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The Draik Prince
By Dianacat777

Horizon holds a beacon red,
The eye of solemn sunset's face.
Blue day-sky has already fled
And gild is unifying glaze.

The orange-tint meets a mirrored scale
And jumps back in a dancing light.
A pet untouched by storm or gale
Sets out upon the skies tonight.

His form is deepest royal blue,
Cyan eyes blaze bright, untamed.
His paw clutches his weapon true,
A blade that burns with silver flame.

Clad in princely garments green
And golden jewellery bright.
His scales shimmer with mystic sheen
And his claws are orange with light.

He spreads his wings and roars aloud
And leaps to sky as rampart quakes,
Vigilant and fiercely proud
The prince, a royal Draik.

Wind Up Draik Toys
By Soaringeagle25

Metal ribs and jointed limbs,
Glossy golden staring eyes.
Perched precariously on their tails,
Delicate diminutive size.

Though inanimate at the moment,
Carefully turn the silver key.
Set your Draik upon the ground
And watch it trundle with glee.

A tiny little clockwork motor
Whirs with an audible tick.
Metal legs squeak and scrape,
And the tail swishes with a click.

Red, yellow, green, and blue...
Even Maraquan, baby, and shadow!
Wind each little toy Draik up,
Let them loose and watch them go.

A little army waddles cheerily onward,
Tapping across the playroom floor...
Who said you need a Draik for Draik Day?
They've never played with one of these before!

Draik Blacksmith
By Scarvogue

Fire cooks the gleaming steel,
A hammer strikes the burning blade.
A small engraving shows the seal,
From a Draik's hand, this sword was made.

Weapons forged from his fiery breath,
Engravings added with his crisp claws.
His crafts aid Meridell to the death,
Armour free of careless flaws.

His armour is built for all shapes and sizes,
His swords may be held by hand or paw.
This blacksmith is known as Neopia's finest,
All his recipients stand in awe.

Famous for his legendary design,
This Draik blacksmith crafts from the heart.
Today we display his work divine,
And on Draik Day we commend his art.

The Velveteen Draik
By Rosabellk

The Draik stares out with button eyes
And wishes he could moan.
There's nothing he desire more
Than to be flesh and bone.
Instead, he's stuck as velveteen,
With stuffing for a heart.
A plushie sewn together from
Scrap pieces and spare parts.

He lies upon the dusty shelf
Of some young child's room;
And yet even his owner's smile
Can't lift his shroud of gloom.
He longs to fly with other Draiks,
To soar among the clouds;
To talk and laugh and eat and breathe,
To be noble and proud.

Yet all these are but distant dreams
For this poor plushie Draik.
And every time he looks outside,
He feels his stuffing ache
With wanting where his heart would be
If he were but alive.
Now all he does is sit and wait
Until that day arrives.

But deep inside, he seems to know
That day will never come.
He'll be a plushie all his life,
Soulless, mute, and numb.
So think upon the Velveteen Draik,
Have pity for his strife;
And think how lucky that you are
To have the gift of life.

A New Draik Egg
By _Razcalz_

In Meridell's heart lies cavern dark,
Here, the shadows dance.
"Drip, drip," the ceiling goes,
Stalactite, like a lance.
A single shaft of sunlight pale
Leans in, as if by spell.
Illuminating thorny stone,
On which the Draik Nest dwells.

With trembling hands, I grasp it tight,
And set it 'pon the lit hay bright.

An egg it is, a prized Draik egg,
Its perfect curves do gleam.
Round patches roam the surface smooth,
Like others, it may seem.
But this one's not of plain hues four,
Nor Darigan, nor ice...
For mine is grey, with eyepatch grand;
Pirate, to be precise.

"Egg eyepatch?" I hear some scoff,
Their snickers hidden 'hind loud coughs.

They ask what I sit waiting for,
"A real Draik? Oh, puh-LEASE!"
They've never seen an egg like this,
Its earring they do tease.
"Make an omelette," they advise,
"Or play dress-up elsewhere."
"Your baby Pteri fools no one,"
To say that, some do dare.

I smile slyly; let them mock,
The egg begins to wildly rock.

Cracks slither 'cross the shining shell,
Like sketch marks, jagged, thin.
One final loud decisive "Crack!"
Reveals splendour within.
A pirate Draik, it is indeed,
Majestic, proud, and fierce.
The ones who'd scoffed fearfully flee,
And wisely, too; those teeth do pierce.

"I'll take my 'Baby Pteri' now!" I call,
Grinning at new Draik tall.

Cloudbeasts on High
By Precious_katuch14

Creatures of cloud soaring through the skies,
Draiks of might scouting on high,
Calling out to their comrades as they fly.

Cloudbeasts rear their magnificent heads,
Marble eyes gazing straight ahead,
(Or darting from side to side instead.)

And then they swoop into Faerieland,
Following sword, staff, bow, and wand.
Cluster of Cloudbeasts, obeying the call
Of a higher power above all.
Bracing themselves for battle, teeth bared,
Claws out, as they get ready to ensnare.
Whom do they follow? Whom do they serve?
These Draiks of mystery and nerve?
Do they hunt, as tradition would dictate?
Is this violent life every Cloudbeast's fate?
To chase adventurers touched by destiny
Who've travelled farther than the eye can see?
Never free to chase their own dreams;
Never truly free, it may seem?
Cloudbeasts, why won't you break away?
Why don't you dance in the sky today?
You don't have to be monsters forever
Or bend to the will of a sorcerous master.

Creatures of cloud soaring through the skies,
Draiks of might scouting on high,
Calling out to their comrades as they fly.

Upon the wind currents they ride,
Are they carried by their overlord's tide?
Cloudbeasts, won't you decide?

The Hatchling
By Mithos__

Far, far away in the land of Meridell
Lies a great secret.
In a seemingly desolate cave
Lies an egg of great beauty.

The egg rests atop a stone table
With only overgrowth as comfort.
From a tiny peephole above, a heavenly light
Shines down upon the egg, providing warmth.
A perfect solitude.

Haven becomes a prison.
The egg can not budge.
The radiating beam of light
Becomes a nuisance.

Determined, the baby rolls about in its cage.
Movements slowly but surely become wiggles.

Excited, the baby rocks its life out,
Until...a CRACK!!
The warm light suddenly blinds the baby.
The smell of a damp, stuffy room
Fills its nostrils.

So this is how freedom
Looks and smells.
The baby smiles his first toothless grin
And raises his tiny arms, breaking the shell.

Free, free, FREE at last!
The baby Draik is free.
The natural flyer, with wings extended,
Flies out and opens his puny mouth,
Releasing his deafening roar,
Mighty and majestic.

One New Egg and a Telling Test
By Mamasimios

Lying in amongst the clutch,
One new egg beckons a searching touch.
Seemingly so unfamiliar,
Then again, not too dissimilar.

Dappled shell of lightest brown,
Encircled by a Cobrall crown.
Surmounted by a headdress white,
Enhanced by jewels shining bright.
Resting in amid its cousins,
Together totalling an impressive dozen.

Darigan eggs in spotted plum,
Red, blue, and green seem so humdrum,
Although mundane now too seems yellow.
Ice eggs are yet fine frosty fellows,
Know you from whence this new one hails?

Egg with shell like a sandy veil?
Gently take one from its rest
Go to Meridell -- to the Draik Nest --
Surprises await your telling test.

Brave Maraquan Draik
By Lily2b18

Diving deep beneath the sea,
Right after a wave's break,
Flicking tail under stormy gale,
A brave Maraquan Draik.

Searching in the ruined place,
A tragic tale of old,
He lost his home and now he roams
In waters warm and cold.

The bubbling waters shield the cracks
Of majesty's cruel fate;
Maraquan loss, lost in tide's toss,
And he arrived too late.

For years he lurked in coral caves
With nowhere else to go,
Mourning had passed, he ceased at last,
And went with new tide's flow.

He travelled for a little while,
Deep in Maraquan blue,
Arriving at end, his home on the mend,
He began his life anew.

Stone Wings
By Kattrish

High above the castle walls,
a Draik is standing still,
keeping watch else worse befalls;
such greatness is his will.

Yiko, guardian made of stone,
though living just the same,
protects the castle all alone,
yet Meridell knows not his name.

He watches all through day and night.
He stays through thick and thin.
Never does he leave the height;
he must shield those within.

Thus, he shall wait for many a day;
on the walls, he shall remain,
'til Time comes to weather away
the Draik with the forgotten name.

By Jayo289

Valrigard was a determined Draik,
Not one to admit defeat.
Escape was always on his mind,
Albeit a difficult feat.

Valrigard was a clever Draik,
With logic and intelligence too,
Always plotting revenge on those
Who'd rather bid him adieu.

Valrigard was a cunning Draik,
A sword firmly in his grip.
Ready to slash and cut through air,
Waiting to make the slip.

Valrigard was a courageous Draik,
He'd walk and fly and run.
Flap his wings and get up high,
Those guards don't look much fun.

Valrigard was a skilful Draik,
He knew just where to go.
Through the darkness, and the cold,
By now he was a pro.

Valrigard was a majestic Draik,
One with grace and charm.
Never spotted by enemies,
Always hidden from harm.

Valrigard was a cornered Draik,
He'd been found right at the door.
Back to jail cells once again,
Time to escape once more.

Swordmaster Talek
By Dragonstorm_75

Clothed in armour gleaming true,
Maractite of bluish hue.
Bearing blades that swing with might,
That shines even in the darkest night.

His eyes agleam, he leads the charge,
"Forward, friends, weapons large!"
The white-worn Draik swims to battle,
Swinging blades most mightily wrathful.

The pirates scatter, they flee from him,
Talek's scowl is most grim.
The Maraquan forces fight with honour,
Bearing weapons with the highest valour.

A mighty pirate strikes the Draik,
While the others leave to forsake.
With a snarl Talek recoups,
The pirate is alone by loss of troops.

But then comes foul Scarblade,
The scene red eyes quickly surveyed.
The Lupe snarled a mighty charge,
And forces leapt off from his barge.

Talek met him claw to paw,
Yet his plan was met with flaw.
Scarblade's sword, jagged track,
Sent him flying like a sack.

The steadfast Draik did not falter,
And saw King Kelpbeard, his master,
Take on Scarblade with blades most keen,
While Talek slipped away unseen.

The master swordsman helped the host,
With skills that gave him right to boast.
Striking pirates three and four,
Leading his armies to the fore.

Soon they lay, poor and defeated,
With Scarblade chased back as fated.
Talek Swordmaster raised his blade,
Greatly had the pirates paid!

Draik of the Desert
By Brilliance109p

Draik of the Desert, king of all Draiks,
With eyes glass-spun blue he watches the sands,
Bright-etched with pride in the fairest of lands.

Draik of the Desert, wings azure glow,
Like royalty true he stands face to the west,
A single emerald does lie on his chest.

Draik of the Desert, his song is of truth,
He turns his snout skyward in search of the breeze,
A thousand tales hang among quiet trees.

Draik of the Desert, the majesty brave,
A Cobrall perched boldly upon his proud head,
They bow as he passes; so slowly he treads.

Draik of the Desert, perfect in colour,
Sapphires and rubies hold tales to be told,
Strewn with amethyst, embellished with gold.

Draik of the Desert, oh where do you fly?
Kingly, so surely, his gaze to the sky,
With such wisdom he gazes, and yet no reply.

Draik of the Desert, king of all Draiks,
This Draik Day, this noon where the sweet sun does peak,
Like tiny sand-crystals that cling to your cheek.

Faerie Draik Dance
By Anjie

Alabaster cumulus,
Each footfall soft doth grace.
Delicate, she weaves along,
Fair patterns doth she trace.
Pallid green her scales seem,
Transcend to cobalt blue.
Azure tones of satin sheen,
With emerald shining through.

On wings of gossamer she glides,
Through sky, her form serene.
A shimmer of such gentle hues,
So briefly can be seen.
As if in daydream doth Draik dance,
Between each drifting cloud.
Smile traces features fair,
Her head held high and proud.

She twirls through the sunlit path,
One each ray shall she tread.
Delicate, the wings extend,
Then like the daylight, spread.
Beauty seems so effortless,
With each step she may take.
No vision could be more sublime,
Than dance of Faerie Draik.

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