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Neopets Poems

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Spooky Snacks
By Jayo289

You walk up to this spooky stand,
And hearty food you do demand.
But after looking at what's to offer,
You just can't help but scream in horror.

The Deviled Steak flaps around your head,
Flicking its tail of a devilish red.
The Baked Intesteen twitches on a stick,
Surely it must be some kind of trick.

Octornapie tentacles shiver and stare,
Inviting you into its pastry-based lair.
A Pumpkin Pie wears an ominous smile,
Enough to make you run a mile.

The Slimesicle drips to the ground,
Creating a slimy, mucus mound.
Jellied Eyeballs simply blink,
Leaving your sanity on the brink.

The Scary Soup's steam wraps and coils,
Made from evil's troubles and toils.
Peanut Butter Spiders scurry over your shoulder,
You brush them off and shriek in terror.

Spooky Raspberry Pie cries and moans,
Sending shivers all through your bones.
Sun Dried Techo Claw scratches your hand,
This shop is anything but bland.

A scrumptious meal that you so want,
Bought from this stand is sure to haunt.
Rather than eat something mobile and bubbly,
You would rather just stay hungry.

Anshu the Healer
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Wise old Ruki, help me, do!
I have a nasty malady.
I have travelled to Shenkuu
For your ancient remedies.
My head is aching, I cannot think,
And I have no energy.

Why, fine sir, please take a seat!
Sounds like you have Achy Head.
Have a mug of Black Cherry Tea
And take a nap at home in bed.

Wise old Ruki, help me, do!
I have a dreadful disease.
You are Anshu of Shenkuu,
Can you help me, please?
My eyes are running like a stream,
Although I do not grieve.

Yes, my lady, dry those eyes.
Apply this cure with great haste!
The disease you have is Watery Eyes,
Dried Orange Peels will solve this case!

Anshu, medic on the Cyodrake's Gaze,
Shopkeeps at Remarkable Restoratives.
Selling great cures for your disease!
Heals locals and tourists expertly.

The Arrow Knows
By Twocents

The forest parts,
Even the birds silent in wonder.
The world is gazing upon him,
The Yurble who will plunder.

The arrow knows.

The raider pushes his headband back,
Beads of sweat sliding down his face.
His gaze pierces the shadows.
What is he looking for in this place?

The arrow knows.

The wind picks up,
And the leaves dance around him.
His bow is held in a loose grip,
And his face looks mighty grim.

The arrow knows.

Pushing forward,
The Yurble sniffs the air.
A shift of the wind brings a scent,
Now smirking, this seems a deadly affair.

The arrow knows.

A quick step pads across the forest,
And the raider catches the movement.
Stalking the shadow quietly,
It's time for effort to be spent.

The arrow knows.

The shadow has stopped,
And the Yurble raises his bow.
The arrow releases quietly,
Following the winds' flow.

The arrow knows.

A small thud, a collapse,
The Yurble finally stands.
The shadow fell to the raider's might,
That which he commands.

The arrow knew.

The Korbat Huntress
By Sapphirekira

Shining eyes, sword in hand,
Protector of her woods;
Warrior-maiden of the Forest Clan,
Koya, the Korbat Huntress.

She looks firmly at you in the face,
As you approach her home;
For she's the guardian, and with her quick wit,
Nowhere in her forests can you roam.

In this corner of Meridell,
Which so many ignore,
Koya lives in happiness,
In tree or on forest floor.

Fiercest guardian in all Neopia,
She is always revelled in honour;
Among criminals, her name strikes fear --
Koya, the Korbat Huntress.

Since the Neopian Times Came
By Nut862

Since the morning that quill was first set to paper,
Since the day care-crafted entries first were read,
Since the evening we first embarked on this caper,
Since the day publication was given the go-ahead,
Since the first newspaper was laid to dry,
Four hundred weeks have gone fleeting by.

Since before the Weewoo's feathers turned white,
Since before Chet Flash wuz ever here,
Since before the young even learned to write,
Since before "Times writer" was a career,
Since before we noticed that time was flowing,
Four hundred issues have slowly been growing.

Since our love of writing drove our words out,
Since our work was first printed for all to see,
Since we got curious what these tales were about,
Since we discovered how much fun writing can be,
Since we asked the editor to read our submission,
Four hundred issues are archived in recognition.

Since the time we first heard a white Weewoo sing,
Since the music that we could never forget,
Since the feather quill dropped from a snowy wing,
Since the ink-dipped quill was to paper set,
Since the first short story that we ever read,
Four hundred memories have formed in our head.

Since the quill, once lifted, cannot be dropped,
Since the Weewoo's song still fills our heart,
Since the ideas, once started, cannot be stopped,
Since there are still so many tales to impart,
Since it's far more than trophies we're winning,
Four hundred issues is just the beginning.

Discovery of Meridell
By Alexmajor9

A land of greenest grass
And a castle red and blue,
Meridell is joyous
On the day it came to you.
When Meridell was found,
It brought us Ixis, hills, and cheese.
And now, many years later,
There's even more fun for us to seize!
Could you imagine great Neopia
With no Turmaculus to wake?
Or a glade without Illusen
Giving quests for us to take?
What land could Darigan invade
If Meridell did not exist?
How would the world be safe
If Lisha and Jeran didn't persist?
Let's face it, Neopians:
We all need this farming land.
It may not be robotic
And yes, it may be bland.
But without it we'd be lost,
And our map would not be covered.
So cheers to Meridell,
We are so glad you were discovered!

Looking a Little Grey
By Pansyparkinson14

Why so sad, young Neopet?
What makes you look so down?
Is it because you're feeling ill,
That gives you such a frown?

Perhaps you've caught a cold --
Do you have a case of the Bloaty Belly?
Or maybe that sickness, oh, what's it called:
The one cured by magical socks that are smelly?

Not ill you say, then what is it?
Did your Petpet run away?
Or did it get eaten by the Turmaculus,
Which completely ruined your day?

Other things could make you look so sad:
Did the Pant Devil snatch your codestone?
Did the Tax Beast steal your Neopoints?
Or did the Snowager chill you to the bone?

Not these, you say; then I'll keep on guessing:
Is Jhudora responsible for your droopy ears?
Did she screech and menace at you,
Galvanising your fears?

I am out of ideas now, but I see you smile,
So I hear what you have to say:
Upon hearing your explanation, I nod -- of course!
You've just been painted grey!

The Lutari Doth Swim
By Kittengriffin

'Round the coral the Lutari doth swim,
With the Arkmite, the Goldy, and the Marafin.

Dancing through the swift-rushing currents,
Splashing in the waves with no need for assurance
That all will be well, that all will be free,
That nothing can hurt them in the deep blue sea.

'Round the trenches the Lutari doth swim,
With the Ghoti, the Gulper, and the sweet Delfin.

Diving through the cracked and riven stones,
Of the old Maraquan palace that once was home,
To life of all shapes and sorts, all loving the water,
That keeps them safe, that brings them shelter.

'Round the kelp the Lutari doth swim,
With the Primella, the Splime, and the Peophin.

Darting through the ever-shifting plants, they play,
Laughing and talking as they swim far away,
Into the unexplored depths of sea and world,
Spreading their wings, their hearts unfurled.

'Round the sparkling sea the Lutari doth swim,
With freedom abounding and nothing to bind him.

He dives and he dances through the ocean wide,
There's open water all around and nothing to hide,
For the sea is a creature with its own life and ways,
In which you can live and sing for all your days.

'Round the coral the Lutari doth swim,
With the Arkmite, the Goldy, and the Marafin.

Content with life, content with knowing,
That there's more to the ocean than it's showing,
Uncaring what the secret is or might possibly be,
But instead living freely in the deep blue sea.

Faerie Pteri
By Moulinrouge21

Soaring the sky above the clouds,
the Pteri roams in its haven.
Wingspan wide and flying proud,
No match for the birds who are craven.

Feathers shimmer in the sunshine rays,
red, orange, purple, and pink.
The Pteri with its soft sound
Its beauty vanished in a blink.

On this day, the Pteri is worshipped
above all the rest.
Its kindness, warmth, and caring nature,
Its heart fulfilled with undying zest.

You will never see such loyalty
as a Pteri to its family,
whether baby, faerie, or pirate --
Its undying love will be given
to you and to me.

Although their friendship will be long term,
I heed you take this tip:
Never should you doubt a trusting Pteri...
unless you are a worm!

The Blumaroo Court Jester
By Ktkdk

A grumpy king sits in the courts of Meridell
Listening to the horrid jokes his citizens tell.
"Why can't they make me smile?
None of these jokes are worth my while!"
He began to loudly yell.

Then a cure to his woes appeared out of the blue
In the form of a strange, young Blumaroo.
"You look crazy," the king jeered,
For it was true that he looked rather weird.
The Blumaroo simply replied, "Thank you!"

His clothes were tastelessly bright.
Around his neck was a ruff of white.
He was ridiculously thin,
And he had bright green skin.
Altogether, he was quite a sight!

As the king prepared to call him a freak,
The Blumaroo jester began to speak,
"I know I am not much at first glance,
But you will not regret giving me a chance!
I assure you my joke will be unique."

The brash jester began walking
With brave steps closer to the king.
All was silent as the king waited
To hear the joke the Blumaroo created.
At long last, he began to sing:

"What do you do if fierce Peophins
has eaten too much tin of olives..."

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