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Usuki Dreams
By Mamasimios

I lay my head down every night
On my Usuki pillow, eyes squeezed tight,
And imagine I can shrink down small
Tiny as my Usuki dolls.
And when deep sleep does come at last,
I'll drive my Dream Car, pink and fast,
Or perhaps on surreal waves I'll float
On my Dream Jetski or Luxury Boat.

I can cruise toward my Dream Castle
With flags of rose and mauve pastels.
I'll try on the clothes in the Dream Wardrobe
And make Negg Surprise on the Dream Stove.

Out to caper on the Dream Swing Set
And perhaps a small rest on the Camper's Bed.
A quick spin on the Bike, and then to cool,
A dip in the Usuki Dream Pool.

Morning always comes too early
To tear me from nightly reverie.
My body ungainly, no longer petite,
Unlike my Usuki dolls, small and sweet.

But as I spy them where they lie,
Blank behind their plastic eyes,
I do not envy them their beings,
For at least in my world I can dream.

The Usuki Collector
By Icesmith

Crisp and new, the package shines,
Glistening to the eyes around,
And all do "ooh" and "ahh" at the contents within,
The Usuki sits, hollow without a sound.

She sparkles and gleams, each seam divine,
And all gaze upon her lonesome,
Their huge amazement and pure glee,
Creates a melancholic hum.

The price tag reads a hefty price,
And eventually the crowd does disperse,
But all the way home, the children do sing,
In amazement and joy they converse.

"Whoever can afford that is a lucky one!"
Cried a child outside, such a bore,
But far away, unbeknownst to all,
A certain someone enters the Usuki shop door.

His eyes do catch the splendid doll,
And his mouth drools with content,
And as he pays for the Usuki, a smile broadens,
His money is definitely well spent.

And as he begins to go home, Usuki in hand,
His eyes searching wildly for thieves,
And with a snicker of joy and glee,
King Skarl and his Usuki leave!

The Special Limited Edition Fair Maiden Quiguki
By Precious_katuch14

From within her crystal case
The Fair Maiden stands with grace,
Clad in violet and blue,
Silks and tiara shining like new.
Turquoise eyes, golden tresses,
Always ready to try new dresses!

From upon her polished pedestal,
Fair Maiden Quiguki looks upon all.
She knows she doesn't come cheap,
And turns her nose up at those who peep,
Who turn out their pockets in shame,
In a word, they're all... lame.

Collectors in awe can only stare
At this Quiguki doll ever so rare,
"Alas! If only we had the money!
It would truly be sweeter than honey
To have such a doll of great beauty,
Far superior than any regular Usuki!"

But when her reverie is over,
All the Fair Maiden would ever see
From within her crystal case,
Upon her pedestal place,
Usukicon visitors many,
All looking for Usukis.

The Magical Hair Usuki Reject's Plight
By Rosabellk

She stares in envy at the hair
Her fellow dolls possess.
For Magical Hair Usuki Reject
Quite frankly is a mess.

Her makeup and her purple dress
Are certainly up to snuff.
But when you look upon her head?
Well, that's when things get rough.

For there, instead of flowing locks,
Lie only a few strands
Of magic hair; the rest is bald.
Her skull is bare and bland.

She'd trade her hair for other dolls',
Just to be better off.
She'd even settle for Sloth Usuki's
Sickening green coif.

Anything would be more fitting
Than this awful scalp.
Not even a kind of comb-over
Would be enough to help.

She's tried out wigs; she's tried them all.
They didn't aid her plight,
For they were always falling off,
A disconcerting sight.

She dreams of long and luscious hair,
But when she does awaken
And see the bareness of her head,
She sadly feels forsaken.

But don't despair, rejected doll,
Don't you wear a frown.
Sure, you may not have much hair,
But don't let it get you down.

After all, it's not so bad;
At least you're an Usuki.
Think how awful it would be
If you were a Quiguki.

The Unpleasant Side of Usukicon
By Anjie

Won't find this story in the Times,
Or told to one and all.
Of battles fought and scratching claws,
Around Usuki stall.
Usukicon, oh merry fair!
A place of light and fun?
Obsessive fans who'll fight and kick,
A threat to everyone!

Dare you fight through thronging crowd,
To find that magic store?
As you do, there comes a cry,
So furious, this roar.
"I saw it first! That one is mine!"
A screeching Lenny cries.
There, Usuki, dressed in pink,
The mutual, much-sought prize.

Quickly do you snatch it up,
With shake so firm of head.
"I saw it first, it's mine to keep!
Get something else, instead!"
Nobody fights, it must be said,
Like a Usuki fan.
You grabbed that treasure, held it tight,
Then turned and quickly ran.

A quick glance back revealed a fight
Had broken out behind.
Lenny fighting Cybunny
For latest, pretty find.
Despite the fact that on the bench,
There wasn't one, but two.
Which goes to show Usukicon,
Can be a dark place too.

Usuki Playtime
By Geneames1

Usukis are my passion,
I have every one.
Some are just for looking at,
Some are used for fun!

Limited edition dolls
Sit high upon a shelf,
Like Fair Maiden Usuki
Or Usuki Woodland Elf.

When I play at "Schooltime",
Usuki teacher instructs.
Prom Queen and Schoolgirl listen, as
Duncecap times out for misconduct.

Then onto "Vacation"; Attendant Usuki
seats me on a journey to Mystery Isle.
At that evenings Island luau,
Dancing Hula and Geisha beguile.

Tomorrow for Usukicon
I'll hold "Usuki Fest".
Every doll I own is invited
To the party that's the best!

Oh, Usuki!
By Autotune

All year long I've been waiting so,
For the Annual Usuki Doll Convention.
Why, last year's seems so long ago;
But we're going in now, so pay attention!
With one last look into the mirror,
Purses are clutched all the nearer.

High-pitched squeals and excited chatter;
This room is filled with talk and laughter.
"Say, Sally, did you ever buy that suit?"
Time doesn't stroll by; it scoots!

We walk around, inspect the tables
With dolls, play sets, and fancy labels.
Our clothes carefully match our collection;
Our shoes as well are shined to perfection.

Rainbow hair and fiery flair,
Faerie wings and robes for kings;
Strange green suits and swanky boots,
Crisp pink posters and crazed collectors.

Rogues, reapers, rejects, and clowns,
In pink and green, blue and brown.
We've princes, pop stars, pirate captains,
Plus Taelia, Fyora, the Shop Wizard, too --
So many to see, what's a girl to do?

The sky soon reddens to a rusty brown;
We bid our goodbyes and leave the town.
We unpack our bags, hang up our gowns --
At least 'til the next Convention rolls around.

Oh, Usuki, Usuki, Usuki!
I'd serenade you day and night --
To me it would bring much delight --
If only you rhymed with more than "spooky"!

Usuki Dolls Forever
By Lipgloss55

A hum of voices hung in the air;
The familiar smell of plastic was there.
The Usuki Doll Convention had come again;
The toys had once more taken their reign.

There were shouts and squeals
When the new Usuki doll was revealed.
The pets smiling and frolicking about
As Usuki after Usuki was set out.

Displays were high-stocked
Like Usuki building blocks,
Glittering in the convention room,
Just waiting, waiting to be bought soon.

At sundown the company begin to thin
While pets poured out, all wearing a grin.
Holding to their chests their new toys and such,
Strolling back home, away from the Usuki rush.

Not an Usuki doll was lonely that night --
They were all snuggled in with their Neopet tight,
And though the Usuki Doll Convention was over,
All knew the love for Usuki dolls would last forever.

Frenzied Usuki Doll Fans Unite!
By Clockworkchildren

Yet again, that time has come,
When all the obsessives and all the fans,
Share their joy and delight.
Finally the sun comes up to shine upon the land.

There is, of course, a huge line,
A queue of frenzied pets,
Awaiting the convention's opening,
Isn't it that time yet?

In the queue right up front you see a Cybunny --
Of course it's Lucie, did she find all of the sets?
There she stands impatient, in her pretty dress,
Did her parents ever get to take that vacation,
Or are there Usuki Doll Sets left?

Down the queue, you glance, wide-eyed,
At how many others there are like you,
Waiting for the doors opening,
There you see, the Usuki Land shopkeeper,
That nice blue Blumaroo.

A group of young Techos standing in line,
Their eyes all glazed over,
No doubt, they are wondering, with a sigh,
About the dolls that will be inside.

Finally, the excited chatter stops,
The doors fly open...
A mad rush of countless fanatics!

The gleaming hall makes you freeze,
So very, very beautiful,
An attendee badge is put 'round your neck,
Oh, but you haven't seen anything yet!

All the tables, laid out so neat,
Covered in rare Usuki Dolls and Play Sets,
Each and every one, pretty and complete,
Perfection is the word we should use, yes?

A circle of cute Usuls surround a table,
Excited about the Usukicon gift bag,
They start laughing, a sweet giggle,
As they open and read the mag.

My mind is filled with the glorious sight,
The cheerleader Usuki catches my eye.
Then I see the Beautiful Bride, all dressed in white.
For yet another year, frenzied Usuki Doll fans unite!

A Quiguki's Complaint
By Dragonstorm_75

The Usukicon is coming soon,
With rabid fans akin to a typhoon.
Storming into the convention site,
Screaming with joy all through the night!

Why is it that those Usukis play,
Yet we cannot have our special day?
Why must they get a con as their own,
While we must mumble, all alone?

Sure an avatar we do harbour,
The April Fools one, don't you remember?
But what about those Usukis foul,
They have three! That makes us scowl!

Aren't we as good as they?
Aren't we pets, don't we play?
It won't hurt when we just say,
Can't we have our own special day?

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