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Neopets Poems

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This Night, This Halloween
By Mamasimios

The month of Collecting draws to a close,
Leaden skies hold the promise of early snows.
The Crokabeks caw and the chill wind blows,
For tonight is Halloween.

The Haunted Woods stand stark with empty trees;
Pathways crackle with their discarded leaves
Crushed and crunched 'neath trampling feet
Of the hordes on Halloween.

Shadows pulse and swell with a foreboding air
While innocent children pass by unaware
Of the threat, of the peril afoot everywhere
On this night, this Halloween.

For tonight the dormant delinquent shall rise
And join in with the clamouring clusters, pint-sized,
Protected by costumes and masks that disguise
Their schemes this Halloween.

For who would give a second thought
To yet another Vira or Morguss or Hubrid Nox
Who among the crowds of children may plot
In the night, this Halloween?

And so be careful as you walk the streets
And consider whom you may well meet.
You might be in for more trick than treat
On this night, this Halloween.

By Herdygerdy

Edna! Edna!
Tower's witch,
Questing daily with no hitch.
Spire green and cackle mad,
Potions and curses to be had.

Sophie! Sophie!
Swampland mage,
Witch of slightly younger age.
Outcast, gypsy, mystic seer,
Neopets flee from her in fear.

Morguss! Morguss!
Skyward hag,
Wrapped in nothing more than rag.
Servant of the fortress king,
Be it Eyrie or fallen Bat-Thing.

Witches! Witches!
Wizened three,
Potent magic, that's the key.
In dead of night they gather round
And cast their spells on all they've found.

Tales Around the Fire
By Brilliance109p

Around the dancing campfire,
Flame of red and gold,
All Hallows' Eve brings distant cries,
And stories to be told.

"One dark and stormy night," they say,
"Not far away from here,
A pair of curious wanderers
Alone did disappear..."

Wide-eyed, listen closely,
As if night has made them blind,
Neopets around the fire
Glance furtively behind.

The stars are dim and misty,
The moon a silver eye,
Come lend an ear to tales of fear,
Beneath an inky sky.

"The Haunted Woods, my little ones,
At night you must avoid..."
Huddle in and look around;
Afraid and paranoid.

Our hands are warm and toasty,
But behind lies cold and black,
The feeling of a thousand eyes
Upon your trembling back.

"A chilling scream, a sudden shout,
Curtains, dust and fade,
They stumble on a castle
That belonged to Eliv Thade."

"The Brain Tree gives a moan,
You're fleeing, homeward-bound,
But where you tread the Esophagor
May rise up from the ground."

Around the dancing campfire,
Bathed in fiery light,
We'll gather 'round and whisper soft,
And share our tales all night.

A Haunted Woods Halloween
By Dianacat777

Darkness blots the sun so bright
And slinking shadows dance
Behind the knotted trees so 'twixt
Where eyes balefully glance.

A Werelupe calls, his form alight
By wan light from a cloudy moon.
Translucent Meepits whirl by his feet
Moaning a ghostly croon.

The Brain Tree barks out his errands
For knowledge of the dead.
Robotic clowns traipse the Fairground,
For even here Sloth's terror spreads.

Edna's cauldron froths erratically
And her potions may be dandy,
But honestly, take my advice
And don't ask her for candy.

Hallows' Eve is in the air,
And all throughout the night,
You'd better be quite prepared
To suffer a bad fright!

So don your guise and hunt for treats,
But remember this you should:
If there's a place with Halloween spirit,
It would be the Haunted Woods!

A Halloween Tale
By Anjie

One Hallows' Eve when all was dark,
Through shadow three friends tread.
Spite and malice in their minds
Would soon transform to dread.
The leader of this wicked band,
Was Mirk the Ixi lad.
Use his story, my young friends,
When next you're being bad!

"Trick or Treat!" yelled the three friends,
But treats they stole, indeed.
Taking more than one's fair share,
Shows no good comes from greed!
They thought to plan a wicked heist,
And steal a sugared treat
From an old Krawk, so rather blind,
Who always seemed so sweet.

But those three friends, my audience,
Walked in through the front door.
And no one saw them come back out,
Nor met them anymore.
Did the old Krawk take revenge?
Is any of this true?
Just a tale to scare all,
From bad things they might do?

Each Hallows' Eve Mirk's tale told,
And little pets, be nice!
Or like that vile Ixi, Mirk,
You too may pay the price.
Not all who wander on that eve
Are bound to be a friend.
Behave yourselves, Neopians!
Or meet a sticky end!

The Worst Witch
By A_purplepossum

Here in Neopia we've got tons of ghouls
Under rocks, in a cave, or in ditches,
But the worst of all are Neopia's witches.
They make all the others look like fools!

First there's Edna, a mean Zafara hag;
She lives in a tower in the Haunted Woods.
She's nasty and foul and not at all good.
"I am the worst witch," she would like to brag.

But she's not as bad as the witch of the marsh,
Sophie lives in a swamp in a small shack;
The magic she makes is indeed quite black,
And when she uses it, she can be harsh.

Let's not forget Xenia who soars through the sky;
Her mischievous pranks are very tricksy,
So much more than that disgruntled Ixi.
She is not the worst, but she is quite high.

Not Edna nor Sophie nor Xenia can compare
To the one who sells potions at a crazy price --
Kauvara may seem like she is rather nice,
But her expensive store is anything but fair!

So this Halloween when you hear someone cackle,
You know that Kauvara is the most evil of them all.
Sophie, Edna, and Xenia are going to fall,
'Cause Kauvara is more despicable than a Grackle.

Neovian All Hallows' Eve
By Concertogreat_8

Through the rain and a roaring flood,
Procession in darkness goes.
A lonely town, a frightening curse;
The chanted words, they honour those
Whose memories permeate the Woods.

(Hail and farewell)

Rain washes, Whoot screams,
All in black, the blackest robes;
An apparition flickers, dies away,
Do not stray from the path tonight.
The clock chimes twelve --
For whom the bell has tolled.

(Stranger I have known)

Glimmering candles light the way,
Through the Haunted Woods;
The shadows leap upon their faces,
Turning them to mangled pets;
Hiding difference from Usul to Kyrii --
All were one and one were all,
Welcome home, Neovians.

(Spectres of the lost)

Drip in the silence awash with sound;
Down in the graveyard they cluster round,
Sharing the chants as the night shrieks,
Spilling the terrors of All Hallows' Eve.
The ghost of a young Sophie, lost and afraid;
Gilly's woes, Bruno's tears.

(Goodbye, nightmare)

The ghosts of memories dance tonight;
Edna's cauldron froths as Sophie stirs;
Their voices in tandem, the Brain Tree moans,
A fork of lightning splits the sky,
Voices rise in glorious high;
The memories spill, the villagers weep,
The Haunted Woods mourns tonight.

(May peace be yours)

The Metamorphosis
By Dragonstorm_75

His fur was so silky and soft,
A roan red and maroon hue.
By air it seemed to be held aloft,
Its wonder few could eschew.

It was not unforeseen,
That the Lupe would be painted Halloween.

Eyes agleam, ochre and bright,
Teeth sharper than icy night.
The Lupe was filled with great delight,
His colour fit him just right.

Yet he was unprepared,
By his colour he was quite ensnared.

The clouds parted for the moon,
As round as a disk, whiter than snow.
With its coming the Lupe did swoon,
And his eyes began to glow...

The transformation has begun,
As was his payment for the bargain.

His muscles flexed with power,
Sinews stretched in accord.
The Lupe's frame became leaner,
Into the air a howl soared.

The metamorphosis is almost done,
By the moon's light it cannot be undone.

The Lupe's fur was jagged and dark,
His menacing snarl was loud.
And with a single, angry bark,
The Werelupe ran unbowed.

Into the Haunted Woods he ran,
On the night of All Hallows' Eve.

Villains on Halloween Night
By Sapphirekira

The wind moans and howls, not a star in the sky,
Halloween, most evil night of the year.
Villains gather together, to wander and scare,
The air of Neopia is surrounded with fear.

No light able to penetrate the darkness,
Spooks and shadows quickly slink by.
A figure of blackness, crawling, no light,
The Shadow Usul is swift, strong, and sly.

In the abandoned parts of the Haunted Woods,
Hubrid Nox makes devilish plan after plan.
But because it's tonight, the night of all nights,
He goes to scare pets like he's a madman.

The evillest devil cackles and laughs:
He's in for a treat, this night.
Swooping around and stealing their sweets,
The Pant Devil fills all with fright.

Black sky seeps by as Jhudora awakes,
Her temper as high as the sky.
A faerie of darkness, she laughs with malice,
And speeds off to harm all her fie.

He's the infamous one you surely know,
That mad scientist of destruction.
Cunning and evil, off he goes now --
Dr. Frank Sloth, in one swift motion.

All these villains, with whom you're familiar,
Ghosts, witches, and more.
So wicked they are, so watch your step.
As they scheme to make victims of you all.

I Don't Celebrate Halloween
By Precious_katuch14

Halloween is a holiday I never celebrate,
Not fond of it, but I wouldn't go as far as hate.
I see no point, I've got better things to do,
But anyway, Happy Halloween to you.

If I want candy, I can go buy from a store,
And my good friends always give me more.
I don't trust strangers and their sweets,
For they could be tricks instead of treats.

If I want to see ghosts and spooky food,
I simply take a trip to the Haunted Woods.
No impostors, I run into the real things,
Real horns, real claws, and real wings.

If I want to hold a party and wear a costume,
I'll host a masquerade party in my living room.
With refreshments, music, and only the best eats,
This beats trudging through the city streets!

If I want to pull pranks and break the rules,
I can afford to wait until April Fools'.
(But then again, many jokes are timeless,
So why wait for a specific day to make a mess?)

If I want to tell tales that give others a fright,
To do that, I don't have to choose any night.
I'll pen my stories whenever I want to,
And gather my friends 'round a campfire, too.

So Happy Halloween, that's what I said.
I don't have candy; take this cupcake instead.
While Neopia revels in this nocturnal holiday,
To write my next poem, home is where I'll stay.

The Fog
By Jayo289

On this grim night of Halloween,
With darkness creeping in;
A thick fog rises from the ground,
The thickest there's ever been.

Out from the Haunted Woods it flows,
Seeping through like slime.
Rolling through the alleyways,
Its density sublime.

To Neopia Central it crashes through,
Darkening its shine.
Coiling 'round the water pipes,
Like a vicious vine.

Covering Lost Desert's sand,
The pyramids are shrouded.
Qasala now a hidden land,
Its houses dissolved like acid.

Drifting over Kiko Lake,
Covering its glistening surface.
Masking the beautiful golden shores,
Leaving the skyline airless.

It too conceals the Brightvale spires,
Reaching all the nooks.
Treasured words hidden tonight,
It blemishes the books.

Roo Island's rainbow colours dim,
The carousel has stopped.
No jumping, and no 'Roo-ful joy,
Those bouncing tails have dropped.

The sleet of Terror Mountain glows,
In this misty hue.
Slithering through the icy caves,
Clouding every view.

Binding the flags of Meridell,
Hiding the blue and red.
Wrapping the glade in its grasp,
Filling the land with dread.

Soaring to the clouds of Faerieland,
Turning air a misty grey.
It creeps on through the sullen sky,
Stalking out its prey.

Krawk Island falls below the cloak,
The pirate ships sail slow.
Shipmates wander all around,
As this cloak does blow.

The elders of Tyrannia
Prepare for the attack.
As the foggy enemy arrives,
Nobody's holding back.

And beneath the depths, in Maraqua,
The smoky monster falls.
Around the coral it passes now,
Across the seafloor it crawls.

To the Isle of Mystery,
It mixes with volcano smoke.
Encasing the Island Mystic's hut,
Around the beach it strokes.

Across the seas to Lutaris' land,
Swept up by the storm.
Following the chilling winds,
Always without a form.

At the grand old city of Altador,
Caressing the heroes' stone.
Blocking the games of Yooyuball,
Causing the fans to moan.

Through Shenkuu it blows with such fright,
And down the falls it rides.
Surfing through this hallowed land,
Slipping along the tides.

Out to space with Virtupets,
This sneaking veil does flow.
Knocking on the cold steel doors,
Drifting to and fro.

And finally, up to Kreludor,
A desolate orb of rock.
Sliding in to the Mining Corp.,
As if it could simply walk.

So, now it's covered Neopia whole,
On this most spooky night.
It's Halloween; the fog is thick,
Relief nowhere in sight.

Join the Dance
By Rinoamog

I took a shortcut through the Haunted Woods
(though I'd been told I never should),
I knew it was a frightening place
(even before I saw the Esophagor's face).
Thick with deepest dark, the night,
I felt, was filled with fright.
My heart would leap at every sound,
my running feet began to pound,
'til haunted denizens began
to crowd around me as I ran.
One reached out and grasped my paw
with ghastly, ghostly, fearsome claw,
and as I quivered (like a liar at Cheat!),
he passed to me a spooky treat.
"Join the party," someone hissed,
that's when I saw them through the mist:
A spooky band softly played;
within carved pumpkins, candles blazed.
The Brain Tree hung with toys and sweets,
dancers kept time with the beat.
Voices rang with merriment,
my earlier fright was quickly spent.
Swamp Witch Sophie danced with Balthazar,
to a Mummy Ruki strumming Autumn Guitar.
At first I, nervous, stood apart,
but with a lively tune about to start,
Scratchcard Sidney took my hand.
Who knew that in this haunted land,
I could be having so much fun,
as we stepped in time, we danced and spun.
Then as the day began to dawn
And spooky partygoers (and I!) to yawn,
even Edna (oft best left alone)
smiled with an offer to show me home.
With my feet upon the homeward path,
I reflected on the aftermath
of a night of spooky revelry
I never imagined there could be:
After this wonderful Halloween night
I'll see the Haunted Woods in a different light.

The Witch's Tower
By Scarvogue

Bats fly overhead,
they say this place is cursed.
Dark clouds hide the moon,
on the thirty-first.

A cackle sounds all around,
it's why these woods are haunted.
A ghost darts through the trees,
it's Neopia's most wanted.

A shriek from the house
that sits atop the hill.
A crooked roof and shattered window,
up your spine it sends a chill.

But in one small corner,
there sits a witch in a tower.
Her cauldron bubbles as she brews,
but only for an hour.

The clock strikes twelve and out she comes,
it's time for her to brew.
Potions are her specialty,
but she might make something just for you.

On this night of tricks and treats,
it's time for something special.
Fetch the ingredients she demands
or she cannot cast her spell.

But once the clock hits one,
and the witching hour ends,
Edna packs up her cauldron
and leaves with all her friends.

Come back next Halloween
and try again, you may.
But you must wait until 12 o'clock,
when Edna comes out to play.

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