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Neopets Poems

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Spring - to a Faerie Elephante
By Larkspurlane

Faerie Elephante, for whom
The sweet mornings of spring
Are the source
Of a thousand versions of bliss --
At the sight of the bluebell,
Your heart is a festival,
And the Aurora Lily as it blooms
Is your royal jubilee --
And the spring winds stir
Amidst the trees far below,
Hopeful with the smells
Of life returning again,
Tremulous as your wings
And just as frail,
As the Buzzers wind their way
Amidst groves in a monotonous murmur.

And the sun waxes stronger,
And the voices of the air
Are singing for you,
And the sunrise's light
Is a fire-tinge on the spring breezes
That are your sisters,
And light, and your wings,
Make a golden glory of the
Sky-piled clouds.

My Favourite Plushie
By Dianacat777

You're purple, adorable, and squishy perfection
Soft as a pillow and twice as sublime,
With pale stitches spilling softest stuffing
And only just a little extra slime.

You sit dutifully and watch my room at night,
And you scare away the bad dreams,
Replacing them with rainbow Snowbunnies
And your velvet, oozing seams.

At Neoschool, the other pets just stare;
They tell me my plushie's leaking goo,
But I hug you tighter; they're just jealous
That three eyes are much better than two
(Because you're R97, and they probably got their
Lame-o plushies from Newbie Pack, but I digress).

Oh, most wonderful mutant Elephante plushie,
A more beautiful design never was,
With lumpy blue spots and two stubby arms,
And your slimy grey-lavender fuzz!

Why are you dubbed with a name such as mutant?
There's nothing wrong, no doubt.
Two limbs is a perfectly nice number, I think,
And your brains aren't falling out.

Some would call you ugly,
But their taste just needs some work.

Host of the Neopies
By Anjie

A hush falls over eager crowd,
The stage is lit with sheen.
Slowly stepping to spotlight,
A rotund form is seen.
So dapper in the tailored tux,
(With hair gel firm in place.)
He pauses, dazzling smile gleams,
And lights his beaming face.

"Ladies and all gentlepets,
I welcome you all here,
To see who wins each trophy fine,
The best of all this year."
He gives a dashing, winning grin,
"Tonight, the vote's on you!
Choices made and ballots cast,
Think hard, what will you do?"

"There are no losers here tonight,"
He states to cheering cries.
"Just folks who haven't won, you see,
Who won't take home the prize."
He flicks his golden tresses back,
"What choices did you make?
Best new colour, Snot Shoyru?
Or maybe Zombie Draik?"

He gives a laugh, the band starts up,
The spotlights do glow bright.
"Let's get the ball a'rolling, here,
For we don't have all night!"
A shuffle of the voting cards,
A cough, "So let's begin!
The votes, my friends, are up to you,
Who did you pick to win?"

The Littlest Elephante, Morp
By Mamasimios

Elephantes are widely known
As behemoths, overgrown,
Giants, each and every one,
Except for the mini Morp.

They tromp through sand and jungle trails;
Let loose with mighty trumpet wails;
With brute force they do prevail...
Except, of course, for Morp.

Strong like Khadir in Tug-O-War,
Trusted like Mahut to guard the Fire Ward,
Heroic like Mammoth the Defender --
Traits not assumed of Morp.

For Morp is without a doubt
The littlest Elephante yet to sprout
Up in a species all sturdy and stout --
All, that is, except for Morp.

It was written once in witty tome
How Morp got lost in his Neohome.
Not seen for days, he was alone,
But despair was not for Morp.

For if an Elephante is measured more to scale
And not just the length of trunk to tail,
Then life has made him firm, not frail,
The littlest Elephante, Morp.

The Thirsty Traveller
By Dragonstorm_75

Ivory tusks come into view,
Bleached in the sun's hot gaze.
They curve and turn, or go askew,
Under the spear-sharp rays.

Auburn fur is thick and fluffed,
Curled to protect against the cold.
But in Tyrannia, our friend huffed,
It is of no use, behold!

The Elephante presses on,
His trunk writhing in search of water.
His kind made this journey for aeons,
It is instinct for the traveller.

The baked earth, Tyrannian soil,
Hurts his feet as he continues his stride.
But this is all worth the toil,
There is water beyond the hillside.

The Tyrannian Elephante sees it well,
His step is quickened, pace likewise.
As if the heat were a most foul spell,
It disappears and with joy he cries.

The tranquil pool amidst the trees
Glistens in a most lovely way.
The Elephante is made at ease,
And begins to laugh and play.

The traveller is quenched,
His fur is no longer a fault:
For with water it is drenched,
And his feet are covered in gault.

When day becomes night and day again,
The Elephante sets off on his way.
He does this forever, as set in his ken,
Stopping only for a drink and some sleep.

The Smallest Elephante Toy
By Tj_wagner

In the busy, busy toy shop,
walls lined with sewn joy,
Among painted smiles and button eyes,
sat a yellow Elephante toy.

A tiny, minuscule Elephante,
sitting in a crowd all by himself,
Staring hopefully down at the shoppers,
from his place atop the shelf.

He wanted a home. He wanted love.
The little Elephante wanted it all.
But no one seemed to want him,
for the little toy was just too small.

So he sat and watched in silence,
crying tears as invisible as the breeze.
The other toys were quickly bought
and found new homes with ease.

Newer toys were placed around him,
And he was shoved out of the way.
Forgotten in the shadows,
dust turning his yellow trunk to grey.

The stuffing ached inside him.
He didn't think the pain would stop.
That was until the day a little Cybunny
came bouncing into the shop.

She was so small for her age,
a lisp lacing her childish voice.
Told she could have a toy in stock,
she proudly made her choice.

"I want that one," she quickly said,
pointing a tiny hand with glee.
"The little Elephante doll.
He's small just like me!"

Her mother didn't understand
her daughter's love for the dusty doll,
But she didn't argue or hesitate
to buy the toy so small.

The Elephante finally had a home,
And for his size he no longer cared.
Small of stature were both he and the girl,
but huge was the love they shared.

The Gypsy's Tale
By Togepi_forever

I met an Elephante one night;
He bid me come to hear his tale.
He promised I'd not heard it afore --
A Tale of Woe on epic scale.

We settled in around the fire;
I hardly dared to look
Up at his large moustached face --
Then he pulled out a book.

The book was worn, the pages thin
And yellowed from its age.
He opened up the leather front
And read from the first page.

His tale was ripe with sorrow,
My tears fell down like rain.
It seemed as if this happy place
Could never be right again.

As the story ended,
And we left that world so drear,
I saw that his eyes too were wet --
He shed a single tear.

I knew that nothing I could do
Would make the pain recede,
And so imagine my surprise --
For he said, "But now, they're freed."

He told me not so long ago
He'd told another the tale,
But she set out to free them all --
She refused to fail.

And lo! As if the words he spoke
Woke magic in the book,
The pages by themselves did turn
To tell of the journey Gilly took.

A smile broke 'cross the Elephante's face,
His trunk caressed the spine,
And I settled down once more to hear --
This tale of the Gypsy's time.

The Tyrannian Petpets Shopkeeper
By Autotune

A sign of yellow straw and sticks,
A shop of grey mortar and bricks;
"Tyrannian Petpets" you silently read --
And briefly hesitate, before you proceed.

Inside, the walls are painted with light;
'Round the tables, flies buzz in flight.
You spot a rickety chair in the corner,
Upon which sits the Elephante shop-owner.

And oh, what an Elephante to behold!
With large eyes the hue of yellow gold,
His fur the colour of ripe chestnuts --
And a most striking pair of ivory tusks.

You stand before him, quite in awe
Of his strong hooves and well-defined jaw --
A finer specimen of Tyrannia there never was!
Never one with such flair and such pizzazz!

Quite suddenly, you recall your place --
Standing and gawking, your mouth agape --
Hastily you turn your glance upon
Rock, Icklesaur, and Trumpadon.

And so while he sits, patient and serene,
Surrounded by Petpets of brown and green,
You ponder upon critters, scaled or furred --
He utters no greeting, not even a word.

You choose a Skree, approach in silence
The table, and the Tyrannian Elephante.
You count your Neopoints, shiny and sleek,
Offer him a smile that's thin and weak.

Yet the Tyrannian cracks a grin so bright --
His tusks gleam in the yellow light.
'Gal-aka-aka-bo! NAH-DE! NAH-DE!'
What a sound, oh, what a sound!

You grab your things and hastily flee!
Once outside, you whisper quite absently --
"Ugga Ugga Ugga! What a day it's been --
What an Elephante, and what a grin!"

My Elephante Is a Peanut Glutton
By Dadylman

My Elephante is a peanut glutton,
It is sad, but oh so true,
Trust me, he is the real deal,
Oh, if only you knew!

I left him home one sunny day,
I left him alone, with all the food,
I left him alone, with all the peanut snacks,
He ate everything! The list does include:

He devoured the Bag of Peanuts,
Not to mention the Peanut Bed,
He ate my prized Peanut Bookcase,
Oh! My aching head!

He inhaled the Peanut Butter Pizza,
And the Peanut Butter Granola Bar,
He engulfed the comfy Peanut Chair,
Even my rocking Peanut Guitar!

He downed the Peanut and Chocolate Slushie,
He drank the frothy Peanut Dash Shake,
He swallowed seven Peanut Butter Spiders,
Even the Peanut Mynci Day Cupcake!

My Elephante is a peanut glutton,
The amount he ate blew me away,
As I glared at him with angry eyes,
He said loudly, "Happy Elephante Day!"

Shopkeeper of Maraqua
By Elizafe42

'Neath the sunny skies of blue
And under ocean swells,
In the city of Maraqua,
A shopkeeper, busy, sells.

If you are looking for a friend,
A friend of scales and fins,
A friend to swim with in the sea,
Then welcome and come in!

"Fishy Petpets I do stock,"
Says Elephante tending store.
"That Arkmite in the window there?
Why, I do have many more!"

She slaves away from dawn to dusk;
Each Petpet needs much care.
She cleans the myriad of tanks,
And food bowls here and there.

The gentle eyes seem never tired,
Despite the tricky task.
Of selling, cleaning, such a drag,
Yet it's quite fun, in fact.

The Elephante of Maraquan hue,
Who greets all with a grin,
Says, "If you are ever in need,
Of a fishy friend, come in!"

Where the Elephantes Roam
By Philopoet

I cracked open a book;
The spine was new, unbending,
Unused, hard, and flinchingly cold.

Where the Elephantes Roam...

Once upon a time, but not too long ago,
A place existed, so beautiful, so wild,
So untouched by sadness, by worldly pain.

Where the Elephantes Roam...

Once upon a time, many years ago,
A place existed -- so sorrowful, so bleak --
A place of abandonment and broken promises.

Where the Elephantes Roam...

Bibble lived in the one so sad,
Dreaming of the one so fine,
From the Pound she started, in paradise she finished.

Where the Elephantes Roam...

Two long hard years,
Hoping hard for rescue, hoping hard for luck,
Surely there is a better place...

Where the Elephantes Roam...

There must be escape, there must be a haven,
A special place,
Where the Elephantes roam...

Tears landed on the shiny page
Squeezed from soulful Elephante eyes --
I slammed that book shut, the title glaring at me.

Where the Elephantes Roam...

Dare I hope?
Dare I dream?
Could I live like Bibble, pray for rescue?
Is there truly a place...

Where the Elephantes Roam?

The Maraquan Elephante
By Raezyr

When one thinks of the Elephante,
One thinks of massive bulk,
Of vast, ungainly stomping feet
That don't know how to skulk.

Yet travel with me, if you will,
To wild, thrashing sea.
Come far beneath, where it is still,
And creatures can be free.

Massive, yes, ungainly, no;
This creature's full of grace.
An Elephante of elegance
In endless azure space.

Its mass transformed to majesty,
It flows like water blue,
Traversing currents in the deep --
A mesmerising view.

Giant yet benevolent,
Its gentle nature gleams
Like sunlight on the water,
Or like countless drifting dreams.

Gliding past a rocky spire,
Open sea it nears,
And with a sweep of agile fins,
It slowly disappears.

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