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Neopets Poems

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The Meerca Brothers
By Scarvogue

Some may call them villains,
others choose to call them thieves --
Only one thing is for certain,
these brothers steal treasure with ease.

Raiding vaults and caves alike,
the Meercas travel from town to town
Their pockets full of gold and jewels,
only treasure weighs them down.

They choose their targets carefully,
each place studied and mapped out.
One mistake could give them away,
but they keep their wits about.

Goggles sit atop his brown head,
enhancing his eyesight day and night --
Heermeedjet is the lookout,
while Merouladen crams his pockets tight.

The cool wind blows across the desert,
breaking the evening's hush.
The moon shines down on the thieves' escape,
Out of the tomb the brothers rush.

The escape is the trickiest part,
the one that can get you caught.
Not too fast or you will be heard,
but too slow and you will be spot.

Not until they arrive back home
will they risk to raise their voices
To sing out and celebrate,
they hold their gold and rejoice.

The Meerca Menace
By Mamasimios

Twinkling behind a scarlet mask
The Meerca's eyes appraise the task.
With a flash of tail the foe's dispatched;
Once again he is victorious.

Stomping the canvas in high red boots
To his fans with red-gloved hands salutes,
Proudly posing in his golden suit,
A hero both grand and glorious.

The history of the Menace is obscure,
Of his homeland his fans are left unsure,
But his place in wrestling lore is secure
For his fighting skills are renowned.

Looking so small within the ring
Without benefit of horns nor claws nor wings,
Just a mighty tail, a coiled spring,
Yet its power is profound.

Whether swiping the feet out beneath his foe,
Or using it to deal a robust blow,
Or bouncing to the top of the ropes to throw
Himself atop his contender.

The self-same tail is his greatest feature
That can pin down any challenging creature
And rouse proud fans to stand in the bleachers
To cheer the Meerca Menace in his splendour.

The Crumpetmonger
By Tanyawebber

A thick rising fog of warmth and smoke,
A frequent sight for the Neovian folk,
A scent of delight that simply gets stronger,
Here lives the pastry queen: The Crumpetmonger.

A Meerca frame with a beige-tint bonnet,
She sings like an angel, reciting a sonnet,
Humming a tune as she weighs the dough,
Then ices the cream puffs in the window.

Her speciality is her sweet apple tart,
Sprinkled with sugar as if it were a fine art,
Care for a slice? It tastes simply divine,
So join in the queue, at the end of the line.

The window is scattered with scones and pies,
A garden of pastry, a baked goods supply,
The heavenly scent still floats in the air,
Enticing Neovians to buy an eclair.

But beneath the blanket of tasty pastries,
There comes a time where the shop empties,
But alas! Even if we cannot stay longer,
We'll have pie to go, Miss Crumpetmonger!

The Merry Merifoods Meerca
By Dragonstorm_75

'Tis morning on the Meridell fields,
When the sun did polish imperial shields.
The mist stretched its crisp, pale fingers,
Spreading through the slumbering vale.

Within a village few did stir,
Save for one: a portly sir.
The purple Meerca opened his tent,
To sell his wares of food and good drink.

Upon his back was a leathern vest,
Stained from work, one would have guessed...
It brushed the tent flap, he raised it high,
The Merifood shop was open at last!

Bowls of gruel, chunky and smooth!
Freshly picked peas? I assure you the truth!
Tomatoes, potatoes, a Draik egg or two?
Perhaps some porridge, or bread alongside?

Meats and treats I serve with aplomb,
They will certainly give you no qualm!
We have sausage, cheese, and much, much more,
Dainties of all sorts, fresh as can be.

All this did he say, the Meerca most purple,
His long tail atwitch, his smile quite simple.
If ever you're hungry or finished a quest,
Do come to his stall, he knows all the best!

The Meerca Catapult
By Precious_katuch14

To the top of the castle, Meerca Catapult,
We are being attacked!
The fight has begun, we need your help,
That is a fact!

Take your position, Meerca Catapult,
The battle has begun!
And yet, through everything that may come,
It might even be fun!

Here is your boulder, Meerca Catapult,
Steady on your tail!
Soon the rock will be in the skies,
Going for a sail!

Wait and watch, Meerca Catapult,
The timing must be right.
When we count one, two, then three,
Let loose with all your might!

Brace yourself, Meerca Catapult,
One, two, and three!
Now the boulder flies through the air
For everyone to see!

You have done well, Meerca Catapult,
Your aim was straight and true.
But the war's not over yet,
And we're still counting on you!

Something Sinister...
By Anjie

One Meerca Day I sought a toy,
A new treat for my pet.
I pondered long and thought so hard,
What could I really get?
In plushie store I found the thing,
This toy was just the key!
Halloween in Meerca form
Was just the gift for me.

I took it home and wrapped it up,
Then gave my pet the toy.
Satisfied at cries of glee,
I welcomed all his joy.
He placed the Meerca plushie down,
Upon the shelf up high.
'Bedtime, Lupe!' I smiled then,
As he rushed quickly by.

I settled down in Neohome,
To relax for a change.
That's when all things went rather odd,
It is when all went strange.
Did that Meerca plushie move?
Did I see it just shift?
Did I see it dance along?
My glance did rise so swift!

Yet the plushie didn't move,
It just sat there, I think.
A second glance, I gasped in fear,
Did that small toy just wink?
Did those crimson, angry eyes,
Follow my every move?
I turned my back on plushie then,
So things could then improve.

I headed slowly up to bed,
Forgetting horrid thing!
Forgetting those two crimson eyes,
The curve of onyx wing.
Into bed, turn off the light,
Then gasped in the pitch black.
For on the end of my own bed,
The plushie stared right back...

Meerca Chase Frenzy
By Alexmajor9

Your tail's getting longer,
Let's just hope you don't get tripped!
That red Negg's getting closer,
Just make sure you keep your grip.
Hurtling toward the next Negg
In a frenzied, jagged race;
Anticipation rising
As you think about the taste!
The yellow ones are salty
And the silver ones are sweet.
But nothing is as tasty
As the light blue fishy treats!
The game is getting harder,
And your vision starts to haze;
The red Neggs fill the screen
And your own tail is your maze!
It's times like these you're happy
That it's really just for fun,
Because food is much, much nicer
When it doesn't make you run!

The Crumpetmonger
By Twocents

In the dark streets of Neovia,
Smells of yeast and flour drift.
From a certain bakery,
The scents dance in the wind as it shifts.

Working hard late into the night,
The yellow Meerca combs a strand of hair back.
The Crumpetmonger, known for her sweet pastries,
Works on an overload of flavour attack.

Blueberry Acara Tarts and Chocolate Scones
Pop out of a large, warm stove.
They join their friends, crumpets and cream puffs,
Looking like a warm pastry treasure trove.

Rolling pin whipping through the air,
Held on tightly by her strong tail,
Rolls out thick dough for pie crusts,
Making treats whose taste will not fail.

Honey Crumpets, Cheese Scones, Eclairs,
Vanilla Ice Cream Cream Puffs and Beef Stew Pies,
Line up neatly in clean glass cases,
Waiting to be their customers' delight and surprise.

As warm cherries boil down,
Their scent also mingles in the air.
The town members, they cannot take it!
To be teased this way is just not fair.

Soon, young Draiks and small Eyries
Press their eyes up against the dark window.
They see, in the back, the oven working,
The fire casting the Crumpetmonger's shadow.

As the teasing night turns to day,
And the sun rises high into the sky,
The Meerca comes 'round to open the door,
Letting in those before of starvation they die!

"Get yer pastries while they're hot!
Buy summat 'fore I eat it meself!" she calls.
A joke that is met with immediate obedience
As pastries are eaten and their jam decorates the walls.

Seeing how quickly the cases are emptying,
The Meerca scoots 'round to the back.
For here, at the Crumpetmonger's,
Pastries are something they'll never lack!

The Meerca Brothers
By Ktkdk

Once upon a time there were two Meerca brothers
Who were very different from each other.
One was lazy and rather fat,
And his brother was the opposite of that.
In age they were five years apart,
Yet they both had a deceitful heart.

If you have begun to fret
Because I have not told you their names yet,
Don't worry, because I did not forget.
Their names are Merouladen and Heermeedjet.

There is one way they are the same,
And it is how they earned their fame.
Unscrupulous Neopets will assign
Them missions to seal things so fine.
The brothers will always succeed,
No matter how difficult the deed.

If you get something expensive and new,
The Meerca brothers might visit you.
You will be sad if they do.
Bid your expensive items adieu.

I must make the moral of this poem known:
Take good care of the niceties you own.
Keep your money in your stocks,
And your items in your Safety Deposit Box.
For the Meerca brothers will be glad
To own the items you once had!

Meerca Menace
By Sonybug222

In the ring he's sweating,
His eyes are black and blue,
His body's sore,
He wants no more,
But he'll fight 'til match is through.

Eyes shining with menace
Through crimson mask awry,
He takes his stance,
Looks for his chance,
And jumps with battle cry.

Down he goes, he's panting,
He's sprawled on the floor,
But he won't lose.
It's just a bruise,
The pain Meerca ignores.

The pet's ears are ringing
And he's seeing things in pairs.
This is the last move
That pet can carry through,
So he jumps through the air--

On the foe he pounces,
Punching left and right.
The crowds all cheer,
The winner's clear:
The Meerca wins the fight!

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