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Neopets Poems

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Where Are You Now?
By Jayo289

Did you perish in the explosion from The Three?
Surely not, you must have escaped so slyly.
So just one question remains, if you'll allow,
Lord Kass, just where are you now?

You saw apparitions and lost your sense,
Convinced the Citadel to up the offence.
You bribed and tricked your way to power,
And replaced Lord Darigan within the hour.

Vex was placed in his own cell,
Where nobody could hear him yell.
Galgarroth was thrown from the fortress,
All thanks to your courage and prowess.

Skarl was stopped by the Court Dancer's dance,
Immobilised; he was placed in a trance.
Your plan was working, everything great,
Awaiting you, surely a wonderful fate.

But sadly, that wasn't quite the case,
As the heroes of Meridell took up chase.
In your castle, you were defeated somehow,
Which begs the question, where are you now?

The Tomb of the Eyrieki
By Soaringeagle25

Within the Temple of 1000 Tombs
Scarabs skitter and darkness looms.
Ancient symbols and ruins of past,
A yellow glow the torch's flame casts.

An archaeologist with button specs,
Upon the sacred ground he treks,
To the golden gilded grave
Inside the sandy, cobwebbed cave.

But lo! There behold his eyes
His life's research, beloved prize --
There lies the mummy, his discovery
Of the long-dead enwrapped Eyrieki.

What happened then no one did expect:
Open flew the eyes, then sitting erect,
The Eyrieki let loose a resounding moan
That echoed and shook the ancient stone.

Away he tore from his chamber
To the sun above shining like fiery amber.
Once forgotten past but now free
Wrecking havoc on all with frenzied glee.

The Lost Eyrie
By Icesmith

The rattle of rides echoes from the trees,
Each carriage left unattended and plain,
The wind rustles the leaves and they stir, restless,
Each tree's face expressing hate and pain.

Krestyl roams, his wings damp from rain,
As his claws scratch at every lonely bark,
His eyes try to detect a suitable passage,
Yet they're rendered useless, lost in the dark.

The sun had set fast and the Eyrie did shake,
As the path before him did vanish,
Now searching for warmth, shelter, and love,
From his home the woods did banish.

Lost. He cried for help, so scared,
Yet not a voice returned his pleas,
And the last of his hopes trailed off with the winds,
Entangled within the chilling breeze.

Krestyl was just about to desert his search,
For in these woods he was now truly lost,
Yet that was before the glimmer of light,
Sparkled through the frost.

Rubbing his eyes, the Eyrie gasped,
As the light approached him with pace.
Squinting, the Eyrie soon saw from within,
A smile imprinted on a face.

"Come with me, dear Eyrie,"
The light faerie called, her voice serene and soft,
And with a tender hand and a warm embrace,
She took him and soared aloft.

Now Krestyl warns all of the innocent children
To stay out of the woods at night,
For he himself was lucky to have been saved,
By the generous keeper of light.

Talinia, Eyrie Archer
By Anjie

Seek a quest in troubled land,
Journey on, with justice, stand.
Within a group that seek what's right,
One Eyrie lass shall hold the fight.
Golden bow held by her side,
Sharp arrows quiver will provide.

As wicked foes fall to her aim,
Another step to win the game.
A sudden noise, to knee she'll drop,
Within that moment, all shall stop.
With motions hasty, arrows sought,
No rest shall come 'til beast is caught.

With such ease she draws the bow,
Gaze does narrow, aiming low.
The target well within her sight,
A quick release, then arrow's flight.
Another beast brought to the ground,
Such merry cheering, all around.

Rohane might lead tiny crew,
The righteous group of heroes few.
And yet without the Eyrie's skill,
This quest they wouldn't quite fulfil.
Bow of destiny at hand,
Talinia saves ancient land.

Call of the Eyrie
By Reggieman721

On peak of frigid mountaintop you stand.
Below you lies the jagged, frozen land.

Grey feathers dappled with the dust of snow
Are ruffled as the winter whispers blow.

Your lungs expand. Your chest juts up and out,
But in your solemn eyes, there is a doubt.

Alone you seem, amidst these rocky jaws;
No Neopets in sight to see you pause.

Nevertheless, you open wide your beak
And shout my name from icy mountain peak.

The echo lingers in the frosty air.
Your ears are perked, your eyes a piercing stare.

In darkness of a cave of fear and shame,
I recognise your call, your voice, my name.

I had been lost, but you cried out to me,
And from that lonesome place, you set me free.

I crawl into the light. You see my face.
Without another word, we two embrace.

Oh Eyrie, there is nothing more I need.
You are the truest friend I have, indeed.

Lord of the Dance Floor
By Clockworkchildren

Branston, Oh lord of dance,
You believe you have me entranced?
Just a caramel-hued Eyrie, so very vain,
Watching you dance is causing me pain.
Please do stop dancing,
Can't hide the fact that in mirrors you're glancing,
Weaving in and out of your social crew,
Without your vain parties, what would they do?

Oh Branston, you're not that great,
The morning after your parties you look a state!
Every time you don one of your medallions,
You seem to think you're a handsome Uni stallion.
Dear old Branston, cut it out,
No more discos with music so loud you must shout.
Strutting your stuff on the dance floor,
I've seen it so many times, it's becoming a bore.

The day of celebrating Eyries, a special day,
Branston, of course, can't keep away,
The glimmering dance floor beckons him in,
Oh, how he loves himself, nobody else could win!
Attenion-seeking, flashing the cash,
A wink and a smile, pets round him in a dash.
He is just a vain party host, can't you see?
But no, the crowd all go flooding
'Round that party-loving Eyrie!

Guardian of Magic
By Skylark520

A dark shadow in the night,
A glimmer of fire, a flash of ice,
As silent as an evening breeze,
But his presence is always felt.
The Guardian of Magic is he,
An Eyrie in a hidden lair,
Master of the elements.
A rare sight, he is seldom seen,
For he only comes out at night,
But even then he is never in sight,
Always moving with secrecy.
Master of the elements,
Only he knows all of magic's deepest secrets.
His hidden lair is where he stays,
Somewhere on a deserted island.
He will travel near and far
To find the answers that he needs.
He himself is made of the elements,
A spirit of fire and light,
wings of ice and water,
And a body of earth and air.
Day and night his lair is guarded
By the sources of his magic,
For everything must be unknown.
A soft whoosh is all you might hear,
A glow of light, a droplet of water,
Those are the only signs
Of the Guardian of Magic,
Master of spectral magic, the elements,
But he himself you may never find.

Sky Eyrie
By Concertogreat_8

Silent, glimmers,
A wing on burst of sound,
Like sonic waves,
Burning bright,
A whoosh to split the light.

A sharp beak, tilted up,
Swallowing the sun rays,
Liquid gold,
Painted bands round
An illusion it is bound.

Claws rake the clouds,
Water vapour shreds --
Ribbons of the sky,
Fallen to earth
In fluttering strands.

A great Eyrie, high above,
Entwined in space:
So high above,
So very high
They fly.

Wings of Innocence
By Buds_and_authors

Under the waves of Maraqua
It's quiet and peaceful,
As it has been for so many years.
I am content;
So content, in fact,
Some would call me childish.

Playing and swimming as usual,
I see a glimmer, way up at "the surface,"
And I swim to it.
I take a large gulp of water
And look up.

There's a whole world,
A different place,
And there is another Eyrie like me,
But they have wings that fly,
And do not swim.

I long to be up there,
That green Eyrie --
He could fly;
Why cannot I?

Days slip past, as fluid as
The water that surrounds me,
And I see no need to return home,
I see only need to long for the surface;
To long for something I cannot have.

After many years, finally I am going home,
And when I arrive there
I am gratefully received, and I look up
At the surface, and I have but one wish:
That I could go back, and fly on those
Lost wings of innocence.

The Emerald Eyrie Coin
By Mamasimios

Oh, how stamp collectors dream
Of the translucent gemstone's gleam,
Of the prismatic effects seen
With the Emerald Eyrie Coin.

This coin, established as the most rare,
Leads collectors to despair
That their albums will likely ne'er
Hold an Emerald Eyrie Coin.

In the shop where they are sold
A Skeith has coins in silver, gold,
But not for ages, or so I'm told,
Has he offered an Emerald Eyrie Coin.

The Eyrie upon the coin profiled,
He of twinkling eye and smile,
Has collectors besotted, beguiled,
Desperate for an Emerald Eyrie Coin.

And should that happy day arrive
When the Skeith, to our surprise,
Opens a crate, a forgotten supply,
Of Emerald Eyrie Coins?

Why, then the angry will declare,
"You've made this coin so much less rare!"
Yet still its beauty is beyond compare,
The Emerald Eyrie Coin.

Why, Oh Eyrie, Do You Fly?
By Toujoursetajamais

A noble creature flies overhead
And calls down to below.
His comrades hear the lonely cry,
Soon his numbers grow.

The Eyries join but fly not high,
Spreading wingspans wide.
Silently rushing forward,
Wings dancing on ocean tides.

Where do they go, one wonders.
Flying low and true,
Their backs camouflaged together,
Against the ocean's hue.

Rushing headlong into wind,
The Eyries rise and dip.
Rising high then soaring low,
Into the ocean, sip.

This journey proves a mystery,
To all who do not see.
The simple life of Eyries
Filled with happiness and glee.

A complex life they do not seek,
They live to soar and glide.
Together they rejoice and skim,
The wondrous ocean tide.

The Slumber of Eyrieki
By Dragonstorm_75

Hidden in the forgotten tomb,
In a sarcophagus inlaid with gold.
Covered in linen from the loom,
Sealed in the departed days of old.

There he waited, year upon year,
Until his vengeance rose again.
Like the sun his eyes would sear,
And Neopia would meet its bane.

Indeed the time came as foretold,
Eyrieki spread his feathered wings.
Woken by one unable to hold
The secrets of the silent kings.

The Eyrie's rampage ended soon,
By a Defender's quick assert.
Eyrieki was hidden again in the dune,
In the golden sea of the Lost Desert.

Thus the wait begins once more,
The Eyrie will arise from sleep.
And there will be a great uproar,
Until then, let the darkness seep...

Kass Basher
By Scarvogue

Above the clouds a villain lurks,
day and night he prowls.
A deep breath -- the world is quiet,
apart from faint Lupe howls.

An Eyrie of awesome power,
but has a will so dark and cold.
Evil thoughts cloud his Citadel,
from this evolves a game so bold.

A plank of wood is all you need,
that and a gust of wind so strong.
Then sew a plushie like Lord Kass
and send it soaring far and long.

Bash a Kass of your very own,
and teach that villain a thing or two.
But the Eyrie is a dangerous one
so be careful where you whack him to.

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