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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Of Grey Pets and Candygrams
By Dragonstorm_75

I came home from torrential rain,
My grey pelt soaking and chilled.
A mood soured beyond usual vein,
Another Valentine's Day stilled.

My Bori claws close the door,
Yet the dripping despair remains.
'Tis a sorrow that grips my core,
Here a grey mood maintains.

Suddenly I trip and fall, surprised,
What dared to cause my fall?
As I lay there my thoughts surmised,
Perchance 'twas only a ball?

But no, it was another, a heart-shaped thing,
Red and pink, made like a box.
Covered in a film; shiny wrapping,
Finished by a knot of elegant locks.

With hidden intrigue and a masking sigh,
I open the box with unsettled hands.
Behold what delicious candies I espy:
Milk chocolate bonbons with darker strands!

These are my favourites, I gasp with awe,
My mouth waters and so do my eyes.
The gift reveals my hidden flaw,
As a forgotten joy begins to arise.

But who gave me such a sweet gift?
A candygram for a most special day?
Behind the box is a note that I lift,
And here is what it did say:

"My dearest friend, please don't be grey,
I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!"

Lost Love (Taelia to Winter)
By Larkspurlane

Kindling winds diffuse spring bliss
On Neopian lands far and wide,
And only one despairs at the thought
Of the seasons' warm-turning tide.

Her love is in the round midwinter moon
And the heavens bare of cloud,
And quiet copses where pines grow in silence
And icy mists their black forms enshroud.

Her love is in Terror Mountain's pinnacles
Of glacier ancient,
And nights slow,
In valleys cheerful and white,
Moon-garbed in celestial light,
In snow-dropping veils of cloud
Whose burden blurs the world
In a shining blanket, slowly unfurled.

But alas, spring comes, and ice retreats,
And her beloved winter landscapes
Give way to breathing meadows,
And new growth glistening with dew.
She aches for the cold, and the silence,
And snowflakes like a thousand spirits
Falling to a slumber serene --
But she remembers, in this red hour,
As the last of the snow
Becomes dew-droplets of fire,
That it's better to have loved and lost, they say,
Than never to have loved at all.

The Valentine's Earrings Are Twinkling
By Tealnova_dragon

Twinkle, twinkle,
It caught my eye from far away.
A toss of her regal head,
A flip of her sun-lit hair,
A twitch of her oh-so-furry ears.
The sun shot through
Those pink-lighted depths --
Those delicate swirls of deeply cherished gold.
I wondered who gave them to her, that Wocky,
Those precious metals,
Swinging from her ears.
They caught the eye like no other --
As they coyly winked
With a sparkle and flash
Before light-footedly dancing away.
Utterly hypnotising,
As they swung merrily,
As if slyly keeping their secret
In their valuable depths.
I made my way closer,
And I must admit
My eyes took on the same shape
As the hearts that beckoned me near...
Twinkle, twinkle,
Those are Valentine's Earrings,
Twinkle, twinkle.

They Need Love Too
By Mamasimios

This year when writing Valentines
With heart fit to burst with love to share,
Please give a thought to those Neopets
Not blessed with looks winsome or fair.

I speak, of course, of mutant pets,
Exteriors more putrid than pulchritudinous,
Transmogrified into monstrous forms,
Be they grotesque, absurd, or rude to us.

That drooling Gnorbu of limp ears
With dull-witted, flat, and jaundiced eyes
Does well to conceal his yearning heart
Beneath a mottled and hirsute hide.

The Hissi with the double heads
Might seem to keep his own company,
But when neglected on this day
That's two minds to reflect on misery.

And what of the gargantuan mutant pets?
The Bruces, Elephantes, Skeiths, and Grarrls?
Do not assume that words of love
May not be masked by snorts and snarls.

This Valentine's please spare some time,
Spare too some bows and glitter glue,
And send a card to these lumpen masses
For mutant hearts -- they need love too.

Valentine's Day in Neopia
By Pansyparkinson14

It's Valentine's Day!
That one day of paper hearts,
Chocolates, roses, candy,
And pink and white pastry tarts.

It's the one day to send off those
Mysterious Valentine's Day cards,
And to send to dear friends
Your very best regards.

It's the one day to wear those
Pretty Valentine's Day shoes,
And don that Valentine Makeup,
With its classy pink and red hues.

It's the one day where you will
Stuff yourself shamelessly with sweets:
Candy hearts, Valentine's cookies,
And all manner of treats.

It's the one pesky day,
To snag that Valentine's Day sidebar:
To miss nabbing it again
Is simply bizarre.

But most importantly of all,
It's the one day to spend with a special friend,
Whom you will cherish, hopefully,
'Til the very end.

Dear Nabile...
By Anjie

Maiden fair, I write to you,
So much, so much to say.
Of how you turned my life around,
And changed my world one day.

Sweet Nabile, my desert queen,
Sakhmet's own gift to me.
Cursed, I spent a life so dark,
But your love set me free.

Dearest one, Qasala's dream,
You lifted ancient curse.
Cast of the chains of magic bleak,
And set spell in reverse.

Nabile, Nabile, the desert queen,
When all seemed to be lost.
You did agree to take my hand,
No matter what the cost.

Amira turned away from me,
My city did seem doomed.
By hate and rage I found myself,
So nearly just consumed.

Yet from the darkness did you step,
And offered me your hand.
Ixi maiden rescued me,
And saved a bewitched land.

Princess of a line long lost,
I thank you on this day.
For being my own Valentine,
You keep the dark at bay.

So I, Jazan, do beg of you,
Let two hearts so entwine.
On this day, my sweet Nabile,
Please be my Valentine?

Valentine's Day Party
By Ktkdk

A pretty pink Chia and a dashing mauve Bruce
Clothe themselves in their Valentine's best.
They lay out the cookies and pink juice.
Meanwhile, other pets get exquisitely dressed,
Excited to become a Valentine party guest.

The hosts decorate with Valentine's rugs
And Valentine's pillows and bouquets.
They even unpack their Valentine's mugs.
All of their junk is put away.
Everything is perfect for the party today.

Their friends soon come, two by two,
And happily knock on the door.
Hosts open the door to let their guests through.
Everyone admires the festive decor,
As they look for the friends they adore.

A pink Kacheek does bestow
A mysterious Valentine's Day card
To a dashing Grundo,
Filled with kind regards.
It is a gift that he will never discard.

In the meantime,
A Kiko becomes more round.
He feels perfectly sublime,
For he is munching on some sweets he found:
Valentine's cookies stacked in a mound!

My goodness! The time flew quickly by.
It is time for the guests to go.
The Neopets unwillingly say goodbye.
They had a marvellous time and so,
They leave with their hearts still aglow.

However, the hosts have a surprise so pleasant,
Everyone will be truly impressed.
They have sent their guests plushie presents.
The plushies are exquisitely dressed.
In order to look like the Valentine's party guests!

A Somewhat Slimy Valentine's Day
By Raezyr

Once upon a time in Brightvale's
Lush and verdant land,
There lived a faerie Zafara,
Who wished her life were grand.
She always could be found
Gazing at the castle's walls,
Longing for its splendour,
For its regal marble halls.

Within her heart, she had a wish
That never could come true:
To become a lovely princess,
And begin her life anew.
Though told her goal was silly,
She felt she could prevail,
So rather than give up,
She dreamed up this fairytale:

One Valentine's, a Zafara
Was walking down the road,
When she found and kissed a Mortog,
And rather than explode,
It became a handsome prince,
Who made a loud decree:
In return for what she'd done for him,
A princess she would be.

The Zafara of Brightvale was
Sure this could transpire.
She began collecting Mortogs
To fulfill her heart's desire.
They filled her home from top to floor,
A slimy, hopping swarm.
The Zafara felt certain that
At least one would transform.

At last, the day of Valentine's
Dawned bright and clear above.
The Zafara hopped out of bed,
Excited to find love.
She caught and kissed each Mortog,
Saying, "Be my Valentine!"
But each and every Mortog
Decided to decline.

Ninety-six explosions
In what seemed like record time.
Niney-six explosions
To coat her Neohome in slime.
And so she stared with horror
At the gooey, pointless mess,
That covered her from head to toe
And ruined her best dress.

Finally, she sighed,
And, resigned, got out her mop,
Thinking that today she'd travel
To the Petpet Shop.
For in spite of what had happened
On this bitter Valentine's Day,
The next one was, after all,
Just one short year away!

The Tradition of Valentine's Day
By Baila456

Oh, chocolate hearts and cinnamon sweets
Are only a part of the Valentine's feast.
With little hearts dancing around in the air,
Why not buy a card and show someone you care?

A mysterious Valentine's card, here it comes!
Oh, who in Neopia could it be from?
A shiny new avatar comes with the letter --
Is there anything in the world that could be better?

And don't you forget, there are still clothes to buy!
"To the NC mall!" you will hear the crowds cry.
A bustling sea of red and rose robes;
All Neopets go to show off their new clothes.

The Poetry Gallery's filled with love, too,
The love and the friendship go all the way through,
The most beautiful verses you have ever heard,
A day of peace vibrant with the written word.

This great day must end with the setting of the sun.
Who knew in just one day, we'd have so much fun?
But the sending and spending still doesn't stop here;
The same thing will happen on this day next year.

An Admirer's Letter to Edna
By Sadinei

I've been watching you,
Watching all that you do!
I adore the way you move,
The way you smile and groove.
I adore the way you cackle,
I even adore the way you tackle!
The green of your fur is ever so perfect,
And I say that with the utmost respect.
The way you mix ingredients is best,
No one could ever put that to the test.
You're much too special to challenge to a fight,
(I'm pretty certain you wouldn't be afraid to bite!)
There's something special about you,
Something special in all that you do.
I'm only saying all this so I don't have to say it twice,
Please, dear Edna, won't you be my Valentine?

Sweets for Sweethearts
By Autotune

The sun's a sweetened orange peel,
The horizon a liquorice twist;
The sky's a ripened blueberry
With cotton candy clouds.

We'll sail on a marshmallow boat
'Cross a sea of chocolate soup;
Watch fireworks of peppermint
And taste Neocola rain.

Caramel nights and butterscotch days,
Whipped cream dreams with sprinkles;
Borovan hugs and taffy kisses --
Starry eyes and jellied hearts.

Candied apple of my eye,
My sugar-sweet Valentine!
An adoring fool, I must be --
For my Heartcicle belongs to you.

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