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Neopets Poems

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A Birthday Acrostic (in 10 lines plus 10)
By Mamasimios

Haunted Woods is festooned with bright streamers;
Altador awakes its Sleepers, Dreamers.
Party plans have been discussed,
Pets and their Petpets make a fuss.
Your birthday has arrived!

Brightvale glaziers work in glass
Images from years gone past.
Roo Island shakes with Blumaroos,
Their tails telegraph the merry news:
Happy Birthday five plus five!
Down on Lutari and Mystery isles,
All the natives await with happy smiles.
You can see a new glow from Kreludor.

Neopia Central sports festive decor --
Even Darigan Citadel wishes you the best!
Over to the Lost Desert and Qasala,
Prehistoric Tyrannia and Maraqua,
Each land celebrates in its own way.
Ten times have they marked this special day,
So Happy Birthday, Neopets!

A Decade of Neopets
By Pansyparkinson14

It's been ten years: a decade!
Time does fly when you're having fun;
It seems that it was just yesterday,
That the site was turning one.

Through bites of cake and ice cream,
We can stop and reminisce,
On all the past wars, plots, and events,
Or on the downtimes we don't really miss.

In a decade's time there have been
Myriad Petpet and pet days,
More site events than you could count:
So many that it does amaze.

Remember when games numbered in the teens,
Or of the first Grey Paint Brush release,
Or perhaps of when that menacing Lord Kass
Threatened all of Meridell's peace?

Thoughts linger of times when Neopia
Had no Altador Cup to its name,
Seriously, how could we have lived back then,
Without that amazing game?

Or perhaps, if you have been here a while,
You remember the Kreludor formation,
But even newer users should be able to know,
The date of the debut of customisation.

So while it has been ten long years,
I find that there are not many regrets:
I look forward each and every day,
To the wonder that is Neopets!

Neopia: Turning Ten in Ten Verses!
By Anjie

Clock is ticking, time is near,
Neopia turns ten!
All over pets are partying,
Like won't be seen again!
In every realm they celebrate,
In their own special way.
For ten long years they all did wait,
To see this magic day.

In Faerieland the Flouds are out,
Fyora's tower, bright.
They shower it with faerie dust
That shimmers in the night.
It spells out 'Turning Ten Today!'
The wheel spins, cheaper price!
Even the spooky cloud is bright,
Jhudora... being nice?

Where Virtupets are sought and found,
The lever shakes your hand.
The cafe is serving a treat
That folks can ALMOST stand!
Evil Fuzzles hang a sign,
(In messy scrawl, you see.)
'Turning Ten, Sloth's still around,
And yet, we're all still free!'

Where snow is on the ground all year,
An ice sculpture is made.
It forms a massive birthday cake,
From which sparklers cascade.
The Snowager wears party hats,
(It takes two to fit his head.)
Snowbeasts no longer seek Petpets,
But eat cookies instead!

Far below in ancient realm,
The plateau holds a dance.
Tyrannians move to the beat
And strike dramatic stance.
They toast the time that has passed by,
Each raising their own mug.
Together as a crowd they cheer,
And give a massive 'UGG!'

Should a tranquil time be more
The kind of thing you seek,
You'll find it where the mists are still,
Engulfing every peak.
In Shenkuu tea parties are held,
Tradition is the key.
Cyodrake's Gaze? Giving rides!
And every one is free.

Illusen's Glade is full of fun,
The Ixi sing a tune.
Meridell is in full swing,
Beneath the shining moon.
Even King Skarl seems to be
Less angry, just today.
(It could be though, the massive feast,
That has him grin that way.)

Yo-Ho-Ho, Krawk Island time,
The smugglers eat a meal.
(Giving scoundrels time to slip
Into the ships and steal!)
Dubloons and wishes are passed 'round,
As midnight doth draw near.
"Yo-ho, me hearties, the time has passed,
Here's to another year!"

Above the shrine of King long gone,
The sky explodes in light.
Fireworks over the sand,
Do decorate the night.
Setis leap over the dunes,
To spread the merry word.
Neopia is going strong,
Long years have now occurred!

Mystery Island, Haunted Woods,
All celebrate their way.
(How this is done in Fairground, though,
I fear I best not say!)
Recall when you came to this realm,
Each pet you did create.
Look back on years we've all had fun,
How will YOU celebrate?

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
By Dragonstorm_75

Today's the special day,
As the door near me unlocks.
As I call to my own valet,
I'm packaged in my box.

"Bring me icing," I demand,
"Or just a scoop of cream."
Why I am of the finest brand,
And my form is quite supreme.

I am packed in and sent away,
To the party with a special care.
For today is Neopets' birthday,
And all eyes I must ensnare.

I am wheeled right in,
And voices cry in joy.
Let the festivities begin,
Party-goers, cake ahoy!

The candles are blown right out,
My base is sliced for all.
Of course, I have no doubt,
That my presence is quite the haul.

Soon there is almost nothing left,
As partygoers scream and cheer.
Though I am of myself bereft,
My voice and theirs is loud and clear.

"Happy Birthday to Neopets!
And the Team that leads it all!"

Party Preparations
By Sapphirekira

It's the most special Neopian day,
November 15th, Neopets' birthday.
A party's being held, but we must prepare,
Making sure there's enough food to share.

Streamers are hung up around the room,
Banners brightening up the gloom.
Drinks are to be served! What d'ya want?
Hope you like this restaurant!

Balloons are blown up and handed out,
How could a party do without?
Confetti is thrown up in the air,
Careful! A ball is being thrown there!

Finally, the cake is to be cut.
Filled with excitement, thou art.
A slice is given to everyone --
Birthday parties are so much fun!

Happy Birthday, Neopets, for today
Ten years old you are, and I must say
That is quite an accomplishment!
To us, a whole lot you've meant!

10th Birthday Celebration
By Gmcrazy

Layered cakes and pointy hats,
Jugglers and acrobats,
Leaping Techos, some would say,
To celebrate this holiday.

Each Poogle, Bruce, and Eyrie
Is bright-eyed and cheery,
And each little Kacheek
Is too happy to speak.

Gifts for all and all for fun,
Free balloons for everyone.
Grarrls smile with delight,
Eager for a birthday bite.

A cake with ten blazing candles.

The crowd hoorahs
And gives applause.
Confetti floating,
Stomachs bloating.

Trumpets blare across all lands,
Starting with Krawk Island's sands,
Reaching to Terror Mountain's top,
Where the echo never stops.

Birthday Times
By Scarletspindle

Hang the tassels; spread the cheer,
For we celebrate another grand year!
So many things have gone running past;
Time has fluttered by so fast!

On and on fun and games are spread,
Songs of celebration run through heads.
It's such a grand and pleasant day
For all of us to play away!

Many pets, both young and old,
Listen to stories many years told.
Balloons and streamers swirl from the skies;
A colourful rainbow dazzling eyes.

And as the moments drizzle by,
We all cannot help but heave a sigh.
It was so fun to rejoice and sing,
But the time will be ending.

Then all realise as they look around,
At all the confetti on the ground,
That yes, perhaps this year will be done,
But in twelve months time shall be another one!

So as you party and remember with friends
That all good things can sadly end,
As seeds from flowers to the earth,
Time will bloom and give new birth.

So while past things have come and gone,
Never feel as though that's wrong.
For new old will always make way,
So just smile, enjoy Neopia's birthday!

The Neopian Birthday Song
By Dragon_imaginer

We all celebrate this day,
For it marks the first
Of the very first of days
Of this wondrous universe.

Different pets across the world
All cheer upon this time.
Even on the moon Kreludor
Pets are singing so sublime

Sing Happy Birthday to the clouds!
Happy Birthday to the sky!
Happy Birthday, one and all!
Happy Birthday, you and I!

Shoyrus, Quiggles, raise your trumpets!
Flotsams, gather up your drums!
Tuskaninnies, bring your flutes!
And the rest, just sing along!

Bring your custards, toys, and treats,
Set your ovens onto 'Bake'.
For the festival this evening
Let us not forget the cake!

Sing Happy Birthday to the clouds!
Happy Birthday to the sky!
Happy Birthday, one and all!
Happy Birthday, you and I!

Fireworks light up the stars
In fantastical display.
Confetti showers from the heavens
As the children laugh and play.

Salutations all around
As new friends are made.
Congratulations, Neopets!
You have reached one decade!

Sing Happy Birthday to the clouds!
Happy Birthday to the sky!
Happy Birthday, one and all!
Happy Birthday, you and I!

Wishes of a Good Night
By Buds_and_authors

There's a hustle and bustle
In Neopia Central,
For Neopia is ten years old --
And so is someone else,
Someone forgotten.

She sits on the porch,
Her head in her hands,
And she wonders,
"When's it my turn for a party?"

The sky is lit by fireworks,
Blowing into the sky,
Erupting into chaos,
A riot of colours.

She sits.
She waits.
She listens for voices,
Happy cheering --
But nothing.

After the parties,
The fireworks,
It's deathly quiet.
There's no noise;
Barely any sounds at all.

She sits.
She waits.
There's the faintest voicing
Of "Happy Birthday to You",
But other than that,
You would think the world
Had gone and left her alone.

"Another year,
Another forgotten birthday."
She sighed, walking into her
Neohome sadly.

"Surprise!" everyone yelled,
Jumping out from behind the sofa,
From out of the cupboards,
From the fridge, the bed:
Her friends.

They hug and they embrace her,
They yell "Happy Birthday!"
She sings along with them,
Even though she's not meant to.

When she stands on the porch
With her friends later,
She whispers,
"And to all a good night!"

Happy, Happy Birthday!
By 7splat52

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
Let's all go eat cake!
To you we owe many debts!
But birthday gifts, we'll take!

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
We love you!
Throw a party, let's!
So many things to do!

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
And thank you, TNT!
You love yourselves too, I bet!
You've done so much, can't you see?

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
Why won't I stop saying that?
Well, we have so many debts!
But let's put on birthday hats!

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
Can't wait for another year!
Neither can you, I bet!
So thanks, TNT, we all hold you dear!

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