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Neopets Poems

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Uzarro the Thief
By Anjie

Where vaults are bolted, locked up firm,
Where all is safe and tight,
She dwells, a whisper in the dark,
A threat who lurks the night.
No matter should you lock gold up,
Uzarro finds a way.
No lock, no bolt, is strong enough,
To keep this thief at bay.

The treasures of this mighty realm
Shall fall to Usul's hold.
You'll never see her slipping in,
Until you miss your gold.
She'll shimmy down a pipe or wall,
Through windows shall she swing.
Silent will the footfalls come,
And you won't hear a thing.

Stories wander through the realm
Of Usul, dressed in green.
Some claim the thief is but a myth,
For she's so rarely seen.
They speak of glowing, narrowed eyes,
So brilliant is her gaze.
She'll snatch the gold and spring away,
Lost to the shadowed haze.

Usul Tail Care Made Easy
By Stariell

I have noticed, of late, too many of us Usuls
Shunning their potential to shine, to enchant,
To gleam, though I say this as a particularly
Naturally blessed Usul myself. The answer,
Friends, is in one simple concept: tail care.
The condition of your tail says much about you.

Take note of mine. Its sweep, its splendour,
The quality overall. Now, aren't you jealous?
No need. My dears, you all can have a tail
Almost as splendid as my own. The trick is
Simple. Your tail requires care in its upkeep.
It requires patience and a gentle touch.

Brushing, for example. Tails both should
And must be brushed one hundred times
Every day. Otherwise disaster may strike;
Mussed and matted tails are in no way
Attractive. Avoid this at all costs. Anyway,
Done right, all that brushing is quite relaxing.

I, personally, am soothed by the sweep of
bristles through my fur. Choose your brush
Well. You are going to spend a lot of time
With it. Now, cleanliness is the next, most
Vital of topics. I have three words for you:
Usul Tail Shampoo. It's all you'll need.

There, aren't things appearing more simple?
Clean, brushed, and fluffy, all you'll require
Is the perfect ribbon to set your fur off. Pink
Would be my personal preference. No need to
Choose the same, although it's true my taste is
Excellent. Now, friends, go out there and gleam!

A Title Earned
By Umbreon_clone

Sentinel no longer dear,
once a source of constant fear:
the Darigan Usul, consumed by rage,
fights again to break its cage.
Sealed away after wartime's end,
as one of Darigan's tries at amends,
its might and magic, still strong as before,
have long not seen use, and will nevermore.
It rejects such a fate, fighting the bind,
thrashing with hate and thoughts of dark mind.
Hair slick and smooth, shiny with grease,
a factor once aiding in trouble's release.
It proves none too useful in this oubliette,
where nothing but keys make the solitude subset.
It rejects that, too, struggling to be free,
to remind them of nightmares they wish not to see.

Usuls are crafty, some smart as they're tall,
and Darigans are cunning, never dropping the ball.
Combining the two yields a beastly new foe,
much colder than many ever wish to know.
But one stands beyond even that grim line,
being too cruel and evil for most to define.
The Darigan Usul is a title it earned
for being, undoubtedly,
the most scorned.

All the years in a pit, it's managed to survive,
only magic-borne foods yet keeping it alive.
Not a soul suspects it to be plotting away,
devising its escape all night and all day.
Kachink, kachink, goes the rusty old chain
as the broken restraints begin to wane.
A surprise attack for their bitter betrayal;
the perfect way to finally unveil
the Darigan Usul, feeling freedom at last,
and, along with it, the demons long past.

The Usul Adventurer
By Scarletspindle

A trick of light makes innocence bright,
In eyes seeing more than their share.
There are battles so bold in antique tales told,
Of this brunette damsel so fair.

With daring and ease she does as she pleases,
Traversing through tunnels trap-laden.
For nothing compares with her wit and dare,
For there are none who can rival this maiden.

Hannah's her name and danger's her game,
As she dashes though pitfalls and traps.
Nobody knows just quite where she goes;
Without fear, cowardice -- or good maps.

She never does cry or nervously sigh;
And bravery beats in her blood.
Nor does she scream or is haunted by dreams,
Of perilous plunges in tunnels that flood.

For this Usul is tough, and comes off quite rough,
To those who dare question her skill.
She'll take on monsters a-many for nary a penny
And defeat them by sheer force of will.

Though she will concede that treasure and greed
Are still part of her daily routine;
For riches she seeks, in caverns for weeks,
But of theft she does keep her hands clean.

So if ever one asks to hear of her tasks
There is many a yarn she will tell.
Of combat and bows and screeching ice foes,
Then she'll smile and bid you farewell.

Reign of the Shadow Usul
By Keikotoriyamacatnip

Within darkness she creeps,
Shadows hide her desire.
Creating mischief through night,
Spreading like massive fire.

Light cannot defeat her,
For she stays away,
Casting magic spells
On Neopets who stray.

A hunter on the prowl,
Hating to be prey.
Takes her revenge,
For she loves to play.

A whirlwind of trouble,
In Neopia Central resides.
The Shadow Usul reigns,
In darkness she confides.

First Race of the Usul Skiing Season
By Sadinei

Down the slopes she glides so fast,
The electric Usul she's just passed!
Now she's coming to an ice jump,
Up she goes, landing with a thump.

The rainbow Usul was coming last,
Now that position is in the past.
With skill and iron will she flies,
Much to the ecstatic crowd's excited cries.

"Go, go, go! You can do it, you can win!
You have the power, deep within!"
She lets all hope ride on the last turn,
First position she hopes to earn.

Up ahead the snow Usul laughs,
Within her comfort zone she's hard to pass.
"You'll never beat me!" the leader cries,
The rainbow Usul keeps her mind on the prize.

There's not far to go; the two are neck and neck.
One will win; the other will be a wreck.
The finishing line is drawing near,
The crowd are screaming, they all let out a cheer!

The rainbow Usul struggles on,
The snow Usul thinks of the medal she will don.
But just as the two are about to cross,
The snow Usul realises that she has lost.

Thinking only of the prize at hand,
The snow Usul takes second place on the stand.
The rainbow Usul has realised a dream,
Thanks not to luck, but a strict training regime.

"Better luck next year," the rainbow Usul calls,
Her once keen opponent admitting her fall.
"If I had have seen victory wasn't assured,
Maybe I would have won, and soared."

The snow Usul gives the rainbow a pat on the back,
Admiring the winner's trophy's gold plaque.
"Next year I'll win it, you will all see,
But first I must learn that there's no guarantee."

The Usul Masquerade
By Cheeseworld101

The night has arrived for a heavenly ball,
In the corners of Neopia, they hear,
The invitation announced with a melodic call
And the festive Neopian cheers.

The long winter has begun at last,
And the time shall start with a dance,
Filled with Usuls from present and past,
Through the luxurious rooms they prance.

Only one golden rule at this ball, they explain:
You must don a bright and gleaming mask
And keep secret your identity, your name,
As long as the celebration will last.

So the Usuls waltz, they skip, they leap,
And a brilliant party they have made,
Until midnight the dancers shall go without sleep,
At the joyous Usul Masquerade.

Uzarro the Usul
By Dragonstorm_75

The bank was running smoothly,
Vaults were filled and emptied.
Customers were greeted warmly,
On this cold and gusty evening.

At last 'twas time to go,
The managers closed their doors,
And they closed them tightly so,
Uzarro wouldn't enter.

The name was the word of fear,
Amongst the hardiest accountants.
For like magic she would appear,
By then the vaults were empty.

Indeed the Usul was here today,
Her bags empty and waiting.
She bypassed everything in her way,
And entered the National Neopian Bank.

Security systems Uzarro scoffed,
They were simple to her.
Because she entered through the loft,
With her lock-picking tools in hand.

That night for her was a night of toils,
As she worked from vault to vault.
Yet she would get many spoils,
In that cold and gusty night.

Uzarro the Usul finished her task,
And slipped away unseen.
Not one has seen her under her mask,
So skilfully does she disappear.

The following morning everything's well,
The managers think that nothing had entered.
With pride their chests did swell...
And then they entered the vault.

Hannah and the Pirate Caves
By Raezyr

Here she stands, so proud and tall,
With flowing chestnut hair,
Her eyes a dark, determined blue,
Sensing danger in the air.

There they stand, so grim and dark,
Foreboding, rocky caves,
Home to many monsters,
Thieves and rogues and knaves.

Send your arrows at her,
Darting swift and fleet.
This is Hannah, sure of foot;
Mere arrows can't defeat.

Falls of rock may block the way,
But Hannah's strength endures.
A simple push will show the way
And treasure she secures.

Water flooding every gap
Cannot deter the lass.
With bravery, she traverses
Every dampened pass.

Even blasts of dynamite
Are powerless today.
She uses them for her own ends
Blowing up a way.

Pawkeets, Mirgles, other guards
Should give up their patrol.
This canny little Usul
Is outside of their control!

So pirates, listen and take heed,
You can't protect your loot,
Your shining gems and treasure,
No matter how astute.

Treachery and danger?
She knows how to cope
Over gaps, a rock collapse,
Up a ladder made of rope.

And through the door, her goods in hand,
Triumph on her face.
Hannah in the pirate caves
Has won the endless chase.

A Shadow
By Sapphirekira

Through the darkness I quickly slip,
No one ever sees me.
Known by none is who I am,
For merely a shadow, I be.

Though the moon shines, I'm not seen,
A figure of blackness, passing by.
A few pets do a double-take,
But I'm not seen, for I'm quite sly.

My eyes doth glow, yellow and bright,
They spot you from a mile away.
Swiftly I come, and soon you'll find
That your possessions have gone astray.

In the Gallery of Evil that tells of me,
And of me, many do fear.
Mothers warn children in hushed tones,
"The Shadow Usul might appear!"

At night I wander and am not seen,
By day, I long for the night.
In the blackness is where I lurk,
Hiding from all light.

There's one thing I do not know,
For why am I disliked by all?
But I'm a villain, and villains are feared,
Even if it's for reasons small.

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