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Neopets Poems

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Kikos of Team Kiko Lake
By Nut862

"Poke" Cellers is keeping watch on defense,
Her eyes on the ball and her muscles tense.
Run at her with the ball and she seems to yield,
But next thing you know she's racing down the field
With the ball she stole simply by giving it a poke;
This captain may be small, but her skills are no joke!

Ditan Colb can make a save from a mile away,
But he makes an effort to keep out of the fray.
This goalkeeper is lazy, and if he misses at all,
It's because he was too careless to catch the ball.
But he'll get up from a fall, grin, and say he's fine;
He never feels stress, no matter what's on the line.

Holbie Pinnock plays in front, aiming for the goal,
The team needs someone to score,
And that's his role.
He's sadly prone to injury
And got wounded one year,
But the team's always better whenever he's here.
When he gets the ball and runs, covered in sweat,
Nothing can distract him till it's in the net.

Meela Kitah isn't as good as she was expected to be,
Though if you told her that, she would never agree.
It's true that her skills at guarding are good,
But she just can't pass as well as she should.
She'll take the Yooyu as soon as it leaves your hand,
But when she throws it, no telling where it'll land.

Moni Vyshan is always smiling even if she's losing.
Her happiness is a trait
Her teammates find amusing,
And though she may lack experience and defense,
She's a joy to have there,
With her grin and good sense.
Not to mention that when the ball gets into her fin,
There's a good chance she'll manage to score a win.

Kiko Battle Legs, ACTIVATE!
By Archangellight

Many Neopets might think it strange,
To battle without feet or pegs.
But at your peril do engage,
A Kiko with those Battle Legs!

With a sharp claw to the remote,
And a quick button press,
Without a quip or single gloat,
The Kiko Battle Legs commence!

Forged of iron and of steel,
By Kiko blacksmiths full of skill.
With solid straps and sturdy wheel,
The Legs in foes' hearts fear instill!

Grinding gears hum an anthem bleak,
As forward the Legs begin to stomp!
The Kiko marches to havoc wreak,
And give his enemies quite a romp!

Kiko Battle Legs, ACTIVATE!
He shouts through billowing smoke.
He lunges forward with steady gait,
Ignoring Peas and Skardsen strokes!

Yes, you Neopets with feet, in terror quake,
And wish that you had none.
For you'll be left with pains and aches,
When Kiko Battle Legs are done!

Certain Dangers of Being a Kiko
By Momobiscuits

The Kiko has a hazardous life,
When it comes to me,
For I've mistaken them once or twice,
For everyday items you see:

I've seen them as a back brush,
Almost doused them with my soap,
Wanted to throw the biscuit at my opponent,
In the dangerous Battledome.

Started to lick the spoon twice,
When I saw him as my pudding,
Could have chewed the piece forever,
When I mistook her for gum; not kidding!

Added the group with butter,
Placed it upon my bread,
Opened my Berry Sketchbook,
And almost erased her head!

Let the poor boy melt,
While he was sitting in my cone,
I think he would have been safer,
With me in the Battledome!

I feel so bad for the poor Neopet,
And I think that all would agree,
That unless I leave them blue or red,
The Kiko's not the Neopet for me.

Here's a list of all the colors,
I guess I should write them down,
Without a list I'd eat the others,
And be driven right out of town!

Sponge and Biscuit risk being bruised,
Chokato and Garlic munched,
Sketch and Clay might just be molded,
Strawberry could end up as lunch.

I suggest Kiko owners hire a bodyguard,
At least watch them when they play,
All I have to say is I'm sorry!
(To those I've harmed)
But I hope you have a GREAT Kiko Day!

The Kiko Explorer!
By Anjie

No braver creature doth explore,
The realms that few dare see.
Where treasure dwells or beasts are found,
Is where he's bound to be.

You might well question, my dear friend,
How a Kiko might explore.
(The fact that fellow has no feet,
Is tricky to ignore!)

Be most assured, he gets around,
Adventuring with glee!
For not in jungles nor on land,
He does explore the sea.

Through the lush and cobalt blue,
Where seaweed whispers soft.
Where ancient shells gleam like small gems,
And coral arcs, aloft.

Ancient wrecks with golden coins,
The ruins, his playground.
Countless hours he'll spend there,
Content to search around.

Not for profit does he seek,
But to learn of his land.
Maraqua's silent, serene depths,
He yearns to understand.

What may a shell from years ago,
Reveal in sudden light?
Nearby strange sea creatures do watch,
Their scales shining bright.

Countless relics studied hard,
Then placed back with such care.
They might teach him about the sea,
But also remain there!

Lesson learnt, he'll be back soon,
There is still much to view.
He alone will brave the depths,
And search the cobalt blue.

A Snack For Kiko Day
By Twocents

A scent drifts down
Enticingly into the bay.
Ah, that chef knows how to celebrate
The best of all Neopet days.

The Kikos rise up out of the water,
Mouths watering from the smell.
All wait impatiently
For that chef to ring a bell.

And shortly thereafter, he rings it loud,
Letting all know that it's time for a snack.
Kikos dive forward in a mad rush,
That poor chef is under attack!

But his purple face contorts into a smile,
As he holds open the door to Kiko Lake Treats.
"The best food anywhere
On Neopia without a doubt!"
A little shop packed full of wonderful sweets.

Handing out Strawberry Kiko Candy
And rock sticks in every flavor imagined,
As his friends slurp on Bubblegum Kiko Drinks,
That crafty Kiko chef grinned.

Pushing up his hat with his wooden spoon,
Or more accurately, that extension of his hand,
He begins to whip up more good treats,
The best delicacies in all the land.

Slowly, the Kikos begin to file out,
Lollies, chocolates, and popcorn balls in tow,
To settle down around the edge of the lake.
For soon, it'll be time for the show.

In a flash, it begins!
Brilliant lights dancing in the air.
Fireworks scream to ohhs of delight,
A most wondrous kind of fanfare.

The Kikos enjoy this grand tradition,
Of grabbing snacks from the local shop
And then watching a show so spectacular
All jaws can't help but drop!

And from the doorway, that little chef watches,
Pleased about another great year.
For every Kiko Day, that purple chef
Can't help but bring his friends cheer.

Kavi the Kiko's Journey
By Brilliance109p

In the sweet waters of Kiko Lake,
Young Kavi races down the stream,
Upon a ring of red and white,
With bubbles trailing in her wake.

First the water's candy blue,
Where children play upon the beach,
The lake does shine beneath the sun
A pleasant and most peaceful hue.

Naughty Kikos aim and fire,
As darker waters do approach,
Forests flourish chartreuse green,
Keep going Kavi, do not tire!

Here the camping is the best,
Marshmallows roasting warm and crisp,
A Kiko on an island waves,
Large letters there say "SOS."

Further down the waters blend,
A murky green surrounds you now,
A lilypad, a pile of logs,
Punctured tubes are hard to mend!

Marshy mud and swampy plants,
Faster! Through the ripples go!
At last the finish is in sight,
Kavi does a victory dance!

The Chokato Kiko
By Dragonstorm_75

He has hardly any scarlet,
Spots abound with frequency.
They are brown, like chocolate,
On a body that looks quite waxy.

Chokatos are big round fruits,
As blue as troubled seas.
Above them are big green shoots,
What a strange species!

Kikos can be painted this,
So that they look the same.
There is nothing quite amiss,
I guess that was the aim.

But the main of difference here,
Noticed with no effort.
Are claws so sharp they tear,
And a smile, bright but curt.

We must not forget the eyes,
Bright, little limpid pools.
As blue as darken'd, twilight skies,
They look like cobalt jewels.

With their little bandage,
These Kikos are most charming.
But how did they get this strange visage?
Now that thought is quite alarming!

Kargrax, the Kiko Defender
By Kina105

Rippling water, murky blue-green,
Bubbling, frothing, dull sheen,
Withered trees with shadowy leaves,
Swaying in the calm breeze,

Moonlight, a paled silver, almost white,
A glittering string of crystal, bright,
Flames of shadow, in their wrath,
Devouring obstacles in its path,

Pinpricks of light, spattering the sky,
Woven stars, poised high,
Across the stretches of black, they're strewn
Accompanying the sallow, pure orb of the moon

In the shadows shrouding the quagmire,
A figure, eyes crimson, burning fire,
Gentle treads, stirring the water,
A stinging cold like daggers of ice and bitter,

A trail of bubbles, journeying across,
Past slim reeds and rocks swathed in sleek moss,
A Kiko bursts from the surface of the water,
His temper ignites, his blood a-simmer

"Must protect mommies,
Daddies, babies..." he growls,
"Must keep out hungry beasts that prowl."

The wooden stick, its swordlike tip,
Held out to the sky,
A shaft of moonlight touching it
From the moon so high,
The flame of love, of hope, of bravery,
Burns deep within Kargrax's soul, a rare beauty,

The mighty beast does a leap,
Escaping the Kiko's wrath
For nothing dares lurk in Kargrax's path,
For he is an intimidating creature, strong and fierce,
But has the kindness of a mother,
A kindness that pierces

A kindness that fuels him
While protecting the village,
For he was Kargrax, the Kiko Defender

Glass Bottom Boat Tours
By Sonybug222

Look through luminescent glass
Take a peek down under
Watch Kiko after Kiko pass
Their submerged homes, a wonder

Over waves the boat does skip
Giving Neopets such a sight
Gliding down sandy beach strip
The Neopets cheer in delight

Passing first is the carpentry shop
With coral lamps and chairs
Shell tables with lustrous tops
And other neat, aquatic wares

Next is Kiko Lake Treats
With popcorn balls and fudge
Lime snot lolly doesn't sound so sweet
But who am I to judge?

A U-turn takes us to the dock
A circle 'round the homes
The Neopets aboard all shriek in shock
When they are sprayed with foam

One by one they step on land
Finished with their tour
But they'll come back, for that was grand!
The Kikos did ensure

So if you have zilch to do
And have nowhere to stay
How about a tour or two?
To spend your time on Kiko Day!

Lake of Kikos
By Linnipooh

A land surrounded by the trees,
Majestic mountains too,
But all the fun this small town brings,
Is in the lake, so blue.

Take a look and you will see,
A water covered land.
Brightly colored coral reefs,
The seaweed sways; so grand.

Although the sight you see is fair,
'Tis not all to behold,
For underneath the shiny blue,
Live Kikos, proud and bold.

Deep blue eyes seem to reflect,
Lake crystal color, clear.
For every lovely shade of blue,
Kiko eyes do mirror.

A little bandage on each head,
Somehow water tight.
One curly hair that stands alone,
But no substantial height.

For what they lack in height and feet,
They make up with their smiles.
Since Kikos are a happy bunch,
Swimming all the while.

Whizzing by with awesome speed,
Grinning all the way,
For they know what is in store,
Today is Kiko Day!!

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