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Neopets Poems

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Beware the Grarrl
By Beautifullysublime

When next you find an urge to trek
through deep Tyrannian forests,
Beware! a fearsome beast lives there
Who'll put your bravery to test.

With shining, dazzling scales he slinks,
though thick the underbrush might be,
to catch a glimpse of passersby
from his dominion by the trees.

His gleaming, gaping mouth will find
a most delicious appetite
in small Petpets and even pets
who wander too close to his might.
Beware the Grarrl! That fearsome beast
who lurks on the mountainside!
For if you stumble on his lair
You'll certainly be forced to hide.

He'll send a shock right up your spine;
he'll hungrily glare with his eyes,
and greedily he'll lick his lips --
to run away now would be wise!

But if you'd rather not be dinner,
send some tasty dessert his way,
and if he is pleased with your offer,
you will make a new friend today!

By Xx_neomania

The other prisoners do whisper so,
About a beast that haunts the cells.
So behind these iron bars I sit and wait,
For him to deal my inevitable fate.

A game is what I shall partake,
His skill is none to match.
His name is Galgarroth, they say,
Mighty Grarrl warrior in his day.

In the dead of night, when others sleep
Is when he appears to challenge.
Cellblock is the name of the game,
"Now we play," he will proclaim.

Offering freedom, he'll make a deal,
If you beat him, you might get out.
I ask, "And what happens if I lose?"
Not really sure I want to hear the news.

Staying silent, he merely sets the pieces,
I can go first, he offers.
My arms shakes as I make the first move,
Intelligence and skill is what I have to prove.

It goes on for some time,
Me sweating bullets, him quite at ease.
I am actually ahead for a while,
Then he stops and starts to smile.

The little hope that lingered is gone,
As victory slips from sight.
I see the move he makes, ever so slight,
But actually costs me winning tonight.

I've lost in his domain,
I'm shocked, and only scream "What?!"
Grinning, he responds with pure vain,
"I call that move my Diagonal Kiko Uppercut."

The Darkest General
By Precious_katuch14

Over Terask's soldiers he holds command,
Striking fear into the heart of Faerieland.
With his sword he dispatches rebels,
Their uprisings he instantly quells.
Such a powerful and mighty Grarrl,
The officer they call the Dark General.

Piercing golden eyes are ever-watchful,
Nothing escapes this intense general.
"To the east, my lieutenants!"
"To the west, my sergeants!"
With an iron fist, he rules the ranks,
With military business, he's painfully frank.

He buckles on his armour black as night,
Marching into the battlefield at first light.
This Grarrl urges his troops on,
In the hopes of getting the job done.
Always under orders from King Terask,
Obeying the great Draik is his daily task.

Stoic and strong on the outside,
But what of the General's inside?
Is his heart truly as black as his armour?
To his intentions, is there more?
"Yes, my lord," he says, and goes,
His history nobody really knows.

Why does he command? Why does he fight?
Why doesn't he command or fight for what's right?
To his king, he asks no questions,
Exhibiting both great command and submission.
Nobody really knows the Dark General's history,
But of course, that's not the end of his story.

The Witch Doctor
By Mithril_mithrandir and Reveirie

Within the jungle of mismatched trees
Where the sky is hidden by heavy leaves
The foliage thick with thorns and vines
The Doctor roams among the bines.

On heavy feet he steps through brake,
Leaving crushed footfalls in his wake.
A Grarrl striking an image grand
With feathered headdress and wand in hand.

Sharp and shadowed, shifty eyes
Search in vain for potion's prize,
Fall to where the flowers dwell,
Their petals rich with ancient spells.

Claws reach, knees bend, reagent found,
A single bloom plucked from the ground.
Potent magics reel through his mind
As the Doctor stands, pleased with this find.

Such power doth the petals keep,
The island witchcraft, locked in sleep.
Enough to summon beings arcane,
Enough to make flame rise again.

But not just yet, the time's not right --
He has to wait before the fight.
A test of patience, waiting game,
To build the spell, to quench the flame.

Now time has come; with whispered word,
Witch Doctor chooses spell preferred
To raise molten, fiery beast,
And on a breath, magic's released.

Breadoch Big Foot
By Anjie

It once was said, by wiser pets,
"Good deeds have a reward."
Yet those who've found help from one Grarrl,
Find this should be ignored.
Breadoch of the bleak plateau,
His name whispered in fear.
Folks in trouble tend to run,
When massive Grarrl stomps near.

It's not that Breadoch is a fiend,
In fact, opposite is true.
It's merely that few can afford,
The damage he can do.
Heart is gold and soul is true,
Yet creature is so stout!
That massive claws are little help,
It's best to go without.

Clumsy is this friendly oaf,
And though he tries so hard,
A fire lit by Breadoch's claw
Can leave a village charred.
Petpets stuck in massive trees
Do sometimes get a fright.
It's said one Warf he tried to save
Managed to take to flight.

Optimism is the key,
Breadoch just won't quit.
He'll save a town, yet crush a house,
"I tried!" he will admit.
The merry Grarrl skips on his way,
And how the ground doth shake!
Should you seek help, think again,
Don't ask for your own sake!

General Crustygums
By Mamasimios

Once a hero in times of yore,
He does not battle anymore,
For now General Crustygums does regale
Crowds of youth with his thrilling tales.

Muscles once taut, now loose and lame,
Supported by a wooden cane.
Eyes once keen, now weak with years;
He strains to hear with aged ears.

But when his history he does relate,
This Grarrl slowly rejuvenates.
From bent and stooped, his back is straightened,
As he warms to his narration.

With every telling of his great deeds,
The burdens of age start to recede.
Lost in memory and oration,
His voice is steadied, stern and strengthened.

Years like grudges begin to fade,
As a smile on withered lips is played.
A brief appearance of youth recaptured
As his audience sits awed and enraptured.

As for this mob of Tyrannian youth,
They of ways untrained, uncouth,
When General Crustygums is the Storyteller,
Words hit their mark with the art of the Warrior.

Faerie Grarrl, Fly On High
By Clockworkchildren

Orange warmth, the beauty the cerise transmits,
Faerie Grarrl, fly on high,
On yellow and pink wings of bliss,
With power, take to the skies.

Of all the Faerie pets,
Grarrl must be most fierce,
His colours opulent, magnificent,
His sharp, bright eyes will pierce.

Agile is the mighty Grarrl,
Soaring through the clouds,
His toothy smile turns into snarl,
As he reaches ground.

His eyes glow bright, iridescent,
His appetite grows large,
This ferocious pet, he's independent,
His hunger visible by his visage.

There is a charm about this pet,
A certain magic surrounds them,
A fiery personality and yet,
Something about their appearance, delicate.

Faerie Grarrl, this day devoted,
To you and your mighty friends,
With admiration you are doted,
On your wings, fly into the sunset,
As this Grarrl Day comes to an end.

Electro-Boy the Mighty Grarrl
By Twocents

Electro-Boy, the mighty Grarrl,
In a burst of green electricity,
Is a hero who deserves every bit
Of all of the kindly worded publicity!

If you do not know the story,
Then let me tell you, young'uns,
For it is certainly a tale,
Sure to shock all daughters and sons!

Many a year ago, the evil Dr. Sloth
Captured the Grarrl with his four friends.
He subjected them to his powerful ray gun,
Hoping that they would meet their ends!

However, as is typical of him,
Dr. Sloth, the enemy of Neopia,
The ray gun did not cause their demise,
And instead, elevated them beyond the bourgeoisie.

The ray, in all its mysterious glory,
Infused these Grarrls with powers formerly unseen!
With fierce strength and sharp skills,
Electro-Boy can now harness electricity.

With the mission of being symbols
Of justice, peace, and unity,
They have taken this blessing in disguise
And seized the presented opportunity.

Now, Electro-Boy and the others
Are symbols of strong, kind citizens!
They rush off around Neopia,
Saving the universe again and again.

While Dr. Sloth's plans were foiled,
Due to his carelessness with the ray,
Electro-Boy the wondrous Grarrl
Will make sure things stay that way!

Adventures of the Armoured Space Grarrl
By Kattrish

Moving fast as the speed of light,
not even pausing for a rest,
Grarrl of courage and of might
continues the impossible quest.

"You'll never ever finish it.
You'll never even start,"
said they who wished for him to quit,
but he never took them to heart.

He had donned his invincible space suit;
he had worn the indestructible helm.
He had turned to them with a great salute;
he was just... overwhelmed.

The Grarrl waved and jumped up high,
and much to the naysayers' dismay,
he rose up, up toward the sky,
to adventure far away.

Grarrl Day -- We Love Them Really
By Danananah

Grarrls are really not so bad,
Without them around, I think we'd be sad.
Imagine a day without their nice teeth,
Gleaming at us like we're something to eat.

While it's true they scare me half to death,
And that's just their size, let alone their breath.
Just think how you'd miss them, if they were gone,
Who else would chase you on your morning run?

And Grarrls don't ALWAYS try to bite,
Sometimes they just prefer to fright,
And come on, it's just a bit of fun --
Just stop and play dead, or turn tail and run.

They're really quite gentle, you just have to try
And get to know them, don't be quite so shy!
Sure, they might be a little bit rough,
But soon they'll get bored, and just eat your stuff.

Besides, we need Grarrls to look after NP,
We all use their service, you have to agree,
And I know that their breath is really quite rank,
But -- oh no, wait, a Skeith runs the bank...

The Steadfast Galgarroth
By Dragonstorm_75

Who is that upon the step,
Of Lord Darigan's great hall?
Who is never so inept,
As to stand up to Darigan tall?

The Grarrl bears shining armour,
A metal of silver hue.
His steps are heavy like an anchor,
But his heart is great and true.

Galgarroth is his name,
He bears his presence well.
Within him lies a loyal flame,
Oh surely can't you tell?

In the first great war he fought,
Without even a complaint.
He was evil, it was thought,
Yet he didn't have a taint.

The Grarrl was steadfast,
True to his master's word.
And when Kass took over at last,
He called his words absurd!

And in revenge he was thrown,
Off the floating Citadel.
Yet he survived -- this was known,
And his claws were not made idle.

When Lord Darigan came back,
Galgarroth returned just then.
Never shall they prepare to attack,
Meridell's ivory walls again.

The Hero of Pterattack
By Evanknudsen

Lumbering between canyon walls,
Smashing trees and rocks as each foot falls,
This poor red Grarrl is just misunderstood --
Neopians don't know that he's really GOOD.
Each day he rushes along very quickly,
While overhead Pterodactyls mass thickly.
As he darts across the uneven ground,
Above, the noises of battle do sound.
In his wake lay broken homes,
Little mud huts with thatched domes.
A single green Pteri violently seeks retribution,
Unaware that this Grarrl deserves no persecution.
Since this valiant red protector was hatched,
He has fought a rival only he has matched.
Fighting the rainbows of Pterodactyls, he arrives.
At canyon's entrance, he eyes the one he despises.
The Monocerous blows rings of smoke from his nose
And spreads his shoulders, assuming a battle pose.
Grarrl hero takes hold of tusks, pushing him to sea,
Silently hoping for another day ending in victory.
All year this Grarrl keeps us safe from attack,
What does he receive? Bolts of PterShot to his back!
For Grarrl Day, leave this poor Neopet alone.
If you play Pterattack, don't shoot,
And let him crush a few small homes.

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