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Neopets Poems

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Peophin, Peophin
By Reggieman721

Peophin, Peophin,
Tell me what I want to know.
Tell me stories of your past.
Tell me how you swam through snow.

Blustery, blustery,
That's what it was like that night.
The air was fierce and icy cold,
The darkness filled your heart with fright.

Terrible, terrible,
That's the name of mountain peaks
To which you swam on frigid waves.
That's the word the chilled wind speaks.

That's the signal that you saw,
High up in the white-capped rocks,
Jagged teeth of winter's jaw.

Avalanche, avalanche,
That is what you say they cried,
The travellers amidst the snow,
Half-buried on the mountainside.

Rescue them, rescue them,
This is what you told yourself.
This you chanted as you leapt
From sea up to the stone-hewn shelf.

Swim to them, swim to them,
These, the words inside your head,
Motivated you to swim
Through snow until your nerves were dead.

Shivering, shivering,
The Neopets were shaking hard
When finally you got to them
And made sure they were safe from harm.

Tears of joy, tears of joy,
These fell and froze upon your face,
As energy began to wane
And numbness slowed your breakneck pace.

Almost there, almost there,
That is what you whispered then,
Carrying them on your back
And swimming down toward sea again.

Tragedy, tragedy,
You brought those pets to stone-hewn shelf.
You saved them from a frozen fate.
Alas! You could not save yourself.

Peophin, Peophin,
Legend that most do not know.
Never resting, always watchful,
Spirit guarding sea and snow.

The Peophin Waveriders
By Sugarypixiestix2

We patrol the waters surrounding
Mystery Island from far below
Always watching and ceaselessly preparing
for any sort of criminal woe.
Our bejewelled silver armour gleams
when we quickly surface for air
If you swim too far from the shore,
it could give you an awful glare.
Ferocious defenders of our home
we never back down from potent foes,
Taking hold of our great mystic sceptres
while we aim sharp swift bows.
All enemies shall fear us
for we are the titans of this Island's protection,
Endlessly aware that one day
the Darkest Faerie could have her resurrection.
A rare sight indeed, we are ever moving
and humbly true to our brave duty
So if you do catch sight of one of us,
please do not be fooled by our fluid beauty.
Peophins like us are more powerful
and frightening than you can ever dream of.
This is your only warning if you
do decide to corrupt the land that we wildly love.

The Wave in the Water
By Sapphirekira

Shining fins, sky-blue scales,
In hand, a maractite spear,
Marak's eyes gleam with courage as he
Approaches, showing no fear.

This Peophin, whom we all know,
Ruled over his clan in the sea,
When trouble came and a fight began,
He fought so that they would go free.

A Peophin with a noble heart,
Marak defended his clan,
Yet despite their win, his heart was troubled,
And he visited the folk of the land.

"There is no point in this," he said,
"Fighting forever with each other,
We should, together, work as one,
Keeping peace and helping one another."

The fisherman bowed his head and stated,
"Your heart is pure, dear Marak.
Your words are true and I will agree,
Never again shall we attack."

The statue of Marak now stands proud
In the Hall of Heroes, so grand,
As a tribute to the brave Peophin
Whose courage exceeds folk of the land.

The Fire Peophin
By Dragonstorm_75

Deep in the heart of Tyrannian lands,
Where smoke billows and expands.
Within a volcano's burning cores,
Where the magma rumbles, coughs, and roars.

Upon a rock, within the chamber,
Surrounded fast by molten amber,
There slumbers a Peophin, fiery-maned,
Ignorant of the inhospitable terrain.

It finally stirs and bursts to life,
And dives into the lava, like a knife
It cuts right through without any effort,
Leaping with joy, left unhurt.

Its powerful body is as black as ash,
'Tis but a blur as it makes its dash.
Its hooves aglow with brimstone and flame,
With the Peophin's strength, they can easily maim.

And the mane, what a mane!
It always stretches to grow and then wane.
The hungry flames rise up to the sky,
Devouring whatever in its path may lie.

The Peophin leaps, a graceful bound,
Sparks and lava flying in sound.
With a sinewy body cleansed by its soak,
It returned to its rock, to relax in the smoke.

By Ibcrazy1

Soaring on the gentle breeze,
Letting the sun shine on her back,
She shines just like another star
And wings her way across the sky.

She twirls in the air as she flies,
Enjoying the day's last rays of light.
She loops and swirls and glides around,
Thrilled by the feel of flight.

She raises her shining head;
The sun is setting, dusk is here.
She soars still higher and dives still lower,
In one last burst of joy.

Now it is time, night has come;
The sun no longer shines on her
The golden Peophin comes to land,
Her body shining evermore.
Every day from dawn to dusk
Lustra flies across the sky
Letting the sun reflect on her,
Burning like another star.

By Precious_katuch14

Endowed with the rage of the sea
And gifted with fire's ferocity,
Daedelon rides to the rescue
Of heroes with spirits true.

Villains cower when he roars
As upon the waves he soars,
Kicking up the churning foam
Like a legend out of an old tome.

Akin to a quickly spreading flame,
He gallops when someone calls his name.
To this Peophin the oceans bow,
Make way, for he comes right now!

The fusion of both water and fire,
Daedelon comes when situation's dire.
Sometimes even the bravest of the brave
Will actually need to be saved!

His hooves skim across with grace
As he puts on a courageous face
Hurry, Daedelon, hurry fast --
Alas, the danger is far from past!

But when the tempest finally clears,
And our Peophin hero banishes all fears,
He will be free to ride the waters again
To return...who knows when?

For just as you were going to thank him,
Daedelon has already disappeared, it seems.
Nobody can tame this wild, courageous beast
He's got other places to go, to say the least!

The Tyrannian Peophin
By Indulgences

Her feet are tipped with onyx black,
Her eyes as dark as coal.
Tyrannian from birth, she was,
Since she was but a foal.

A crown of wild and stormy hair
Adorns her proud, high head.
She's quick to toss and turn her mane,
Her temper blazing red.

She snorts and whinnies, paws the ground.
All see her hardy form.
A steed of steel, Tyrannian,
Who reigns through cloud and storm.

Her coat is mottled brown and tan.
Her face is freckled too.
With skin is strong as iron, she's
A warrior through and through.

Beware her anger! Don't disturb
The passions of her mind.
Beware of her roots Tyrannian!
Be wary of her kind!

An Ode to the Peophin Waverider
By Kitokat_mh

As you venture to Mystery Island,
Before you reach its glistening shore,
You may notice a far-off sight
That you're certain wasn't there before.

A blue tail sinking into the deep,
A silvery flash of metal armour,
A sight you know you did not see
When the waves were quiet and calmer.

You may see a mane of deepest blue,
Or an eye of greyish white.
Not knowing that beneath the waves,
Lurks Mystery Island's greatest knight.

Strong of will, and great of power,
Overflowing with strength and might.
With amazing skills of stealth and speed,
He watches you from out of sight.

But when unwanted trouble comes,
He surfaces to sort it out,
Never failing or faltering,
A great warrior, there is no doubt.

A vision of the true elite,
Keeping watch on any outsider,
A legend in all of Neopia,
He is the Peophin Waverider.

Peopatra, the Queen of Petpets
By Twocents

Wind through cramped streets
And in time, one will spot that stall.
The one run by the glorious Peopatra
Who takes in Petpets and finds homes for all.

The beads on her dark brown hair
Make rattling sounds in the wind.
"Desert friends to make your Neopet smile!"
Her musical voice beckons you in.

Under the shade of her crowded stall,
Petpets run around at her feet.
The dear desert Peophin
Can always find a few for you to meet.

Perhaps you should bring a Khamette home,
Or maybe a Horus is more suitable.
All of the Petpets are well taken care of.
That is one fact that is indisputable!

Peopatra smiles, as she begins a sad tale,
Of a poor Apis abandoned in the city.
After being left alone on the streets of Sakhmet,
Can't you open your home and have pity?

After all, she declares, what could be better
Than a Petpet from the sand to accompany you
As you travel across cities and oceans worldwide?
Surely, you need a Crystacat to see you through.

And all who visit that beautiful desert Peophin
Somehow find themselves with a new Petpet,
An Anubis or Khonsu tucked into their arms,
As off into the world, they set.

A Mutant Peophin's Lament
By Rosabellk

The third eye doesn't bother me,
Nor do the tentacles.
The mane of goo, to some degree,
Is even bearable.
The scales and fins don't get me down,
It's really not that bad.
But there's one thing that makes me frown,
That makes me awful mad.

I'm speaking now about my claws,
These things upon my arms.
Unlike flippers, fins, or paws,
These appendages alarm.
Not only are they ugly, but
They're impractical too.
And now I simply don't know what
A Peophin can do.

I can't open a bag of crisps,
I can't hold someone's hand.
These pincers fastened to my hips
I'll never understand.
These claws would suit a Grackle Bug,
But not a pet like me.
When I try to give someone a hug,
They always scream and flee.

They snip and snap most horribly
And are obscenely slimy.
Anybody ought to see
Why they have me stymied.
But I suppose I can't complain,
Some pets still have it worse.
I'd rather put up with these pains
Than have a JubJub's curse.

Beacon of the Sea
By Plushifye

Just a glimpse of shimmering fin,
A whisper near your ear,
Submerged beneath aqua blue,
The ghost of a Peophin does appear.

The tangled mane drifts
In the gentle ocean waves.
Underwater currents tug,
Beckoning to the sea's royalty.

The Peophin, king of the waves,
Queen of the currents,
Duke of the shores,
Duchess of the blue...

The graceful spins,
The agile flips,
In a halo of iridescent drops,
They fly through the sea spray.

On the foamy waves they ride,
Till they reach the sandy shore,
Where they turn and repeat,
The ride of the rulers of the deep.

Foot Soldiers of Maraqua
By Anjie

The sentinels of briny blue,
The soldiers of the deep.
Through oceans ruined, cast in war,
With swords aloft, they creep.
Glinting armour, cobalt sheen,
Maraqua's emblems glow.
A complete army on the move,
Ten thousand feet below.

Tails flick in rigid time,
No motion out of place.
Determination, bravery,
Is etched on every face.
Eyes like molten fire burn,
Each gaze is bright and hard.
The fate of all rest in their hands,
A city left to guard.

Under the guidance of just one,
Who with a sword is king.
Maraquan army learns their craft,
They study each brave swing.
Scales shimmer as tail flicks,
They practise, dodge and dart.
Until a battle, and a war,
Are down to perfect art.

The Wave-Riders
By Larkspurlane

Their coming is heralded by
The descent of stillness
Over the storm-blown, shoreless wild:
Awe of their glory lingers still
And makes Maraqua's sea-swells mild.
Majesty rises with them,
When, with a pearling of foamy brine
And a breath of vapour from wide nostrils,
Their heads emerge from the curling wave,
One sky-silver, pure clarity, gemmed with
Green jewels smooth as glass, the other
Coral-dark, thrice-banded about the forelegs,
And cloaked in midnight blue.

Storms flee before them, light pulses,
And they rise as though on wings.
No swells or currents surge as swift
As these wave-riders two,
Masters of their element,
They roll on, wave on wave,
Beautiful, regal, vivid
Against the slanted light,
Adorned by sea-froth of pastel and of white.

They are wind and they are briny air,
They are sea and they are foam-breeze,
Dark against the elusive sky,
Fleet-finned spirits breaching wave after wave
Toward the cloud-bank of indigo and blue --
These wave-riders speed on and race
The foam whipping the briny air,
On to where the heavy skies dissolve and meet
The restless sea-surge
At the horizon's curved line,
Too far for the wings of words to follow,
Too far for thought's imperfect fancy,
They swim into darkness,
Or perhaps, into light --
Onward on the waves, to a place
Where dreams die not
With the coming of dawn.

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