, vibrant body, this Chia has certainly got.
Beware, the pepper Chia may be hot-tempered.
Yet for some, he is what's preferred.

There are many colours, vegetables and fruit,
A wide variety indeed, one for all to suit,
So good luck with the Lab, may you get one soon,
Get along well you will, if they're not on a spoon.

A Delicious Chia Day!
By Dark_lady_gray

I think that I should never know
Another Neopet that intrigues me so --
One moment a plum, the next a pea,
It baffles me how such a thing can be!

The Chia isn't anything like before,
It can be all the normal colours and more.
Fruits and vegetables, none is a challenge,
And is much more than any other can manage.

Yet still not as popular, despite this feat,
Some just see them as something to eat,
So to many they remain as just a strange food,
But that's now how the Chia should be viewed.

With remarkable talents to morph their form,
The Chia is also quite happy and warm.
So charming and peaceful in their own little way,
And that's why they got their own special day.

So to every Chia, no matter the colour,
Today is yours, so forget every other.
Bask in the glory, and let me be the first to say,
Have a very delicious -- I mean happy -- Chia Day!

The Tale of Sir Fufon Lui
By Anjie

Where trouble threatens peaceful folk,
Where all seems lost and dim.
Comes Chia, hat at angle suave
A plume tucked in its brim.

"Back, I say!" You hear the call,
As sword is held on high.
The tiny figure, yet still armed,
Seems one none can defy.

Legend told on sleepless nights,
His story, brought to life.
Of how he rode to village fair,
And rid the realm of strife.

A pack of Lupes, ten raiders all,
Had come, sought to be fed.
Not with produce village held,
But Chia folk instead!

He rode in on his noble steed,
(Though I admit, it's small.)
And stood before the snarling pack,
To give a mighty call.

"Scoundrels! Hark and hear my cry!
Run now, or stay and fight.
But those remaining, be you warned,
This will be your last night!"

The Lupes glanced up, their smirks in place,
One Chia fight them all?
Alas, for pack, his word was true,
And each last Lupe did fall.

As Chias celebrating stood,
The stranger gave a grin.
"I fought to save my good own kind,
And thus, I had to win!"

The hero stayed in village fair,
Protecting it from fear.
Yet his sword stayed at his side,
Whenever Lupes drew near.

Laments of a Chia Clown
By Chirigami

So is this the end?
Flecks of pastry fly onto my face,
Pink, white,
But these aren't pretty colours.

Comrades line in front of me,
Metallic underwirings exposed,
You say we are just robots,
But how much more wrong could you be.

My favourite things?
Yes, I have them.
Some inner circuitry hums when they come near;
Melvins, Lollipops, Techo Says.

You may find it odd,
Being as cold as I am,
That I should feel and think as I do.
I am not evil.

I seem to have evaded
the sting of your shots.
So let me past...

- Chia Clown

The Chia in the Fruit Bowl
By Dragonstorm_75

Today is to be a sumptuous banquet,
A feast for both stomach and eyes.
One that intrigues this peckish poet,
For here is a Chia in disguise.

In a bowl a grape Chia grumbles,
Beady eyes filled with annoyance.
He looks at his fellows: plums and apples,
Only to be met with cool silence.

"Why won't you talk?" the Chia bemoans
At his quiet companions.
At their nonchalance the Grape just groans,
And turns to the motionless onions.

He begs for them to end their vigil,
And to talk with the lonely Chia.
But the onions keep to their coats of basil,
On plates as black as mica.

Disgusted by the lack of respect,
The scorned Grape jumps out of the bowl.
Poor little Chia, he is quite abject,
So out of the feasting hall away he stole.

And as he left, little did he know,
He was the only Chia there.

Pear Chia
By Autotune

Then the
Lupe said
To the Chia,
"Why, pear Chia,
Little Chia, how sweet
Your smile! How smooth
Your skin! How clean, how
Fresh-faced you look. Let us
Be the best of friends. I do believe
This is the start of a most wondrous,
Beautiful friendship. Why, whoever said
Chias and Lupes can't get along? I think
That's a silly way of thinking, don't you?
Don't we get on marvellously? Quite
Deliciously, I would say.
Delicious indeed!"

Florg's Magnum Opus
By Raezyr

Florg decide to write this rhyme
Because today a special time.
It Chia Day! Florg wants to dance!
(But Florg too manly -- will not prance.)

Florg will party all day long,
And sing a very happy song.
Chias get to train for free,
And pictures in the gallery.

We get new clothes, but Florg not wear.
Florg prefers to remain bare.
But still, it very happy day.
Does Florg get presents, by the way?

Florg wants lots of Petpets, please!
His very favourite Kadoaties.
But Florg not picky; Florg eat all.
Just make sure they not too small.

Florg hopes Chias all get things
That make them feel like Chia-kings.
We the best pets that I know.
(Florg the best of Chias, though.)

Florg is getting hungry now.
He will go to find some chow.
Happy Chia Day to all!
Florg thinks finding rhymes is hard.

Chocolate Chia Cookbook
By Tealnova_dragon

I follow what the books says --
A smudge of chocolate,
A dab of fudge --
A sprinkle of minty flavouring,
Just another pinch of vanilla.

Yum yum yum --
I smack my lips, my teeth showing.

I scurry round my kitchen,
Gathering snippets of truffles,
Collecting all of my cookie cutters.
Setting the oven on high.

Yum yum yum --
Did you know? Today is Chia Day.

I race to mix the ingredients together.
Swirls of brown and white
Thicken into a creamy paste.
What a delightful wonder!

Yum yum yum --
I'm a Lupe, just so you know.

I watch as the chocolate came out of the oven.
I grabbed a cookie cutter --
Shaped suspiciously like a certain Neopet.
By golly, I can't wait!

Yum yum yum --
Today's not just Chia Day --
It's CHOCOLATE Chia Day!
Yum yum yum!

Maniacal laughter comes from the kitchen.

A Trip to the Neopian Bazaar: A Chia Day Treat
By Facetiousmind

Oh, let's take a trip, just you and I
To the Neopian Bazaar, where dreams come alive!
We'll browse through the shelves of sweets,
No other day of the year could possibly compete.

Today is the day, I say, to explore,
The shop full of wonders and chocolates galore.
Take a trip to the shop with the little red flag;
If you miss out today, it will be a huge drag.

It's a day full of chocolate and Chias aplenty,
Go ahead, have a treat, or two, maybe twenty!
Perhaps a White Chocolate Pteri or Uni,
You can bet these portions will not be puny.

Chias all over will join together,
To celebrate their day, no matter the weather.
Through the storms or sunshine, snow or sleet,
It will be worth it to come and see who you'll meet.

The shopkeeper is careful to meet all your needs,
He knows it's a day he'll surely succeed.
He's got Chocolate Chia Lollies and candy and jam,
"Thank you for coming and g'day to you, ma'am!"

By the day's end you'll be stuffed and sore;
You're tired and want chocolate no more.
However, it was worth it, this day of festivities,
For Chocolate Chia Day is just full of fun activities.

So I bid adieu until next year, I do,
But don't forget about your Chias all year through.
They're lovely and cuddly and quite good pets,
Happy Chia Day to all, lest we forget.

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