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The Jhudora Snowglobe
By Anjie

Talons stretched, a wicked grasp,
The claws cold glass encase.
Within a figure, delicate,
Vile smirk upon her face.
Within her prison, cold as ice,
Jhudora does await.
To stand here 'til the end of time
Does seem her chilling fate.

Shake the globe and spin the world,
Twin violet eyes do blaze.
Spinning, turning, lost from view,
Caught in the emerald haze.
As the tendrils swirl around,
You catch a rapid glance.
Within the snowglobe, glass encased,
The faerie changes stance.

Did she move? How could it be?
Mirage? A trick of light?
Did the smirk twist just a bit?
Did wicked gaze ignite?
You place the snowglobe down once more,
And walk away, so brisk.
It might be just a toy, it's true,
But why dare take the risk?

By Larkspurlane

was a time, not
so very long ago, when
a certain grove in Meridell
was among her favourite haunts,
when her arrival there was greeted by
tall trees waving their leafy boughs, and
Illusen's friendly embrace. Not so
now: their paths
have split, each
sees only defects
in the other; in grief
and bitterness, this
deep friendship is
made poison.

Jhudora's Poisonous Lollipops
By Vanessa1357924680

I am the queen of quests,
As you Neopets exclaim,
But recently there is one prize
You cretins all disdain.

Jhudora's Poisonous Lollipops
You hate with such persistence.
It's not my fault you haven't yet
Built up some strong resistance!

They're tangy and they're crunchy,
And I make them in my lair.
It's not my fault one side effect
Makes Gnorbu lose their hair.

The recipe is simple,
Though the taste is far from dull,
Some sugar and some secret stuff
From phials marked with skulls.

But all you Neopets complain
"They're evil and they're gross!"
Your mean insults and constant rants
Make me feel quite morose.

So no more lollipops for you,
Just leave them on my shelf.
But have some Poisonous Cookies --
I made them all myself!

I Have a Purple Bartamus
By Dragonstorm_75

I have a purple Bartamus
Who has a taste for poisoned fungus.
He was given as a gift to me,
For Jhudora's quest, you see,
The fourth of February.

My Bartamus is very naughty,
He's in every nook and cranny.
Yellow fangs tear through toys,
And cause much foul noise.
Damage my friend enjoys.

He can fly so very high,
While I futilely watch and sigh.
Flapping wings with a screech,
Away from my desperate reach,
No matter how I beseech.

My Bartamus is mischievous,
His cunning eyes make me nervous...
It seems he's always plotting a trick.
I try to catch him, but he's quick
To hide and continue his antics.

As he runs I give up and rest,
No longer will I try to catch this pest.
Jhudora chooses her minions well,
Their mischief makes me scream and yell,
"I'd rather work for Illusen!"

Jhudora's Quest
By Tanikagillam

I watch as her hands grasp the glowing staff,
I listen as she booms her echoing laugh.
I shiver as she glares at me,
I prepare my legs, ready to flee.

"Don't leave yet," she smirks,
As I glance around her Cloud,
wondering what lurks.
"I'm not finished with you yet,
You still owe me your debt.
Get me this last tool,
And my plan shall be complete,
you stupid fool."

I really don't know why I listened to her,
Her voice sends shivers through my fur.
What I really want is just to walk away,
But I know I must obey.

Her eyes glow fire as she stares at me,
Waiting for my next move --
what will it be?
Sighing in utter defeat,
For I know her Quest is
something I must complete.
I turn and leave her awful Cloud,
As I listen to her laugh, evil and loud.

But what she does not know
Is that I am going home.
Not to the shops, to get her Quest,
But back to my home, my safe little nest.

I am through with Jhudora's Quest.

"Enjoy," Says Jhudora
By _Razcalz_

distasteful treat
in poor disguise -- a
hissing, fizzing baked surprise.
A clash of disagreeing hues, of seeping
violet, of vibrant, sickly green. Do tell:
who but a certain cloud-dwelling faerie would
devise as blatant a trick as this? For I am
speaking of such: a small muffin on which
virescent speck-sprinkles lay, and on
an angry, star-bright
giveaway fuse sputters.
Aye, 'tis Jhudora's prank
to you: one Exploding
Muffin, and it is about
about to explode.

Jhudora's Palette
By Mamasimios

Green and purple, purple and green,
A poisoned palette of evil sheen.
This dark faerie's tints impart
The true colours within her heart.

Purple like a day-old bruise,
A wound displayed in shaded hues,
Reminder of the recent pain --
One poke brings it to life again.

Green like foul sewer slop,
Effluvium of waste and dross,
Banished to the underground
Where gentle senses are not found.

Purple like a fist of grapes,
Squeezed dry of juices, useless shapes.
Green like stringy mucus threads
Dripping from a fevered head.

Purple like a stormy sky
Threatening nature's fearsome ire.
Green like cemetery moss
Ensuring a loved one's name is lost.

Green and purple, purple and green,
Rotting Neggs, Jhudora Day Ice Cream,
The palette of this dark faerie
Should warn the naive to be wary.

Jhudora's Lament
By Togepi_forever

I am waiting for her
As the wind blows
And brings the scent of spring
I am waiting for her

I am watching for her
As the clouds flow
And tendrils of hair brush my face
I am watching for her

I am listening for her
As the birds sing
I am listening for her

I am waiting for her
As the twilight turns to night
And the half-moon casts its glow
I am waiting for her

I am waiting, Illusen...
Won't you set me free?

My Eye of Jhudora Fountain
By Sugarypixiestix2

I bought a rather wicked looking fountain tonight,
It's bubbling and looks as if it might even bite.
Put it next to my rose bushes, which have wilted.
Now I start to wonder if its water is jilted.
But as I looked closer its eye began to stare,
At my own two eyes, which seemed to say "beware."
A hex must have been put on this foul fountain,
The one who had it last did run to Techo Mountain.
Such things are silly to think of simple decor,
Unless it wasn't made at the local garden store.
So I decided to move it away from my flowers,
And that's when I saw that it had dark powers.
It stopped me right in my tracks and petrified me,
I could not even blink and pleaded to be set free.
After promising to not touch it no matter what,
Out of nowhere appeared a creepy mutant Zomutt.
He propped himself up aside the cold purple eye,
As he did I began to shift and sway with a sigh.
Figuring I had been released from its vile hold,
I'd have to deal with its growing swirly mould.
The Zomutt appears as the guardian of this bolus,
Which means I might have to replant my gladiolus.
I always wished I had an item that none possessed,
Although this isn't exactly what I had professed.
Feelings aside, it is here to stay without a care,
Even if it does seem to be giving green and
purple highlights to my hair...

to the darkness
By Autotune

at first it is with trepidation
that I approach, swiftly, silently,
your purple lair.

but then it turns to anticipation --
that strangest feeling; as I enter
your toxic cloud

it begins to grow; and apprehension
claws at my heart. it is dark inside and I can't
seem to get out but outside it was so sunny out-
side it was-

-would you like some tea, you said
no thank you, ma'am. well, how about a
nice lollipop? hmm no, thank you, ma'am.
well, how about you fetch me a little something

in the darkness, a smile. I can see
your teeth. to the darkness I say,
calmly (of course) right away
and the clock starts ticking

so I run out of that darkest place
gasping, filling myself with (sweet) air
and light. toward the shops I run,
for tardiness is not tolerated (you said)
so I run

they wonder why we even want
to run these errands for you
(sometimes, I confess, I wonder
as well) but deep down, I know
(we all know)
that we crave
(we all crave)
that darkness
in all of us, to be closer to it
(to you, Jhudora)
even if at first it is with trepidation
that I approach.

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