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Neopets Poems

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My Mutant Lamp
By Rosabellk

I love my Mutant Loveseat,
My Mutant Mirror's a champ.
But all my furniture does pale
Next to my Mutant Lamp.

My Mutant Bed's so soggy,
My Mutant Rug, so damp.
But nothing's as disgusting
As my dear Mutant Lamp.

A Mutant Rocking Chair is loved
By a zombie or vamp,
But every creature of the night
Adores a Mutant Lamp.

A Mutant Door Mat does deserve
My rare approval stamp,
But even it cannot compete
With my great Mutant Lamp.

My Mutant Sofa gives me a backache,
My Mutant Desk a cramp.
But I don't have a single problem
With my Mutant Lamp.

So if you do redecorate,
Give your room a revamp,
Please do consider adding in
A lovely Mutant Lamp.

Mutant Faellie
By Soaringeagle25

Somehow poor old Fluffy
Found some oozing toxic waste,
And without even a wary sniff
Found it to her taste.

Now since then her temperament
Has greatly experienced change.
She twitches, snorts, and bares her teeth,
Acting otherwise completely deranged.

Her fur comes out in mangy patches,
And yellowed fangs protrude.
One eye seems to be not quite right,
Constantly staring as if stuck or glued.

She's jumpy and constantly agitated
And will snap at any passing by.
She's also lately gained this reek
That brought her a following of flies.

I must admit I'm a little scared
Of my once sweet darling Fluffy.
At night I hear her stalking about,
Leaving me sleepless, my red eyes puffy.

So how about a mutant Faellie for sale?
I must say I can no longer take care of mine.
No, wait! You can have her for free.
As a Petpet owner, I RESIGN!

Mutant Day Has Come at Last
By Silenangel

Hold your head up high, brother,
for today our day has come.
Many will hide or stare,
but we shall walk as one.

Mutant Day has come at last,
let the smallest mutant stride
From those shadows and from the caves,
where throughout the year you may hide.

We may look scary and often weird,
but you won't hear us wail.
We this day shall come forth,
with the pride of hundreds we make our trail.

Let your voice rise high, sister,
for we've come to have our fun.
We will gather all together to play and dance,
Until our day is done.

Slimy, Grimy Mutants
By Scarvogue

How these Neopets came to be,
no one is quite sure.
They're twisted and warped,
and there seems to be no cure.

Mutants first appeared
several years ago.
Sometimes they have three heads,
and a few of them have no toes.

Some with razor-sharp teeth,
others with slimy skin.
Some burn you with their touch,
and others simply stand and grin.

A mutant is the one Neopet
that I'd never want to hug.
I know they can't help it,
but they all resemble a slug!

But what is truly baffling
is that some owners choose this form.
They buy a Transmogrification Potion
and watch their pet transform.

Regardless of mutants' looks,
today is a day for them to gloat.
So mutants gather 'round
it's you that we're here to promote!

Mutant Graveyard of DOOM!
By _Razcalz_

In deepest heart of gnarled woods,
The howling wind whips by.
No smile nor laughter can be sensed
Beneath this cloud-cloaked sky.
Graveyard 'midst the shrouding dark,
A stifled shriek, a moan.
Eyes watching every movement here,
Who dares walk 'mongst these stones?

Only one must brave this game,
And Albert is his name.

A mutant Kacheek, that is him,
Lantern in his grasp.
His light grows dimmer by the step,
As roughest breezes rasp.
His master sent him here, you see,
To fetch back eight small goods.
He searches by the tombstones cracked,
A maze in eerie woods.

This mutant servant must not fail
To finish 'fore his light grows frail.

He's not alone in this large maze;
Dark minions roam the soil.
They seek to snuff his fading light,
His task they're here to foil.
Chumablah, Jowlard, Ghostkerchief,
The sly Halloween Rock.
Striding so relentlessly:
Here the mutant's foes do walk.

Eye Candy, Ghost Toast, Deviled Steak,
Marshmallows, and Ghost Cake.

Spooky goods do lie in wait,
And all but one he's found.
This mutant's gone past monsters four...
There's the item, on the ground!
But just then, the light wavers;
His pulse quickens with fear.
And then it all fades; all is dark...
So what's the moral here?

Find a friend, that's my advice;
A glowing pet, to be precise.

A Mutant Elephante (Needs Love Too)
By Mamasimios

Do not turn your gaze
From my gaze,
Your eyes from my eyes
(My extra eye)
My eyes, burning, yearning, with a yellow flame
The flame hints at the warmth
Within, deep behind my yellow eyes

Do not turn your gaze away

Do not turn and walk away
On your legs
I have not legs
Ending in a squirming tail
Like a Slugawoo or Slorg
(I am neither Slugawoo nor Slorg)
The tail belies the dreaming
Heart dreams of running, dancing

Do not turn and walk away

Do not turn to still your voice
I see you can not trust yourself
To choose the words
Words I yearn to hear, through stunted ears
You'll wait to tell your friends
(I'd be your friend)
You'll talk about me when you're gone

Do not turn to still your voice

Transmogrified -- this gift of Sloth
(Bitter gift) was not my choice
A gift I could not turn away
I am not this mottled form
This lumpy mass
This malformed head
This thick hide protects a fragile heart
I am the same as you
Deep within (yearning, dreaming)

'Twas a gift I could not turn away
Come, please sit, don't walk away.

A Mutant Glory!
By Dragonstorm_75

Flesh distorted, morphed too tight,
Rippling muscles betray no plight.
And yet we hope for one bright day,
When we can find our own good way.

So long ago were we the subjects
Of potions with horrible effects.
Sloth, the doctor, a parody indeed,
Doom was what he really carried.

He put us into the cold dark rooms,
As black as those unhidden tombs.
We were given potions aplenty,
Their sordid contents very musty.

We were forced to down the contents,
And 'twas then that we heard laments.
For newer limbs our flesh did part,
An extra eyeball, or even a heart.

Now we live to serve the glorious Sloth,
To him we no longer were very wroth.
But what is it that still gives us sorrow?
I plan to think of it on the morrow.

To Sloth it is time to serve!
Respect he seeks to deserve!

Chorus of the Mutant Petpets
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Hear sounds of the Mutant Beekadoodle,
With its warped warbles in town.
Gurgle, gurgle goes the Mutant Blurtle,
Oh, what a terrible sound!
The Mutant Spardel licks its face,
And Mutant Apis drools galore.
A chorus of nutant Petpets,
That not many can adore.

Hear the cries of a Mutant Babyca,
What a frightful sight!
Squelch, squelch goes the Mutant Slorg,
Withering away tonight.
The Mutant Angelpuss drops its halo,
And Mutant Weewoo caw.
To many these are unwanted Petpets,
But not everyone abhors.
The perfect owner for these Petpets,
Will love them evermore.

A Mutant Meerca Misunderstood
By Brilliance109p

Good Neopians, I ask of you,
This Mutant Day I plea,
To hear me out and look beyond
The things you think you see.

My unkempt fur, my tousled coat,
Is really rather soft,
And all I want is friendship when
I hold my fist aloft.

"What claws!" you say with panicked fear,
Your voices high in pitch,
But all I use my talons for --
To scratch a little itch.

My grotesque teeth I try to hide,
As many call them vile
And run like wind when all I do
Is offer them a smile.

I may have only one eye, but
When fangs and putrid hues
Is all you see of mutant pets,
I see much more than you.

Good Neopians, this Mutant Day,
Don't run or scream or hide,
But look beyond a mutant's face
And see the heart inside.

Twice the Mutant
By Anjie

Twice the mutant, twice the fun,
Twice the frightened screams!
Yet twice the heads on Hissi beast,
Is not the thrill it seems.

"What should we do today, my friend?"
One head did ask his twin.
"Take a slither through the woods?"
Companion head did grin.

Dramatic eye, the eyes do roll,
"We did that YESTERDAY!
I'm sick of taking woodland slides!"
You hear that first head say.

"Right then, fussy, you decide,
What fun thing we should do?"
The first head thinks, he slightly sways,
"Go eat a meal or two?"

"Are you mad?" his twin does shriek,
"It's morning, we just ate!
I won't be letting your tastebuds,
Make my half put on weight."

The two do argue through the day,
They hiss and spit with rage.
It's nothing new, for in these fights,
They often do engage!

"Fine!" You hear the first head hiss,
"I'm leaving, friendship's done!
I'll find another friend I bet,
Who should be much more fun."

"Good for you," smirks second head,
"I'll go my own way too.
You've held me back for way too long,
That much, my friend, is true!"

They then agree to just part ways
And try to slide away.
But find that two heads on one form,
Are stuck, to their dismay.

The problem here for Hissi twins,
When all is said and done,
Is that when two heads have a fight,
There is nowhere to run.

Mutant Day Y11
By Alexmajor9

Today's the day we celebrate
The pets that are quite tainted,
Although they're failed experiments
We all love pets that mutated!
With extra eyes and tentacles
And greenish purple scales,
You'll see why these cool pets
Have no reason to cry and wail.
It doesn't matter quantity,
It's quality of limbs!
So if you're handed a strange potion,
Why not go out on a whim?
Or maybe it's the Lab Ray
Which will bring you to mutation.
And maybe if you're lucky,
You'll find the Pound as your salvation!
So today we all appreciate
Unconventional pet fun!
Just ask a mutant Hissi:
Two heads are much better than one!

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