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A Note from the Poetry Judge: Here's a special Poetry Gallery to celebrate FOOD! Yum!

The Gross Food Buffet
By Anjie

When all others are pulling a face and look ill,
I'm rubbing my hands with such glee!
When they cry "gross" or "I won't eat that junk!"
It just means that there is more for me!

Pasta and Eyes or an infested peach,
In bright rows fish pops all do lay.
Others are sporting a bright green complexion,
While I'm rushing to the buffet!

Cheese and eel burgers I quickly devour,
A Tonguewich I'll gobble and grin.
When I see Iced Fish Cake there laid out before me,
I squeal, I just can't keep it in.

Fresh Seaweed Pie left for days on the window,
(The flavour is stronger, you see.)
Stuffed Frog? A treat that I greatly desire,
They're crunchy, I'm sure you'll agree.

Hot Worm Hot Dogs are best cold, I tell you,
And Mustard Ice Cream melted? Yum!
Finger Crisps, though, are for special occasions,
And then I eat up each last crumb.

Some claim that my taste for these foods is just odd,
I don't lie, I am often called strange.
But if you don't try them, then how will you know?
I say "Try Snail Subs for a change!"

Molten Morsels of Moltara
By Mamasimios

Molten morsels, melting mouthfuls,
Tasty treats so hot and healthful.
Moltara City is opened wide
With fresh new foods for you to try.

Tended by a Bruce shopkeep,
On gear-shaped plates the food he'll heap.
Whether Hot Onion Salad or Root Stew,
A steaming meal waits for you.

Fire Eggs and Fire Rice
Served aflame, well-done with spice,
Washed down with Sparkling Carrot Juice,
Or a Sweet Potato Fizzy Drink will do.

Awake with Rock Waffles or Root Pancakes,
A Triangle of Ham with a Potato Shake.
At noon sample Fried Ginger or Molten Lasagna,
Topped off with a tankard of Hot Magma.

For dinner, a mound of Mashed Mud with Gravy
And a Roast Root Platter, piquant and savoury.
For hot food you will never want
From the Molten Morsels restaurant!

Molten morsels, melting mouthfuls,
Tasty treats so hot and healthful.
The adventures don't end on Moltara's streets --
Excitement waits too when you sit down to eat.

Five Star Intergalactic Cuisine!
By Dragonstorm_75

Delicious smells come from the kitchen,
Enough to make one do a double take.
Tasty pies and dehydrated chicken,
Just like those your gnfard used to make!

Perhaps you would like our Chicken Cordon Bleu,
Our Vegetable Deluxe is the finest in the lands!
Every day made fresh and new,
By Gargarox's deft green hands.

The Cafe's cuisine is sometimes odd,
With fungus, broccoli and gooey Grobleens,
Maybe a grub that will give you a nod,
With slimy shakes and stranger proteins.

Nonetheless the business is grand,
Of it every Grundo is a wholehearted fan.
Sooner or later the Cafe will expand,
Or at least that is Gargarox's plan...

So whenever you want something good to eat,
Be it Cherries Jubalee or Cosmic Broccoli,
Go to Grundos Cafe, they will give you a treat,
As you will be served to almost promptly.

And a quick note of warning for you all...
If your meal is still moving, don't call the waiter!

Spooky Snacks
By Jayo289

You walk up to this spooky stand,
And hearty food you do demand.
But after looking at what's to offer,
You just can't help but scream in horror.

The Deviled Steak flaps around your head,
Flicking its tail of a devilish red.
The Baked Intesteen twitches on a stick,
Surely it must be some kind of trick.

Octornapie tentacles shiver and stare,
Inviting you into its pastry-based lair.
A Pumpkin Pie wears an ominous smile,
Enough to make you run a mile.

The Slimesicle drips to the ground,
Creating a slimy, mucus mound.
Jellied Eyeballs simply blink,
Leaving your sanity on the brink.

The Scary Soup's steam wraps and coils,
Made from evil's troubles and toils.
Peanut Butter Spiders scurry over your shoulder,
You brush them off and shriek in terror.

Spooky Raspberry Pie cries and moans,
Sending shivers all through your bones.
Sun Dried Techo Claw scratches your hand,
This shop is anything but bland.

A scrumptious meal that you so want,
Bought from this stand is sure to haunt.
Rather than eat something mobile and bubbly,
You would rather just stay hungry.

By Wicked_summer

Meridell, the home of tales
Like Jeran and his trusty sword.
Determination that never fails
And leaves many awed.

And then they go home to eat their dinner,
Stone Soup and chunky Gruel.
With Meridell's foods you'll never get thinner --
Dirt and mud are ideal fuels.

Stone Soup, Flat Bread,
Turnips ten days old.
Everything harder than your head,
Except the Peas, which have gone cold.

Stinking cheese, Apple Core,
Tomatoes, Bowl of Yuck.
This isn't just the food of poor;
This is rich man's tuck.

Meridell, full of cheer,
Of heroes tried and true.
But the only TRUE heroes here
Are those who eat the food!

Cheesy Sloth Cake
By _Razcalz_

Wandering past the Bakery,
This chilly morning grey.
Marketplace of bustling pets,
A stall does block your way.
Dark green figure looms o'er you,
A smile so bright and fake.
"It's my special day," he says,
"So have a cheesy cake!"

Dr. Sloth, beaming once more,
Shoves cake into your hands.
"Eat up, eat up!" he says with glee,
While you retreat from stands.
Yellow cake with rounded base,
Dents in surface bare.
Perched on top is Sloth figure,
(No surprises there.)

Cheesy scent so tempting, sweet,
You long to take a bite.
Satisfying it would be,
This cake of yellow bright.
Looking all too edible,
(Except that flag of his.)
You turn around to meet red eyes,
Sloth's watching you, he is.

What have you been thinking of?
This is Sloth, after all!
Who knows what is in this gift?
Into a trap you'll fall.
Eating just a tiny piece,
May be your last mistake...
Beware, beware of finding more
Than just a cheesy cake!

It's a Completely Non-Lethal Sandwich
By Soaringeagle25

Assuredly it's completely safe,
What make you doubt it so?
For some reason folks avoid it,
Like it's impossible to swallow,
But it's never done anything to you.
What do you suppose it's going to do?

The ham and cheese is quite fresh;
The slices of bread are warm and soft,
And yet many seem to shy away.
There's just something turning them off!
I'm sure if you just tried a bite,
You'd find that it tastes all right.

You still refuse? How unsurprising!
It seems everyone I've asked declined,
But yet it's still a mystery to me,
Since it's tastiest sandwich you'll find.
What? Laser Gun? Poppycock, I say!
-takes a bite- BZZZZT! (I'm ok.)

My Grey Eggs and Bacon
By Lily2b18

My Grey Eggs and Bacon,
They sure aren't fakin'.
When I poke them, my
Whole fork starts a-shakin'.
My Grey Ice Cream Cone
Wants to be alone,
And it cannot be eaten,
So I'm skin and bone.
My Grey Doughnutfruit
Doesn't give a hoot,
It's lonesome and droopy,
And soggy to boot!
My wedge of Grey Cheese
Will give you a disease;
It's so covered in mould,
I won't have that, please.
But oh! My Grey Toast!
I like THAT the most!
It's just a favourite,
Liked from coast to coast.
It's flaky and warm,
And has no mini-storm
To keep the bread mushy,
No, it keeps its form.
So if you like food,
And you're in a sad mood,
Put down that ice cream!
No more Doughnutfruit!
Leave them for Woogy, Jimmi, and Adee,
For the Grey Toast is great!
You should take it from me.

Green Tea Custard
By Indulgences

The Green Tea Custard is a treat
That no one can resist.
The fragrant scent is mellow, sweet.
It's aromatic bliss!

It's wholesome, fresh, and candied joy.
Its honeyed taste is famed.
Its sweet perfume is heady, soft,
And quite deserves acclaim!

I take a bite while smiling wide.
The taste is big and bold.
It's rich and golden in my mouth.
It does not disappoint!

I take another, bigger bite,
And can't resist a third.
I slurp the pale green, tasty stuff.
I'm at a loss for words!

Go buy yourself a custard too!
The Green Tea Custard is
A paragon of sweet desserts.
The greatest food there is!

Ode to Asparagus
By Tanikagillam

I wish I could write,
I wish I could say,
I wish I could tell you,
Just how you make my day.

You sit upon a plate,
All ready to be eaten.
I admire your strength,
When you know you are beaten.

You've been washed and cooked,
You've been perfectly prepared.
You've been smeared with butter,
Oh, how you look so scared.

I would too, if I were you,
Be quivering with fear.
My poor little asparagus,
Your time is very near.

You look so tasty,
Next to the other food.
But trust me when I say
They aren't as delicious as you.

This is it, asparagus.
Your time is due.
I will certainly enjoy this,
Let me assure you.

I'll spear you with my fork,
With some gravy too.
I'll eat you up with my beef,
And with some potato goo.

Oh, asparagus.
How I love thee!
So divine and tasty,
You are such a treat.

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