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Neopets Poems

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The Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards
By Jayo289

You walk inside a ruined shop,
With a Ruki looking glum.
"Welcome to the Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards,
Forgive me for looking tiresome."

Her bangles rattle as she straightens up,
Her sky blue skin does shine.
"Your name is on the list, I see.
Well, that'll do just fine."

"So what will you buy today?
We have things for everyone:
Sand, books, and furniture too,
Even plushies with real fire action."

She picks up a clawful of the ground,
"How about a handful of sand?
Its uses are innumerable,
Isn't that just so grand?"

"Perhaps 'The Annals of Insanity'?
Now that'd be quite a treat.
You'd learn so much from that book;
It even works as a seat."

She grabs an angry Yurble doll,
"Surely you remember him.
This Foreman Plushie is full of charm,
But his fur could use a trim."

"And then there's a Ring of the Lost,
Or maybe the Royal Wedding Ring.
For protection these items are the key,
The perfect piece of bling."

A sale is near, things may be bought,
The Ruki smiles bright.
"So what'll it be -- what's your choice?
They all will bring delight."

You give the Ruki a nervous laugh,
But you slowly back away.
Of useless prizes, this shop is king,
The Ruki sighs in dismay.

But wait, what's this, a paint brush here?
Suddenly this shop's not so bad.
You've points to spend, prizes to claim,
"You've made my day -- I'm glad!"

Ruki Mummy
By Fleaf

Hidden tombs of finest gold,
A sea of riches tucked inside.
Within pyramids of ancient stone,
A golden casket does lie.

Suddenly, a bandaged hand
Does emerge from lucid dark.
A dusty form a-clambers out,
From the coffin, bright and stark.

Ruki mummy, O ancient king!
Awaken from your slumber long.
Come greet your kingdom, wise one,
Come and right their wrongs!

The sun basks upon the open sands,
The mummy watches with wizened eye.
A ruined city stretches far,
And then he wonders: why?

Lumbering through the long halls,
He returns to his casket, long wore.
Awaiting the day his kingdom revives,
To be their Pharaoh once more.

Reklak the Lone Ruki
By Twocents

Heart pounding as quickly as his feet,
The green Ruki streaked into the wild.
Checking behind him for sounds of following,
The fear making him feel like a child.

The trees clawed at Reklak,
Slowing his progress down,
But on he continued running,
To put more distance between him and town.

By now, he was breathing heavily
And the blood pounded in his ears.
"Are they still there?" he wondered
Trying to stay calm despite his fears.

And finally, the forest thinned
Giving the Ruki a way to break through.
Past the green of the forest
Only sandy beige came into view.

He ran on still, fast as he could,
Until the forest was small behind him.
Finally he slowed a bit,
And looked for the danger so grim.

Reklak scoured the landscape,
But he only saw the rolling dunes.
Finally, he sighed of relief,
He was away from the dangerous loons.

And with that, he picked a direction,
So he could find civilisation again.
The Lone Ruki was safe at last
And free from that frightening pain.

The Second-Hand Shoppe Ruki
By Vanessa1357924680

"Come one, come all!" a Ruki cries,
"Into my wondrous store!
With fashionable finds free for all,
How could you ask for more?"

He adjusts his stylish glasses square,
Tugs at his battered sweater,
"If you're looking for affordable things,
No place in Neopia is better!"

His voice is strong, his eyes are bright;
He leads you to a shelf.
"Everything here has been donated
By someone like yourself!

"Sometimes the royals of the globe
Will donate a trinket or two,
But for the most part this entire place
Has been donated by you!"

He wipes his hands and gestures proud
To his merchandise on the racks,
But all for sale is just some dung
And Fashionable Potato Sacks.

But as you reach for an object,
It poofs and disappears.
"Better luck next time!" the Ruki crows
Without shedding a tear.

A bit upset and a tad let down,
You leave in quite a huff,
But the Ruki just smiles and shakes his head.
"I guess you're just not fashionable enough."

The Pirate Ruki
By Indulgences

His hat perched high upon his head,
A feather at its side,
The pirate Ruki views his ship
With love and endless pride.

His shoulders decked with golden pads,
His navy coat so fine,
He polishes his golden shirt
Until the gold threads shine.

Meticulous, this Ruki is,
And noble is his look.
His crewmates trust him with their lives,
A faith that can't be shook.

He steers the ship through wind and fog,
Through rain and sleet and storm.
Aboard, the crew is grateful for
His sturdy pirate form.

The pirate Ruki leads his crew
Through weather and bad seas.
They journey thus from port to port
With courage and with ease.

The pirate Ruki is a pet
Whose courage knows no bounds.
All hail the Ruki captain as
A pirate quite renowned!

Anshu the Healer
By Chimp_chicken_fish

Wise old Ruki, help me, do!
I have a nasty malady.
I have travelled to Shenkuu
For your ancient remedies.
My head is aching, I cannot think,
And I have no energy.

Why, fine sir, please take a seat!
Sounds like you have Achy Head.
Have a mug of Black Cherry Tea
And take a nap at home in bed.

Wise old Ruki, help me, do!
I have a dreadful disease.
You are Anshu of Shenkuu,
Can you help me, please?
My eyes are running like a stream,
Although I do not grieve.

Yes, my lady, dry those eyes.
Apply this cure with great haste!
The disease you have is Watery Eyes,
Dried Orange Peels will solve this case!

Anshu, medic on the Cyodrake's Gaze,
Shopkeeps at Remarkable Restoratives.
Selling great cures for your disease!
Heals locals and tourists expertly.

Twisted Tales of the Mutant Ruki
By Anjie

Searching for a tome to browse,
I checked the highest shelf.
'A book is hidden, way back there!'
I murmured to myself.
I pulled the dusty book to light,
And gave a sudden gasp.
A mutant creature on the front,
I tightened my firm grasp.

The portrait seemed familiar, though,
A Ruki, I must say.
But this one seemed a twisted sort,
I thought with some dismay.
His back was hunched, his posture poor,
His wings hung pale, weak.
Of how the creature seemed so dark,
Is something I can't speak.

Pale khaki, sickly green,
Antennae tattered, droop.
A smirk upon his face it seemed,
His form so low did stoop.
What could this mutant creature be?
A Ruki, but gone wrong?
To find the answers I did seek,
I had to read along.

The chapters told of friendly fiend,
A mutant, but no beast.
He may have been an ugly sight,
But was not bad at least!
I do confess it drew me in,
The story did engage.
Hours passed, I was engrossed,
Then turned the final page.

The Faerie Ruki
By Dragonstorm_75

Mottled with pink and purple hues,
Singing a song, granted by muse.
Flying high among the yielding clouds,
That cover her body like whiten'd shrouds.

The Ruki did flutter and look down below,
Seeing the distant Carmarillers flow.
Along the currents of billowing wind,
Shifting the clouds already well thinned.

Her pale pink wings, a gossamer feel,
Were so faint that perhaps they weren't real.
They led her up to the wide-open skies,
Beyond the gazes of curious eyes.

Looking around, antennae atwitch,
She saw what she wanted and began to pitch.
There in the distance was what she most sought,
A city on clouds, Faerieland did she spot.

She landed on the road, cobbled and pink,
On four magenta feet, before one could even blink.
The wings began to fold, lying quite still,
And the carapace closed with obvious skill.

The faerie Ruki had arrived here at last,
Upon a wondrous city... oh, so vast!

Hidden Rukis
By Cookybananas324

The camouflage Ruki hides in the sand,
And the cloud Ruki hides in the sky.
Brown Rukis hide on muddy land,
And custard can hide in a pie.

But the disco Ruki cannot hide,
He's been found out whenever he's tried!

The biscuit Ruki hides in a bakery;
Green hides in a grassy park.
The crypt hides a Halloween Ruki;
While the shadow Ruki hides in the dark.

But the poor disco Ruki has colours so bright,
He even stands out in the middle of the night!

The fire Ruki hides on a volcano's peak;
White hides in the snow on Terror Mountain.
Plushie Rukis may from the toy box peek;
Rainbow Ruki hides within the Rainbow Fountain.

But the disco Ruki's style is so flashy and unique,
He just can't help but lose at Hide and Seek!

The Dice Escape Ruki
By Lily2b18

He took all our dice, for some strange cause,
And he hid them away without a moment's pause.
"For what reason?" we ask and we get no reply,
We just know that he took all the dice supply.
We enter a strange world to retrieve our die,
And must roll them to portals high in the sky.
We must do it quickly or risk to not return;
From the tiles on the ground we have to learn.
Some drop away and others are portals to aid,
We must also match others to achieve our grade.
There's no doubt about it, that's one evil Ruki,
But we can defeat him, just you wait and see.

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