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Neopets Poems

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The Blumaroo Squire
By Mamasimios

On an ebon Uni, a mighty steed,
The Blumaroo Squire races by
With a flash of light from tempered steel,
Tightly gripped sword is waved up high.

Toward what act of chivalry
Does the Blumaroo now hasten?
Is there a joust, a dire rivalry?
Or an enemy to chasten?

But what? Now here he comes once more
Upon his Uni, ever faithful.
On his standard fly the flags of war
In the red and blue of Meridell.

Away anon to soon return
With brandishing of daggers, shield.
His eyes behind steel visor burn,
No quarter will the Squire yield.

The Uni slows and then subsides;
A yellow Blumaroo bounces near.
"I do hope you've all enjoyed the ride,"
He announces with great cheer.

The Blumaroo Squire with a sigh
Dismounts the Merry Go Round's blackest steed
And returns to serve his Meridell Knight
And dream of future heroic deeds.

Lilo, Captain of the Rooligans!
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Bounding down the field so fast,
Dodging rivals, Yooyus passed.
Leaping over opponents tall,
In the sport of Yooyuball.

Attacked left, right, and centre,
Blumario takes the lead!
Charging on, avoiding temper,
Onward, Captain, you agreed.

All in all to score a goal,
A wondrous Captain to behold!

Not a sight you'd expect to see,
A Blumaroo of high veracity!
Just because this team wears bells,
The colours bring the crowds so well!

With the goalpost in his sight,
He flings the Yooyu with great might.
Two seconds on the clock to go...
The commentators chorus loudly, "GOAL!"

A rising star, a fallen champion,
Lilo is a legend.
A fallen champion, a rising star,
A die-hard leader,
From Roo Island.

The dreaded curse may have taken hold,
But never doubt him, they won gold!
Back in Altador Cup III,
Shone that moment of glory.

Blumaroo Appreciation Day
By Indulgences

Blumaroos love nachos and
They love to bounce around.
They hail from Island Roo, a place
Where all their kind is found.

There's great King Roo who rules the isle,
And his Advisor Broo.
King Roo was first to introduce
The game of Dice-A-Roo.

There are a lot of Blumaroos
That grace our Neo past.
One of them is AAA
Who's great at games, so fast!

Archmagus of Roo's in NQI.
Rohane's in NQII.
Commander Garoo obeys Dr. Sloth,
A soldier through and through.

Chef Bonju has a cooking pot,
While Count Von Roo has dice.
King Roothless is a kidnapper
Who isn't very nice!

And lastly, we have Lilo Blum
Right Forward, Yooyuball.
He plays his hardest every game
Without a slip or fall.

A lot of games have Blumaroos
As heroes, tried and true.
There's Deckswabber and Deadly Dice.
There's Bouncy Supreme too.

The Blumaroo's amazing and
Well worthy of this ode.
All hail the Blumaroo today!
Much thanks to them is owed!

Roll the Dice!
By Cody_copper_lover

There's luck in the air,
as the dice get thrown down,
from the hands of King Roo,
with his jester-like crown.

The game of luck, chance,
in which he spends his days,
has never beaten him once,
or so the Blumaroo says.

King of the five dice,
the monarch of fortune,
would you keep rolling,
if it were your turn?

On Blumaroo Island,
home of Roll-the-Dice,
Red, blue, green, silver,
so near that elusive prize.

But engage and enjoy,
the game of roll or stay.
Take your chance, after all,
today is Blumaroo Day!

Playing Tyranu Evavu with Oogaroo
By Twocents

Oogaroo invites you to play
A simple game in the Tyrannian Jungle.
Although, with this Blumaroo,
You may first want to spray some anti-fungal.

Tyranu Evavu is a game of cards
That even the feeble-minded can follow.
Although, when you lose to the whim of fate,
You might find that your pride you'll swallow.

His sharp, long teeth poke up
Out of a goofy smile.
Will you play a game?
Take your time, he'll be here a while.

"Graguda Tyranu Evavu! Gedd lacka.
Uhhg Uuuuuuhhhhgggg!" The rules, he shares,
In instructions so very simple
To show you that he very much cares.

A card goes down! An eight!
Tyranu or evanu, what will you choose?
Be very careful in selecting,
For a wrong choice, and you'll lose.

Make it through 52 rounds
And a small fortune you'll make.
Just don't be surprised when you want to cry
Should you perform a careless mistake.

If you manage to walk away rich,
Oogaroo, the Tyrannian 'Roo, will congratulate
In a way he can comprehend, such as an "uhhg!"
Saying that to be this lucky, you must be great.

By Xayezi

Can you define a noun that means
To jump? To spring? To bounce with keen?
It's a ball! It's a spring! What else could it be?
It can't be a dice, yes, that I can see!

But dice are included, a Count as well,
Deducting levels till down they fell!
(So it ain't an object. It breathes, it does,
A Neopet, perhaps, just like a Buzz?)

But it ain't no Buzz, but begins with a "B",
It has an island, you won't see in one sea!
(Lutari Island? But that starts with an "L"!
What do you mean in one place it won't dwell?)

Back to the start, they defy gravity!
Bouncing they love with their tails so mighty!
(Bounce. Island. Neopet. B.
Count. Dice. In one place you won't see...)

I've got it, got it! I'm as smart as King Hagan!
It's on the tip of my tongue. Is my time done?
Yes, it is, I've given every clue!
I'll answer! I'll answer! It's a simple Blumaroo!

But Grandpa said it wasn't, but his Bouncing Boots,
A card he played on an island with many roots.
It was never in one place... is this what I get
For loving the Blumaroo and playing Neopets?!

In More Villainous Times (The Ballad of Rohane)
By Precious_katuch14

In a time of fear, in a time of greed,
Ramtor overthrew King Skarl to lead.
In a time of strife, in a time of distress,
Who could wield the sword of righteousness?

In a time of confusion, in a time of peril,
The Snowager's cave was still.
In a time of strangeness, in a time of chaos,
Who could solve the mystery of his loss?

In a time of tempests, in a time of anxiety,
Sandstorms ravaged the Lost Desert's entirety.
In a time of uncertainty, in a time of legends,
Who could reverse the sands' discordant trend?

In a time of illumination, in a time of excess,
Haunted Woods were at the sun's eternal behest.
In a time of strangeness, in a time of magic,
Who could uncover this terrible trick?

In a time of invasion, in a time of war,
Terask rises to power and captures Fyora.
In a time of darkness, in a time of fury,
Who could restore peace to the land of faeries?

With trusted friends he traverses Neopia,
Saving the lands he visits, near and far.
With his sword he banishes all evil,
His righteous wrath the villains truly feel.

Mipsy stands ready, raising her wand,
Talinia draws bow with quick, steady hands.
Velm's staff glows with transcending energy,
And Rohane, standing tall, leads all three.

Clad in shining armour, he strides forth,
Whether east or west, south or north.
There's no danger too big or too small,
For this Blumaroo shall conquer all!

What started out as an adventure quest
Made him ascend to the ranks of the best.
A renowned hero, a skilled swordsman,
But alas, a warrior's work is never done.

When evil takes over and justice falls,
When Neopia once again sounds its call,
As surely as stars shine and fire burns,
Rohane and his comrades will again return.

By Sonybug222

Shivering with fear,
Turning left and right,
Searching for that item,
Hopping through the night.

He hears a growl and hissing,
And sees a pair of yellow eyes.
He squeaks and hops forward
And searches for Master's supplies.

He's lost in the middle,
Doesn't know where he should go.
His palms start sweating,
For his moves are running low.

Desperate to find the item,
He randomly makes a turn,
And at the end of the path
Was the item he did yearn!

A smile lights the mutant's face
And his lips turn to a smile.
Finally he can leave!
(He's been there for a while.)

Confident, the pet keeps bouncing,
Making turns with glee.
Four more bounces forward,
And the Blumaroo is free!

Dice With Fate
By Anjie

Press your luck and roll the dice,
Leave all your fate to chance.
Hope your numbers do come up,
Or else you shan't advance.

The holder of this deadly game,
The one who shuns the light.
A vicious creature, cloaked in black,
Who only roams at night.

Within his hidden island realm,
He bids you, try your luck.
If you lose, you pay the price,
And thus the deal is struck.

When shadow shrouds the pallid moon,
And night falls dark and cold.
Seek the Count of Deadly Dice,
And see what shall unfold.

Those wicked fangs protrude so far,
So sinister, they gleam.
The clock announces midnight's reign,
Von Roo doth rule supreme.

A Blumaroo with darkest heart,
His motives lined with hate.
Roll away as midnight calls,
And dice with deadly fate.

The Blumaroo Court Jester
By Ktkdk

A grumpy king sits in the courts of Meridell
Listening to the horrid jokes his citizens tell.
"Why can't they make me smile?
None of these jokes are worth my while!"
He began to loudly yell.

Then a cure to his woes appeared out of the blue
In the form of a strange, young Blumaroo.
"You look crazy," the king jeered,
For it was true that he looked rather weird.
The Blumaroo simply replied, "Thank you!"

His clothes were tastelessly bright.
Around his neck was a ruff of white.
He was ridiculously thin,
And he had bright green skin.
Altogether, he was quite a sight!

As the king prepared to call him a freak,
The Blumaroo jester began to speak,
"I know I am not much at first glance,
But you will not regret giving me a chance!
I assure you my joke will be unique."

The brash jester began walking
With brave steps closer to the king.
All was silent as the king waited
To hear the joke the Blumaroo created.
At long last, he began to sing:

"What do you do if fierce Peophins
has eaten too much tin of olives..."

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