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Early Days of Meridell
By Scarvogue

When was the first Turmac Roll?
Or the first Draik egg laid?
Who first won Double Or Nothing?
And how much was he paid?

When did Skarl claim the throne?
And was there a king before he?
There are many mysteries
and only so much we can see.

The Discovery of Meridell
has a certain date.
But what happened before then?
No one has lived so late.

How young are Ye Olde Petpets?
And when was the first Mortog kissed?
Perhaps no one shall ever know,
the answer may not even exist.

Here in Neopia,
each city has a history.
Some are dark and some are grand,
but Meridell remains a mystery.

For Today Is Meridell Day!
By Butter_bar12

Today, our king won't be a grump,
At Shapeshifter, everyone'll triumph,
Cheeses will roll far more fast,
And cream cookies... longer they'll last!
For today is Meridell Day.

Today, the castle will seem to shine,
Even the Rubbish Dump will smell divine,
Royal pets will parade about,
All the peasants will laugh and shout,
For today is Meridell Day.

Today Illusen will give many a quest,
At Potato Counter, everyone'll do their best,
Turdle Races will seem much more fun,
And there'll be Turnip Tartar for EVERYONE!
For today is Meridell Day.

Today, everything'll be great,
Everybody'll celebrate!
Every pet will scream out and say,
"Have a happy Meridell Day!"
For today is Meridell Day!

The Great Kingdom of Meridell
By Precious_katuch14

Its majestic castle stands tall,
Its farm grows vegetables all.
Though this great kingdom may fall,
It has survived, and has seen all!

Flags don red, gold, and blue,
Waving to heroes with hearts true.
Mortogs await a kiss from you
Sinsi asks, "Have you got a clue?"

Turdles race across the green,
Rolling cheeses cause a scene.
Daggers skewer meat quite lean,
And would you like some Tonguebeans?

Living legends are a common sight,
Knights' armour dazzles in this light.
Here reside the champions of right
Who have made it through the night.

Sword in hand, Jeran is forever watching,
Lisha is in the library, always reading.
While Snargan never stops counting,
King Skarl's cooks are constantly cooking!

Archers' arrows whistle through the air,
Peerless ladies watch, so prim and fair.
Count the potatoes; don't just stare!
Others wait behind you to take the dare!

Turmaculus sleeps even in the light of day,
Have you done one of Illusen's quests today?
This is Round Table Poker, want to play?
That marrow weighs more than a ton, I say!

Ah, Meridell, so rich in culture and history,
Every place and figure has its own story.

A Turdle Race for Meridell Day
By Twocents

Introducing the grandest Petpets
Seen this side of Brightvale.
For only here can you find the Turdles,
Those racing legends of Meridell.

Much more fun than Poogle Racing,
These famous Petpets race every day.
Make a bet on the outcome,
But only if you're feeling lucky.

The line-up begins with Nutty.
With crazy antics and book named for him,
He's a popular bet and quite well-known.
He does, however, fall asleep on whim.

Moving on to Poopy,
That most cunning of Petpets.
He uses every trick known to win,
And is picked for safe bets.

Smelly is the most aptly named,
Having not taken a shower in ages.
But since the other racers avoid his stink,
He's a common choice for great wages.

Racer number four, Squelchy the grand,
Who often sticks to the floor.
The race organisers often have to give him a shove
Making him a bit of a chore.

On this side of Tyrannia,
Meet Stinky, the fastest of them all.
Known for his last-minute victories,
His competitors can rarely make him fall.

So place your bets with the bookie,
The Starry Scorchio with better things to do,
And we'll get this race rolling,
Since the Turdles are waiting for you.

And off they go, quick as lightning!
For in celebration of Meridell's discovery,
The only thing that can appease the king,
Is the grandest of all victories!

A Grande Olde Discovery!
By Kitokat_mh

A land of heroes and legends,
A world of myths and tales of old,
Was discovered on this day of days,
And now its story will be told...

Many, many years ago
In a time that's long gone past,
A dwindling land stood in ruin,
Looking like it wasn't long to last.

Forgotten by all of Neopia,
Crumbling under its age and strain,
A bright white castle struggled to stand,
Where heroes and kings once used to reign.

Until one seemingly normal day,
A band of explorers stumbled across
This land unknown to all 'til now,
Overgrown with ivy, leaves, and moss.

But they saw through this outer image,
And saw potential in this land,
Dreaming of a thriving region,
That could be gleaming, strong, and grand.

They brought this great land back to life,
And with help from pets from local towns,
Brought its glory back in force,
And the sun shone once more upon its grounds.

Soon the place was thriving again,
Full to the brim with shops and games,
Home to the great King Skarl himself,
Amongst many other famous names.

And now it stands, prospering again,
Successful, as you surely can tell,
Splendid, grand, and brilliant,
This wondrous place called Meridell.

Discovering Meridell in Haiku
By Smileylou

Land of kings and knights
Travel down the twisting paths
Meridell waits here

Cross the river guard
Enter Skarl's looming castle
What awaits inside?

Games of skill and luck
To test valour and honour
To succeed takes nerve

Outside the sun shines
Venture to Meri Acres
Fancy counting spuds?

Surrounded by trees
Illusen sits in her glade
Enjoying the breeze

Sit and rest with her
Admire the leaf canopy
Games can always wait.

Meridell in Motion
By Anjie

The Gallion wings create a breeze,
The turret flags in flight.
Crimson, cobalt, colours shine,
The sun reflects so bright;
In the distance Turdles stretch,
A yawn on each small face.
They shake small flippers, warming up,
Preparing soon to race.

In treasury on emerald hill,
An old Skeith counts his gold.
Symols peak above the ground,
As daylight doth unfold.
Cheese is drawn up hefty hill,
For gamblers to roll down.
In silken glade, Illusen stands,
And brushes off green gown.

Where farmland spreads across the fields,
A farmer gazes out.
It's berry-picking weather, see,
And folk will be about!
Eager pets do wait in line,
To search the dump and dive.
Treasures may be in that place,
For riches do they strive!

Mortogs pause and pucker up,
Prepared to play their game.
'Come and try my puzzle, friends!'
You hear Sinsi proclaim.
Meridell doth spring to life,
A haze of bright commotion.
A land of colour, fun, and games,
So constantly in motion.

My Discovery in Meridell
By Mamasimios

While strolling through Neopia
I entered a once forgotten land.
The farms green and rich, a cornucopia,
An imposing castle looming grand.

When I passed through the stony gates,
I met the Draiks, the Palace Guards,
Who led me to the throne room to await
An audience with the King, so cross and hard.

Skarl arrived with an expression
Both cantankerous and surly
That gave me the firm impression
He had woken up much too early.

I told him so, and to my relief,
He soon broke out into a smile;
The Draiks gaped with disbelief
As he bade me stay a little while.

"No one," said King Skarl,
"ever dares to speak the truth.
If I enter with a snarl,
Or behave in ways uncouth.

"Most Neopians try to cheer me
With their jokes of 'what what what.'
These tired jests make me so weary;
They rarely crack me up.

"But you have the fortitude
To speak your mind like that.
Won't you help me break my solitude
And stay for a little chat?"

It was hours before I bid farewell
To the so-called Grumpy King.
My greatest discovery that day in Meridell
Was a friendship long-lasting.

Discovery of Meridell
By Alexmajor9

A land of greenest grass
And a castle red and blue,
Meridell is joyous
On the day it came to you.
When Meridell was found,
It brought us Ixis, hills, and cheese.
And now, many years later,
There's even more fun for us to seize!
Could you imagine great Neopia
With no Turmaculus to wake?
Or a glade without Illusen
Giving quests for us to take?
What land could Darigan invade
If Meridell did not exist?
How would the world be safe
If Lisha and Jeran didn't persist?
Let's face it, Neopians:
We all need this farming land.
It may not be robotic
And yes, it may be bland.
But without it we'd be lost,
And our map would not be covered.
So cheers to Meridell,
We are so glad you were discovered!

The Wonders of Meridell
By Sapphirekira

A festival to cherish Meridell,
Discovery of Meridell Day,
As all gather to celebrate,
They meet some wonders on the way.

Illusen hiding in her glade,
Leaves of the deepest, richest green -
Sheltering her in her shady home,
It's a sight you must have seen.

King Skarl sitting on his throne,
In Castle of Meridell, so grand;
Waiting for a joke that cheers him up --
So he'll laugh 'til he can barely stand.

Turmaculus waits, sleeping as always,
Yet a few brave Petpets approach him,
He rewards one, then eats another,
So don't always give in to your whim!

Meri Acres Farm, at Meridell's corner,
There's so much that you can do;
Pick a few berries? Dive in the dump?
It'll only cost a Neopoint, or two!

Wonders of Meridell, so great to behold,
As many who saw them say,
But forget that now, let's just celebrate,
As it's Meridell's special day!

The Official Superficial Meridell Tater Song!
By Dragonstorm_75

Rise and shine, a bright new day,
But not so ordinary, I must say!
Today is Meridell's birthday,
So let us sing our grand hurray!

Bring out the flutes, let's hear the drum!
Meri Acres, here we come!
Past the bushels of golden hay,
And the garbage dump so gray.

Toward the counting booth below,
In the dell, let's go, go go!
Grab your tater, throw it right,
Let us start the potato fight!

There they fly, look at them go,
And here come the cannons, taters ho!
Color your missiles red and blue,
Why, its Meridell's good flag, anew!

And here they come, the targets fore!
See your bull's eye, shoot and score!
Now let us go out to the prairies,
And roll them taters like they were cheese!

Let's throw the potatoes at Skarl's window,
And loiter nearby Hagan's hedgerow.
Plant your 'tatoes on his precious lawn,
What a scream had Hagan drawn!

Yup, happy birthday Meridell,
With our taters we do yell!

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