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Neopets Poems

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Dew (by a Green Kacheek)
By Larkspurlane

the river in
its moss-deep bed,
singing in a choir of
ripples, spry sun-drenched
dance, shyly glinting through
the dusky woods, like a pleasant
thought, shadows over cool shallows,
green and pensive as I am, the Kacheek
who dwells in this quiet place -- green as
summer, green as loam, green as sea-glass.
Come see the river dance past in sun-flecked
halflight, light-diamonds flung from wavelet
to wavelet, kissing the rushes and the water
lilies. Come sit with me on this mossy
bank, and dream the time away;
faerie-smiles bless this place,
light as dew, and deep
as life.

Brista Lightfeet's Secret
By Togepi_forever

Waiting in Neopia Central
For the sun to go away --
Brista Lightfeet, oh so sneaky,
What do you plan to steal today?

Will it be a fancy jewel,
To tuck away and hide?
Or will it be a rare new paint brush,
To alter your disguise?

With you there never seems to be
A pattern one can follow:
A plushie here, a Petpet there --
Perhaps a book tomorrow?

Is it just a game to you,
To see what you can take?
Or do you have a secret plan,
And the game itself is fake?

Is Brista your real name --
Or is that too a lie?
I just can't understand you --
No matter how I try!

So now, dear thief,
Please tell me your story --
The hidden tale
Of a Kacheek thief's glory.

Yo! The Breadmaster's Rhyme
By Mamasimios

Yo, eata loafa breada day;
It's good for you, or so they say,
Grains and carbs are nature's way
Of fuelling bodies while they play.

Yo, eata slicea cakea week;
Stuff it in your mouth or beak!
Take it from this cool Kacheek,
No need to hide it's cake you seek.

Yo, eata doughnut for your lunch;
Cabbage has that healthy crunch.
Pumpkin-filled are fun to munch,
So why not stock up with a bunch?

Yo, eata cookie anytime --
Chocolate Chip or Lemon Lime.
Buy some for your Valentine;
Hear the Breadmaster's new rhyme!

Yo, eata wedgea pie right now
Whether you be Koi or Kau.
A slicea pie is tasty chow,
You must be hungry anyhow.

Yo, listen to the Breadmaster --
The Bakery is a disaster.
I need you all to buy goods faster
Bread, cakes, and pies reach to the rafters!

Mr. Chuckles: The Other Evil Clown
By Raezyr

A round, red nose and zany hair:
These things should induce laughter.
But should you meet this strange Kacheek,
You'll change your mind thereafter.

What dreadfulness has visited
This hostile little clown?
What has caused him to become
An outlaw of renown?

No longer does he wish to bring
Amused, carefree delight.
All he wants to see from you
Is frantic, frenzied fright.

His powers are diverse and strong,
Like shocking lightning bolts.
His fearful victims can't escape
These formidable volts.

And what's a clown who doesn't have
A myriad of pies?
Yet those that Mr. Chuckles throws
Contain a mean surprise:

If hit by one, you'll find yourself
Under his control,
A mindless minion only set
On helping with his goal.

What has made him so corrupt
Is simply beyond me.
But if I had to make a guess,
I suppose that it would be:

Whenever clowns are referenced,
Chias come to mind.
Perhaps this overlooked Kacheek
Began to feel maligned.

Mr. Chuckles, you can put
Your insecurities to rest.
You've managed to claim infamy,
And frankly, I'm impressed.

Treasure of the Kacheeks
By _Razcalz_

Ancient brew
of soft lilac, so
subtly, faintly
within this
flawless flask:
with handles thin
adorned, with pride a jewel worn.
They whose battle-skilled Kacheek paws
grasp this glass are gifted with restoration,
with magic and power immense: this
potion-bottle, while naught but one-
tenth filled, has in a single, light drop
potential to return in battle all that its
drinker has lost. Its holders revere it; its
foes do fear it. A masterful concoction to
return strength, to call upon the spirit of
battle once more -- the Life Potion, a
treasure among Kacheeks.

The Farmer, Florin
By Anjie

A city ancient, endless stands,
Guarded by sacred twelve.
Not all though warriors or knights,
If through fact one dare delve.
Not all long for spotlight's gleam,
For battles, spells, and strife.
A merry farmer, Florin fair,
Yearned for the simple life.

Where endless rolled the furrowed field,
So slowly rolled the plough.
Farmer pauses, hat aside,
To wipe the sheen from brow.
Wisdom of the growing realm,
Of all things soft and green.
Did form a farm of bounty rich,
And weave such tranquil scene.

Yet nature is a fickle thing,
And farms nearby did fall.
Florin saw a cry for help,
And sought to answer call.
For many nights and endless days,
He pondered blackened fields,
Contemplating growing things,
And what good farming yields.

Solution came in restless sleep,
A herb to save each field.
His neighbours praised his selfless deed,
The crops replenished, healed.
Neglect had left his own farm dry,
Yet all around, folk shared,
Which shows that goodness did abound,
Because small Florin cared.

I Am THAT Kacheek: Eliv Thade
By Tealnova_dragon

Me? I am a genius, the best of the best.
I dare you to stump me, please be my guest.
Master of Puzzles, I assure you I am.

I'm that Kacheek, that one so clever.
For the sake of my power, all ties I have severed.
Puzzles are my life, can't you tell?

From country far, and little town close --
All these little puzzles, victory I could boast.
I am the best, not a one do I fail.

Pretty words, all shifting and sliding,
Simple to complex, words games obliging --
What little delights, never can I fall!

Oh, I spoke too soon, for a mystery has come!
I can't find the answer, so dearly it cost!
My mind slipped, was tricked.

I'm becoming obsessive, yes, I am.
For a ghost I am, silent and angry.
For I was bested, no other words can be said.

I run alone in my castle, muttering and despairing.
Please help me out, even a Usul will do!
You won't leave, until puzzle you have solved...

Samrin the Kacheek
By Movan

Well, just the other day, in the mid-afternoon,
I walked by your pasture, saw you hard at work.
With Balthazar on your feet, you whistled a tune,
As if this terrible beast was simply a buffoon.

Determined and brave, you race to the rescue!
We cheer for you, dear Samrin, for your strength
And your gracious work, through and through.
Without you, our beloved Petpets would be so few!

Our pets, they would wail
For their dear companions lost to that Lupe,
But with you at hand, he will only fail
And you, our hero, will continue to prevail.

Samrin, oh Samrin, you work with such success,
Scooping Petpets up right under Balthazar's nose.
And I know, you work under such a stress,
But without your determination, we'd all be a mess.

So noble Kacheek, I can't help but smile
When playing Extreme Herder with you.
I feel as if I'm playing in style
And helping you out feels awfully worthwhile.

Samrin, we hope your retirement will never arrive,
Because without you working as hard as you do,
Our Petpets wouldn't have a chance to survive,
So we hope you continue in your work to thrive.

Kacheek Seek
By Concertogreat_8

My pet and I, we were so bored one day,
We sought out a game to play,
And to mind came Kacheek Seek,
A game quite far from bleak.

My pet, he ran and hid from me,
I closed my eyes so as not to see,
And counted one to twenty,
To give him time enough in plenty.

When lo I opened them, he was not there,
I could not find him anywhere,
But not did I fear in the slightest --
Only a game, and not for the brightest.

I looked under rocks and in crannies,
I looked in nooks and jammies,
And searched the whole Neopia-wide,
For where my pet had chosen to hide.

Kacheek Seek, who knew it was so formidable?
I became weary, tired, and unfixable;
All those long years, I searched for my pet,
Whom last off he'd gone, and I had let.

My legs are shot, my back is broke,
And I think of that day that I woke,
That fateful day when I suggested a game,
A game easy enough to be done when lame:
Kacheek Seek.

Jelly Foods -- A Spurious Place
By Sadinei

He lives in a world that doesn't exist,
Working in a store of food that is hard to resist.
This Kacheek's the shopkeeper of Jelly Foods,
You'll always catch him in a cheery mood.

Though his store can be hard to find,
With its non-existent status, many are blind.
The shopkeeper sure treats his customers well,
Handing over jellies that are ever-so-easy to sell.

Do you fancy a Jelly Green Cheese,
Or is it a Jelly Bread you please?
If you visit this Kacheek's apocryphal stand,
All these foods and more will be at hand.

A Potato for Alton Moughbry
By Autotune

A great place.
Really. I mean, castles
And kings, rolling cheese, and
Attack of the Slorgs? Yeah, I like
Meridell. Especially the exploding
Mortogs. But my favourite place ever
Has gotta be that potato counting stall, over at
(What's the owner's name again?) Meri Acres Farm.
I just love potatoes. (Yellow Kacheek? Grass-stains?
Sacks for clothes? Ring any bells? Oh yeah, Alton
Moughbry, that's it.) And the Kacheek who runs
The place? He's real swell. And he's got a real love
For potatoes, that guy. Good guy. Good farmer,
Good Kacheek. See, you'll always find him in that
Stall of his, counting potatoes and making other
Neopians count potatoes. Me and Alton, we're
Real tight. Most days we just keep counting
Them spuds, 'cause he's got a lot of 'em. Like
One potato, two potato, three potato, four...
(Y'know?) And many more. Well, I wish
I had tons of potatoes to give the guy,
Especially since it's Kacheek Day
And all, y'know? Except that
I only have this one spud,
A few days old and maybe
(Just a little bit)

The Breadmaster
By Dragonstorm_75

The smell of fresh-baked bread
Permeates the dampened air,
And in its chilling, wintry stead,
Homey feelings ensnare.

The Breadmaster stands at home,
(That is, the loaf-shaped bakery home).
He reads from a recipe tome,
While he beats his eggs to foam.

A click and a ring, the bread is done!
The happy Kacheek hurries to see.
He opens the oven and takes out a bun,
His face full of pleasure and glee.

The delicious smell wafts away,
Through the window and into the street.
The lonely road, so empty and grey,
Now is filled with Neopets upbeat.

The doors are opened to the buyers,
And they all rush in to see today's fare.
Loaves and crescents, almost by acres,
Cupcakes and muffins, made with care.

Pancakes and sourbread, baguettes too,
Pudding and cookies, cakes galore,
Warm, tasty treats to eat and to chew,
Of intoxicating smell that all adore!

The Breadmaster's goods quickly sell,
A smile is upon his cheerful face,
At the art of baking few excel,
Indeed our Kacheek is the one true ace!

Albert the Kacheek
By Marina5_55

A lone Kacheek wanders through the night.
His freedom he must ensure.
To undo wrongs, to make them right.
A curse alone he must endure.

No one else seems to know
the horrible curse he must now face.
He howls out, a cry of woe,
fills the woods, a haunted place.

Filled with fear, the children hide
from a creature cursed from light.
Hidden in shame, through shadows he glides
turned once more to a creature of night.

Destined to hunt for the rest of his days
for a cure which no one can tell.
He spends his life in a daze,
his body cursed by a dark spell.

No one seems to care for him.
No more help he will receive.
With the outlook seeming grim.
For his lost life he can only grieve.

A lone Kacheek wanders through the night.
His freedom he must ensure.
To undo wrongs, to make them right.
A curse alone he must endure.

The Serene Island Kacheek
By Moulinrouge21

Alluring azure skies and crystal blue sea,
An Island Kacheek relaxes beneath a palm tree.
With a flower in her hair and the sun beating down,
Silence is golden, there's no one around.

A fresh gentle breeze flows through the air,
Vibrant island, sweet flowers make senses aware.
Soft smooth sand tickles beneath your feet,
from the satisfying warmth, you feel complete.

Myncis nearby playing Beach Volleyball,
"Come play and have some fun!" they call.
Chilled out, lounging the Kacheek falls asleep,
While the waves wash at her feet in one sweep.

As the sun starts to set, fires are created,
With the array of fresh food, the Kacheek is elated.
Innocent stars start to scatter the sky,
Looking up, she smiles, her dreams flying high.

With the silver moon, and its guardians around,
Once again the Island is quiet, not a single sound.
The palm trees sway to the beat of the breeze,
The Island Kacheek is completely at ease.

The Best New Neopet Colour
By Dadylman

The Elephante, with his dashing good looks,
Smiled his dashingly beautiful smile.
Oh yes, the time had definitely come,
To announce the winner... with style!

It was the second annual Neopies,
A time of voting and grand awards,
Many had to vote for their favourite,
And in compensation... rewards!

"There are many great choices this year,"
The Elephante smoothed his hair as he said,
"There's an Usul of slug and a Shoyru of snot,
A Kacheek, and even a Draik of undead!"

The category was "Best New Neopet Colour,"
All four nominees had lined the stage,
All were nervous, none were calm,
Except for maybe that Kacheek, I'd wage.

The Royal Boy Kacheek, a sight to behold,
A handsome beauty, if possible, and proud.
Whenever he'd walk across the stage,
The audience, once so quiet, would grow loud!

His fur a deep sea of velvet,
Glossy, soft, and evergreen,
Not only that, but he wore fancy clothes,
Encrusted with jewels of great sheen!

Yes, there was no doubt about it,
He was a crowd favourite, there was no question!
There's no wonder why, when his name was announced,
His proud face showed not a change in expression!

Yes, he had won the award,
Yes, he had overwhelmed the rest,
Yes, this had to be significant proof,
That Kacheeks are definitely the best.

Happy Kacheek Day!

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