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A Korbat Consumed
By Scarletspindle

Chains, they clank from side to side,
Their prisoner within.
He grins insanely, babbling loud
About how he shall win.

Many a foe has faced his moves,
And they now realise
That only Cellblock he understands
Through crazed and glassy eyes.

Consumed he is by every turn,
His attention's on success.
The only goal that's left to him:
To triumph and be the best.

His wings, they flutter to and fro
As he raves about his life --
How through it all he overcame
Adversity and strife.

Yet those who meet him, they all see
His unstable, tortured eyes;
The lonely little Korbat playing
To drown himself in lies.

And even those with chilly hearts
Who are brutal, cold, and callous,
May yet feel regretful aches
For pitiable Barallus.

Zo Junior
By Icesmith

Wings flamed with focus, determined to strike,
The Korbat soars throughout the pitch,
Scoring for each denizen of the Woods,
Each monster, villain, hero, or witch.

Zo flies over the crowd, each cheering him on,
As he claims the Yooyu in tight hand,
He fires the ball, it streams air wide,
The goal so gloriously planned.

The crowd all erupt in cries of glee,
As Zo scores the final point,
Another victory accounted for proudly,
For this Korbat refuses to disappoint.

His team roars in ecstatic glee,
As the opposing group leaves field,
Each sorrowful in defeat, crying and weak,
The slingers of woe do they yield.

A final bow marks the end
Of the match, so tense and precise,
As all teams fear the Korbat of the Woods,
His goals never fail to suffice.

The Korbat Huntress
By Sapphirekira

Shining eyes, sword in hand,
Protector of her woods;
Warrior-maiden of the Forest Clan,
Koya, the Korbat Huntress.

She looks firmly at you in the face,
As you approach her home;
For she's the guardian, and with her quick wit,
Nowhere in her forests can you roam.

In this corner of Meridell,
Which so many ignore,
Koya lives in happiness,
In tree or on forest floor.

Fiercest guardian in all Neopia,
She is always revelled in honour;
Among criminals, her name strikes fear --
Koya, the Korbat Huntress.

Silver Wings of Night
By Naturestar88

Balanced upon the peak of Terror Mountain,
The bringer of twilight spreads her wings,
Cascading down into the burning sky,
The melody of night she sings.

The streets of Neopia bend under her glory,
As she spreads night across the land.
Her silver wings sparkle as stars,
Beneath the moon, above the sand.

The Korbat dances on the tip of the Hidden Tower,
Before spiralling up into the dark,
Darkness trails behind her,
As she lays down her mark.

Soon her trip across the land is over,
And there she perches at her home,
Gazing down at the work she's done,
Knowing that she is all alone.

Tears prick her eyes,
As she remembers the stories,
That night and darkness were brought by evil.
They didn't know the beauty and glory.

She is special, as all Korbats are,
Why was she sentenced to bring on the night?
The question is unanswerable like so many things,
And she dives from her peak, for one last flight.

The soft silky air smoothes down her wings,
Glimmering as she flies and fulfills her duty,
And for once the heads turn,
Gasping at her indescribable beauty.

When she returns to the peak,
Her heart for once is filled with joy,
Experiencing for the first time happiness,
Like a child with a new toy.

A smile creeps across her face,
As the sun begins to rise,
Erasing all hints of her hard work,
But that alone was a prize.

The Korbat shields her eyes from the light,
The depths of sleep are dragging her in,
But she has last thoughts,
Happiness surging and pulsing within.

Her job is done for the time being,
And she can rest,
Bringing the silent and dark night,
Is definitely the best.

And when she awakes,
She knows what will happen:
She will balance upon the peak of Terror Mountain,
The bringer of twilight will spread her wings
And cascade down into the burning sky;
The joyous melody is the one she sings...

I Am Redeemed
By Dragonstorm_75

The Three once had my heart,
Greed, Revenge, and foul Ambition.
And upon my failure they did depart,
Leaving me woefully broken.

My wings failed my will,
As I plummeted to the ground.
And it was only by Sally's goodwill,
That I began to come around.

When I learned of what happened,
Of Kass's corruption.
I returned as if summoned,
Without any caution.

My redeeming was nigh,
As I recaptured what was once mine.
And Kass I struck down with a cry,
His reign has made its falling incline.

Blows were exchanged without abandon,
But my strength had not yet gone.
Kass was strong but was to be undone,
By the Three to whom I was once pawn.

The Citadel's bondage was finished,
The shackles I tore asunder.
And though peace has been tarnished,
There now stands a strong order.

My name is Darigan, lord by right;
My story has now come to light.

A Sonnet for a Snot Korbat
By Mamasimios

If you be foul in the eyes of others,
If there be they who would disdain your touch,
Know that I would not choose any other
Korbat to hold in close and loving clutch.
As I watch you on wings of mucus glide
Through vaulted cerulean firmament,
My heart is wont to burst with tender pride,
Beating with love constant and permanent.
Perhaps it is an instinct maternal
That impels me to wrap you in my arms
As you display your sickness external.
I wish to protect you from further harms.
Know that by your side I will never leave
With love and Neopkins tucked up my sleeve.

Flight of the Korbat
By Chax1414

When you walk by a cave,
in the dead of night,
you might happen to notice
a bright pair of eyes.

Most times you should not fear,
as it is only an exciting day.
What species is it, you may ask,
I will most certainly say.

It's the day of the Korbat,
as they fly through the night.
Laughing, soaring, chatting,
but certainly not for fright.

They are full of happiness
and aren't out to try to scare.
In fact, if I could be frank,
they are spreading the meaning clear.

They are proud to be their species,
they are one of a kind.
As they fly over Neopia,
they add a few words to mind.

One can be frightening,
and one can be eerie,
but everybody should be cheering,
because the Korbat Day is enlightening.

Meruth the Watcher
By Anjie

Malice crimson in dual orbs,
Like poison is her gaze.
Alone, alone, doth Meruth sit,
To hunt through eerie haze.
Tattered leather, wingspan folds,
A smirk doth cross her lips.
The moonlight hides in shivered fear,
The world drops, dark eclipse.

High where creatures dare not go,
Meruth, the silent threat.
None can read behind that gaze,
And none have dared just yet.
Serpentine the tail twists,
A beacon, tempting prey.
Like a Cobrall, Korbat rocks,
Hypnotic is each sway.

A sentinel with evil whim,
Who scans the woods below.
With hatred and with wicked thoughts,
Does Meruth's red gaze glow.
Should she find you on the path,
You'll know your time is done.
For few have returned from her grasp,
I bid you, traveller, run.

Calculating, plot in mind,
Her hate like evil creeps.
No escape from Meruth's gaze,
For evil never sleeps.
Meruth on twisted bough doth perch,
The woods in chilling shades.
Alone, alone, she watches all,
Where cold moon never fades.

Hanging Upside Down
By Reggieman721

Korbat, hanging upside down,
Sees the world's inverted ways.
His perspective is unique;
From high perches does he gaze.

Neopets walk high above.
Sea of sky rests down below:
Endless reaches, deepest blue,
No one else but he can know.

Everyone clings to the ground;
Grassy ceiling covers all.
Nothing but balloons and kites
Into clouds do sink and fall.

Happy frowns and pensive smiles
Are what he identifies,
Dangling from his lofty perch,
Far below, amidst the skies.

Korbat, hanging upside down,
Certainly has much to see.
But, alas! he rarely does,
For, of course, he's fast asleep!

By Zappotree

A young, cheerful Korbat
Flew by me one day,
And with a small board game,
He sat down to play.
Barallus, Barallus,
Oh, what can I say?
If only you knew
That you'll snap one day.
With a tiny young laugh,
He began his game to play,
While I, with a frown,
Began to move away.
Barallus, Barallus,
Please listen to me,
Your brain will stop working,
Just you wait and see!
Then another young Korbat
Decided to play,
And the two happy Korbats
Played this game all day.
Barallus, Barallus,
Oh please, stay away!
That other young Korbat
Will lock you up one day!
So those two young Korbats
Were friends from that day,
And the other young Korbat
Asked his new friend to stay.
So together they went,
And together they stayed,
Whilst the first Korbat
Had things coming his way.
Now he hangs up in chains,
As happy as you please,
With a crazed, cheerful giggle,
Or a brain-twisted sneeze.
Barallus, Barallus,
Oh, what did I say?
I told you more than once,
Your mind would snap one day!

He Shoots, He Scores!!
By Monseuir_meow

He scurries quick,
He scurries fast,
By the time you've seen him,
He's gone to pass.

He's quick and nimble,
Faster than you and me,
You'll never ever catch him,
He's Zo Junior, you see.

Centre forward for Haunted Woods,
He cannot be beat,
Goals here and there,
Hold your head in defeat.

Try to catch up to him,
But it might be too late,
And when you're up against him,
Losing's your fate.

So watch him in awe,
As he flashes right by,
Zo Junior here,
Making his team go so high!

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