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Neopets Poems

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The Worm and the Crokabek
By Natural

Little worm, where do you go?
It's safer to stay near;
The garden's full of danger, dear.
Oh, please don't hurry so!
You do not know what waits outside
For such a tiny pet.
A baby Buzz like you, my sweet,
Could fast become a tasty treat!

Enemies outside the door
Would swallow you up whole.
These deadly foes outside patrol --
You still wish to explore?
I can't say no to those wide eyes.
Well, fine, come on outside,
But you must promise to stay close --
A metre at the very most!

Off into the grass with you;
There is so much to see.
Away he wiggles, full of glee.
To him it's such a view!
The grass is ten feet tall,
And the garden's miles long,
But while my pet explores below,
I'm ever on the watch for foes.

A juicy worm like him, you see,
Is too much of a draw.
Hear that? That sounded like a caw --
A Crokabek is in that tree!
Scooping up my precious worm
I hurry, scared, inside.
I won't let him become their prey,
So playtime's over for the day!

An Ode to Lampwyck
By Raezyr

Beneath the ground, where one might stray,
When things are getting drastic,
Don't curse the dark; just find your way
To Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic.

Oh, hardy Buzz, in tunnels black,
Where light is scarcely found,
You keep us all from turning back.
Let accolades resound.

Your shop, a warm glow in the gloom,
Is solace in the deep.
What sometimes feels like certain doom,
What makes us want to weep --

You chase away with lantern light,
With gleaming beacons strong.
You cast illumination bright,
So no one can go wrong.

You make the caverns safe and sound,
Moltara more secure.
With you here with us underground,
No terrors can occur.

So hear my praise, and know it's true,
For no one can compare.
Of all the Buzz, I feel you
Possess the highest flair.

For though you're stoic, blunt, and rough,
You give what we require:
A spark of light that won't be snuffed,
And that's what I admire.

Poor Zombie Buzz
By Firedragon__master__

Dear zombie Buzz, I pity thee so;
I see your pain and I feel your woe.
Just when you thought your body could rest,
Your animated corpse seems repossessed.
Your flesh is as pale as the stars,
Illuminating your sewn-up scars.
Your skin's been stitched back into place
With a zig-zag mark stretched 'cross your face.
Your vest is tattered, your shirt is torn;
Your tie's in pieces, your wings are worn.
Your threadbare clothes are falling apart;
It's no surprise you look less than smart.
Though in life you may have seemed the best,
Post-death, your looks are quite a mess.
I guess the stench of decomposing flesh
Wouldn't strike most as rosy or fresh.
Poor zombie Buzz, I pity you so;
Death can make such a formidable foe,
But in your case, you rose from the dead
And chose to carry on in this form instead.
But your self brings up questions as well:
Is it worth existing as such a shell?
Is putting up with the undead strife
Worth this feeble replica of life?
Oh zombie Buzz, I can feel your shame.
I can see the faults of what you became,
But worry not, my dear undead friend,
I will stand by you till the very end,
When days and nights will come to a rest
And you can pass on without distress.

Buzz Travel in Groups
By Tealnova_dragon

It's a kaleidoscope --
I thought in wonder,
A touching, glimmering kaleidoscope.


The soft hum of the wings disappeared.
I was bewildered,
Certainly I was hearing things.

I turned back to my beloved garden
Where plants bearing Tigersquash grew.
The plump berries shined like beads of gold.


In that flash, I whirled around.
Find the culprit!
I found myself face to face
With two orbs.
Kaleidoscopes --
I could see my reflection in those eyes,
Those hard, sharp, eyes.
They bored into mine, a challenge.

Then a cackle of glee, a second cruuunnch...
I blinked, and the eyes were gone,
Only a pit of Tigersquash remained.

...a thousand times over.
I look again, and what do I find?
A colony of Buzz, snacking in my garden.

The Happy Buzz
By Autotune

He hums a song of blissful cheer,
His wings gossamer-clear;
The sky today's a painted blue,
And he's got the best-est view!

He does a fancy pirouette,
A loop-de-loop, a figure-eight.
His joyous laughter fills the air
As he dances on, without a care.

He glides and soars around the world;
He owns the sky with every twirl.
Some say he's rainbow, others faerie --
Honestly, does it matter, really?

For he's visited every peak and shore,
(Some even say he's been to Kreludor.)
He's zoomed over Lost Desert sands,
And tasted the clouds of Faerieland.

He's not got a care in the world, they say --
Never worked a day before, only ever played!
Why, he's as happy as a Buzz can be --
There's simply no one quite like he!

Buzz Day Flight
By Discodivacutie

It starts before the break of day,
Buzz can't sleep in, other species may.
The dull light spreads across the sky,
As the Buzz begin their quest to fly high.

Silhouettes on the horizon as far
As the eye can see; a long bar,
Protective, yet smooth, their flying so elite,
The ground, will it never touch their feet?

A loop, a twirl so precise and proud,
A 'bzzzt' is echoed, but never too loud.
They may not be so popular and rare,
But this special pet still deserves extra care!

As Buzz Day shows Neopia its face,
Pay a tribute to their extraordinary grace!
Yes, a Buzz is a creature of superior strength,
For us, this year, they will go the length!

The Accursed Halloween Buzz
By Dragonstorm_75

Let me tell you a tale, my girl,
A tale of a howling Buzz
Whose eyes gleamed like a pearl,
Where madness stalked within,
Whose auburn fur curled tightly,
And whose teeth gnashed fiercely.

He stalked the woods, like a shadow,
Faster than the body itself.
He struck faster than an arrow,
At his hapless prey.
Eyes aglow with amusement,
He was indeed of an evil alignment!

His wings battered the air,
Ears and tail atwitch.
Covered thickly by matted hair,
That shone silver by the cooling moon.
Before he came he howled,
He snarled and buzzed and growled.

The Halloween Buzz was fierce,
Yet many say that he's a myth.
Well, I can tell you this, my niece,
He is as real as you or me!
His claws as sharp as flint,
His eyes have a yellowish tint.

"But auntie, where is he now?
Is he hidden as we speak,
In the woods of rotting bough,
The foul Haunted Woods,
Where trees scowl and groan,
And where ghosts lament and moan?"

This I do not know, my dear,
But one thing is for certain.
Never come alone or near,
The forsaken Haunted Woods.
Who knows when he might appear,
The accursed Halloween buzz?

Flight of Fire
By Anjie

In grasp of midnight's shadowed hold,
A flicker, shimmer, dim.
Through the haze and onyx realm,
Doth tiny light source swim.
The silken hum, translucent wings,
Twin orbs, the emerald eyes.
On chilling breeze at midnight's stroke,
The fire creature flies.

Inferno hovers far above,
A burning, vibrant star.
On silent wings, on silken breeze,
So high, the ground seems far.
A playful dart between dark clouds,
He moves with eyes aglow.
Crimson flames upon his form,
So bright to those below.

Between the bowing, soft jade boughs,
He darts with frenzied speed.
Crimson flames that chase his form,
Do flicker, then recede.
A fire creature in the night,
Inferno patterns limbs.
A single flame upon the breeze,
That flickers, shimmers, dims.

Buzz and the Rainbow Fountain
By Mamasimios

Buzz, when they're newly hatched,
Often are quickly dispatched
To the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland
And a new look, as I understand.

For if these Buzz are so blessed
As to receive a Fountain Faerie quest
And then can find what she's looking for,
A great new colour is the Faerie's reward.

But why do Buzz reap this benefit
More often than other Neopets?
Surely it's because only a Buzz can score
The spiffy Buzzin' avatar!

Buzz arrive as basic reds and blues
But leave in more fanciful hues.
One brief dip dispels the green,
And the Buzz is now coloured Halloween!

Or perhaps the Buzz would rather be
A plushie pet, soft and squishy?
A mutant, Island, or zombie?
Pirate, snot, skunk, or strawberry?

And so it would seem that the Buzz
Is the best dressed Neopet because
Everyone loves a faerie's quest;
The Fountain Faerie's rewards are by far the best!

Sergeant Brexis, Buzz Hero
By Rosabellk

Defender Brexis sneaks along the hall,
Silently, as stealthy as a ghost.
He flicks his wings, hugs close against the wall;
For in this mission, silence matters most.
The Buzz Defender doesn't make a sound
As through the darkened house he slowly creeps.
He holds his breath and quickly looks around
At a time of night when all Neopia sleeps.
He hears a sound! He halts right in his place,
Barely breathing, ears alert and poised.
He glances 'round, and then back on the case,
Regardless of the small distracting noise.
At last Defender Brexis nears the end
Of that long, darkened hallway that he paced;
His target lies just inches 'round the bend,
And now it's time: his foe he has to face.
He springs to action, flicking on the light
And jumping into the adjoining room.
His muscles tense, preparing for a fight:
This evildoer soon will meet her doom!
Now Brexis sees the villain, just in time:
The one thief who's evaded jail so far.
The Shadow Usul, captured in mid-crime
With one hand deep inside the cookie jar.

Ahoy There, Pirate Buzz!
By Moulinrouge21

Avast! Pirate Buzz is here and watching you he may,
Arrived from distant shores, ship sitting in the bay.
Chests filled to the brim, overflowing with jewels,
A swashbuckler pirate he is, so ready for a duel.

A treasure map he did explore, to find the giant X,
In heavy storms they sailed, their skills put to test.
"To starboard, my trusted crew!" the captain'd call,
"Scrub the deck, fit out the vessel, no time to stall!"

Salty sea awakes their senses, the wind in their face,
You're at sea's command now, follow his pace.
The pirate Buzz is a hearty fellow, and loyal at that,
Steering at the helm is where you'll find him at.

With his red bandana and brilliant black eyepatch,
Kitted out in pirate gear, his sword ready for attack.
A wooden leg he does not have, nor a talking pet,
But never cross a pirate Buzz, they never will forget.

Into the Sky
By Dadylman

Why the sad face, baby Buzz?
I see you lying there,
I was but walking along,
When I spotted you, a site quite rare.

Why the sad face, baby Buzz?
A face like yours should smile,
With large round eyes and glossy skin,
I haven't been this concerned for a while!

Why the sad face, baby Buzz?
You are adorable, there's no question!
What on Neopia could have happened to you,
To bring forth this disheartening depression?

Why the sad face, baby Buzz?
There's not a need to be sad!
There's no need for someone as cute as you
To be in a mood this bad.

Why the sad face, baby Buzz?
Oh, why do you appear to cry?

... Oh.

... I see.

It is because of your wingless body,
Which can never lift you up into the sky.

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