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Neopets Poems

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Pteri of the Clouds
By Anjie

Where dappled alabaster drifts
And golden streams do spin,
It's hard to see where clouds do end,
Where Pteri doth begin.
Cerulean feathers, silken, small,
Adrift with snowy white.
Her form to mimic all above,
When she doth take to flight.

Those who amble far below
And to the sky do glance,
See nothing more than tiny cloud
That through the breeze doth dance.
None notice vibrant, emerald gaze,
Or small claws tucked in tight.
So subtle is the creature's form,
It's veiled from mortal sight.

Lilting laughter, velvet call,
To others flying high.
Inviting them to traipse the clouds,
And climb the endless sky.
The vapours forming powder white,
Do part with whim of wing.
Entire sky at her command,
This dainty, flying thing.

Where treetops through the mist do peek,
Upon the tallest bow,
Is tiny nest no one can find,
For only she knows how.
From there Pteri launches forth,
From haven held up high.
To drift upon the passing breeze,
Trace circles in the sky.

The White Pteri
By Brilliance109p

Faeries fly in crowds and crowds;
The sky, a beam of glassy blue,
Brighter than a thousand gems,
A simple yet flamboyant hue.

A million hills, they roll below,
Lakes like puddles in the rain,
So far that they seem barely there,
A square of green, a grassy plain.

A Pteri flies with gracefulness,
The very sun shines from his wings,
That beat ka-thump, that beat ka-thamp,
He tosses high and sweetly sings.

And in the sky we find that peace,
Where the Pteri flies, there we shall see,
That snow-white pet that drives away
All things that hold impurity.

Happy Pteri Bird-day!
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Happy Pteri Bird-day!
Where we all have feathered friends.
The Golden Pteri celebrates
By showering you with spends.
The rainbow Pteri is chirping,
And the fire one's lit up.
Faerie Pteris decorate the cake,
And Darigan ones placate.
The fledglings preen their feathers,
Where young eggs are due to hatch.
Playing plenty of fun games,
Then challenging a rematch.
The Down for Maintenance Pteri
Waits in the Battledome.
The Neovian Printing Press lady
Shuts shop to her lovely tomes.
Everyone wants to partake
In the Pteris' beautiful songs.
Wake up to those warblers,
To which Pteri Day belongs.

The Golden Pteri
By Dianacat777

A sunbeam soars in fluid flight,
His feathers shine with golden light,
A radiance that can eke day from the night,
The Golden Pteri in all his might.

The clouds part where his form does fly
And ever more bright seems the sunshine.
A feather drifts downward, soft and fine,
Like a lucky token bestowed from the high.

Quite often are the legends told,
Tales of glory and tales of old,
Truth is veiled about this Pteri of gold,
Yet here he is, and a new story unfolds.

Awestruck, wordless, to your knees you fall,
He caws out a proud, strong call.
Wherefore he appeared, you know not at all,
But greatest fortune shall surely befall.

But none of his kind is with you today,
And so the Pteri just flies away.

The Black Pteri
By Jayo289

Twilight fades into the dusk,
The once light sky now cold and damask.
Stars twinkle out in the blackest night,
A shadowed figure takes flight.

Red eyes protrude from the black,
Spotting its prey, on the attack.
Gripping the tree branch with sharpened claw,
The Black Pteri lets out a venomous

Death rides on its wings and skeletal shape,
Carefully eyeing the entire landscape.
Stalking from the skies up high,
In the dark, the perfect spy.

As nighttime dominates the land,
And above the light it takes a stand.
The Black Pteri lets out a venomous
He won't be defeated -- nevermore.

Pteri Poetry
By Mamasimios

I clutch my new book, Pteri Poetry,
Tightly to my chest,
Sighing and trying to decide
Which poem I like best.

How convenient that they thought
To attach a writer's quill,
In case of urges to dabble in verses --
As indeed I think I will.

I sit down at my oaken desk,
The quill poised in ready hand,
Close my eyes, clear my mind,
And wait for my muse to land.

I could write of the Pteris various,
Of their plumage of all hues,
Calamus, plumule, crest, and tuft
Are some words that I could use.

Or what of an ode to Pteri heroes --
The Golden Pteri or Clutch Billaban?
I could depict with language epic
The steed-mounted Pteri Champion.

Yet behind my still-closed eyes,
I see Pteris aloft in flight.
It is of soaring, gliding, dipping, diving,
That I am prompted to write.

As I am about to commence
Expressing myself upon the page,
I see it's these words -- the nouns and verbs --
That have me truly engaged.

Faerie Pteri
By Moulinrouge21

Soaring the sky above the clouds,
the Pteri roams in its haven.
Wingspan wide and flying proud,
No match for the birds who are craven.

Feathers shimmer in the sunshine rays,
red, orange, purple, and pink.
The Pteri with its soft sound
Its beauty vanished in a blink.

On this day, the Pteri is worshipped
above all the rest.
Its kindness, warmth, and caring nature,
Its heart fulfilled with undying zest.

You will never see such loyalty
as a Pteri to its family,
whether baby, faerie, or pirate --
Its undying love will be given
to you and to me.

Although their friendship will be long term,
I heed you take this tip:
Never should you doubt a trusting Pteri...
unless you are a worm!

The Perfect Pteri Cake
By Pansyparkinson14

The Pteri Flying Championship
Is a day marked by feathers and happy cries,
But what best consoles the poor Pteris
Who have not won a prize?

The colourful confetti is quite nice,
And the music coaxes a lively shake,
But best of all is not any of those:
It's the delicious, perfect cake!

What makes this cake so special?
Why do Pteris like it so much?
Why, it's those wriggly, writhing worms
That offer the special touch!

Tired from all the flying,
The Pteris come to gawk at the confection:
With five layers of wormy goodness,
Pteris agree that it's quite a perfection.

A layer of cake, then a dollop of worms,
Then a bit of frosting on top,
Makes all those Pteris sing and jump,
And dance and fly and hop.

So a slice of cake, or two or three,
And friendly competition in this joyous fest,
Really makes all Pteris around concur,
That the Flying Championship Day is the best!

The Championships
By Piratepaintrox5

Feathers brush the dusty path
As a Grarrl glares up with wrath.
A 'sorry!' is called to down below,
'There's no time to waste; we must go!'

Soaring through the Tyrannian sky,
Watch them dive, swoop, and fly,
Come one and come all,
To the Pteris' flying festival!

Look out, look out, here they come!
Headed by Sir Orthalum,
He's the king, the reigning czar,
He's much faster than the rest are!

Soaring through the Tyrannian sky,
Watch them dive, swoop, and fly,
Come one and come all,
To the Pteris' flying festival!

First come the acrobatics,
Next, graceful dives with ribboned sticks,
Third, the great Pteri race
To see who can keep up the pace!

Soaring through the Tyrannian sky,
Watch them dive, swoop, and fly,
Come one and come all,
To the Pteris' flying festival!

Who will win, we'll have to see
At the champions' jubilee --
In the final blitz,
Who will win?! It's... it's...

Ready, Set, GO! -- The Pteri Flying Championships
By Sapphirekira

Anticipation in the air,
The day at last is here!
Gathered from all around the world,
Supporters come to whoop and cheer.

The biggest race Neopia knows,
Pteris get ready to compete.
They're quite a fearsome, speedy bunch --
And really quite hard to beat!

Lined up together, from end to end,
Most fast, but some so slow.
Wings are flexed for takeoff,
At the words "Ready, set, GO!"

Zooming through the air with speed,
Ignoring any wind gust.
Only one can win and be champion,
But try, they all must.

Whoever looks up at the sky this day,
Shall look, and in awe see:
Pteris rushing through the clouds --
What an honour a win would be!

Toward the finish line one is,
Oh no! Fallen down has he!
So from behind, she creeps over the line,
And a Pteri yells victory.

The championships are over, once again --
All are windswept, and covered in muck.
Farewells are bid, and each hear
Sounds of "Next year, good luck!"

Gifts of the Golden Pteri
By Scarletspindle

Gilded wings brush thinning air
As he surveys down below.
Searching the land of those worthy
Of his grand gift bestowed.

Intently he keeps vigil watch,
For those whom he relates.
A fellow Pteri he does seek
To shower with coins of any weight.

And through the winds of distant lands,
He watches proudly high and low.
A brother here, a sister there;
To riches he doth throw.

And to those with wicked hearts;
Heads consumed by hate and greed.
Take warning now for he will see
Your utter lack of need.

For the Golden Pteri, though quite proud,
Has wits about his feathered head;
And before you snare his sparkling plume
You'll pay all you have instead.

So throughout the skies he'll always soar,
O'er rolling lands and frothing seas,
Handing out riches forevermore;
To his beaked fellows who do need.

Warrior Plushie Pteri
By Scarvogue

Stuffed with puffy cotton soft
and stitched by threads so thin.
Buttons for the eyes and ears,
this Pteri can't help but grin.

A smile is sewn upon his face,
so simple and yet so sweet.
The perfect plushie to lift your heart
but in the 'dome, none can defeat.

You never would have guessed,
a cuddly toy and warrior fierce.
His sword pointed at the enemy,
evil Neopets it doth pierce.

A hero of many kinds,
and savior of the Neopian sky.
When wrath falls upon the land,
the Pteri will spread his wings and fly.

Straight in the heart of danger,
with confidence and skill to boot.
Clear the skies of Neopets,
for the Pteri is in pursuit.

But should he feel his morale fall,
his Bag of Healing Dust doth wait.
The Pteri releases its contents,
and suddenly he feels just great.

He shall not fail to bring it home,
the honour and glory of victory.
Across Neopia all will shout:
"Three cheers for the plushie Pteri!"

A Race Already Won
By Waning

Today is a day for those who take flight,
For those who have feathers and wings.
The Pteri Pageant is preparing to start,
Abundant adrenaline the competition brings.

Today the Pteris take part in a grand race,
Those too young and too old simply sit and watch.
Only the fit and pure of heart may enter,
Else their chances of finishing are botched.

A winged one in the crowd prepares,
He stretches, pulls, and preens.
The orb of light shines high in the sky,
To block the sun, to the side he doth leans.

He fears not the plights that may come,
He knows that not only luck is on his side.
For friends he has aplenty,
And to love, no fear will abide.

Though the race proves to be a strain,
His limbs and lungs move too slow,
He knows his fellow competitors will help.
To him they swoop down low.

They take turns to carry another on their back,
So all Pteri racers can finish on time,
For this race is not one to be won,
Success only comes in crossing the finish line.

A true challenge comes to keeping a bond,
For Pteris from all around will agree
They are there for each other in times of need.
(True accomplishment is all theirs you see!)

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