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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Mystery Master
By Clockworkchildren

Legs crossed, eyes closed,
Sitting on the floor,
You can tell he's contemplating
What all the pets in his class endured.

The Techo Master of Mystery Island,
Skilful and patient in his method, his mind so wise,
Teaching all who'll pay in codestones,
What lies behind his eyes?

You're left eager for another lesson,
So that you may speak to the Techo Master,
Desperate for a dose of wisdom,
Will you take a course to make you stronger, faster?

Leaving Mystery Island Training School that day,
The sun goes down, dusk fell,
You think about the Master's wise words,
On which you've been left to dwell.

Another codestone you must buy,
So you may go back again another day,
This Techo Master is so captivating,
You crave the lessons, you can't stay away.

In the end, all your pets
Are the strongest and swiftest they can be,
The wise Techo who you've come to love
Bids you goodbye, and you finally leave.

Yet no matter how much time passes,
The apt words will forever linger in you mind,
A Techo this skilful, this wise,
Only comes along once in a lifetime.

It Should Be On a Techo, Not My Plate!
By Cookybananas324

I have a Sun Dried Techo Claw,
I'm not sure if it's real.
All I know is I won't stand
To have it in my meal.

I'll eat an Eyeball Slurpy
Or an Almost Gummy Rat,
But don't even try the Techo Claw --
I won't even touch that!

The claw is old and gnarled
And a sickening shade of green.
The Sun Dried Techo Claw is, without doubt,
The least appetising thing I've seen.

I'd slurp a Wormy Slushie,
Even with nary a straw,
But I absolutely will not eat
A Sun Dried Techo Claw!

Franchisco and Federismo Corvallio, Masters of the Food Club
By Rosabellk

The Corvallio Brothers are fearsome to face;
In the Food Club, they're simply the best.
They eat with bravado, but also with grace;
They're classier far than the rest.
The two Techo siblings compete with each other
As much as they possibly can.
They vie to find out the superior brother,
The champion of their small clan.

Franchisco's the elder and loves spicy foods;
He considers hot peppers a treat.
A curry or chili puts him in a good mood;
He also has fondness for meats.
He's not keen on candy, but this little flaw
Doesn't stop him from chuffing away.
You'll find him shovelling food down his maw
At any time, night or day.

Federismo's younger, but still packs a punch;
He's just as strong and just as fast.
He scarfs down his breakfast and dinner and lunch,
The platters of food he's amassed.
He loves eating pizza and acquired a taste
For gross foods that others can't stand.
A smoothie, however, will be put to waste,
As them he can barely withstand.

These two Techo brothers who gobble their meals
Are competitive, don't have a doubt.
But their pretense of battling cannot conceal
The brotherly love all about.
And after each match, when the tables are cleared
And all of the others disband,
Franchisco and Federismo grin ear to ear
Approach each other, and shake hands.

The Techo Ticketmaster
By Dragonstorm_75

Another day, another band,
The Concert Hall is packed and full.
The Techo sits at his stand,
Twisted Roses come today.

He adjusts his thick fur coat,
And waits for the fans to come.
Oh they will, as done by rote,
Foaming at the mouth.

Soon the line stretches far,
With eager fans screaming loud.
The Techo opens his money jar
And waves the tickets high.

The line-up seems to grow and grow,
The band starts up within the hall.
This madness makes the Techo woe
The day he signed up for the job!

The sun rose high and finally set,
And the band did make its leave.
Fanatics seemed to forget,
Their wait for tickets in the sun.

When night befell the great Plateau,
The moon and stars shone bright.
The Techo's hairy brow did furrow,
As he made his leave.

Ah, how worry is hard to swallow,
The Fungus Balls come tomorrow!

The Unheard Salutations
By Brilliance109p

Along the pebbled path of blue,
Bright stones beneath my paws,
My eyes do spy a screen of beige;
A pair of canvas doors.

I peer with curiosity
At misted shape within,
A Techo silhouette I see
With limbs so lithe and thin.

I pull the doors along an inch,
And step in from the garden,
I bow quite low and utter thus:
"Good sir, I crave your pardon!"

"Your pebbled path attracted me,
To this most wondrous place,
And here I find a master true,
With so serene a face."

But Techo's eyes are tightly shut,
His legs are crossed and still,
It seems he has not heard a word --
"Good day, sir, if you will!"

And yet that Techo still dreams on,
As though he's not quite there,
And yet it seems not strange within
This incensed atmosphere.

I watch in awe as silence falls,
My breathing edging faster,
And oh! To know the meaning of
A true accomplished master.

The Antiques of Alabaster Chesterdrawers
By Anjie

Press forward on the ancient door,
It swings with hefty creak.
It would protest such motion too,
Alas, if it could speak.
Shrouded by a dusty cloak,
Stand objects, large and small.
Treasures of the ages past,
And he who guards them all.

The keeper of the ancient things,
Of furniture sublime.
Treasures kept by those long gone,
Now lost to space and time.
The memory of those pets may flee,
And none recall a name.
Yet Techo keeps their furniture,
And sells it just the same.

What wonders dwell within the store,
What priceless finds do hide?
Elderly, the Techo stands,
And watches, flushed with pride.
"This fine lamp?" He offers forth,
"Quite valuable, I'm told."
Fondly does he gaze around,
At wares from days of old.

The Techo doesn't see the dust,
Nor views the shroud of grime.
He only thinks of treasured things,
Brought from another time.
"Perhaps another day, my friend."
He waves goodbye and speaks.
You wander off, yet he remains,
To guard the fine antiques.

Witch Doctor
By Togepi_forever

Witch Doctor, Witch Doctor,
Won't you cast a spell for me?
Throw the bones and stomp your feet,
Keecha Salev, Mwamb Elkum!

Tekkitu, I beg of you
Make them pay for what they've done --
Those who would laugh and jeer at us --
Keecha Salev, Mwamb Elkum!

Oh, my mighty Techo Lord,
Whose powers can't be beat,
Cast the shadows in the night --
Fill their dreams to the brim with fright,
Keecha Salev, Mwamb Elkum!

Tekkitu, Tekkitu, I will reward you well
With power and magic, will and might --
Their servitude I offer you --
Just take their souls, and we both win.
Keecha Salev, Mwamb Elkum!

Witch Doctor, Witch Doctor,
Won't you cast a spell for me?
Throw the bones and stomp your feet,
Keecha Salev, Mwamb Elkum!

The Cheese-Maker
By _Razcalz_

Emerald slopes, the well-worn tracks,
Home to a game bizarre.
"FINISH," "START" declared in white,
One-twenty metres far.
Cheeses of the strangest types,
Just roll 'em down that hill.
Cheeseroller, so aptly named;
What Meridell calls thrill!

At start of game, a Techo stands,
To fetch the cheeses pets demand.

Spicy Juppie, Honey Cheese,
Big Beefy, Gooey Snot...
So who makes and sells these funny foods,
That Brick Cheese you just bought?
The Techo's true name none have heard,
They know him just by face.
The Cheese-Maker, that's what he's called,
In charge of rolling race.

Scarlet outfit, trademark grin,
Matching hat of fabric thin.

Rows of cheeses perched on shelves,
His creations, each.
Just ask the Techo what you'd like,
He'll give what he can reach.
At times you'll need to specify,
Choose something that's on show.
The Cheese-Maker's a fellow bright,
Name one word and he'll know.

This Techo deals with large round cheese
In great varieties.

Cheeserollers grasp their chosen lumps,
Be it Bark or Brain.
To hold it steady, faster run,
Or dive to side of lane...
Is their choice, as they push on;
Toward the finish line.
Three games a day, I hear you're allowed,
So try your luck this morning fine!

Cheese-Maker smiles at Meridell's dawn,
Watching the fun that he's brought on.

Plushie Techo
By Concertogreat_8

Spindly stick legs
Point in odd directions;
Three-toed flippers flop,
On the bedcover top.

A bit of batting leaks
From ill-sewn seams,
Tawdry tattered cloth
Worn thin and very soft.

A tummy roly-poly round,
A thorny thread pokes up,
Gently waving in the wind,
Through curtains unpinned.

The plushie Techo sits,
He's quiet, tells no tales,
But sits silently still,
Staring up at the window sill.

One aimless, eerie eye,
Blank and boring,
Has lost its shiny sheen,
Developed a detrimental lean.

Long lain and gone to dust,
Wearing weight of long years,
One little languid plushie,
Techo gone all soft and slushy.

Abandoned by the older Neopet,
The plushie Techo is now tame,
On the window ledge in dusty disarray,
No longer used in adventurous play.

Techo Says
By You_are_my_happiness

Do as Techo says,
And follow every command.
Techo says, "Watch the Neopets pop up,
and do it quick, hup hup hup."

Kacheek, Moehog, Moehog, Blumaroo!
Who knew Mynci, Quiggle, Chia were game too?
Chia flips and flops and flounders,
And flops a little bit more.

(And you wonder if he wants to be a Koi.)

Kacheek, Moehog, Moehog, Blumaroo,
Quiggle, Moehog, Kacheek, Quiggle, Mynci --
Is the round over yet?
It's long, it's lengthy; you're upset.

Do it quick as you may,
Your memory soon falters, and you plead,
"Oh Techo, Techo, I'll do as you say,
Just don't distract, just stay still today."

The tetchy Techo ignores your pleas
And, you find, is impossible to appease.
You sigh, give up, and shake your head;
You should've played The Buzzer Game instead.

Screaming Techo Fanatic
By Lily2b18

He stands in the stands, watching, waiting,
Staring, glaring at players down below.
When he starts, the cheer is never abating,
With a TEAM, GO, GO, GO.

He screams and never has a sore throat,
His eyes pop, but never out of his head.
When his team wins, he'll be the first to gloat,
If they lose, he keeps staring ahead.

We know all about his Altador doings,
But know so little about him deep inside.
What is his goal that he's pursuing?
What are the failures he wishes to hide?

Well, every year it's the same old thing,
He cheers as loud and hard as he can,
There's just one thing of which he wants to be king,
And that's to be Yooyuball's loudest fan!

Techo Master
By Scarvogue

He meditates upon a rock,
his eyes closed, a serene look.
Without looking he says, "So you
want to learn a right hook?"

The Techo Master stands up,
and greets you with a bow.
Without looking he says,
"Let me show you how."

The Techo Master knows
Kung Fu and all the rest.
Karate is his specialty,
but at everything he is the best.

He offers his service to amateurs
at his famed academy.
Stop by if you want to train,
he only needs a simple fee.

One codestone for the intro.
For the basics -- only two more!
Another to use the practice room.
That makes your total: four!

You need to practise on your own
to become a battle master.
It will be worth it in the end,
you'll be stronger and much faster!

For months you train all day.
You thought by now you'd be
greater than the Techo Master,
but that's impossible you now see.

He has years of wisdom
and moves that can't be learned.
No one can match his strength
even though it's what you've yearned.

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