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Neopets Poems

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The Four Grundo Programmers
By Rosabellk

There are four Grundos, separate,
Yet sharing common threads.
They are programmers who transmit
The coding, from their head,
Into computers, programming
For Sloth and all his crew.
Their goal? To in existence bring
The Neopet V2.

The first is Blarthrox. He's the one
To whom the rest assign
The work that's dull, but must get done.
He loves the ummagine.
This purple veggie occupies
His every waking thought.
So much, it seems, that though he's wise,
With errors his code is fraught.

And then we come to Grimilix,
A Grundo small and sneaky.
He hides in ducts and has some tricks
For stealth. He's very geeky.
Since he chooses to spend his days
In maintenance tunnels heated,
He hasn't heard within his maze
That Sloth has been defeated.

The next programmer's Tazzalor,
A piratey sort of fellow.
It's easy to obtain rapport
With him; he's rather mellow.
He likes his grog and loves to sing.
Perhaps he'll remember someday
The food he loves 'bove other things
Is the Bargjelly Sundae.

And finally, there's Zyrolon.
He's a programming whiz.
But now he seems to have withdrawn;
A quiet life is his.
He's happy now, and quite content
To fix vending machines.
He'd rather do this than present
Himself with computer screens.

And so these Grundos made the code
To program NV2.
Their lives now go down different roads
Now that Sloth's program's through.
But each thinks back upon the days
When they were programmers
And ponders now upon the ways
That fate subtly occurs.

'A' Grundo Acrostic
By _Razcalz_

As you may know, most Grundos small...
Aren't known for being bright;
Although they're very lovable,
As well as full of spright!
Arriving is the time to teach the
Alphabet to them.
And so we start with letter A,
A class at 10 a.m.

As Grundos young enter with grins,
A lesson fun begins.

Among the stars of Virtupets,
A little Grundo blinks.
Attentively watching the board,
And all the while, he thinks.
"'A' looks like a triangle...
A Uni's horn, or just a cone."
A voice begins to lecture now,
An Aisha teacher lone.

Assuredly she chalks an "A,"
Asking them to print arrays.

As scribbly lines to form an "A"
Appear on notebook lines,
Adding on, the teacher states:
"'A' is for 'apple,' 'align,'
As well as 'as' and 'are,'
'Arrive,' or just plain 'a'...
'A' can spell 'Atrocious Sloth,'
Alas, that's for history class another day..."

And off they skip to Grundo Cafe,
Already one twenty-sixth of the way!

The Spider Grundo
By Fleaf

A secluded abode, among the glade,
A place where time sleeps, still.
Hidden there is a darkened cave,
Stalactites hang like quills.

Lurking in the darkest corner,
Hiding in the dampest bowels,
A monster so grotesque, morbid
Oft echoes shriek and howl.

The Spider Grundo, tainted green,
Six legs it doth obtain.
Maddened frenzy is its mind,
To spin a web, it's game.

Come in, my friends, come in.
Come rest your weary head.
Take a seat on my spider's web,
Let the strands be your bed.

The Grundo Leader Warning
By Anjie

Something that was simply there,
In seconds can't be seen.
Hold your breath, step back in fear,
A beast is on the scene!
Who would have thought a fuchsia thing,
Could cause such rampant dread?
Of course you could protect your things,
(Or be smart, run instead!)

A massive Grundo, smirk in place,
Your item in his hand.
Courage gathered, standing tall,
You make a loud demand.
"Give my item back, you fiend!"
The Grundo shakes his head.
"Move aside, you silly thing,
Or I'll steal you instead!"

You make a dash to run away,
Lest threat is carried out.
He's big and mean and rather tough,
Wicked, without a doubt.
When you see the Grundo's glare,
Or hear that stomping sound,
Guard your items close, my friend,
For beast is near around!

I cannot count the things he took,
The items he did steal.
(Often even useless things,
That hold no firm appeal!)
I would pick up my pen right here,
And let this rhyme just flow.
But suddenly I catch a glimpse...
And hey! Where did it go?

Grundos and Ordinary Neopians
By Mamasimios

Unwittingly they became citizens,
Those Grundos (Sloth's ersatz minions)
Even yet thought to be quite alien
To your ordinary Neopians.

They prefer to live in isolation
On Kreludor or the Space Station,
Far from the judgmental eyes of nations
Composed of ordinary Neopians.

What makes for such disengaged Grundos?
Well, as every Gourmet Clubber knows,
A plate of Grundo Stix and Lint-trimmed Toes
Tempt even ordinary Neopians.

Is it their adaptation to low gravity?
Or suspicious use of advanced technology?
Or the stain of Sloth that impugns their loyalty
In the eyes of ordinary Neopians?

You can see by a Grundo's favourite tomes --
The Threat Outside and Defending Your Neohome --
That a mutual mistrust they have in common
With ordinary Neopians.

They yearn to learn
How to Escape
The shadow of Sloth upon their race.
They wish upon stars and explore deep space,
Far from ordinary, these Neopians.

Perhaps soon a day will come
When the differences between will be undone
And the Grundos above, every one,
Will move below as ordinary Neopians.

Parlax the Perjurer -- A Grundo Grim
By Ravenofdarknight

Questions on Parlax the Grundo abound.
This shadowy figure, mysteries surround.
Once the space hero Gorix's friend,
Thought to have met an untimely end.
A Resistance fighter but then he turned
Into a double agent, we later learned.
A special assignment he did select --
Against his own species he did defect.
A most deserved reputation was earned
For siding with evil when Sloth returned.
Scarred on the outside, ugly within,
Literally two-faced, then marred by sin.
Split in skin as he was in mind,
To neither colour was he kind.
Orange or purple, he seemed not to care --
Enemy to both, though they weren't aware
Of his treacherous, fiendish ways,
How plotting and scheming filled his days.
Doctor Frank Sloth was his true master,
Employing him to bring on disaster
For the tribes he was meant to advise
And through endless conflict cause their demise.
Sibling rivalry between two brothers
Was exploited to benefit others.
How could Xarthab and Zorlix know
The crucial difference between friend and foe
When in front of each he was differently dressed
To hide the truth and show his best?
While they were embroiled in a civil war,
Sloth took the mines of Kreludor.
The resource-rich moon was left undefended
Once both leaders Parlax had befriended.
So he distracted them, sowed seeds of dissent,
Bending them to a will malevolent.
Through manipulation and deceit
The villains sought to divide and defeat
Factions that, if they could unite,
Could then protect their Kreludite.
Adept at the mission to which he was tasked,
Confident that he would not be unmasked,
This tricky spy operated in stealth
While Sloth robbed the moon of its natural wealth.
A traitor to his species, but loyal to his lord,
In history Parlax is remembered, abhorred.

Gargarox's Grundo Gourmet
By Archangellight

Gargarox, the station cook,
Searches every cranny and nook
Of the cosmos so he can find
The tastiest things on which to dine!

Oppressor Onions, ever vile!
Veggies from beyond the stars,
With evil costumes and battle scars!
They come to quench their power thirst,
Unless you can eat them first,
To stop their brooding plots of guile!

The famous Milky Way Shake:
How does that clever Grundo make,
Those galaxies all deep inside?
Adding in an ice cream tide,
Freeze it then top with whip,
A solar system in every sip!

To make a Grundo Space Grub Platter,
He starts with a juicy grub.
Fried it up dark and crisp,
Add some spice,
To make it nice,
And a toothpick to hold it flatter!

So if you're feeling extra brave,
Visit Gargarox up in space.
As every Grundo always raves,
His food's the strangest you'll ever taste!

Dreaming of Freedom
By A_purplepossum

We do nothing but work day and night
To get any food we need to fight.
It's difficult, to say the least,
To be a servant to that arrogant beast.

But when we sleep we start to dream
Of sliding to Neopia on a moonbeam.
Once we're gone we can dance with glee,
For we'd no longer be servants, we'd be free.

We dream of frolicking through the flowers
And answering to no higher powers.
We could climb mountains, swim seas, or just relax,
And never think of the dreadful Sloth tax.

With a CLANG! the bell sounds from our roof;
Hearing it, Neopia is gone in a POOF.
We're back to working our demeaning job,
Thinking of all the things that our master did rob.

Our backs are breaking but we still believe
That someday we will be free to leave.
When that day comes we must celebrate
For Grundo Independence is an important date!

The Grundo Thief
By Ffamran

In the complex factory
He sneaks and waits behind,
To stand up tall and look to see
What he may steal this time.

Coloured circles, soft to feel,
Falling from the sky above;
Churning through the tree of steel,
Turning into what he loves.

Rainbow colours walking through:
It's a Chomby figure.
Green and red and orange and blue
Makes his heart jump higher.

Every single one he needs
To put his hands around,
Every single one he sees
Will vanish without sound.

The little coloured figurines:
They doth shine so bright.
Every single one he means
To steal them, day or night.

O, Say Free the Grundos
By Keeping_x

They can run happily now
Through the corridors of Virtupets
And as they come near the doors
They slowly become out of breath.

O, what a sight to see --
Free Grundos, thanks to one
Special day returning
This year, it declared independence.

"Free all Grundos!" said he,
The leader of the Grundo party:
Though politics wasn't his associated
Topic -- that was tiring!

So the 24th of the month of Hiding,
The Grundos will show their face
And celebrate the day that
Made Grundos a Neopian race.

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