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Neopets Poems

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A Festival Unwanted
By Jayo289

She sits upon a glistening chair;
This festival is a grand affair.
Full of faeries having fun,
Everyone laughing, all but one.

Ilere of the Woods wears a frown,
Enough to rival Fyora's crown.
Forced to attend every year,
Surrounded by happiness, joy, and cheer.

Psellia arrives with ribbons galore,
In response, Ilere gives only a roar.
Pieces of ribbon fall to the ground,
Leaving the air faerie to quickly rebound.

Siyana approaches playing a flute,
Ilere snaps it in two; she's quite the brute.
The light faerie cries tears of gold,
Ilere watches on, her eyes remain cold.

Ember comes over proffering flowers,
Ilere destroys them with magical powers.
The fire faerie jumps back with fright,
Ilere has certainly shown her might.

The Fountain Faerie offers a drink,
The glasses shatter before she can blink.
Illusen's cookies crumble in half,
Ilere lets out a venomous laugh.

Jhuidah's soup washes across the floor,
Taelia's ice is thrown at the door.
Jhudora's treats dissolve in the air,
Fyora's cake causes a scare.

Left in a corner to sit on her own,
Ilere just can't wait to go home.
The Faerie Festival; once every year,
"A year too often," says Ilere with a sneer.

Free a Faerie
By Ephemeral_love

For months I have feared this,
Cascading tears I've shed.
There is only one foreboding day
That evokes in me this much dread.

The Faerie Festival is upon us now
And from their blissful coves
Their iridescent wings effloresce;
Faeries appearing in droves.

Watching them soaring overhead,
I struggle with the urge to flee.
One, two, three, surrounding me
They snicker prettily with glee.

Opaque fire encloses their hands,
My insides become tightly wound.
Hissing harangues in crystal voices,
Saying 'What goes around comes around.'

My wobbling limbs find stable ground,
Neopia stops shaking beneath my feet.
Blowing a raspberry as I turn to run,
A transparent wall I meet.

Oh, dear! Alas! It cannot be!
It seems as though they have had me changed.
Suspended inside a glass bottle,
With my reflection my only friend.

The previous year, the market boomed
In sale of faeries and such.
Of Balthazar's home I became a habitue,
In finding bottled faeries sell for much.

Now inside a container I'm stuck;
If I kick the glass it tinkles.
I'll just hope that someone frees me,
So I polish the bottle until it twinkles.

So fellow Neopians, hear this:
Come Faerie Day, be not like me
Let the faeries fly,
On Faerie Festival Day, let a faerie free!

Our Faerie Festival
By Acridalice

The festival of faeries,
In the month of Gathering,
All shall gather
For the matter
What will the joyous day bring?

We shall laugh and tell tales of days long gone,
We shall shower small gifts upon everyone,
We'll tell sweet faerie secrets,
Of Shenkuu and Meridell,
We'll share favourite recipes
For the most precious of spells.

We'll dash through the clouds highest in the sky,
We'll tumble from Faerieland for no reason why
Who has the swiftest of wings this year?
Who now possesses Thyora's Tear?
You don't know,
Nor do I!

A feast prepared with the most delicious of foods;
Stacks of the fluffiest faerie pancakes,
Apple soup, and pineapple muffins.
Oh dear! What will Jhudora make?

The celebration and singing will be quite divine,
We shall listen and clap to the troupe while we dine!
Then later we'll dance and get to feeling quite fine,
'Till the sun goes down and the brilliant stars shine.

Gifts of the Faerie Festival
By Anjie

Glorious day did arrive,
The dawn erupts so bright.
Cascading shimmer trickles down,
To bathe the realm in light.

The festival of faerie folk
Was held just once a year,
And as the maidens flittered in,
Their gifts did soon appear.

The ladies of the emerald green,
Who with their spells do toil,
Brought flowers of such brilliant hue,
That grew without the soil.

The fire maidens, wings alight,
Enchanted lanterns gave.
Even in the pouring rain,
Those flames burnt bright and brave.

Jewels from where the rivers flow
Into the endless sea
By Water Faeries were brought along,
A sublime sight to see.

Those who dance on silken air
Brought gifts of summer breeze,
The kind that warms with soft caress
And parts the boughs with ease.

The ladies of the endless light
Brought sunbeams held in hand.
Velvet shimmer gleamed and glowed,
Within each golden strand.

The dark faeries brought shadow spells
To cast an endless shade.
When heat was burning from above,
It forced the sun to fade.

Fyora held a banquet grand,
Each gift was shared, at least.
"Today, my friends, we are as one,
With merry hearts, we feast!"

The Faerie Festival
By Junko_mihari

One day a year,
A special day,
When all faeries appear
and gather round to celebrate,
"The Faerie Festival is here!"

Each faerie has a chance to host
Whether water, light, or earth.
But this year's host can be found
In Faerieland's darkest hearth.

Now don't you fret.
This won't affect
all the faerie joy.
For each and every faerie
Has a plan they shall employ.

The water faeries, playful things,
They do so love to swim.
With mermaid tails and fishy scales
instead of golden wings.

Now like I said, they're playful things,
So their plan is quite easy to guess.
For this festival, instead of springs
A harmonious song is what they'll sing.

Fire faeries burning bright,
with wings as hot as flames.
The night they'll make
into a warm and fiery blaze.

Earth faeries, with big hearts
and flowers in their hair.
They'll bring a gift from the rich earth,
For it's a love they all should share.

Light and dark, though opposites,
Must be side by side.
So even when the faeries fight,
their friendship still resides.

Now there are so many other faeries,
Like Negg, Soup, and Ice.
And each shall give the festival,
A feature that's quite nice.

Whether feeding the hungry,
cooling the tension,
or bargaining away their goods,
Each faerie offers something.

Now there's a moral behind the festival,
a very special one.
The queen made it quite clear,
so listen and listen good.

"To each faerie,
Whether fire, light, or dark,
There is a special talent
that lies within her heart."

The Faerieland Preparations
By Stephenliam

The Faerieland preparations are already under way,
Every single faerie working all day
To brighten up their cloud in the sky,
And as they fix their homes, they fly.

Iyana fixes up her garden up there,
While Nereid cleans her pool to spare,
Psellia fixes up the clouds in the sky,
While Taelia makes snow angels that can really fly!

As the faeries spruce the place up
As Neopians go up bringing cups
to drink some elixirs, potions, and what not,
So they can be healthy and play a lot.

The faeries give potions to wandering Neopets,
Some of them even gave Petpets.
Faerie candy comes down from above
Scattered around with love.

As the day draws to a close
What will the next Faerie Festival be like?
What would you suppose?

Ode to the Faerie Fest
By Ntkgwgoty

Faeries flitting, faeries flying,
Up and over snowy cloud,
Through the city wind comes sighing,
Laughter mingling bright and loud.

Earth faerie sways to the faerie beat,
Leafy wings and emerald eyes.
Fire faerie spins 'mid burning heat,
Throws her flame to the clear blue skies.

Air faerie dancing with the breeze,
Long hair whipping round her face.
Water faerie's left the azure seas,
To join her sisters in a faerie place.

Dark faerie laughing, strong and wild,
Bat wings lifted to give shade.
Light faerie smiling, soft and mild,
Strolling down the cloudy glade.

Faeries sing beneath the sun,
Faerie fest brings happiness.
Faerie queen looks down at them,
Smiling at the faerie bliss.

The Light Faerie
By Dianacat777

Wings of golden incandescence
Frame a form of dazzling glow
Molded from pure luminescence
A latent light-sheen is made shown.

Her hair's a cascade of sunlight
That twirls and spins in cloudy air,
And when she flies in blackest midnight,
Her magic chases darkness to its lair.

She lives among the highest clouds
In the sky city so near the sun.
She gives pets quests and makes them proud
With her gift of levels one.

And remember that no pet should ever cower
In their struggle, peril, gloom, or plight.
A beacon in the darkest hour,
Stands the shining faerie of light.

Festival Magic
By Togepi_forever

Faeries smiling, faeries singing --
Oh! they dance, and Oh! they fly!
On the whisper'd winds a'winging,
O'er the clouds, into the sky.

They celebrate this magic day,
A festival for faeries -- all,
From dark to light and earth to fire,
Bonds of magic lift them higher
Never shall the faeries fall.

'Sing with us!' they beckon you,
'Can't you hear the magic call?
Can't you feel it pull your heartstrings,
We're all as one and one as all!'

Dancing all around you now,
Can you understand their love
For this day of faeries' freedom,
A festival from up above!

The Life of a Bottled Faerie
By Lily2b18

Roam free in the forests, pleased with the flight,
Foolishly stay out during the night.
Flitting along in the firefly's light,
Letting all know where you are.
None can help you in your terrible plight,
Nor help to soothe your horrible fright,
For they're captured in horror at that sad sight,
A faerie caught by Balthazar.

Kept on a shelf 'til the market day comes,
You stand for some time, until you turn numb;
There's nobody to help you escape from that scum,
You must wait to be freed.
It's hard, in that case, to not turn glum,
But in that case, that's what one becomes,
All in all, not a bad thing to succumb,
As it's impossible to flee.

What's this? The market! At last, salvation!
Never before have you felt such elation!
You're filled with such a perfect sensation,
And the best hasn't happened yet.
You're purchased, after an owner's temptation
Gives way, after little hesitation,
Taken home to perform your loved obligation,
To bless a poor Neopet!

Faeries' Turret
By _Razcalz_

of magenta, a
crown of Faerie City
poised proudly, dignified.
Watching, from its noble turret,
Fyora of the faeries. No speck nor
stray Babaa escapes
her kindly gaze. Puffs
of white mingling with
the jewel of these skies,
twirling 'round the tower
tall, an everlasting dance.
The heart of faerie's magic,
be it healing water, brilliant
light, cloaking darkness; fiery
flame, swiftest zephyr, gentle
green. Cast your eyes out into
the sea of clouds, emptiness of
the forever blue; let Faerieland's
serenity lift your soul. Fly in peace,
for here, the fuchsia tower stands.

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